The PSB & SOCOM Recap

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Courtesy of Cindy “Abigale” Bowens

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  • Got to love how there was pretty much nothing on SOCOM. Hell we can not even get a firm release date on the 1.5 patch. We were told mid to end of May. And the end of May is almost here and still no info.

  • Bring this to Canada!…oops, wrong post, sorry…

  • thanks Chris! =D

  • when does fat princess come out??

  • The Heavy Rain interview was great, can’t wait to see more of it @ E3. Npw looking as forward to that as Team Ico’s next project & possibly MGS5.

  • very interesting week, I can barely wait until the release of inFamous! got my cash all ready to go. By the way the reader comments section of the blog on the side of my page hasn’t updated in a couple weeks. Just letting you know

  • I heard Final Fantasy VII was releasing in the Playstation Store on May. Guess I’ll have to hope for June (damn N4G).

  • Chris mate, not making the wait any easier. Gonna be a great show, any news on the Blog streaming the live conference? I watched it on GameSpot last year and it was shambles.

  • ^^The service that is.

  • Hey Chris, are you going to do interviews with Hideo Kojima and Fumito Ueda?

  • I hope E3 gets streamed to the Podium space in Home :)

  • press 1 if you have a ps3


  • Hopefully socom 4 is announced and it’s like socom 2. Same for syphon filter,hopefully it’s like the ps1 versions.

  • thanx for answering me ive put that question on 5 or 6 blogs this week and no one answered me yet till now

  • It would be great to have better Linux support such as 2d acceleration.

  • almighty-slayer

    “Awww, Mr. Takahashi. Good to have you back on the Blog, amazing and confusing us all at once. I’d love to see what’s in store next… ”

    Haha Chris, made me lol.

  • I hope there Sony still has some secrets in store for us at E3.

  • Let’s not forget that the fallout 3 dlc was announced to be coming to the ps3

  • E3 is so close. I guess inFAMOUS and this week’s bonus round hyping Sony’s E3 will keep me occupied.

  • Can’t wait for E3, my birthday’s in the middle of it! Anyway, if you want to watch E3, G4’s got live coverage of it in case you didn’t know.

    Oh, and want to know somethig stupid that just happened to me? I tried to buy Jeanne d’Arc off of the PSN but I was declined because my funds were insufficient by a margin of TWENTY- THREE CENTS. In the words of Bill Engvall, “Here’s your sign.”

  • Can’t Wait!

  • I think my reader comments are broken they are still showing comments from the MVC2 post. Which is odd since i’m using firefox and they worked properly on the less popular / supported browser opera.

  • I can’t wait fo E3! Is there going to be a fat princess public beta/demo soon, or during/after E3?

  • PS Blog Podcast Please.

  • Hey Chris I heard that there will be some MGS 4 related announcements soon, do you know anything about it? Trophy patch?

  • i hope they’ll announce at least a couple megatons lol XD

  • Sweet week!

    Can’t wait for the MGS4 announcement!

  • Is the Fat princess Beta over? I can still play the game, and still find others to play with, but am I beta testing or just pigging out on cake? :-)

  • Bored…

    back to warhawk

  • ive beat the infamous demo 3 times each day since ive had it……..i cant wait for it

  • SWEET recap theres just one thing missing CROSS EDGE, I MEAN ITS COMING OUT ON TUESDAY AND ITS A PS3 EXCLUSIVE GIVE THE GAME A SPOT LIGHT. Any news on the game would be great or even a “answer yor questions” Blog, respond if you guys are planing on doing a blog on the game,PLEASE, i have been requesting this for a while!

  • CROSS EDGE.????????????????

  • Really looking forward to your E3 showing, especially from third parties!

  • Sony has E3 in the bag.

    Thought I am wondering what Nintendo and Microsoft have up their sleeves.. They have been quiet these last 6 months…

  • @17

    Sony said they had “two HUGE surprises at E3”

  • @33 yeah cross edge its an rpg by nippon ichi…i doubt sony will promote the game here since the game has alots of fan-service.since the game just panders to a niche audience its doubtfull that you will see it here..but to those interested just google the name of game up and see whats all about



  • When will you allow people to purchase PSN titles from Amazon just like Microsoft and Nintendo?

  • I can’t wait for E3 this year because sony will reveal soo much. Also in the nest update for the PS3 can we have a mute selection so when we play online we mute everybody when we play and if we want to take it off we just select the mute online to off. I think it should be under the network and your account managment and all accounts sub and master can do that unless the sub account already has it off by master account; but if its turned on by master account then you can set it off while you are online so you wont here babies, young kids, and stupid adults.


    raptor that is the most confusing request of a feature I have ever seen, when rereading it did you even understand what it was you were talking about??????? L

  • @42…I believe he was trying to request a feature that can mute/unmute all voice chat from the xmb…a feature that most games have built in lol. It doesnt really need to be done and would probably be more trouble than its worth. If you know where to look about 95% of online games already have the mute/unmute feature I would suggest trying that.

  • Is the new Resistance 2 content mentioned earlier in the week the Home stuff or is there new DLC coming soon for Resistance 2?

    Also I had a idea for new Killzone 2 DLC but there seems to be some problems with the official Killzone site. I think a new set of skins of each class for both the ISA and Helghast would bring a new variety and look the the battles online.

  • Neat but:

    -Cross game voice chat.
    -PlayStation 2 BC.
    -Trophies for epics like for Metal Gear Solid 4, and Valkyria Chronicles.
    -PSN titles like Final Fantasy VII and Chrono Cross.

    You know Sony? The things that EVERYONE wants?

  • @ 38. yes i know all about hte game lol but i believe, RPG or not it should get a mention in the blog like valkyria chronicles, white knight chronicles, etc, i mean it is still a ps3 exclusive.

  • Sony stop embarrassing yourselves and pissing off the gamers who bought that crap game called Socom. It’s not Socom, stop recapping it, just let it die. It’s a disaster, 8 months later nothing is working correctly, stats are broken, nothing from the box is in the game, the graphics SUCK, there are only 7 buggy maps. JUST LET IT DIE.

  • So…. What sup with Cross Edge? Is this a game your just gonna ignore? The PS3 already has almost no RPGs at least cover the ones that come out.

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