inFAMOUS Hitting the Big Screen this Friday – UPDATED!

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UPDATE: Get your inFAMOUS questions ready because we just locked down this Wednesday afternoon for a live chat with Sucker Punch! Head back early Wed afternoon for more details.

So with only 8 days left until inFAMOUS hits the stores, I wanted to share with you some quick updates.

Sucker Punch have created a 4-part comic that chronicles the days following that fateful blast that changed Cole’s life forever. Part 1 of 4 is already out, check IGN HERE for the final parts when they’re released.

inFamous comic

Now if any of you are planning to watch Terminator Salvation this weekend, be on the lookout for the inFAMOUS 30-sec commercial that will be running in theaters nationwide from May 22nd to May 28th.

inFAMOUS (On top of building) trailer screenshot

Not long to wait now…but just a reminder that you can get your hands on inFAMOUS before it comes out by playing the official demo that goes live on the PSN this Thursday. Hope you enjoy it.

That’s it for now!

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  • Will this game sell for $59.99 or $69.99 in Canada?

  • I knew it. maybe i’ll go see terminater when it comes out. probably not.

  • I have been on the fence about this title for a while now. Really happy to see a demo coming out for it. Demo’s really help me decide If I want to purchase a game or not. Hopefully I will enjoy the demo and purchase the game. Hey, I am an optimist!


  • Awesome. I might go see Terminator this weekend now instead of next weekend..

  • Thursday? Yes! Will there be a demo for prototype as well? This game is more interesting to me but prototype looks good to.

  • Also. I’m glad the demo is coming out this week. I’m still a bit upset that I didn’t get one of the demo codes when I pre-ordered.. :(
    Oh well.. only 10 days :)

  • The playability of the demo was more than I expected. Collecting 45+ shards in a demo, and playing it for over an hour in one run, is unheard of for a demo.

    You definitely sold me on the demo. Great job!

  • rally looking forward to this. The demo was WAY better than I expected it to be. The open-world free-running merged so well with the combat. Definitely first day buy

  • The demo is amazing, glad everyone is going to get it this week. It was the demo that fully sold me on picking this up. Can not wait for the release next week.

  • @5… why would they comment on Prototype?

    I played the demo of InFAMOUS… it is awesome and the reviews have been great

  • I’m SO GLAD sony is finally starting to promote their games correctly……thanks guys! (I think InFamous could be one of your biggest hits ever if you tried hard enough)

    THE DEMO IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
    Sony please market the hell out of this game and every game that came out and ones to follow!!!!! =D
    Can’t wait for E3…. Sucker Punch you ROCK!!!

  • Pre-ordered a long time ago, I CAN’T WAIT. IN SUCKER PUNCH WE TRUST!!!!!!!!

  • wow cant wait to see this trailer on the big screen!!

    Already played the demo and im exstatic to play the full game! I dont think I have beeen hyped for a game like this in loong time.

    And what a great PR move sucker punch and sony because we all know that terminator salvation is going to be sick!!!

  • @1 pretty sure it’s 69.99

  • Got my demo from Best Buy like 2 weeks ago. LOVED IT! Already paid in full at Amazon. :)

  • @1 I’ve noticed that trend of games selling for $69.99 in Canada lately too.

    Also, will this be playing in Canadian theatREs?

  • OMG

    Termninator salvation + Infamous = instant win

  • I was on the fence about going to see Terminator, but this just pushed me to go see it! :)

    Advertise the hell out of this amazing game, Sony!

  • dehumanizer_666

    Woo!! Terminator Salvation!

  • I appreciate the Comic page, thank you Asad.

    Is inFamous going to have any compatibiliy with PlayStation Home?

  • Theatre commercials in my opinion are the best way to advertise games. Audiences are preset to receive the message when they are in an immersive mood, especially if you advertise a sci-fi type game for a sci-fi type movie for example. I’ll personally take gaming adverts before a movie over stupid car commercials!

  • Alex_Assassin_08

    can’t wait for demo! ^^

  • I was wondering is the trailer going to be during the movie trailers where the lights go dim? or are they going to be before the movie trailers while pple are going to there seats and such?

  • Way to be on the ball marketing team!

  • Looks like im going to go see me some terminator salvation then :)

  • Holy crap, I might have to see this new Terminator movie. I was interested in seeing this movie but the Terminator: Salvation commercial just sealed the deal!

  • Running 22nd to 28th? But Salvation officially opens on May 21st.

  • IS this coming going to be in the game? I dont want to spoil anything. Especially story related, but if its not in the game i might as well check this out.

  • Waiting for that Pre-Order to show up next week! Can’t wait…

  • About the european version of the game (posted in the official forum [url=]here[/url)]
    “There are in fact THREE builds covering traditional “Sony Europe” territories…

    #1 = English, Portuguese, Russian
    #2 = French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch
    #3 = Polish

    We had to do #3 because the OS doesn’t yet support polish.

    We split #1 and #2 at Sony’s request. ”

    I wanna know if THIS is true

  • About the european version of the game (posted in the official forum [url=]here[/url])
    “There are in fact THREE builds covering traditional “Sony Europe” territories…
    #1 = English, Portuguese, Russian
    #2 = French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch
    #3 = Polish
    We had to do #3 because the OS doesn’t yet support polish.
    We split #1 and #2 at Sony’s request. ”
    I wanna know if THIS is true

  • Now that is MARKETING!!!!

    Do that for all of your big first-party games!

  • Talk about marketing a game. You just hit a slam dunk, now do this with everything else you release.

    Demo or no demo, the game will be on my doorstep the 26th!

  • im mad my ps3 is broken so i cant even get the demo of inFAMOUS for 2 weeks….this is the 3rd time its broken in a year and a half..what’s up with that???!??!?!!
    ~ ~
    ~ >:( ~
    ~ ~

  • @35
    maybe you should try treating it well?

  • Smart marketing!

  • sweet the demo is downloadable this Thursday…

  • Fantastic!
    I suggested doing this with Killzone 2 here on the blog.

    So….. where’s my marketing position guys?
    I’ve got plenty more ideas!

    Picture it:
    – inFAMOUS branded cattle prods and electric fences!
    – PSAs about not sticking your fingers in sockets starring Cole.
    – inFAMOUS brand rechargable batteries (Cole powered batteries anybody?).

    The possibilities produced by the gremlins in my head are unLIMITED! =D

  • OMG demo!!! Great news.

  • the demo is amazing but i was sold on this game long b4 touching the demo. sucker punch has a hit with this i hope and maybe we’ll get more awesome exclusives from you guys! love inFamous and I’m glad you guys worked with ND to bring us the Uncharted 2 online beta.


  • dagg that’s cool it should have been a minute long but thirty seconds is cool. i hope they do inFAMOUS like MGS4 ad was with the movie voice dude.

  • I’m going to check it out

  • Sweet! Nice advertising.

  • Ohh COOOL!!! Exellent Add!!!!

  • awesome ad except people in the theater are gonna be like “ohhh my gawd this is awesome” then “exclusively on PS3” will ring out over the surround sound system then “BOOOOO” fromt he crowd lol. It is inevitable i only hope somebody can smuggle in a recording device lol.

  • ^^^ when i go see the movie i will video tape it with my cell phone and if i get a response i promise to upload it lol

  • finally sony is doing commercial for their game

    by that i can predict that this game willl defently sell million

  • @ 36

    thanks for the wonderful advise!! ;D

  • @47 lol sweet. I don’t think too many people deny that ps3’s got the games nowadays its just a lot of people can’t afford one *cough*hint*cough* lol but i understand why sony hasn’t dropped the price the system is definitely worth it (more than worth it technically), and people recognize that, it’s just a matter of not being ABLE to buy it rather than willing… but they’re welcome to continue being envious of those of us who DO have one and can play an awesome game like infamous XP

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