inFAMOUS Live Chat with Sucker Punch

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Well, well, well. Here were are about a week launch, and you’re probably thinking to yourself, “This is the perfect time for an inFAMOUS live chat!” And while we’re not Hall and Oates, we do make dreams come true. Today starting at 1:00PM Pacific (4PM Eastern), our friends Nate Fox and David Meyer from Sucker Punch will electrify the Blog in live chat form. So get your last minute questions prepped because we’re T-minus 30 minutes!

UPDATE: Thanks to Nate and Dave from Sucker Punch, and thank you all for making this another great live chat. Awesome questions, amazing game. Only a few days left — hope you love it! And remember, you can view the entire chat by hitting the “Replay” button below.

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