inFAMOUS – Your Questions Answered (#2)

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Clearly, you’re excited about inFAMOUS. The reaction to yesterday’s Sucker Punch Q&A has been quite good, and there’s more where that came from. In today’s interview, Sucker Punch co-founder and Development Director Chris Zimmerman talks game length, amount of missions, and why you should bother to explore the living city they’ve created.

If, even after two days of Q&As, you *still* have questions about inFAMOUS… that’s OK. We’re working on setting up a time for the devs at Sucker Punch to join us for a live chat. Stay tuned for details.

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  • First day buy :)

  • will there be dlc?

  • I was wondering if this was still going to come out today. Good for us FL people though, gives us something to read later in the day.

  • Are you aware that since the demo doesn’t support 1080i/p, the many users with TVs that don’t support 720p are left playing it in standard def? It’s a no buy for me, which is too bad since it looked promising. Too many devs are totally unaware of this issue caused by Sony’s stupid decision to not use universal scaling.

    Talk to Naughty Dog if you want info on how to quickly implement the scaling SDK to fix this (somehow they did it right before launch on Uncharted). Also, the devs for Turok and Burnout Paradise fixed this post-release with a patch, so there’s always hope.

  • The game is already getting great reviews, 9.2 from IGN.

  • Hey Jeff,
    nice interview…day 1 buy for me.
    that fleece you have on is the EXACT same fleece thats in playstation HOME… umm seems like YOU’RE the guy behind the wardrobe selection in HOME :)

  • All I can say is, “Wow!”

  • ok who is the person picking out these questions??

    i would think a major question that a lot of people wanna know is if there is going to be some type of DLC in the future that will expand inFAMOUS or something.

  • @4

    Universal scaling a cheap way to try and tell people your pumping out more performance when all your really doing is smearing the picture. I’m glad they don’t do that because it leaves the picture looking much crisper in the long run and is really a lot more honest. Get over it spoiled brat.

  • Chris is a funny guy, and yes I’ll buy inFAMOUS, lol!

  • Jeff,

    If you do another interview, please ask:

    Will there be DLC?

    I pre-ordered this game, can’t wait.

  • I was commenting about when you guys where gonna post the second video. Gosh I felt my mind been read.

  • …and by the way, why do we need to give our age for this interview?

  • Jeff, can I add you to my friend’s list?

  • Will there be any comics or films realted to infamous?

    Basicly, do SuckerPunch have plans to further the inFAMOUS story?

  • Sony is kickingass so hard.

    BluRay is easily outpacing the VHS->DVD transition while Microsoft and Toshiba’s HD-DVD rots in the grave

    PS3 graphics are so far beyond 360 games that people are starting to flame anyone who dares make comparisions between major PS3 and 360 exclusives “because that isn’t fair”

    Sony’s 2009 lineup is looking to be possibly the greatest in console history.

    Home is already a success beyond PS3 owner’s wildest dreams with massive support from third party publishers and developers. Making millions for Sony in Home item sales. And the amount of content is flooding in. Mind boggling how big Home will be six months to a year from now.

    The Japanese third party PS3 exclusives are starting to become a flood.

    The PSP’s lineup is utterly insane in 2009.

    And the PSN continues to be an astonishing and constant source of the most innovative gaming titles on any console.

    Congrats on inFamous Sucker Punch and Sony!

  • @ #4. You shouldn’t deprive yourself of what is sure to be a great experience just because the game doesn’t support 1080p and your tv sucks and can’t scale. I’m sure you can just play it on another sdtv so it doesn’t look so bad. inFAMOUS FTW!

  • I pre-ordered it to try out the demo and it was freaking awesome. The combination of the free-running and combat was just so superb. It also doesn’t hurt that the little cinematic intro of the chain gunner dude reminded me of Jak and Daxter. Not sure why, but my purchase is pretty much cemented now. The media for the game just doesn’t do it the justice that the demo does.

  • What’s it gonna be rated?

  • oh, nvm. just saw #13. sorry :)

  • It’s rated T.

  • I’m upset by the fact that the demo will be out like maybe after the game comes out. It sucks because I have already full paid for the game. Guess I have to kill time one week before it comes out with the UFC Undisputed demo this week following with the full game itself before getting inFAMOUS.

  • Don’t worry, Mr. Zimmerman, the game is already on pre-order ;)

    Will it be possible to go back into the game after having completed it, still on the same game save, to find all the Blast Shards and tapes?

    Because those of us with OCD will want to complete the game AND find all the itam, but still want to see the end of the story at the same pace as everyone else ;)

  • awww Jeff responded to my question…. i feel so loved now :D

    Well it would be nice to have them expand inFAMOUS with DLC in the future, like maybe expand outwards beyond the 3 islands.

    Also i hope they are already working on inFAMOUS 2 cuz if they aren’t then the current IGN rating of 9.2 should let them know it start one, cuz they got a hit!

  • Cerberus_Hunter

    yeah, guys buy this game…i’ve been looking forward to this game since the first teaser trailer and i just can’t wait to pick up inFamous…damn 2 more weeks to go.

  • I had pre ordered this game back when i went to pick up SFIV in FEB.

  • I’ve been having a good play with the inFamous demo today and have to say that I’ve so far thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. I’ve played through a few times now and each time, the experience has been slightly different which is quite a feat to pull off. To say I’m hyped for the actual release would be an understatement and can’t wait for my limited edition to come through the post box!

    I only have one question about the titles and that’s about it’s future. 360 owners have been lucky enough to see the Lost and the Damned further their GTA experience. Would we ever see something similar applied to inFamous? More missions? Added island? New character?

    Anyway, my mind is wondering so I’ll leave with my most important question…How did you get such an awesomesauce job Jeff? :D

    Bear :)

  • Between these videos, the IGN review, and my unrelenting interest in the story behind the game, I’ve made the leap and pre-ordered it today.

    Was there a way to get the demo when you pre-order? I thought I heard something about it, but couldn’t find any literature on the subject…

    Can’t wait to play.

  • although having anew game plus is a bummer, having a harder difficulty makes up for it!

  • Again Jeff….What about them pokemon cards?

  • Usually i dont like to watch these kind of interviews Because they spoil too much for the game that nothing will be left as a surprise for the final game. but i couldnt resist LOL. great interview!

  • I have got to remember not to watch these videos.

    If you are trying to decide if you want the game, I’d suggest going with the Metacritic rating.

    But the games I have enjoyed the most were the ones where I had no expectations.

  • Uhm, what happens after you beat the game? Is it like Fallout 3? Do you need DLCs in order to continue to the next mission/plot?

    Or is it like GTA4? Do basically whatever you want once you beat the game..?

  • dont release anymore videos about this game loll, the wait is killing us XD you are teasing us

  • Thanks again for picking my question Jeff!

  • Oh, and inFamous is a great game! No need for gameplay spoilers.

  • Hey Jeff, Bug em to ship this sucker early ;) I can’t wait to play.

  • Nice Interview, Looks pretty awesome. Men you work hard =). Hey I have a question, would you be able to drive cars or something like that? Thanks and I hope inFamous becomes Famous jeje.

  • He said that you can kill all the bad guys in the city, so does that mean once you kill all the bad guys, there won’t be anyone else to kill besides the pedestrians?

  • @39 In the demo, you can clear area of the city within standard and sub-missions. Once they’re cleared, I didn’t see any enemies return so I think this runs true for the full game. I could be wrong of course but I’m pretty sure.

    Besides, you make killing peds sound like a bad thing. I call it target practice! :D

    Wow! That sounded rather sadistsic didn’t it? :S

  • lovin these interviews! makes me really think about pre-ordering this! looks so fun! Good interviewing Jeff! keep up the good work!

  • Already pre-ordered.

    The demo is amazing! You really feel like a superhero traversing through the city.

    The demo will be available for everyone on the 21st for those that don’t know.

  • Will there be a pregame demo out soon like week before release and when? would like to try it out b4 buying it. really really want to try it out

  • haha the devs at suckerpunch are so cool. So full of personality its insane, I could just listen to these guys all day.

    Great interviews, 100% purchase for me, I am actually going to pre order it, which is the first pre order I will be making in years

  • SONY NEEDS TO ADVERTISE THIS GAME!!! Just an advise because I don’t wanna see this game not sell well.

  • Thanks Jeff. Now I know I will stop to beat the c&@p of Shogun Rua with Chuck Lidell on the UFC Demo pretty soon.

  • I’m excited about how this game reminds me of spider-man 2 and all the fun of just exploring the city I had in that game. I pre-oredered it today after I saw the IGN review.

  • If its rated Tenn, why do we have to be 17 or older?? 15 year olds can’t play infamous?????? so I cant buy the game buy myself?????

  • Aww.

    I like Chris Zimmerman :)

    Will buy inFAMOUS Day 1

    Also check out the Official inFAMOUS thread on NeoGAF made by CHRP718:

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