Critter Crunch! PlayStation Network! Barf!

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Hello, new best friends!

This is Kris. I’m the creative director at Capy, which means I’m by-far the coolest guy at the studio. And Capy is pretty cool, so that’s not just talk. Anyway, who is Capy, right? Well, Capy is an indie studio from the sometimes frozen, other times disgustingly humid Canadian wonderland known as Toronto.

So, um, check this trailer…but only if you’re down with technicolor barf!

Boing! That was me announcing Critter Crunch for PlayStation Network!

Everyone at Capy has been working super-hard creating this crazy little arcade-puzzler (and filling it with humongous doses of love) so we’re very excited to finally announce its existence. Critter Crunch is fueled by an original and award-winning “food chain” puzzle mechanic, which is all about feeding critters into each other until they burst. It’s exactly as cute as it is horrible and sad, just like nature itself!

The game features a bunch of single player modes like adventure & puzzle, as well as online and local multiplayer in versus & co-op flavors, with a plethora of fancy trophies to collect. It also has lots of really pretty 1080p art that should make your HDTV happy.

I hope you like it!

CritterCrunch Single- Player Screen1

If you have any questions, fire away in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them…and check back for more PlayStation.Blog updates soon!


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  • This is so ridiculous and full of cute-overdose.

    I approve! :)

  • haha what a weird ass game

  • Don’t have a Credit Card. Don’t have PSN cards.
    PSN cards not in europe jet…

  • This Definately looks like a interesting puzzler, cute, and gross at the same time, I Just have to pick it up :D

  • LOL, looks hilarious! :D

  • Hey my new best friend Kris creative director at Capy, hows it going?

    I was thinking as your bestest friend in the whole wide world (not just Canada) I should totally get the hook up with the game.

    All kidding aside it looks very interesting.

  • The game market is full of these kinds of games, why not make something diferent?

  • LOL that video was great! hahaha

    Looks like something that I would play.

    When does it release?
    How much will it cost?

    I love puzzle type games and this will be something that I would buy.

    • Hey Anubis,
      Our game will be out at some point this summer and we\’ll be announcing the price later but… it won\’t be 10 bucks.

    • Oh, by that I mean it won\’t more MORE than 10 bucks!

  • I like the style of the game, but there’s already a million of these type of games out there and for free too. I’d rather have seen something original.

  • looks pretty cool

  • Oh dear god…

    Awesome. :-)

  • Wondering if there is going to be a demo?

    It looks interesting especially the art, it’s very bright and colorful.

    • Hey hey,
      yup, we are planning to release a demo closer to the actual launch on PSN. Thanks for the comment about the art, Maraudrext!

  • Video looked great. Weird and funny. Love the art style. Not quite grasping what you have to do yet but would certainly love to give this a try.


  • Kris can you be sure that InGame Music (XMB Music) is enabled for this title. It really is a feature that should be mandatory for these types of games. While I’m sure this game will have some interesting music, but just like any other game it gets old real fast.

    In any case I’m in. Looks like fun…. even if it is a little gross lol.

  • I love the animation and art style on this. Pretty sweet. will there be a PSP version also or will it work with remote play?

  • Well it’s from Toronto. I’m sold. Now’s your chance to repackage a dog turd and tell me it was made in Toronto.

    Puzzlers are Remote Play often make a good combination. Any comment?

  • I’ll probably be picking this up just to make sure I support Canadian talent. Good looking out.

  • The art direction is great. WHat was your inspiration? I love this kind of 2d HD presentation. The PSN needs games like yours.

    And reading your pricing reply, does that mean it will be less than 10? Not that it matters since it already looks really promising.

    • Hey hey,
      I was the inspiration art.

      Just kidding, most of it just came out of a bunch of concepts we tossed around the studio, but obviously we all love everything kawaii, like San-X, prefecture mascots, etc.

      We were also really inspired by the lush environments found in nearly all of the amazing films from Studio Ghibli.

  • Lol, that was awesome, SOLD on presentation alone!!! :D

  • Welcome to the PlayStation.Blog, Kris! This game looks interesting; can’t wait to try out the demo!

  • I could swear I’ve seen this before. Is there already a PC or XB version of this. Looks like a game my wife will love.

    • Hey Zed,
      It\’s quite possible that you\’ve seen Biggs and company before. Critter Crunch was recently released on iPhone.

  • WTF? LOL
    That look gross but fun. You guys will be getting my money when it comes out. I just hope it isn’t more than $10.

  • My initial reaction was to think it was just another Bejeweled clone, but I see your food chain mechanic adds a new element to the gameplay. It looks like a creative twist. And if you are shooting under $10 then I will most likely get it.

    Odds improve with a demo though.

    • Well, I can safely say it\’s not a Bejeweled clone:)

      I mean, jewels don\’t have cute faces and burst when you feed them other jewels:)

  • This loom fantastic!

    I’m loving all of these quirky puzzle games coming to PSN. Cuboid, Trash Panic, now Critter Crunch.

  • Oops, forgot my standard questions.

    1. Custom Soundtracks?

    2. Remote Play?

    3. DLC?

    Trophies and Online are two standard questions, but you’ve answered those already. Well met.

  • And I see you responded to another comment, saying you would have a demo. Excellent.

  • But why, oh why, do the furry little creatures have to explode? Makes me sad when they popped out.. “plock”

    • It is, perhaps, the saddest game every made…

      People often wonder if games can every make them cry, like films do. The answer is yes.

  • Update: Cell Phone! Thats where I’ve seen this before. I played a 10 min free preview of it. Hmmmm….now contemplating buying this for myself :)

  • 5’99 ill buy looks fun!!

  • ok the start of that video was so cute and funny lol

  • wow! love the art style

  • Ooooo. I have this on iPhone, fun game. Hopefully it’ll be $10, sure buy for me if it is.

  • already loving the art syle and music!

    props to the art director :)

  • Looking at your site yesterday I was impressed with the iPhone version artwork so it’s cool to get an even higher res version now.

  • the design is SEXY. any chance of getting your little critters as PSN avatars, there so cute XD

  • “…… it won’t be 10 bucks.”

    More like 15$ :-P J/K

    Welcome to the club, the game sure looks interesting and like a lot of fun, can’t wait for the results I’m always in for new, bright ideas on the PSN :-)

    I hope the DLC will be minimum as possible, not really a fan of too many DLC per game ;-)

  • ” PSN_Tokeio | May 12th, 2009 at 11:04 am

    Ooooo. I have this on iPhone, fun game. Hopefully it’ll be $10, sure buy for me if it is.”

    Even better, less *lol*

  • I might just get this. I like to support people from my hometown!

    btw, How ’bout them Jays this season, eh?

  • woot toronto developers im sold

  • Really cool graphics. And a funny trailer! Can’t wait to play it in HD!

  • Hey Kris, I’ll be migrating to Toronto sometime over the next year and I really want to get a job in the video game industry as it is my passion.
    How strong would you day the industry is in Toronto? I’ve never really heard about games being made there and the Capy studio has made me wishful :)
    Any other advice you can give? Thanks!!
    (add me on psn lol)

    And I’ll for sure be checking out this title… Got my support!

    • Toronto has very few large studio, but the indie scene is really super solid. Games like Everyday Shooter and N+ come from the \”T-dot\”.*

      *Btw, I have no idea why people call it T-Dot…

  • Question: What’s the name of the critter?

  • Those backdrops are awesome!
    And the sounds are wickedly disgusting.
    I’m sold.

  • This trailer serves as a poignant reminder of the brutal realities of the animal kingdom. I applaud its frankness, and look forward to any further truths this game may unveil in the future.

  • Well this is a nice little surprise I wasn’t expecting today. Love the art style, and the sense of humour. Hopefully it’s really over the top on those sorts of things to ensure maximum enjoyment.

  • Ok after reading you replies to my comment and its less than $10 I will be getting it for sure. I liked the artwork.

    Also trophy support? If not doesnt really matter to me. I am still going to get it.

    • Yupper, we have tons of trophies planned.

      Trophies like, Cruchicidal Maniac, Wilhelm von Puzzleworth and Feats of Constipation

  • This looks very interesting. Very sharp and crisp graphics. Colorful. The question I have is what separates this puzzle game from the others on the market? Yes, there are many puzzle games out, but if one comes along and changes the way we play, it could make a niche for itself.

    • Hey DeLive,
      If I could pick 2 things, I would have to say the sweet graphix and the puzzle mechanic.

      It\’s not a match-3 so that automatically makes it different then 50% of all puzzle games ever made:)

  • i can see the Studio Ghibli inspiration. am i correct?

    also, an information for an EU release? a price? in £’s?

  • Less than $10 huh? So should I expect $9.99 then? :p

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