LittleBigPlanet “The Patch” – Freestyle Skier Sarah Burke

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Hi there, I’m Sarah Burke and I’m a professional skier. When I was at the X Games this year, I met up with some of the folks from Sony to work on creating my very own level for LittleBigPlanet. I had played plenty of video games before, but never had a hand in design which made me super nervous. Lucky for me the Sony peeps made it super easy. They first showed me a few of the levels of LittleBigPlanet that were already made, so I got a good idea of the feel of the game. Then we just started talking and brainstorming to flush out an overall concept for the level.

What I thought was most appropriate — and most fun, since the kids playing it would actually be at X Games — was a level about my trip to X Games, what I hoped to achieve while in Aspen, and the reward I would give myself if/when I won Gold!

We fiddled around with the different looks of the character, the car and the surfing. I told Mark lots of details of what I liked about X Games, how slopestyle was an event this year and how I loved to surf almost as much as I love to ski. Then I left to go practice on the mountain while the Sony guys spent some extra time putting some spit and shine to create my super-cool level.

Everything about making the game was super easy and very fun. I loved working with all the people at PlayStation and they helped to make my LittleBigPlanet level exactly what I had imagined.

The only bummer to the whole experience is that I was scheduled to play the level with tons of kids in the sponsor village on the Sunday of X Games. I had already won the Gold Medal in Superpipe, just like in my level. Unfortunately, in the slopestyle event on Saturday, I took one of the worst falls of my life and hurt my back really badly. I wish that I could have hung out with all the kids on Sunday and played, but the doctors told me not to leave my bed. Hopefully we can make it up next year!

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  • REQUEST: Little off topic, Plz put Trico trailer in the store tomorrow, who ever is in charge of that :P

  • That’s awesome about your level, Sarah, I’ll certainly try it out soon (I guess it’ll have a snowy-like theme?)

    Hope you get better soon. Champions may fall but they always rise again.

  • I already played it, as did a few other people.

  • Ah, the video was not working a while ago. I was correct, snowy it is!

  • Another fun looking level. good work.

  • Looks very fun, i will try it out!

  • any news on littebig planet for psp?

  • hope you back is all better Sarah! i’ve always watched the x games for skateboarding and motocross but ive never caught the skying portion. i hope we get a chance to check out your level in LBP.


  • PSN: MeltTech

  • Hope you are ok now, how can I find your level sis?

  • Hope you get better soon, Sarah!

    @10: Search “@LBPORIGINALS”. ;)

  • Can LBP cave more level packs instead of just costumes in more recent updates.

  • I agree with #12. I’d like to see some more Level Packs and Levels designed by MediaMolecule!

  • I need to get the platinum for this game :)

  • Not to be critical, god knows my LBP levels suck, but this looks like another hold-R1-until-you-win level. :/

  • I added it to my friends list the other day, still pending.


  • That level was pretty good. I still need to find the mp3 of that song xD.

    And Sarah, do you think I could add your personal PSN ID to my friend list?

  • Awwww

    She sounds real nice.

    Get well!

  • LBP FFVII NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • “LBP Originals has already reached it’s maximum allowed number of friends.”

    I really think that’s unfair. And I can’t find any of these levels…

  • Very awesome!

  • I’m not going to lie, this is very cool. Great post and great looking level Sarah. Wish I had your skills (in more ways than one!)

  • Atomika14, I wish they would increase the number of friends we can have. My list is near full. :(

    And try searing “@LBPORIGINALS”.

  • GO sarah burke, your awesome!
    I love your LBP level

  • NVM, the levels don’t come out till Friday apparently. -_-‘

  • Thanks number 11!

  • No offence to you Sarah, but The Patch should be used to highlight the talent of users of LBP. There are some amazing levels out there, hidden gems, but they tend to get swamped under all the mediocrity. Hope The Patch can be used to showcase what the users are capable of, the people who have bought the game, sat down and personally invested a lot of time and effort in creating their levels.

    Hopefully Sony can get some devs to make levels too. Would love to see a level from the people at Insomniac or Naughty Dog or something from Kojima.

  • How about creating south park characters costumes? It would be really funny.

  • I did not even take a look at the level yet and honestly all i did is to read what you wrote, you seem like a great person, so i hope you get back in shape for next year and get all those gold medals!!!!!!!! Take care of yourself!

  • sony should work on doing a digital radio app for the ps3!!!

  • Hi there, I’m DJ DTM and I’m a professional at everything I do. When I play at X events each year, I meet up with some folks from the real world who love to work hard and long creating our very own levels for LittleBigPlanet. I had played plenty of video games before, but never had a hand in skiing, only snowboarding which made me superer. Lucky for me the Sony and MM people made it super easy. The games first area showed me a few of the levels of LittleBigPlanet that were already made, I was hooked, got a good idea of the feel of the game. Then BOOM I just started drawing and brainstorming to flush out some concepts for my levels.

    @ Nath_Gamer if you need links to beats to DL on your sys add me up and ask bruv, as far as this level. I played it yesterday when it was posted as the Joe Vaux level,.. Sorry Joe.

    I’m going to bed, kids.. don’t drink and blog. :)

  • Hope you get well soon, Sarah. But hey, while you’re in bed, you can still most certainly play online with us “kids.” (Hey, I’m still a kid at heart– besides that, my father always did tell me I acted like a ‘two-bit baby.’ By that measure, I’m only six or seven.)

  • Wow, that’s really interesting …. no, wait – what’s that other word? Oh yeah – tedious.

  • this hasn’t got many comments so i thought i would add one. then at the last minute i decided not too.


  • synchronizerman

    I think it’s really great that all these people get to share their levels. LBP is a fun and amazing game.

    ALSO: for the PSN update please re-release Klonoa: DOOR TO PHANTOMILE.

  • I hope your back gets better soon!

  • I wish my snowboarding LBP level turned out as good as this.

  • Thanks Sony for sponsoring this continued series pretty cool stuff.

  • Just watched the video again – this is probably the best LBP Original I’ve seen yet. Props to whoever put it together in LBP on the Sony/Media Molecule team!

  • wow that level is very cool, i liked the car part. :P

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