Put on your P-P-P-Poker Face: Texas Cheat’em Hits PSN Today

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Texas Cheat’em from Wideload Shorts is out on PlayStation Network THIS WEEK for $9.99.


First, a bit about Wideload Shorts. We’re an indie studio within an indie studio. Our team lives within the walls of Wideload Games. Wideload’s founder, Alex Seropian, did some stuff once. He started this studio called Bungie, made this game called Halo, and sold it all to some other company. But Wideload, much to the delight of those who work here, is about doing new things, and taking new chances.

The Wideload Shorts team makes small games that are imbued with Wideload’s trademark humor. Our focus is on good, solid, NEW gameplay that will stand the test of time. When it comes to our gameplay, we are nurturing and protective. Imagine that our gameplay is a baby bunny rabbit. We will bring it carrots, and lick its fur to keep it clean. If coyotes are the latest fad, and everybody insists that we MUST get a coyote (“don’t worry, your baby bunny should be fine”), we won’t do it. Our motto is: “coyotes eat gameplay.”

We’d like to think that the title of our latest release, Texas Cheat’em, speaks for itself. Cheating is fun, that much is clear. If everyone cheats, then it’s fair. Think about it this way. If your favorite FPS had no guns, it would not be fun. If only one person had a gun, it would be downright scary. But everyone has guns, so it’s fun. Texas Cheat’em has no guns. And if it did, it would be downright scary. But everybody can cheat, so it’s fun.


Our cute fuzzy bunny that we call “gameplay” is paramount. We cheated each other in egregious ways for months to come up with the perfect balance of cheats. And what did we get out of it? A new game that did not exist before. A new game that is more fun than the poker games that came before it. Ah, yes, that was our goal. By way of analogy, Texas Cheat’em is to poker as NFL Blitz is to football. We shaped the rules to our liking in the name of fun.


Cheating opened up huge swaths of gameplay territory for us to explore. “Precognition” will show you all of the community cards before they are dealt. Very helpful! But this doesn’t tell you how the game is going to end… it just gives you a bit more time to plan your strategy.

“Suggestion” cheats let you “convince” everybody else at the table that one card is actually something else. You can change the value of the card by one (up or down), or you can change the suit of the card. Very useful. It can even change the fortunes of other players… though you can use Community Snapshot to lock in your hand if someone else starts to change a card.

As happened so often during the design of Texas Cheat’em, these cheats interact in surprisingly great ways, providing all sorts of beneficial side effects that open up some really clever strategies…

I won’t delve into the rest of the cheats here, or divulge any of my favorite strategies quite yet… but keep an eye out for us at your table, we’ll be out there playing. We love playing this game.


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15 Author Replies

  • Will this game have remote play available and will there be a demo?

  • katy perry gonna sue somebody

  • Interesting. Any sort of way to try the game out before buying?

  • Wideload?


  • Hmm… I already have High Stakes Poker, and then there’s the Godfather II and EA Sports Complex Home spaces, so I think I have all the poker I’ll need on my PS3.

    Granted this does look like it has a few interesting twists, but I’d have to play a demo before I bought it.

  • this sounds fun!

  • I’ve been waiting for this!
    And at $9.99, day one purchase!
    Fine jobs, good sirs.

  • Sounds fun, will there be local and online multiplayer?

    • Hey Gump –
      Yes, online multiplayer up to 8 players. And that is by far the most fun way to play. We\’ll be on there this afternoon.

      Local multiplayer – no. We actually couldn\’t figure out a way to do a local multiplayer poker game :) because you\’d see everyone\’s cards.

      The single player mode is a good way to learn some of the strategies that can later help out in the online multiplayer games.


  • Katy Perry? What does she have to do with anything?

    Anyway, 10$ is a tough price to pay just to get cheated over and over again

    • The cheating is well balanced. The best way to think of the cheating is a way to be more engaged with the game.

      In standard poker, you don\’t really do much. You are at the mercy of the dealt cards.

      The \”cheating\” in Texas Cheat\’em is really more about skill than it is about \”cheating\”.

      A new player can quickly see ways to improve their hand a bit – for example, taking a pair to 3 of a kind.

      An advanced player can see a bit more deeply into the strategic use of the \”cheats\”…

      And in all cases, there are skill games that must be completed to make the cheats work. Even the best players can still be taken down.


  • Hopefully, they’ll be a demo on PSN since a demo is available on Xbox Live. I’ve tried the demo and while it puts a new twist on the game, I think I’d get bored with it quickly.

  • @-9 I’m sure he meant Lady GaGa.. lol

    And sounds cool. I might try this =]


  • Hi
    I would like to know if the game got some trophies and vocal chat?

  • Single player mode is actually pretty fun too! You are put at a table and have to accomplish certain varying goals. Some are just ‘win x amount of money’, then some are along the lines of ‘make sure player x loses all of his money and is knocked out of the game’. Stuff like that.

    Its good for anti socials like me I guess.

  • Jeff can you tell they all saound the same to me? :P

  • I saw this post coming by looking through the flickr site! Looks like a tight game!

  • lol, the humor :P

  • sound* if i could type today

  • About that Local Multiplayer option, you guys ever thought of using the PSP as a personnal screen for everyone to look at their hands and the TV screen would show the cards on the table and the rest of the action and stuff?

    Or you could always just bring the whole game to PSP :)

  • Nice thx for the answer, im waiting for the psn update to buy the game! :)
    Those who plan to buy the game and want some ppl to play with, add me to you psn friend list :D

  • 1. So there is no demo for it 1st, like the Xbox has?

    2.Do you have any plans on coming out with more Trophies?

    3) What about future Downloadable content?
    a. Be it new characters?
    b. New background settings, like different hotels etc?
    c. Unlockable rewards?

    4) Now this is a important comment, and question:
    I had bought Wheel of Fortune for $14.99, and there were maybe 12 trophies to win, but after that, the game is now forgotten about and in no way was it worth $14.99

    Now this being $9.99, my question is:
    How do you plan on making this game replayable over n over again, AFTER all the trophies have been won?

    Thanks for taking the time to reply to our questions.


    • Hey Haskell420 –

      1. Yes, there is no demo.

      2. More trophies – see my answer to #4 below

      3. Future downloadable content – no immediate plans

      4. (this is really an answer to all of the above)

      The trophies in Texas Cheat\’em are fun to get, but you are correct, after you get the 12, you\’ll want more to do.

      The single player mode is also fun, you can unlock new venues in single player mode that can then be used in practice mode or when you create a multiplayer table.

      In my opinion, the real long term value, after you have all of the trophies, and after you have beaten single player mode, is the multiplayer game (something that perhaps the $14.99 Wheel of Fortune didn\’t have).

      Multiplayer Texas Cheat\’em against other people is a blast. Seriously, in a few hours I am going to be playing on PSN not because our PR agency said we should or something, but because it\’s a blast.

      The multiplayer game has a lot of depth, and it is really very exciting to play. We\’ve been playing this game for a long time here at Wideload (during development) and playing against other people still makes me sweat. Maybe that\’s gross. But it\’s true.

      So there. I think you\’ll have $9.99 worth of fun, plus maybe a few bucks of fun on top of that.


  • Best Lady Gaga reference ever.

  • LOL,

    “Think about it this way. If your favorite FPS had no guns, it would not be fun. If only one person had a gun, it would be downright scary. But everyone has guns, so it’s fun. Texas Cheat’em has no guns. And if it did, it would be downright scary. But everybody can cheat, so it’s fun.”

    The logic is flawless. Love to play it.

  • “Hmmm… I’ll… paaaasss.”

  • @24 You mean you’ll fold?

  • I’ve been cautiously interested in this since it was announced, and I’m excited to get to try it out. The description here reminds me a bit of the philosophy behind Super Baseball Simulator 1.000. Take a real-life game everybody is familiar with and add an insane over-the-top metagame on top of that. I’ll go out on a $10 limb for a concept this compelling. ^_^

  • I laughed at number 2. Especially with Jeffy’s reply.

    This game seems pretty good! I see it’s on the EU PSN store, might have to buy it ;)

  • What about remote play for the PSP? (and thanks for ignoring my first post as I see you answered my question about a demo in another post)

    • Yes, there is no remote PSP play. (sorry, I\’m trying to come up with something that sounds less disappointing. Not working I\’m sure :)

  • Is there Video Chat like Zen Pinball?
    Also I can’t wait to play tonight I am getting the game for sure.

    • No video chat, but there is voice chat.

      For your icon in the game, we\’ll use your avatar, or you can choose one of the AI characters\’ avatars.

  • @Scott Corley High Stakes Poker has remote play, so i guess I’ll stick with that for now.
    Thanks anyway

  • wow this looks kind of bad….I’ll stick with High Stakes where I collective have 8-9 billion in the bank

  • too bad no camera support so i can show ma-ma-ma-ma-my poker face. then we could get some strip poker going. cheating in strip poker is my fav. LOL

  • Today can’t get any worse, I never heard of this game but it sounds interesting and worth the buy, but the new firmware crashed my PS3. :(

  • @ mixenitup
    I think its better with out video then no male strip poker for me. Because I doubt well get lucky and have tons of hot girls on just to play strip poker.

  • Now that was quick reply1 Thanks Scott for rpelying and answering my questions.
    The Wheel of Fortune game did have online multi-player, but after 1 day, I had all the trophies, and honestly, I am REALLY good at that game, even seeing it on TV I get them within the 1st few letters.
    The 14.99 price I think was unjustified of course. I have no problems paying 15 bucks for a game, but it MUST have more then 5 hours of gameplay in it. It MUST make me want to come back again and again AND AGAIN.

    So I will think aout it of course, and if it hits our US store soon, I probably will buy it, and I’ll be playing it. So when you get on, look for me if you can

    psn id HASKELL420

    see ya in Church!

  • tru that girl gamer are few and far between though there are more and more as time goes on.

    Oh and i imagine that there is not a demo on the ps3 cause of that whole “pay a fee for your content held on the psn” that the devs have to pay now. tough to come up for the capital for that on a small game that may or may not be a big hit.


  • yeah now thats a good poker face. looks hard to smoke and drink while you play poker though.

  • …oh …I thought it was your P-p-p-poker face

  • I hear that you occasionally jump on and play online, will you be joining the PSN cheat-em players and eventually get schooled by them? Or will any other Shorts Dev’s be playing online?

    • Yes, we\’ll be playing online tonight. We are having a little celebration launch party tonight, and we\’re going to haul a PS3 and a monitor into the bar. If their wifi reaches far enough, we\’ll be on until they kick us out.

      And yes, we will eventually get schooled by all of you. But I will tell you now that it is us that will be doing the schooling tonight.


  • I have lived my entire life by a quote:
    “If you don’t cheat, you don’t want to win bad enough.”

    Well, I guess there is a game now that proves that. Thanks Shorts.
    I’m all in.

  • Scott, I so wish I were going to that bar tonight, just to watch you guys.

    • Well, RodSquad, sorry you missed it.

      But the fact is, the wifi at The Violet Hour was a bit too out of range. The owner offered up his connection from his office, but it was a bit too far from our PS3.

      We managed to get on for about half a hand, and that was it. We\’ll be out there again tomorrow.

  • To all of you asking for a demo.
    I’m sure you have or have access to the other console. So try it there and if you like it, buy it here.

    (sorry about my english, i’m from argentina)

  • why is sprint giving away ragdoll kung-fu for free

  • Ugh- I just got the Lady Gaga reference…


  • I don’t have nor do I want access to the other console, and will not be playing a demo I guess.

  • With the last poker game on PSN I couldnt play against people in Europe. Im in CA. Does this game have that ability partner??????? yippie ky ya eh!!!!!!!!

    • As far as we know, you should be able to play with anybody. We don\’t do anything to prevent it.

  • @ #2- Andronicus

    Confusing Katy Perry with Lady Gaga is almost unforgivable. Katy Perry actually makes really good music, but that Lady Gaga crap is just gross. It makes my ears want to throw up. Not to mention that Gaga is a fugly tramp and Katy Perry is freakin’ gorgeous…

  • do we really need a new poker game? we have multiple poker games in HOME, plus texas hold’em high stakes, you guys need to come up with some fresh ideas, won’t be getting this one but thanks anyway.

  • @ehdeepblue, I noticed too that Sprint is either hosting/giving a way Rag Doll for free, it’s still downloading for me, so I have yet to confirm it’s the full game and not some sort of demo (but on the store it said it was the full game). Why haven’t any sites yet reported that the US PSN store update is live. King of Fighters 99 is on there as well, to all you looking forward to the new game

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