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Hope you’re enjoying this long weekend!

However, it seems as if you’re stuck inside for a bit, reading on your computer. Since you have a second, we’d like to talk to you about our plight. We’re quite proud that our Twitter account eclipsed the 30-thousand-follower barrier this week. We thank you if you count yourself as one of that number.

But it’s not enough. No, we don’t expect to catch Shaq, Ashton Kutcher, or even Qore’s Veronica Belmont anytime soon. We’re setting our sights lower. We’re setting our sights on: Jamie Kennedy.

No, we don’t have any personal grudge against Mr. Kennedy. Yes, Malibu’s Most Wanted was a waste of 2 hours of life. Yes, he maligned gamers at E3 2007. But really, it’s just that he has a few hundred more Twitter followers than we do.

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The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of May 18, 2009)

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  • so much to read sooo little time! I can’t believe that inFamous is almost upon us… can’t wait.


  • good week and i have been following the playstation and you jeff on twitter

  • jeff, anymore news on more / PS3 interegation..will the viewing of trophies and friends list get updated.. to maybe.. sendmessages. etc..

  • Awesome inFamous reveiw. Congrats Sucker Punch & SCE

  • Heavy Rain looks off the hook.

    The ARI happening in real-time is insane…it looks so good!

    Don’t know if you can say anything Jeff, but I’m sure Sony has some surprises to show at E3…will The Blog be the first place to post such news…or I will I have to look elsewhere for PS news…

  • 10 days left for e3! i cant hardly wait for the megatons lol :P

  • 2 days till infamous… that would surely take off the wait for E3
    the demo was amazing it felt like the first time i played Spiderman 2 , many sandbox games tried to copy that but non came close. but Infamous blows it out of the water.
    Sucker Punch FTW

  • oh jeff may i ask why did SCE didnt publish Demon’s Souls themselves ? are they working on something else?

  • Any news on GT5? I guess we’ll have to wait for E3 i spose.

  • This was a very nice week for news, and im sure that the next two weeks will be even better.

    I´m hoping for news on some PSN games like Fat Princess or The Punisher.

  • Hey I want to let everybody know that I am getting inFAMOUS. LOL just had to say it :)

    Can’t wait for the MGS4 anniversary announcement!

  • put re1 5’99 like the other ps1 classics the graphics aren’t updated so i don’t see why we should pay 4bucks more

  • Hey Jeff, any word on if we’ll see FFXIII at Sony’s E3 briefing?

  • Man PSP is kicking ass, and with all these great games coming out its gonna be a great year, i only hope that they one day bring the Bleach: Heat the Soul series to the USA.

  • lol Jamie Kennedy really butchered Activision’s press conference. hahahahah

  • Jeff, any chance of having a PSN store on just like Nintendo and Microsoft?

  • There was a couple of good stuff this passed week from the DLC of Fallout 3 to the gameplay videos of Heavy Rain… I can’t wait for Heavy Rain… I liked that ARI mode in it & my real name is Ari too!!!! W00T!!!

  • Reading IGN’s Top Ten now, still exited about the F3 DLC, allready sold my regular version, the Fall can’t come soon enough. Hope Heavy Rain drops this Christmas.

  • Again, where is CROSS EDGE, come on psBLOG at least blog about it or talk to NISA about the game. please respond if theres any reason you guys cant make this happen

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      Wait, you want us to respond if we *can\’t* make it happen? NIS will be posting on Tuesday morning. Should I not have said that?

  • Please make sure we get Resident Evil 1 in europe as well.

    …and MGS when the time comes.

  • I never heard of Jamie Kennedy, but I saw that video, and know he’s a ****ing d-bag.

  • Dayum im so F***ing happy Resident Evil: Directors Cut it hitting the PSN.
    Thanks Jeff you just made my day!

  • cool I like the article stating that they will release a fallout copy in august with all 5 DLCs (3 current and two new) for the PS3. I have played it once through on pc without any DLC so it will be nice to play the game on my ps3 and get all the trophies :).
    As a newly addicted trophy hunter this is good news :)

  • As much as I don’t like Jamie Kennedys acting I despise twitter and other sites like it even more. Sorry Jeff count me out of this one.

    I can’t believe how awesome the inFamous demo was, my 25th birthday :| so perhaps if someone asks me what i’d like i’ll mention inFamous.

  • Ugh watching tv and typing isn’t very good. I ment to say “my 25th bday is less than a month or so away”

  • Can’t wait for inFAMOUS. I just got my downloadable superpower from gamestop today. Oh and since we are on that topic I have a question. On the voucher it says Valid *6/2/09-9/24/09. Does this mean I can’t use the power until Sony’s E3 press confrence? Cause I think I might be finished with the game by then…. I was expecting to use it the first day, then finish the game and play Unchared 2 beta when it comes out on the 6/1/09.


    • Jeff Rubenstein

      I think that\’s because the voucher was printed before we moved the release date up a week. It *should* be fine to download on Tuesday, but I\’ll need to verify.

  • E3 on Sunday wooooooo!!!

  • Oh yes! The fallout 3 announcement made me jump of joy!

    I have the original and have playerd it for quite a while now, but damn, once that goty edition comes out, i’m going to create a new character and play for another whopping 150 hours (LEAST)

    A big cheers to bethesda for successfully making fallout 3 an everlasting game!

  • Lol, I hate Jamie Kennedy.

  • Why is the Trico trailer not on the list, easily the best moment of the week

  • I created a twitter account just to follow you guys!

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      Thank you! Every follower counts!

      We give stuff out on our Twitter sometimes – hope to make it worth your while!

  • i just joined as well.XD

  • Punisher update on friday? Great! Hope it gets out soon! its a day 1 buy for me! I also just reopened my twitter to follow this blog :)

  • I’ve follow you and the blog for a while now but how come you never replied to my questions on twitter, i find that a bit odd anyways thanks for adding me to your friends list oh wait you didn’t

  • Great things are coming out for PSN in next few months like,Fat Princess,Battlefield 1943, Resident Evil, but i was wondering if there will be more games my girlfriend could be playing on PSN , something about cooking or any other time management game there is no games like that on PSN

  • I just signed for twitter to follow you guys :) thansk for the info and this was a great week.. cant wait for infamous and cross edge but you guys need to talk about cross edge more so that more people can get to know this game :).
    Anyways thanks for the list jeff :)

  • Jeff, congrats to Singtar. I have a quick question. How come Sony hasn’t release Singstar in Japan. When it comes to Karoake, Japan is really big on it. Did you know Karoake game in Japan are really popular. Doesn’t Sony have music label in Japan also. Why don’t Sony try releasing Singstar in Japan, that game may get a sleeper hit over there and boost the sales of PS3 and PS2 because of Singstar.

  • Hey Jeff, I am a bit confused…


    I have played the Demo twice, but when I log in PlayStation®Home nothing pops-up. However I have tried to find it on my wardrobe or at threads in the Mall.

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      Got your PM – I\’ve forwarded this query on to the Home team. They should address it in their next Home post.

  • Glad to see Tomb Raider is finally getting the trophy patch. I’ve been holding off on playing my copy since they announced it. Figures it comes during a week where inFamous will be sucking up my time.

    Now if we can just get trophies for MGS4…

  • uhh cant w8 for infamous

  • Fallout 3 DLC got me the most excited.

  • Thank you for the response Jeff, also I wish PlayStation.Blog wins the twittertakedown!

    I have been following it too. :)

  • When are we getting SOCOM Confrontation DLC news?

  • ill consider following this thing on Twitter

    ONLY** when we have cross game voice chat.

    Then ill CONSIDER following you on twitter.


  • infamous… infamous… infamous… infamous…

  • how can no one have heard of jamie kenedy sure he can be a dbag sometimes. He was lead in son of the mask and host of “The jamie kenedy experiment” ( a candid camerea/Punk’ed type show where Jamie dresses in full hollywood makaeup as a different character for every hidden camera skit. And come’on Who don’t know B-rad. Malibu fo life. (Malibu’s most wanted)

  • almighty-slayer

    Well Jeffy, as it’s you i shall head over and hit “follow”. Consider yourself priveleged as I never actually use that site :)

  • almighty-slayer

    And Haha at number 44…I bet Jeff gets incredibly annoyed at you folks demanding firmware updates. They probably have bets on how many will appear in each blog post :)

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