You want a PATA-SHIRT? Then send us a PATA-PIC!

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Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably know that Patapon 2 finally launched last week with some sweet reviews.

“Back in 2008, I said that Patapon was the greatest game on the PSP; this year, that torch has been passed to Patapon 2.” – Greg Miller, IGN 9.5 “Editor’s Choice Award”

IGN Editors' Choice Award

“There’s no doubt that Patapon 2 is as graphically stylish and addictive as the first game. It retains the core gameplay that you love while adding a ton of new features and concepts. Get it and you’ll soon find yourself humming the various Pon songs as you go about your daily business.” – Heather Barton, GamePro 4.5/5 Stars “Editors Choice Award”

Game Pro Editors' Choice

“Patapon 2 will reward with you one of the most enjoyable music and game experiences on the PSP.” – Garnett Lee, 1UP A-

And according to Gamasutra because of your support we aren’t doing too bad.)

To celebrate the return of the Patapon we wanted to give the fans something fun. If you didn’t catch the post last week, PlayStation HOME got flooded with some free Patapon gear.

Patapon 2 shirt in Home white front Patapon 2 shirt in Home green frony Patapon 2 shirt in Home blue front

Since people really liked’em we are going to make at least one of them into a real shirt and give you a chance to score one for eternal Patapon glory. These won’t be for sale so this will be a one of kind piece of Pata-schwag reserved for the Patapon faithful. So how do you score one? Show us the Pata-love people! :)

Patapon 2 Mask - Karmen Patapon 2 Mask - Iron Helm

To get things started above are some fun PATAPON Masks, perfect for Halloween, discount Cos-play action, or for Pata-fan who wants to properly express the Pata-love and devotion.

Here’s how it works:

Be sure to include your:

  • Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Shirt Size Preference

Out of all the entries we get, we will select 100 and hook them up with a Patapon shirt. We will make the most popular style based on the HOME forums and Blog comments so let your voices be heard!

To sweeten the pot, some winners might score some extra Pata-luv.

Patapon 2 cling

Want to Pata-ize Your Window or Fridge? Want a PATAPON warrior of your own?

Mini Patapon

Here are some Sample Pics to give you an idea:

Patapon 2 PATA-PIC3

Patapon 2 PATA-PIC2 Patapon 2 PATA-PIC1

Official Rules for the contest can be found here.

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9 Author Replies

  • But I don’t have a printer or facebook…

  • Nice lol
    i will try to take a pic as well :P

  • Only 100 will be given out? Looks like it is not even worth trying. You do realize how many thousands of requests you will be getting right?

  • SWEET! I think I have a GREAT idea for a picture! :)

  • It’s illegal to wear a mask in My city…

  • @1 How do you not have facebook? All you have to do is go to

  • sorry to double post but can I “shopp” something together.

  • I’m finals free! SO I’m going to play my PS3 and 360 to the max before I go back to school for summer in three weeks. I’ll be waiting on inFAMOUS and I will get my Pata-pata-pata-pon shirts!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH I’M GOING TO EXPLODE!!!!!!!! LOL

    Thanks for the info. I’ll take a picture too LOL

  • Dang not only was I screwed out of a UMD now this contest for lack of a printer :(.

  • Please tell me there are other ways to get those figures/plushies.

  • linebeginstoblur

    You can’t just use it at home really quickly? Also, I participated in the Fat Princess Facebook beta (and won!) and reviewing some entries there, I didn’t think the Photoshop entires should count (don’t know if they did or not). It really sucks to want something that you can’t get if they’re not the right circumstances (which why it’s great that we have a whole week to do this one), but it means that those who DO win actually took the effort to go through all the required steps and did more than just open a computer program. =/

  • I love patapon 2 been playing it all week after buying it at the PS store. You should get Sony to make these shirts real and sell em you’ll make a bundle!

  • I refuse to sign up for facebook, myspace, etc. Worst websites known to man.

  • Chuck, question, is this only for US citizens or for everyone ?

  • sweeeeet!!!


  • I like this contest. Though the time restriction on the last one benefited me personally I appreciate that the winners will be picked out of a pool and 100 chosen.

    Winning shirts that exist in Home is fantastic!

    But I’d rather see all home products purchasable…just saying.

  • Well that screws this one for me. My priter died and I dont use facebook. Great idea for a contest since not everyone uses facebook.

  • How about I buy one… :D

  • @VixDiesel (13), that’s hilarious. There are FAR worse sites out on the internet.

  • “These won’t be for sale”

    You guys really don’t want my money? Patapon shirts and Gran Turismo swag would get my money in an instant, but they aren’t for sale anywhere that I can see. Similarly these Patapon plushies or Sackboy plushies would also get my money, but they are not for sale.

    Seriously guys, I can’t walk into a clothing store without seeing tons of marketing for games on the other systems in the form of purchasable souvenirs.

    Contests are fun, but when I don’t win I am more than willing to hand over my money to Sony for some of these products. Be a business and use the magical money-making power of brand recognition to sell swag items which can then help offset some of those hardware losses.

    To reiterate: I have money that I would like to give to Sony so that I can then walk around advertising their PlayStation family IPs.

    With that said, why would you not sell these things in mass quantities? Guess I have to hijack my wife’s Facebook account (I will never have one) and hope that I can win this rare item, and not give you a single penny.

    You know, I think I have attempted to win more swag than I have the option to buy.

    • We\’d love to get sweet Patapon shirts out there for all to have. If we get some retailers to bite, you\’ll hear it first here!

  • StalkingSilence

    Cool contest, I’ll spread the word.


  • I just want to be 100% sure on this, is this only open to US residents?

  • @20

    I totally agree. I know I never win anything but would love to buy some of these items like the Patapon plush. I’ve always been a Sony fan…just wish they would start to create a store for us to buy things like this.

  • Please pass the shirt design over to SCEE so that maybe they can hold a similar contest when they open their blog. That would be awesome.
    Do you know if you can buy the stickers anywhere? I own the Patapon plush and the complete set of the little Patapon phone strap guys so of course I’d love to decorate with the stickers as well.

  • So this patapon game looks awesome is it only for psp? i can’t just buy and play it on my ps3?

  • @26 c0nfliktn

    Nope its a PSP game only.

  • too bad the avatars on home are so horrible looking and the games loaded with kiddies.

  • I don’t have a Facebook account, could I upload it to somewhere else and put the link in the email?

  • I love patapon (my wife likes it even better than me), but I guess I won’t be winning a t-shirt because I don’t want to have a facebook account. Oh well, I guess I could always make my own. Don Don-Don Don-Don!

  • When will Canada get the same blog support that the rest of the playstation community gets?. Im sick of being left out of every contest and event and so are the rest of my canadain brothers and sisters. :*(

  • Isn’t this a North American Blog?
    Then why isn’t the contest not open to Canadian residents?

  • chuck, is it possible to get this game on ps3. i never really play my psp because the screen is too small and i have a great big tv and lounge with it really good for gaming.
    to me this game is only good for if you take the bus or the train to work. i would get arrested if i played psp while i was driving.

    • I think you would too. We have definitely communicated the many requests to get Patapon on PS3 to the development team, I agree that would be a sweet experience!

  • Are we allowed to edit the pictures at all?

  • Canada here. How about you send me a shirt please, since I asked nicely? Plus my daughter would love those Pata stickers. She’s 2 and sings along every time I play.:)


  • I agree with 20.

  • Stinkinmushroom

    guess it’s US only..

    It’s ok, i’ll make my own patapon-shirt :)

  • These people are paid journalists? So many errors.

  • Another contest for US only. Only on rare occasions do I see “Cananda and US”

  • Chuck or Jeff,

    Does the entry have to be posted on Facebook?
    Can I upload an entry to my FTP site and just e-mail you the link to that? (because I REFUSE to sign up for Facebook)

    -If no-
    Can I use a friends Facebook account to upload my entry, and then just give you my personal info in the e-mail?

    Thanks! Patapon 4 Life!

    P.S. Blue shirt is the best IMO, but it should have white trim on the sleeves like there is on the neck.

  • I Traded in My psp For a DSi..
    Since it was a 1000 it wasnt that great and I didnt have any good games really..

    Now seeing this, I just might, Trade Back in my DSi for a psp 3000, and Get this, RR, and God of war. :)

  • I absolutely love these Facebook photo contests. Brilliant way to market software. I need to start thinking of a clever picture.

  • Once again, I will explain this for everyone from Canada: This contest must run under U.S. law, so making the contest for all of North America would:
    1. Tie everything up in international law.
    2. Screw around with the contest rules and overall make everything more complicated than it should be. Also, even though this is a North American blog, most of the infromation about contests only applies to the U.S.
    Anyway, I might have been interested in the contest but since it runs off of Facebook, to heck with it. I don’t do social networking sites like that, never would, for any contest, I just don’t get the point. (Please don’t point out the point of those sites for me, you’re just wasting your time. You’re not going to change my opinion.)

  • @soopergoman

    Wth? Do you live in the V for Vendetta movie or something?

  • Its a shame that this contest isn’t available outside of the US… I want me a patapon t-shirt!

    Something I’ve wanted from the playstation store from the get go is a real life merchandise section…
    Imagine being able to order a T-shirt, Mug or even game/blue-ray over the playstation store so that they get mailed to your house!
    Picture the immediate appeal of getting matching clothing for your Home avatar as you purchase the real life items from the store?

    I realise distribution would be a problem, but if you guys did a deal with, lets say amazon for example, where they distribute your items, whilst perhaps distributing vouchers for PSstore downloads through their own channels…
    It’s currently a missed opportunity… I for one would use such a service frequently!

    beyond that and the usual copypasta request seen throughout this thread, an improved browser would be hugely appreciated… you guys are already in some sort of relationship with google, so couldn’t we get chrome instead of the crippled browser we currently have? of course firefox would be awesome, but right now anything would be an improvement!

  • How do I add a pic?!!

  • Can anyone tell me how to add a picture to the page?

  • Poopookakabumbum

    I want Patapon 2 on a PHYSICAL DISC FORMAT.

    How about that, hmmmmm?

  • All the instructions are on the facebook link, D-Squad. I just got done sorting it out.

    And Poopoowhatever, you can just import it if it means that much to you.

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