New Limited Edition DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY PSP Entertainment Pack

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Great news for all of you Final Fantasy fans out there! Today, we announced the availability of a new DISSIDIA: FINAL FANTASY PSP Entertainment Pack . A GameStop exclusive, this limited edition bundle is the ultimate portable entertainment experience for Final Fantasy and PSP fans alike.


The entertainment pack includes:

  • “Mystic Silver” PSP-3000 system
  • “FINAL FANTASY VII Advent Children,” on UMD™
  • 2GB Memory Stick PRO Duo™

Available for $199.99 (MSRP) starting August 25 at GameStop locations in the U.S, this incredible value is only available for a limited time so get them quick! From Rock Band to Hannah Montana, there are PSP entertainment packs that cater to everyone in the family.

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  • Get it now before the new PSP comes…

  • That’s a pretty sweet looking deal.

  • destroyerofworld


    (tidus vs cloud)

  • OMG, this looks so great. I’m tempted to buy a third PSP just for this awesome bundle. :D

  • Sooo when is the game coming out? or is it still a vague Summer 09? I’m assuming we’ll find out at E3

  • This is a definite buy for me, time to sell my black PSP :)

  • Which “US” is this pack available in? The one between Mexico and Canada or the one between Mexico and Russia?

  • Ohh, no pretty Final Fantasy graphics on the PSP :( it’s gonna be just like the other silver ones lol. I guess i’ll be hanging on to my black one after all lol.

  • That’s an awesome deal. Don’t much like silver on the PSP though, white and black look sick, but silver is bleh IMO.

    Still, regardless of color the PSP is a great system and that deal is a steal. (o_O)

  • Pretty cool, I might pick this up. Still using the launch PSP at the moment. Sucks I already have Advent Children (on UMD, DVD and Bluray) but the price isn’t that bad.

  • Looks like I’m buying another PSP. And that’s not even counting the oft rumored PSP redesign that I’ll definitely be buying if it comes to fruition. ;)

  • RelentlessRolento

    Nice. A friend of mine has been holding out on getting a PSP for this game, so this is perfect for him.

  • Awesome.
    Any word on the NA release of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep?

  • @6

    I’m assuming that if the bundle is being released August 25, the game will be on the same day, if not just a couple days before/after.

    This bundle looks mint! I’m tempted to sell my current PSP just to get this bundle!

  • Nice bundle, really really nice bundle, good job Sony!!!! ;)

  • Come on everybody, we all need to go buy this bundle so Sony can clear the shelves of their unwanted old systems…just in time for them to tell us to go buy the new one! Ah, marketing…

  • The PSP GO! is coming this year guys!
    It’s a limited time over because they will stop production of the old PSP’s soon. I’m surprised you guys haven’t stopped with the PS2 yet.

  • Amazing! I would so get this but I no that if I do, theres going to be a birth by sleep one that comes out and all in all, I’d rather have that one. Ill just keep my psp 1000 for now.

  • Wow. Now that’s a bundle done right. Nice job.

  • make teh PSP 2 ALREADY!

  • You guys are doing way to many packs.

  • I would buy it….but im waiting for E3 to see if its true about PSP GO!

  • Nice looking bundle

  • i got the GoW PSP. best lookin’ and has the BEST game on the go!

    unfortunately, PSP needs a crap load of games.

  • I really want this bundle (time to retire my launch PSP) but I was hoping for a new PSP version/PSP2…..

  • I guess no new PSP 2 on E3 then…


    i had the dax psp, then got the blue madden psp, and now i might get this psp!!

    omg omg omg :D

  • That’s one of the better looking PSP bundles I’ve seen :D

  • This looks great, and I’m considering getting it because I’m still on the PSP1000.. ( figure it might be time for an upgrade )

    But why no colors for North America?? Is it ever going to be possible to see a white PSP?

  • I hope you guys end up doing a FFXIII PS3 bundle.

  • TheInfectedBy590

    Looking good! But I want to wait to see the new PSP. :)

  • Jeff What the hell is going on?
    Since the update yesterday when every I try to start from either a blu-ray disk or from my HDD whenever I am sign in into the PSN, my games will not start. This only started happen since I update to the new firmware. I am getting really annoyed at this situation right now.
    Plus when I try to exit the game using the XMB or the quite game option, my system will freeze. And on top of that whenever I try to signing into the PSN within my game, I get the stupid 80710102 ERROR.

  • bummer…If I would have waited I coulda got this sweet deal. Instead I got the ratchet and clank and national treasure one…oh well…Ill still get dissidia i guess

  • Prem-aka-Prince

    Noo I want it >< But I already have an original and the crisis core bundle…gah, yea, the cc bundle is better, must resist xD Plus new PSP needs to come out in a matter of months rather than years now…

  • XxDeathDoctorxX

    damn comes out on my 21st birthday :-)

  • Cool but I am not gettin rid of my current psp

  • Man that is tempting. I’m looking to get a PSP but right now I’m waiting on the new PSP supposedly being shown at E3. If I don’t care for that this will definitely be the back-up option

  • I’ll wait for the PSP2/4k/Go! But thanks anyway SE and Sony. Bundle it with the PSP2/4k/Go! and you have a purchase. :)

  • Awesome!

  • Already have a PSP, but man this is a good bundle.

  • Excuse me while I step outside and wake up the neighbors…

  • Dammit! If only the PSP was a different color, I would’ve been sold. White/Black is fine, a special Final Fantasy version would be sexy~ lol. Then again, I’ll be looking forward to the PSP redesign.

  • I just bought a psp 3000 a couple months ago >:(

    I would have waited for this if i knew, much better than ratched or clank or w/e and national treasure :(

  • errr NOW they come with a 2gb stick….i have a 1gb from the daxter pack and it fills up so fast….waiting on the 16 or 32gb sticks to drop in price

  • That’s a pretty good deal, it might be a good excuse to buy me a new PSP-3000 like I’ve been wanting! ;)

  • Really cool. Look’s like I will buying another PSP.

  • Nice to see you are starting to add a larger memory stick, but really, 2 GB still isn’t enough. LOL

  • Well I already have a slim silver PSP 2000 and there’s nothing really different with the 2000 and 3000 really, right? So I’m going to keep my current PSP cause I only heard bad things regarding the 3000 change over from the 2000. I would of considered it if it had like Cloud etched on it. I’m okay with changing PSPs but there’s no current reason to do so and no I’m not interested in getting a “PSP Go!” Download games ONLY?! How stupid is that.

  • Oh wow, this is so much better than the Final Fantasy PSP Japan got…. Oh wait. *sigh* We always get the short end of the stick, dammit.

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