Noby Noby Boy Version 1.1

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Long time, everyone! This is Takahashi.

Finally, the updated 1.1 version is ready (available now on PSN). Honestly, debugging it was hard for multiplayer as it was a hotbed for bugs. So, if you run into a bug or two, please laugh that off. Since there are more silly updates aside from multiplay, I hope everyone has fun with the game as a whole. By looking at the number of WEBWEBBOY, however, a lot of people don’t seem to have noticed the updates. They may be playing something else and not know about them. But I do wonder when GIRL will reach Mars.

So now FARTBOY is audible. As it says names of the excreted in Japanese and English in a random manner, it’s perfect for 2 to 3-year-olds to study languages. Wouldn’t it be interesting to have it encompass entire languages, like excreting with a certain button held lets it speak a German word, etc? This feature may not mean much, but I think it’ll be fun to perfect this spec.

Also, there is a hidden function in the game called SYNCHROBOY that people might not know about; it’s not even in the manual.

I expected that people would notice by now, but I feel like revealing at least a clue as no one has picked up on it yet. By holding a certain button while getting out of a house, the number of BOY increases. This can give you a multiplayer feel even during the single player mode. Please check it out!

See you soon!

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  • Is mars open yet?

  • I wasnt prompted to download anything – how long has this been out? Or hass it only been released in America at the minute?

  • Press R2/L2/R1/L1 at the same time in the house for synchro Boy :P But why is it, that you seem to share the total length with the other boys?

    oh and you forgot to tell about the lucky week at the moment! Multiplicators from 2x to ??x

  • off topic WTH about the video on youtube called “project trico ” is that real , its oficial?
    cuz the trailer looks fcking amazing

  • You are crazy man!

  • oh and you should add a trophy “reported 1 Million meter” or something like that.
    We would have already reached Pluto with that!

  • Holy carp! Awesome! :D

  • What a weirdo. I’d like to have a beer with him…. :)

    Thanks for the update! Next stop mars!!

  • is there ever gunna b a demo for this game? It looks awesome but I wana try it out first


    That video is epic lulz!

  • @Takahashi

    Please bring Tales of Vesperia to the PS3 in NA. Also, please bring Tales of Destiny and Tales of Eternia to the PSN. Thanks :)

  • I still need to pick up a couple of more trophies, so I’ll download later.

  • My friend and I just discovered the update the other day, and we ended up playing multiplayer for over an hour.

    It’s a lot of fun having another person play along, especially since it’s all about being creative and messing around with the controls.

    One question: Will there be new trophies added on? I sort of like the idea of each new planet coming with its own set of trophies.

    Think about it. :-)

  • This is one of the best free updates ever because it allowed me to record this video:

  • Yeah and patch not released in EU region yet!

  • Ah, more ramblings of drug addicts. :) Keep at it.

  • almighty-slayer

    We still don’t have the patch? Sad :(

    Good t see you again though Takahashi-San :) Noby Noby boy is fantastic, i love it

  • I might just start this game up again once I get home. Multiplayer is something that was strangely missing as a feeling for this game, something that’s now remedied.

  • Why bother posting if you don’t want the game to sell?

  • This game should now be a must buy for everyone! I’ve had it since launch and it just keeps getting better~

    Really hope there are more to come updates.

  • Let’s get to Mars people! Come on!

  • Do people really still play this? Are you serious? In my opinion Noby Boy is the worst game on PSN… with PAIN at a close second.

    Just because the game is unique doesn’t automatically make it brilliant. It’s boring, terrible animations, awful glitches and simply not a good game.
    Thankfully it was only a few euros so I didn’t waste much cash.

  • If anyone has this game but has not played in awhile NOW is the time to start. They are doing a “Lucky Week” till friday. Today every meter you report gets multiplied x57!

    Girl gone from about 2.5 billion meeters on friday to over 5 billion this morning. We could reach Mars this week but we need more Boys!

  • I love how Takahashi seems puzzled by the lack of interest in this game. It’s barely a game. It’s more like a joke he sprang on people still holding some goodwill for him based on Katamari. Nice job burning all that goodwill up.

  • This game just gets crazier and more ridiculously (doubt its a word lol) awesome!

  • I’m thoroughly confused. I could have sworn I got this patch weeks ago..

  • I noticed when I played last night (after seeing the ‘trico’ leak) that it multiplied my entry by 57 or soemthing. I was really happy!

    We will be there in no time!

  • StalkingSilence

    haha “So, if you run into a bug or two, please laugh that off.” whahhh?

  • can’t buy this game no PSN Cards :(

  • Haha, still can’t get over that 2D mini game.

  • How’s the iPhone version you showed at GDC coming along??? I wanna contribute to GIRL while on the go :p

  • Noby Noby Boy is fantastic, but if you’re complaining about it not being a good game, there’s your problem right there – the title translates literally to “stretch out and relax”; this is a relaxation tool. It’s really more of a toy. It plays like Katamari if you took away the time limits and stress. Also, I don’t think there’s any need for a demo as it’s only $5 to start. Anyway, thanks for updating this. I’m looking forward to checking out the new features.

  • Wasn’t this out almost 2 weeks ago? I’m sure it was.

    The HUGE 563MB download wasn’t pleasant but it was worth it for the new music styles.

  • cool, have to check it out.

    can’t wait for Katamari Tribute!!!

  • What’s the aim of the game then? Can’t see myself playing it for long unless I could play my own tracks in the background and use my dvd-recorder to record it then use as video for a crazy music video, LOL, but that can’t be done due to royalties and the whole lot of copy write rule’s! Oh well! I think the only platform games that would take over any genre on PSN would be Mario and Nintendo stuff but the great consoles of Nintendo architect still lives on as I knew they would, SONY (scea/scee)you were smart for giving us motion sensor controls too! I’m old skool and I know of Sony Playstation and Nintendo’s clashing in the past on a particular console such as PS1, Nintendo let Sony have it then proved they can stay in the Entertainment sector of console’s & games at a higher bit, also still using the old format of memory card’s which were called cartridges. Obviously with the Wii they had no choice but to use a CD type format for price and performance effectiveness. CD to me is anything like CD-ROM/DVD/HD-DVD/Blue-Ray, << all still the same size in the hands and is still disc, a compact disc(cd), LOL!
    Thanks for listening. L

  • <3 Noby Noby Boy

  • This game needs to come with mental “stimulants.”

  • I enjoy jumping into this game everyone once and awhile, though really it’s more like having something to do while listening to my music than the other way around. Unfortunately, due to the annoyingly large amount of work my classes have been pumping out I haven’t had time to play much of anything lately.

    On a side-note to Team ICO: the cat-err, Griffon– is out of the bag. You might want to come out get it, but while you’re busy catching it, feel free to stop by and talk to us about it. :D

  • These are my favorite posts.

  • I love this game and I respect Takahashi for making it.

  • Poopookakabumbum

    And as I keep having to say, over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

    I will buy this when it comes on a disc.

  • TheInfectedBy590

    Haha! This is great! Looking forward to Mars and any new project you may be working on, Takahashi-san! :)

  • Who in the world asks for a demo of a $5 dollar game!?any way’s is good that your updating this weird and interesting game:)

  • “if you run into a bug or two, please laugh that off.”

    With how crazy this game is, I don’t think I’d even recognize when a bug is happening.

  • LOL this game is sooooo crazy

  • I just picked it up. I don’t know wether to love it or never play it again..

  • takahashi-san! i would just like to comment that the fart sounds make the experience better! KO-A-LA and i thought the roof “broke” because of the update but now i realize that it is changing everytime i play. hope we reach mars soon!

  • I have no idea what the hell that post said.

    I need this game now.


    I am so glad that there is Someone Else out there like Me that is willing to take things beyond normal Human conceptualization. Thank you, Flatulence is my Favorite Joke and the fact that it is using Language as the medium for which we interact with it is outstanding to say the least. How about some weird trippy interactions with the PSeYe? Something to encompass the other senses around us. Thanks for this game, I get so lawrfed out at it. (don’t steal my word it is mine, LAWRF)

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