LittleBigPlanet- “The Patch” Levels Now Live!

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If you haven’t seen the posts earlier this week a variety of artists, musicians, and athletes have invaded LittleBigPlanet and we are happy to have them all ready for you to play.

Get on the LBP server and just do a search for:

“LBP Originals”

You will find the levels created by this week’s personalities including:

Check out the videos on YouTube as well!

Be on the look out for new levels created by:

Until then, have a great weekend!

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  • awesome i will check em out today!! good job MM

  • I’ll make sure to play these! Will there be any news containing more Creator Pack 2 info or more LBP DLC?

  • My levels are pretty original, why doesn’t anyone look at them. (well only the good one is worth looking at)

  • Hi there, Will be exercising my LBP muscles this weekend on these levels, really enjoyed hearing the creators share what they’re all about.

    Also, just a small request on the psp go! front; Could you please add some sort of note taking app, a no frills thing along the lines of Tomboy notes for Ubuntu. It would be handy having that functionality even in the current psp2000-3000 series. ty, best of luck at e3 and hope you all enjoy it :)

  • heck yes this is what i’ve been waiting for! thanks for getting these out to us MM.


  • This is great and all but when is the online create mode coming?

  • The levels were not actually created by those people and I dare say most of them do not have the game or even a PS3. They were created by Sony reps based on ideas of those people. Please add some user made levels to The Patch, give back to the talented and dedicated members of the LBP community by showcasing their levels. Thanks.

  • This is awesome, i’ll definently try out those levels.

  • I am constantly amazed by this game.

  • Ya 10 comment

  • Lol LBP is the bst.

  • The levels them people made are basically the exact same as any other level you would play online in little big planet, whats the difference???

  • Awesome! I’m gonna go check ’em out ASAP…
    Media Molecule is so amazing with how they support this fun, awesome little game constantly.
    Vote 1 for MM!

  • Sweet! I’ll give it a go today!

  • keep it up great job

  • Can’t find them. Tried every search option. :(

  • Oh, it’s “LBPOriginals” (without space). Search it as author: @LBPOriginals

  • LBP FFVII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • just make sure that the search is all 1 word: lbporiginals, no space.

  • lionel/New Orleans was made by the actual graphic artist, so some of these are done by the creator and not by a ‘Sony Rep’

  • Out of all of those, Wyclef Jean is the only one I know.

  • Great work on all the levels in the patch. I’m glad other musical icons are starting to create for LBP, I wish I could put my own Audio clips into my game stages just to make the art more personal, not to take away from what LBP is, but to make a level as unique as the person who created it. hopefully this will bring new challenges and new art from others all over the world. being able to put ones orginal visual artwork to eyes in this way is something I think Studios around the world have dropped the ball on. why does ILM not have a level here? Micheal Bay should have a team of 50 people puting the most epic levels ever made up on LBP.
    someone get me Steven Spielberg on the horn.

  • LBP is so awesome. You guys are spewing DLC out like you’re taking a crap. Keep up the good work. Best game ever!

  • Whatever happened to the Parson’s Project levels from last year? The 5 or so levels from the students at Parsons School of designin NYC. Did those ever get released?

    What about online create and play, create, share scores? I mean come on, we get a$$loads of DLC each week. But MM has yet to fix features that we should of had at launch if not shortly thereafter.

    I still love LBP but this is getting ridiculous. Fix the game! I don’t need 15,900 different costumes, I can make my own thank you.

  • What 24 said.

  • Nice job mm=)

    If you guys want to try out my new level just servh for Spurvugle

    Defend your castle


    you guys didn’t even make it in 1080p. like WTF, it was fun for 2 seconds and then i couldn’t even believe i pre-ordered it!

  • I agree with 7. This is more hype than anything else.

    Instead of celebrities (And btw, who are these ‘celebrities’? As 21 points out, I’ve never heard of almost all of them.), they should do something like this with the best level creators in the LBP community.

  • Is there a better way to search for these levels? I used the “search text” function for “LBP Originals” and none of the above levels came up.

    Are these regional only levels? Even when I searched for the level names only 1 came up which was Sarah Burke’s “Snow and Surf”. Not bad. Just wish they can showcase these better like they do now on the News page or a new planet.

  • instead or ‘honouring’ these people… why not recognize the hard working LBP creators that make your game a success.

    *I’m not one of them… but they deserve more accolades/credit then the above ppl who didnt even create the levels themselves

  • this is cool ill make sure to check these levels out!

  • I’m just wondering how do you guys know these people didn’t make the levels without actually being there yourself. I’m pretty sure someone can be smart enough to make there own level on LBP , and even make it look cool.

    I’ll try them out, later on.

  • destroyerofworld

    nice levels.
    id like to see levels by Seth McFarland and the writes of Robot Chicken to make some levels.

  • is it really supposed to be this hard? I search LBP originals but find nothing.

  • i need a copy of sony’s ultimate ps1/2 collection NOT sonic’s ultimate genesis collection!

  • SEARCH JOE VAUX TO FIND LEVELS EASILY. The Gallery level was broken the last time I played it. The only good level so far is the X-games one.

  • The gallery one has a dodgy switch on it. One of the other ones is hit and miss if you get through it as its built badly at the end. The sledge/ski one is about the best of the bunch I played. I do wonder if MM even looked at them.

  • There’s a typo in the Snow and Surf level. Really guys? A typo?

  • And you can’t find the levels by doing a search for LBP Originals. Jesus christ this is so unprofessional. Type @LBPOriginals if you want to find the levels (thanks to ToMmY from neogaf for the tip).

  • Sarah Burke’s level was pretty brilliant!

  • TokiGlassBlower

    These are famous ppl huh? I haven’t heard of any of them except wyclef jean.

  • This is ridiculous. i love LBP, but how do they expect us to play the levels that they are hyping, if we can’t even FIND THE LEVELS?! Seriously WTF?! Everyone seems to have a different method and none of them work well. Why not spend some time updating the news page and putting a link there? (It hasn’t been updated in months might i add).

  • astronautcowboy3

    This is an embarassing promotion if you ask me. I wasn’t necessarily expecting these levels to be fantastic MM quality stuff. However, I anticipated professional looking products that were enjoyable to play.

    Pros: I liked getting art stickers, I actually won’t delete them after playing, so that was good

    Cons: The levels are not very entertaining or fun
    There is no music, even in the levels DESIGNED BY MUSICIANS
    2 of the levels are broken (broken sticker in gallery which you can work around, but it’s not as intented, no way and the “skis” don’t respawn in the X-games level)

    Seriously, you should be ashamed of “The Patch”

  • “famous people” aside. These levels are garbage and buggy. MM would be better off picking popular community levels if they want to feature anything in the future.

  • dlc please.

  • does anyone have any good tips 4 level making. im horable at making levels.

  • I must say that the “patch” wasn’t as amazing as I had hoped. I like many, was expecting high fun, high caliber levels with amazing things to see and do. Maybe we were just expecting too much?

  • so is this for the psp…?

  • I think you guys are missing out on a gold mine here. I would love to see more level packs like the MGS4 pack. Have all first part devs release a level pack when they have a game coming out. Its a great way to advertise and make more cash!!

    Character costumes are good and all but I want something I will actually have fun using/playing!!

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