Ratchet & Clank Future Weapons Contest: Our Fave Fives #2

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Hey Folks,

Bryan Bernal here and I’m the Project Manager for Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time. Today I’ll be kicking off our second week of our five favorite weapons that didn’t make the cut for Captain Qwark’s My Blaster Runs Hot Weapons Contest Sponsored by Gadgetron. Without further ado, let’s get right to it.

The Sammich Gun

R&C Weapons Contest - Sammich Gun

The Sammich gun is apparently what you get when you combine a Rocket Launcher, a Foreman Grill, and napalm-infused Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. While it not only kicks ass for its aforementioned components, the fact that it upgrades to the “Sub” Machine Gun only sweetened the deal for everyone. Unfortunately we had a hard time visualizing how real time digestive deformation via flesh melting napalm sandwiches would work.

I.B.S. (Irritable Bowel Shotgun)

R&C Weapons Contest - I.B.S.

Keeping with the tools of gastro-intestinal destruction theme was the I.B.S. (Irritable Bowel Shotgun). Could you imagine how insanely awesome this one would be? Sneak up behind a pack of Warriors, open with two shots of the I.B.S. and watch him go all Jeff Daniels in Dumb and Dumber. If you were fast enough to tag the entire group with double shots, you might end up with a fecal fiesta that would leave our Audio engineering team scarred for life.

Arnold Schwarzeneggranade

R&C Weapons Contest - Grenade

Being from sunny Southern California, many of us at Insomniac have a strong affinity for the Governator (especially when parody is involved). Needless to say this weapon submission resonated with us and harkened us back to the Arnold soundboards of yore. I mean, who wouldn’t want to listen to “It’s Not A Too-mah!”…”GET TO THE CHOPPA!”…and “I’ll be back” for 8-12 hours straight?


The TransVestor

R&C Weapons Contest - TransVestor

We’ve never been opposed to putting our most beloved Ratchet and Clank characters in drag, and what better way to spread the androgynous love than a gun that morphs your foes into dominant X chromosome bearing versions of themselves? While this idea was awesome, it would be a pain to implement. For now, I’ll leave you with its exquisitely executed artwork (and if you look closely, it says there’s a button to apply eye liner and a birth mark mole – details for the win!)

And Finally…

The Freakin’ Shotgunchuck! (or as I call them, the “Boomchucks”)

R&C Weapons Contest Shotgunchuck

So I know James posted this one last week – but come on, this is basically one of, if not THE coolest weapons in existence. James described it best when he said “take the best Zombie killing weapon in the world, and the best Ninja killing weapon in the world — COMBINE them and you have the Shotgunchuck.”

That said, some folks had trouble envisioning how this quadruple-barrelled body bag filler would actually be used in combat and how it would work with Ratchet’s core moveset… mere speedbumps on the road to greatness, I say. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be and the Shotgunchuck will now live on in the archives of the PSBlog…RIP.

That’s my five. Feel free to comment with your praise or disdain for my selections, but we’ll be back next week with another five from one of our co-conspirators at Insomniac.


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  • ShotGun-Chuck…best weapon i’ve seen created that could be incorporated in this game only…

  • Keep it up guys. The Playstation Blog has turned into one of my favorite go-to sites for info you can’t find anywhere else.

  • IBS for sure. Farts are COOL er yeah.

  • why do so many of these weapons just distract your enemies I WANT PURE DESTRUCTION >:D

  • &6 i think the IBS gun would destroy your bowels

  • In these days of political correctness, are IBS sufferers the next in the line the equality treatment?

    The ‘Society of Sensitive IBS Sufferers’ will release this statement:

    “We demand you get rid of the IBS weapon from Ratchet and Clank! Awareness of IBS is at an all time high, and sufferers are… brb – going to the toilet”

  • IBS gets my vote

  • Arnold Schwarzeneggrenade LMAO !!!!! that is classic right there , next time we will see Chuck Norrishotgun lol!!!!! hey Bryan when are we gonna see gameplay footage ??? i cant wait to play A Crack in Time !!!!!

  • Arnold Schwarzeneggranade
    you guys need to add that weapon.

  • i like the IBS

  • Man this stuff is almost offensive…….I LOVE IT!!!

  • the Arnold Grenade

  • Not sure I like the shotgunchuck. After using the shotgun like a pair of nunchucks in Devil May Cry 3, the novelty has worn off for me.

  • The Shotgun Chuck is the best IMO

    I want a prototype here at my house, in 12 gauge please :-)

  • Eh. Concepts are nice, but I’m more interested in what actually WILL be making it into the game, not to mention seeing them in action.

  • IBS fits in with the goofy mode of the weapons most in my opinion.

  • I think the next Insomniac game should entirely be built around the Arnold Schwarzeneggranade.

  • Definitely The TransVestor… it will be fun to see that.

  • Some great entries. Some great, others, just well, crazy.

  • No love for the Sammich Gun? I did like the upgrade name…

  • I don’t understand why the Boomchucks were cut. They’re clearly the favourite…is a little bit of work really that scary?

    There was a time when awesome weapons weren’t hindered by the degree of laziness the developers were experiencing. The nuances and subtle touches to get the animations and effects of the boomchucks to work would have been well received and widely respected.

    Not that ACiT isn’t going to be awesome, I just want to see the passion for ridiculous weapons that made R&C1 and 2 so great come back.

    • It\’s not just a little work when you have to completely re-do all of your hero animations to make it work right… and when it doesn\’t totally fit the theme of Ratchet.

  • Shotgun chucks…when will you become a reality?

  • I really don’t understand how you say some many of these are just too complicated to implement in the game. How is something like the Transvestor that much different than the Groovitron? One throws a disc ball up in the air with flashing lights while everyone on screen goes in dance mode, another simply maybe changes their outfit (skin) and makes them animate differently (see Groovitron dancing) for a while…right??

    And the Shotgunchuck. It’s a shotgun, with a melee attack. How is that too complicated to code? What am I missing??

    • The Groovitron takes a ton of time to implement because of that… we can\’t make every weapon do that sort of thing without a huge investment of time.

      Furthermore, you also have to consider balancing — the fruit of the doom has a very similar function to the Groovitron in all reality.

      Shotgunchuck requires completely recoding, and re-animating the hero — plus, in Ratchet, there is no secondary fire, and when you press the square button, you always use your wrench — so there are lots of control issues there and fundamental design changes to make a weapon like that work.

  • might wanna wear your d-pants when shot by the IBS

  • The TransVestor
    or I.B.S

    And I agree with post 25. Another example with lots of stuff on screen is the R.Y.A.N.O (SP?)

  • TRANSvestor FTW

  • That IBS thing sounds awesome :D I want one in real life ;)

  • Arnold Schwarzeneggranade
    Sooo for the WIN!!!!!

  • This message is for who ever is in charged of the PSN. I got suspended from the PSN on

  • Yea Im sorry but weapons like the groovatron totaly take away from the experience. I know the R&C games are meant to be stupid but that stuff is over the top and more something comeing out of a bad childrens comedy

  • I.B.S. (Irritable Bowel Shotgun)is great! lol I love that one.

  • It’s always funny to see how people don’t realise how much work is involved in programming and coding for something they may consider to be simple.

    Great list Bryan, can’t wait to see which weapon is being implemented, even more so I can’t wait for the release of ACiT!

  • Shotgunchuk is a gun which needs to be made in one game.

  • I’m still not sold on the excuses for why this wasn’t implemented.

    The plasma-whip was a melee weapon with special effects….why couldn’t the gunchucks be something similar? I think really this boils down to just trying not to go above and beyond like Insomniac tried to do with 1 and 2 and UYA, and not about recoding or anything. Now a days, the Ratchet series has boiled down to a grindy weapon fest with weapons that are otherwise just clones of regular weapons. I miss weapons like the suck cannon, tesla coil, and shock cannon.

  • I love the “sub” machine gun and shotgunchucks!

  • sorry 4 double post but i just had an idea: how about some Plasmarangs! They are basically boomerangs which set on fire, but they upgrade into Gamerangs, which spin and shoot flames out simular to how Gamera (the giant turtle) flies!

    It’s a shame i didn’t come up with that before the contest lol

  • IBS gun gots it.

  • All this is just making me sad we’ll never see these weapons.

  • i think it’s funny when people who know nothing about coding and game making comment about the ease of implementing new code, like it’s just the click of a mouse! to call insomniac lazy is beyond an insult! These guys make some of the best games on the PS3, and clearly work very hard at it. if they say it’s too difficult to do at this point in the production cycle, IT IS!

  • Sweet! Can’t wait to the the contest winning design.

  • Arnold Schwarzeneggranade and IBS gets my vote.

  • destroyerofworld


    when do the uncharted 2 beta codes go out?

  • Sammich Gun upgradeable to a “Sub” Machine Gun ftw.

  • Ah the Boomchucks (I much prefer that name), if only if only…

  • shotgunchucks!

  • Thunderstorm025

    The plasma whip wasn’t that hard cos i think they just used his wrench attack animation

    “what’s that? A grenade… OH [DELETED] IT’S ARNALD SCHWARZENEGGER!!, RUN!!!!!!!!!”

  • I love the comments complaining about how lazy the devs are that they aren’t adding the weapon of your choice. You obviously don’t really know what you’re talking about.

    You may think that making video games is just drawing a couple lines and pressing the “animate” button and watching it all fall into place but at some point in your life you will realize that in everything you do resources are limited and making something (video game or anything else) work well takes a lot of work.

    If you don’t like the choice weapons in a game get over yourself and accept the fact that other people have different like and priorities and just because they want something else doesn’t mean they are lazy.

  • I think the shotgunchuck is pretty stupid actually. I mean, how the hell would you even use that thing? It doesn’t look like you can use shotgun and nunchuck features at the same time (spinning/hitting and shooting), only one or the other, which makes it as useful as having two shotguns and a separate pair of nunchucks with you. Poor design choice, in my opinion.

    Love the logo for the Transvestor!

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