Join us for the official PlayStation.Blog E3 Meet-up! Again!

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I don’t know how many of you current PlayStation.Blog readers attended last year’s E3 meet-up, but it holds a special place in my heart. It was the Summer of 2008, and a small, upstart blog, barely a year old, met with 50 or so of our closest friends to eat our weight in tacos and drink gallons of horchata.

We also definitively proved that I’m a better Hot Shots Golf player than Andrew Yoon.

Thanks to all who came out!

Fast forward to 2009, and E3 is back to its former glory. I even hear that booth babes will return. So we better step up our game. That’s why I’m happy to announce the PSB E3 2009 meet-up!

PlayStation.Blog E3 Meetup 2009!

On Sunday, May 31st, Chris, myself, and the rest of the PlayStation.Blog staff will celebrate the start of E3 2009 with a fiesta at Mama’s Hot Tamales Café (the Los Angeles location) from 6:00pm – 8:00pm. If I could bring San Francisco’s Tamale Lady down to cook for you, I would. Fortunately, I hear Mama makes one heck of a tamale herself.

But it’s not all about food – the PlayStation.Blog E3 Meet-up will be the first public hands-on showing of SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 3, and the devs will be on hand to answer questions and offer tips. Free food, pre-release game, what else do you need? Oh yes…

In true PlayStation.Blog meet-up fashion,we’ll also be giving away cool prizes, free schwag and a special incentive for the ultimate PlayStation fans: on top of all that, I’m happy to announce that the first 100 people through the door will be granted access to the PlayStation E3 Press Conference, taking place the following Tuesday at 11am!

Note: You must be 18 years or older to attend. It’s a school day :-)

Oh, and yes, this event is free. If you think you can make it, please RSVP on our Facebook event page (or, if you don’t “do” FB, email us your RSVP here).

We hope to see you there!

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  • @ Jeff Rubenstein

    Hey Jeff, I’ve been meaning to ask this question for a while but it usually slip my mind. What are Sony’s plans about illegal PSN game sharing? I have a bunch of people on my friends list that’s always asking to share my games. This method is getting more popular by the Thursdays. If you guys are not aware about this then here’s a heads up. I noticed a lot of us here are big Sony fans but, we are not supporting the good devs with our wallets. You guys are losing so much money and you don’t even know it. In my little Brother’s school (NYC Arts & Design). Nobody buys PSN games, it’s all being shared among students and friends. Piracy has tainted the PSP’s image to the point where developers are afraid of releasing their titles on the platform. It would be a shame to see PSN go down that path. Which also means less games for actual buyers.
    I know some of you guys might think that I’m screwed up for saying this but… As an Artist, I know how it feels to not get paid or enough, for your hard work.

    By the way, no offense to the guys on my friends list.

  • Cool, can’t wait to see what else Sony has planned for E3.
    Can’t wait to see more about SOCOM too.

  • Sorry for the off topic first post but, I didn’t get a reply on the last post.

    I wish you guys were doing this event in NYC.

  • Oh I wish I could go! :( Bring E3 to Seattle! We have plenty of spots to host it. Have a good time PSB team, I look forward to your top notch coverage. And PLEASE get us what you can on TrICO! The youube vid had well over 700k views in about 24 hrs! Sony has got to get behind this one and actually *advertise* it!

  • W00T!!! See ya there Professor Playstation!!!

  • That’s nice.

    When will the Heavy Rain interview be up? Please, I can’t refresh all day.

  • jeff im having trouble loading the blog using safari on my mac

  • I would be there if I could get into E3 somehow.

  • @ 8

    It must be your Mac. I’m also using Safari on a G5. Drop down your Safari menu and Reset Safari and Empty Cache. Maybe that might help.

  • Really wish I could make it, last years looked like heaps of fun, and this year doesn’t look like it will dissapoint.

  • I’m there dude!! Sweeeeet! I need to get into that SONY E3 Conference…plus TAMALES!!!

    I’m so pumped for E3…I feel like a kid!

    Anyway, I’ll see you there Jeff!

    In regards to the first post:

    Sony knows what’s going on with the Gamesharing in fact it’s a unspoken perk of being a PS3 owner…

    The catch is you only get **5 times** to put your PSN Account on another PS3 after that…your screwed and you get NO access to any of the previous things you’ve bought! EVER!! This policy was implemented in case your PS3 is broken and you buy another one you can just sign in with your PSN and re-download everything you’ve bought, the gamesharing is just a side benefit.

    You would be an idiot to give anyone your account info anyway that contains your Credit Card info and such…I get asked all the time to share by strangers…and I tell them to get a life…if your giving your account out to people and you’ve done it 5 times…if your PS3 every breaks you will NOT be able to re-download ANYTHING you previously purchased!!!

    Just be smart and don’t give your personal information (OR YOUR PARENTS in some cases)to people you’ve met online…DUH!!

  • Im only 17, shame to :( have fun paryting it up, im soo saveing to fly myself down there next year and get into E3 lmao

  • It’s on a Sunday? AWESOME. Anyway, last year’s was fantastic and I won Hot Shots Open Tee 2 for my PSP, which was an added bonus! Also, even if I’m one of the first 100 I can give up my spot at the press conference because I’ve already been invited thanks to PlayStationLifeStyle. :)

  • Crap, I’ll be in Europe. Oh wait, hooray, I’ll be in Europe!

  • I wish i could make it, it is just a little too far lol

  • oh and btw i just tried Infamous and it is an awesome game well at least from the demo
    cant wait for the full version!

  • Wish I could make it down there but I’m stuck on the east coast :(

  • Let’s all get masked up after & raid Kojima’s hotel room and get this new game out of him.

  • So, technically, I can fly from Texas, hope to be one of the first 100 people there, and see E3?!


  • Bring E3 to Toronto. Jeff, make it happen.

    On a serious note, ZOMG Heavy Rain interview!

  • @20

    Exactly! I sure wish Texas would get some love!

  • AWESOME, see you there guys

  • Ok I missed last years event I was really hoping to meet all of you guys from the blog staff but the fates were against me. And wouldn’t you know it working this year also. So why don’t you mosey on over to that big box of cool stuff your gonna bring to the party, pull out one of those ultra rare beta codes and send it my way kind of like a ” one for the homies who couldn’t make it” type of thing go ahead no one is watching…….go ahead… I won’t say anything….have fun for me guys…..quick now no ones looking go go go!!!!

  • Dam i wish i can go, come to new york! We never get any events over here. Also are you guys going to be at Digital Life?

  • What about swag for those who can’t make it? :-p

  • I’m going to curl Jeff Rubenstein at this event. Bring your cameras.

  • I know you can’t tell us about it, but I’m curious if you know what Kojima’s next project is?

  • Hi i have noticed that the employees who run the playstation blog at times respond to the comments and posts that people leave to answer questions, which i appreciate more than you know. I have a question that may or may not be in your power to answer, here it is. Why does the slant 6 team refuse to respond or answer any of their fans (or should i say x-fans) questions and posts?

  • They never give updates on what everyone obviously wants to know and then post something insignificant to change the subject in hopes of stalling. I used to defend this company because socom has great potential but it was put out as an incomplete game that still is yet to be completed 8 months later. Suing this company comes to mind when you look at the back of the box and 80% of the features that are on it were not in the game when it was released. Thats an outrage! IGN gave this game under a 5, game that are based on movies and rushed for marketing purposes get below 5s. I know this question is not for you and you probably dont have the answer but please, PLEASE when you talk to the slant 6 team when they are presenting there psp game that barely any original socom fan cares about, ask them “Why have you chose to develop this psp game when your PS3 title Socom:Confrontation, that was deceivingly released with out promised features, has yet to be completed?”
    Thank you for your time and being one of the most informative and just flat out best blogs.
    sincerely Nick
    AKA “AKhydrosmoke” or “AKbluntfire
    smoke one wit yer boy…

  • stole that last part from Afroman…Hes funny

  • If could a get a free ticket to California, I would definitely attend it.

  • The minimum age to go to E3 is 17 and you have to be 18 to go to this? Oh well! That’s life…


  • Yeah another plug for Seattle! ;-) Not that I don’t like PAX and really these 2 events should switch every year just to throw people off!

    Anyways, I’ll be at E3 but can’t make it earlier for the meet-up. Any chance for a 2nd meet-up?

  • Wish I could go :(. It’s the best of both worlds in E3 and tamales :)!!!!!

  • Err Jeff, I’m sorry but I didn’t understand the “you must be 18″ part to go.”

    I know it’s for E3, but does that also include the PSBlog meet-up? My brother who is 17 wants to go and we are just trying to make sure. Thanks Mr. Rubenstein!

  • nooooo, i cant go. i live in Florida. when are you guys going to have another event here?

    can you guys give me airplane tickets to go to E3?

    Also one more day of high school.
    class of “09” woooooooooooo

  • what about the E3 live in Playstation Home this year? Any news about it?

  • Why can’t you guys bring it Chicago!
    It’s a better nieborhood.

  • I think E3 is going to be my vacation spot next year.

  • Jeff, are yo going to be playing any game at SCEA E3 Conference *this year*? :)

  • Forget the booth babes…I”ll take Mama Tamale any day ;)

  • As long as i get free merchandise and you guys pay for my brunch!

  • Ugh, to bad I’m stuck down here in Orlando :[ it’s been my dream to go to E3 but I guess I’ll wait for next yea I’m not even 18 until this August, to all that go have fun and tell me how it was :'[

  • there needs to be a gaming event held in oregon! RAWR EDD SMASH

  • Hey Jeff,

    Next time you guys do one of these, can you come too and do a meet-up?

  • gl for ppl who will meet up with them!

    wish i could…….

  • Times like these make me wish I was on the west coast instead of the midwest :(

  • Hey Jeff, so if i drive all the way to LA for the meeting at Mamas Hot Tamale Cafe, i can attend for free? Yes or no, im a bit confused, if i can attend for free than count me in. I was planning on coming to E3, but found out its B.I.O, so this is close enough. Plz reply.

    • This event is free, yes. If you\’re one of the first 100 people, you\’re into our press conference as well.

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