Xi – dare you step inside?

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Xi, the adventure based in PlayStation Home, took another step into the real world this week as a select group of players met with characters face-to-face – in a limousine.

The meetings were ‘recruitment interviews’ to join Veilcorp, a mysterious corporation whose motives have always been unclear.

But now their aims are becoming clearer. All of the candidates in both New York and Los Angeles were given a pen during their interview. Each pen contained a USB stick hiding passwords to a restricted area of the Veilcorp website. And it looks like Veilcorp has had plenty of reasons to keep their dirty business secret…
To find out more, switch on your PS3, download Home, and look for the Xi graffiti in the main square. The recap video in the Hub will help you catch up with the action.

Meanwhile, check out the video of some of the candidates in New York. (We’re not sure if these two guys were candidates as well or just big fans of Veilcorp.)
Veilcorp limo

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  • I like the hub (xi) ,but I can’t access the gateway pc upstairs,I,ve unregistered twice,and still no gateway,got the AFK papers and a butterfly by typing in AUTOMATIC on holopad,been approached by a velicorp member,tried to help me but still nothing.Looking hard for a walkthrough,lol.

  • maybe it´s not the place to ask, but…when can we access home with latin america accounts?, or are we homeless?, please don´t forget us!!!
    sad, so sad…

  • Boring HOME is so Boring! Xii sucks I hate it! It needs more Varity no not collecting those stupid Butterflies real Arcades or Tetris jezz..Give us a puzzle quest And I can’t stand you people for putting that dumb game Maxium Tilt in HOME wow is that the best you can come up with lol..I WANT JEZZ MY OWN MP3’s IN HOME! NOT SOME STUPID CRAP LIKE YOU GAVE US ITS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS AND TO MUCH TIME CONSUMING AND ITS BORING BUT MORE AIMED TO THOSE ANNOYING KIDS IN HOME NICE GOING SCEA!

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