You want a PATA-SHIRT? Then send us a PATA-PIC!

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Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably know that Patapon 2 finally launched last week with some sweet reviews.

“Back in 2008, I said that Patapon was the greatest game on the PSP; this year, that torch has been passed to Patapon 2.” – Greg Miller, IGN 9.5 “Editor’s Choice Award”

IGN Editors' Choice Award

“There’s no doubt that Patapon 2 is as graphically stylish and addictive as the first game. It retains the core gameplay that you love while adding a ton of new features and concepts. Get it and you’ll soon find yourself humming the various Pon songs as you go about your daily business.” – Heather Barton, GamePro 4.5/5 Stars “Editors Choice Award”

Game Pro Editors' Choice

“Patapon 2 will reward with you one of the most enjoyable music and game experiences on the PSP.” – Garnett Lee, 1UP A-

And according to Gamasutra because of your support we aren’t doing too bad.)

To celebrate the return of the Patapon we wanted to give the fans something fun. If you didn’t catch the post last week, PlayStation HOME got flooded with some free Patapon gear.

Patapon 2 shirt in Home white front Patapon 2 shirt in Home green frony Patapon 2 shirt in Home blue front

Since people really liked’em we are going to make at least one of them into a real shirt and give you a chance to score one for eternal Patapon glory. These won’t be for sale so this will be a one of kind piece of Pata-schwag reserved for the Patapon faithful. So how do you score one? Show us the Pata-love people! :)

Patapon 2 Mask - Karmen Patapon 2 Mask - Iron Helm

To get things started above are some fun PATAPON Masks, perfect for Halloween, discount Cos-play action, or for Pata-fan who wants to properly express the Pata-love and devotion.

Here’s how it works:

Be sure to include your:

  • Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Shirt Size Preference

Out of all the entries we get, we will select 100 and hook them up with a Patapon shirt. We will make the most popular style based on the HOME forums and Blog comments so let your voices be heard!

To sweeten the pot, some winners might score some extra Pata-luv.

Patapon 2 cling

Want to Pata-ize Your Window or Fridge? Want a PATAPON warrior of your own?

Mini Patapon

Here are some Sample Pics to give you an idea:

Patapon 2 PATA-PIC3

Patapon 2 PATA-PIC2 Patapon 2 PATA-PIC1

Official Rules for the contest can be found here.

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