The PSB & Killzone Recap

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Courtesy of Victor Zuylen – Editor, Killzone Community

  • The Killzone Chronicles, Part 7 – We scavenged for cool documents and cleared out desk drawers to give you a glimpse of the development process of Killzone 2
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    • FIRST

    • … I HATE it when people shout FIRST! There’s no point! seriously man.

    • Isn’t it an Internet convention to automatically ban “FIRST” posters? :P

      Anyways, another excellent week. The pace for E3 is getting built quite nicely so far. I can only wait to what surprises are coming our way. The MGS4 1-year anniversary is comming as well. Also, inFAMOUS is getting some great reviews!

    • Hey, didn’t the Killzone guys say there was going to be some Home related Killzone news this week? It was on their twitter feed I think. Any news on that?

    • [quote=This Week on PlayStation.Blog]We get your inFAMOUS [b]and Motorstorm Arctic Edge[/b] questions answered[/quote]
      Well, did you?

    • And of course those don’t work here xD No edit button either, oh well…

    • I want to see an Eye of Judgment update. Can’t wait till they release more cards!

    • that uncharted 2 gameplay was soooo sick nasty! im so stoked for that game and for the beta starting in june. can’t come soon enough. looks like naughty dog is gunning for goty with uncharted 2.


    • PlayStation Store Update — Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic is FREE this week! What are you waiting for?

      Maybe for stuff like this to be offered to Canadians….

      Oh wait Canada isnt important to SCEA; no network cards; no video store; no contests; no free games.

    • Can we have a Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time Collector’s Edition?

    • cybershinigami87

      Ratchet and Clank. If only they kept the name clock blockers. Anyway Zen Pinball is great. Physics are good and the tables are fun to play. Only gripe, why not map the shake the table button to the six axis?

    • At E3 do you guys think you could squeeze more info from Square-Enix about Final Fantasy Versus XIII?

      PS Store Update was VERY 1337.

      Uncharted 2 Gameplay and the Beta coming up is making me very excited.

      The PS Blog currently owns the Internet.

    • A pretty good week. I REALLY liked the PSN update, and some of the announcements were solid. I really hope this kinda stuff continues for a while.

      Thanks again Chris~

    • Nice week guys, seems like a lot of good stuff this week and I’m betting a lot more to come as E3 draws near. Keep up the good work
      This is the best blog on the net, Thanks to Chris & Jeff!

    • i don’t think Square-Enix can do a live chat on the Blog. PS3 owners from all parts of the Net would come and give a peace of there mind.

      but when will we start seeing inFAMOUS TV ADS..

    • Great week…as usual.

      Am I correct in saying that Heavy Rain news hits next week?

    • Hey Chris, check the Blog’s twitter feed. I sent you a link so that you can search the blog using the search bar at the top menu of Firefox.

      p.s. Awesome week for the Fight Night Round 4 pre-order demo. That has to be my favorite demo ever (inFamous demo is really close though).

    • Great week , good playstation update , pulse was like 7 minutes long , lots of info on games and theres the amazing Uncharted 2 gameplay video but Chris wheres Motorstorm Arctic Edge video ??? i really wanna know if the game will have some sort of interactivity with Pacific rift lol

    • one more thing Chris , im having trouble signing in using my ps3 web browser you know whats going on ???

    • andXyetXnotXwant

      Hey my PS3 just got the YLOD today. Do you have any insight as to wether I’m just unlucky or if there is a problem going? I got a 60GB PS3 about a year after launch and it only lasted about two years before it broke.

    • Just wanted to mention a lot of people stated after firmware update 2.76 that they could no longer play DIVX movies.

      I tried last night and got the message too.

      But when I originally went to the site that the PS3 tells you to go to set up DIVX, I created a DVD with the download that enables the PS3 to play the DIVX movies.

      All I did after receiving the message that I couldn’t run DIVX movies, was to insert the burned disc I originally created when I input my PS3 DIVX code and all is up and running smoothly.

      I can again play DIVX movies.

    • Seeing_Red_Again

      Seriously, visiting the PSBlog each day is one of my favorite things to do when I’m online. Great stuff always.

      And Chris, if you don’t mind my asking, could you possibly mention to Square if they’ll be putting FFVII and other PSOne Classics that are already on the JP PS Store on the NA PS store?

    • Also thought I’d mention that anyone that had Trend micro set up for their PS3 for security.

      Well, the free trial just ended on May 10/09 apparently when you check on your PS3.

      You can get another 90 day trial at the moment, however after that, if you want this security, you’ll have to pay a fee.


      – Universal Game Invites and Join Session Button(XMB)

      – Voice Mail and Private Voice Chat in-game

      – Add OPTIONAL sound for notifications(sign on, new messages,etc.)

      – symbols and numbers that show friends online and new messages on the XMB and beside message box

      – Auto Sync Trophies

      – More developed profiles + mentioned options on profiles(refer to image below)

      – Report feature to report issues and stuff

      – Faster loading in-game XMB and profiles

      – When you receive a message you should be able to push the PS button
      for it to automatically pop up as long as the notification is still

      – More Avatars

      – XMB for movies, browser and PS2

      I’m Sorry I have to spam this, But these^ are features people are crying out for on ps3.
      Make It happen Sony :)

    • Where have you been all week Chris???

    • Guys could you have an interview with Ignition about KOF XII ?
      The clan feature is PS3 exclusive so that would be a nice conversation topic ;)

    • Please get more sponsors for PSN game I’m really enjoying it and I want to get to 100 but those challenges on gold is hard.

      Plus any chance on a live recording of the E3 PSB meet up? I’ll be your camera man if you like. :D

    • @bravo9zero

      Get the F off this board with your idiotic SPAM.

      All these dummy account from this idiot need to be banned.

    • @ TerryVSL

      Why would you tell someone to get off the blog when he’s trying to be heard in the one place that it’s most likely to happen, the PS blog. This blog is where people come to voice their opinions why would you tell someone to go away when they’re doing just that? Sure it might be in the wrong post but update posts don’t come that often and the more Jeff and Chris see the message the more they know what we want.

      I personally want every single one of those features he listed and I am glad that there’s people dedicated enough to keep asking for them.

      Now for my post on this week, it seemed like a slow week but it was a good one at that. Great Uncharted videos popping up and a free game, can’t beat that.

    • @Vengeful-Chaos

      This OUR board. We will not put up with some idoit with multiple accounts SPAMMING every story with his retarded crybaby list.

      Got it? Good.

    • @Terry
      When you say OUR Are you not talking about everybody in a whole. That means anybody can post as long as they have an account and seeing as you have a smiley avatar I”m guessing you don’t really even own a PS3. So Everyone can use it,

      Got it? Good.

    • @9 DeMoNiCMeMBeR

      What don’t you understand about ‘Sponsored by Sprint’? Your issue is with them.

      PSN cards arrive in Canada end of May … EB Games is accepting pre orders.

      No Vid Store – iTunes was over 2 years before launching Canadian vid store, LIVE was over 1 later in Canada than US for Vid store…PSN Vid Store has been around less than 1 year…perhaps my second point corrects this issue.

      Contests – It is RARE that contests are the same in the US and Canada…get over it.

      @28 Agree


      Best post of the week imo Bionic Commando: Seeing Capcom twist in the wind was fun.

    • ps3 freezes all the time….makes me mad

    • @Chris Morell

      Any chance you could get some info about The Last Remnant when you meet with SE? Any word about when and if they will make good on their promise of a PS3 version would be appreciated.

    • in game skype for ps3 PLOX!!!!!!!!!!!

    • attention! zen pinball freezes in multiplayer a matter of fact, the game has been freezing on me since yesterday fix this fiasco sony!

    • Is it me or was Modern Warfare 2 not the game everyone wanted. If you go back and read the comments it was barely mentioned…. FYI I’m talkin about the This week on PSB.

    • Please give Mario at Sidhe the Red Carpet treatment and give us some more info about Shatter.

    • @TerryVSL

      It’s funny how you say our board when your acting like it’s yours. There’s no need to be abrasive towards anyone on these posts.

      Get it? Got it? Good.

    • If anyone is interested Resistance 2 Patch 1.60 just went in.

      I just downloaded it myself.

    • @ 37 its just you. Face it MW2 is most likely unwanted. I believe everyone was waiting for killzone 2. But now People are waiting for MAG and Uncharted 2. Once those games come out everyone will be like “MW2 who?”

    • Can someone at Sony comment about a Western release of Demon’s Souls? Surely it’s really not that difficult, it’s what media/PR people are supposed to do, ie. provide information about games to the consumer.

    • @42…Why not just import it since SONY did the smart thing and made base games region free?

    • Is the PS3 Slim coming out at E3 then? :D

    • There’s going to be a ps3 slim? I don’t know.

    • Hey, Chris, nice Radiohead avatar :)

    • @43, from experience I know they made games region free and then region locked DLC. Anyway, the point is I or any other person shouldn’t have to import it. By most accounts the game is good, it’s in English and it helps fill a gap in the PS3 library. It’s a no-brainer to release it in the West but then again Sony haven’t been renowned for their marketing decisions this generation.

    • I’m with Kenshin71 on that. Bring it to the US and I’ll buy it. I refuse to import because a) it costs more b) I want my purchase to reflect on what sells in the region I live c) importing instead of requesting a local release shows that this way of getting a game is acceptable. I refused to import the region free Breath of Fire on the PSP for these same reasons.

    • COME ON AND BRING SOME NEWS ON CROSS EDGE ! ots coming out in like two weeks

    • Can somebody give us a clue what the “Two HUGE surprises” are!? I searched everywhere but found nothing but the rumor of a slim ps3. I am dying here! :(

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