LittleBigPlanet “The Patch” – Freestyle Skier Sarah Burke

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Hi there, I’m Sarah Burke and I’m a professional skier. When I was at the X Games this year, I met up with some of the folks from Sony to work on creating my very own level for LittleBigPlanet. I had played plenty of video games before, but never had a hand in design which made me super nervous. Lucky for me the Sony peeps made it super easy. They first showed me a few of the levels of LittleBigPlanet that were already made, so I got a good idea of the feel of the game. Then we just started talking and brainstorming to flush out an overall concept for the level.

What I thought was most appropriate — and most fun, since the kids playing it would actually be at X Games — was a level about my trip to X Games, what I hoped to achieve while in Aspen, and the reward I would give myself if/when I won Gold!

We fiddled around with the different looks of the character, the car and the surfing. I told Mark lots of details of what I liked about X Games, how slopestyle was an event this year and how I loved to surf almost as much as I love to ski. Then I left to go practice on the mountain while the Sony guys spent some extra time putting some spit and shine to create my super-cool level.

Everything about making the game was super easy and very fun. I loved working with all the people at PlayStation and they helped to make my LittleBigPlanet level exactly what I had imagined.

The only bummer to the whole experience is that I was scheduled to play the level with tons of kids in the sponsor village on the Sunday of X Games. I had already won the Gold Medal in Superpipe, just like in my level. Unfortunately, in the slopestyle event on Saturday, I took one of the worst falls of my life and hurt my back really badly. I wish that I could have hung out with all the kids on Sunday and played, but the doctors told me not to leave my bed. Hopefully we can make it up next year!

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