Xi – dare you step inside?

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Xi, the adventure based in PlayStation Home, took another step into the real world this week as a select group of players met with characters face-to-face – in a limousine.

The meetings were ‘recruitment interviews’ to join Veilcorp, a mysterious corporation whose motives have always been unclear.

But now their aims are becoming clearer. All of the candidates in both New York and Los Angeles were given a pen during their interview. Each pen contained a USB stick hiding passwords to a restricted area of the Veilcorp website. And it looks like Veilcorp has had plenty of reasons to keep their dirty business secret…
To find out more, switch on your PS3, download Home, and look for the Xi graffiti in the main square. The recap video in the Hub will help you catch up with the action.

Meanwhile, check out the video of some of the candidates in New York. (We’re not sure if these two guys were candidates as well or just big fans of Veilcorp.)
Veilcorp limo

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  • I dont get it?

  • How about fixing the problems that are in Home first, then start up with Xi again.

    SingStar reward items would be nice. Oh, and how about visiting the Home Support forum as well. It was created for a reason, right?

  • “How about fixing the problems that are in Home first, then start up with Xi again.”

    The Xi people have nothing to do with the rest of Home dimwit.

  • Havant Been in Xi since y’all added the harder games….I keep hitting the damn tree…lol

    JEFF Where is the R2 DLC News you spoke of??

  • @2 you DO Realize that The Home Spaces have Teams right?? the Xi People have no control over the rest of that….smh

  • Me no like Home. Me just dance funny… Me confused…

  • I had done a lot of Xi, then I formatted my harddrive and lost all of it. Any way to make a save file so I don’t have to do it all again?

    Having to reread the text game thing is going to be hard on the eyes :(


  • only now have i become more confused about what this thing really is… is it a puzzle or some kind of real world treasure hunt? is xi real? am i asking the right questions? LOL


  • @ #3 TerryVSL

    They all work together, whether you want to believe it or not ‘dimwit’. lol

  • facepalm@10

  • Pretty cool!

  • SWEET NOW when is the US psHOME is planning on making a space for NIS America, i mean Japan has the space and it would be great for the upcoming CROSS EDGE which the blog is IGNORING IT FOR SOME REASON! even though its exclusive to the PS3!! please respond is you guys are planning a space for NIS America!

  • Xi is made by nDreams. Not Sony.

    Ftwrthtx, go away. No one wants to hear yet another clueless and whiny little punk crying like a retard in forums.

  • @14

    “clueless and whiny little punk crying like a retard in forums.”

    Talk about a whiny little punk. What are you, 7 years old?

  • So over it.

  • @#4
    I’ve been asking about R2 DLC all week. Nobody cares to answer.

  • no one cares

  • “How about fixing the problems that are in Home first, then start up with Xi again.”

    How about learning what the hell is going on here, and then posting; let’s try that.

  • “They all work together, whether you want to believe it or not ‘dimwit’. lol”

    Xi is being done by nDreams, smart one. Has nothing to do with the actual Home dev teams.

  • XI is great! You people must of been in the trailers in jr high and high school. See you at the E3 meet-up !

  • yeah i dont get it?

  • Nobody cares about this XI veilcorp virtual garbage, that post is just wasting space on the psblog. The only reason 99.9% of us go into XI is for the mini games, and nothing else. Since the introduction of those factions, the XI plot has turned ridiculously pathetic. I am glad E3 is nearly over so we’ll finally find out the truth on June2.

  • edit: i am glad XI is nearly over*

  • what happen to the infamous clothes? (demo was going to unlock them)

  • whats xi lol

  • nice :D

  • I wonder what will happen to all those spaces once this Xi advanture is all over… will they be deleted?

    I agree that since they introduced those two factions where people had to make a choice, lots of people refused to take sides. This was not a good move. Or was it a way to see how people would react given the real life choice? Is this an underground social experiment?

  • im a bad ARGer. i just collect all the pieces and dont pay attention to the story.

  • ive tried accessing the Xi thing… but everytime i go to the wall with the mark, and it says teleport, i hit the ‘x’ button and nothing happens.. i dont get teleported or anything.. so i dont know whats going on with that…

  • these puzzle are really hard. i just cheat off google.
    i have a lot to catch up on though.

    the fish one was awesome lol.

  • @30 Sometimes I have to walk to the right or left to actually enter the Hub. Face on to the symbol doesn’t always work for me.

  • XI is really awesome, HOME is really coming into it’s own i’d say i log in about once a week now, it just needs a few more features (streaming video), smoother transitions(load times entering and exiting places as well as signing in), and it needs to be a little more stable. Basically it just needs to shake it’s “betaness” and it would be great.

  • I took the test for Veilcorp and passed and declared my allegiance via email on Xi but I haven’t heard back from them yet. But then again I haven’t been on Xi for a while so I guess I’ll check it out.

  • Send the car. I want in.

  • Xi is fresh!

  • I was late to the Xi band wagon and I got pulled in right away. But, I moved (which took a month) and then once my PS3 was setup, the BR Drive died ( oddly enough my 360 HD tanked too).

    So here is hoping I will have enough time to get into home and finish Xi before it ends.


    omfg really im tired of having to switch to my alt account to use home! >:( add malta to the home region for gods sake!!!!!!

  • I’m tired of people treating this blog like an order form of stuff they want from the PS3. If all you’re gonna do is whine, then dont post at all. Seriously, it’s ridiculous. Everytime there is a post on blog, especially if it’s the notification of a firmware update, people start listing off what they want in a condescending matter.

    This stuff costs money and time to create. How about not complaining about stuff that is FREE and OPTIONAL. You aint paying for it, dont use it if you’re so annoyed by it.

  • WOW! I don’t even know what this is, but I’m still excited because I have every Fragment and Butterfly so far and every game I have bought which has trophies has a platinum one and I have platinumed EVERY SINGLE GAME I OWN AND 100 Percented it : )
    You don’t need to get EVERY Trophy to earn platinum (mostly/only for add-ons).

  • mdd34, he ain’t doing this like or for anything, he’s a famous person in SCEA’s PlayStation Home, he’s quite famous in the forums too, check em out

  • xi is fun though lol it has pretty cool puzzles and stuff

  • … What?

  • so Sony is actively encouraging people to go to strange locations and meet people they met over the internet who they don’t know in real life and get into cars with blacked out windows with them?

    very bl00dy sensible.

  • love Xi… its the only reason im going into home…

  • please fix home first. It crashes and freezes my ps3 at least twice a day. I’m sick and tired of rebooting just because of a stupid update that home didn’t need. Xi can wait.

  • So I feel kind of stupid that I have no idea what this is. Guess I will just have to look into it.

  • EU, US, JP HOME.. i find it so boring to be honest HOME has nothing to do with the ps3 when using the xmb your character that you build within HOME has nothing to do with yr PSN gamercard.

  • Xi im sorry is stupid, Home is stupid where is the working tv’s where is the stuff showin in the first video of HOME?
    The name should have an O added and have the E dropped.

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