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Happy Monday(s), PlayStation.Blog readers! Here’s what your Social Media Team is working on this week…

  • RPG alert! Atlus pays its first visit to the PSB
  • A company named after the world’s largest rodent introduces their upcoming PSN game
  • Pata-pata-pata-pon-test!
  • We get your inFAMOUS and Motorstorm Arctic Edge questions answered

So, Chris and I are quite busy mapping out our E3 plans. Yes, there will be a meetup, and yes, we’ll be blowing out PlayStation news on the Blog for all you readers. But we’d also like to drop in on 3rd party publishers and get *your* questions answered. So our question for you is – who should we visit? Let us know in the comments below.

Have a great week, we’ll see you soon.

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  • Not long till E3 now (yay)

    Cant wait for it.

  • 2nd b.c i missed skl 2day im sick lol

    Was this the developer lol jeff i did a little digging

  • Capybara Games on PSP?! There is a god. Will this be Critter Crunch or something new? Suppose I just have to wait >.<

    As for 3rd party publishers…I’d suggest Activision/Blizzard fir some hardcore IW Modern Warfare 2 questions. Though, to be honest, there aren’t many games from 3rd parties that have me nearly as excited as inFamous and Uncharted. Perhaps this question session will change that for me :)

  • More Atlus stuff is always a good thing.

    As for other third party E3 related stuff, pestering Konami to see if there’s another Metal Gear Solid/Ac!d game in store for the PSP would be nice. :)

  • Visit infinity ward for Modern warfare 2. Please man!

  • Please let us in Europe know, if the Uncharted 2 Beta Voucher is in the Game Infamous. !!

  • While Atlus is around, you want to let them know that the PS3 has been at market for over 2 and a half years now?

  • Could Jeff or Chris give us a proper translation for that poorly translated Gran Turismo 5 interview that Kaz gave for that “Audi R8 meets Gran Turismo 5” video?

    Or do we have to wait for E3 for GT5 news? GT5 will be at E3 won’t it…..??

    And ask Rockstar what happened to that PS3 exclusive ;-)

  • HAVOC___________

    We need more info from Team Ico even if their not 3rd party. How about wheres our bomberman game.

  • I would like to see some gameplay on HEAVY RAIN.

    Fight Night Round 4 is also on my wishlist.

  • I think everyone is dying to know what Team Ico are working on

  • hmm…. well we dont know alot about what IREM did to Steambot Chronicles 2, its an upcoming ps3 game but thats all we know.
    could you ask about it?

  • i agree im dying to know what Team Ico is doing but they are first party so they know wanna show it in time.

  • Capybara games PSN game yay!


    1) the game is totally NEXT-GEN!
    2) the game may cause baby birds and/or butterflies to explode from your eyes
    3) it’s entirely hand-animated running at a buttery-smooth 60fps
    4) it has local and network multiplayer in both versus and co-op flavors
    5) you get to barf on your family

  • How about Eat Sleep Play and having a 5 minute conversation with Jaffe that doesn’t have an F-bomb in it.

    I dare ya.

  • It is great that you have this blog, but even cooler that you guys have stepped it up and up to make it better and better.

    Thanks for the preview.,

  • Third party studios to visit?

    Aksys, publisher of BlazBlue. Info on the online play, install, what users can expect in terms of extras and options.. Are they planning on releasing a BlazBlue line of peripherals (akin to SF4 Fightpad and Fightsticks)? In Japan there’s a BlazBlue Hori stick for pre-order already and there’s a shortage and huge demand here in the west right now.

    Ignition USA! They haven’t been talking much about KOF12, we have no idea on what’s going on with the netcode/online. There’s a box art voting, but most users are asking for the Japanese Box Art, as it features an original art that’s very cool. Also they recently announced two new console exclusive characters (Mature and Elisabeth), are we to expect more? Peripheral plans? (there will be some in Japan) Ahem, there are a lot of things to ask these guys..

    SEGA! Plans for Virtua Fighter 5 R on consoles? PS3 VF fans feel lonely without online, and without the most updated version of the game. The recent ascension of Valkyria Chronicles on sales charts (plans for a sequel? new DLC?). Bayonetta stuff?

    Well these are the ones I can remember right now that have me interested. I hope it helps!

  • Oh yeah, also…

    Hmm, Capcom always has good things to show.

    Namco Bandai? Maybe a sneak peek on the console exclusive features for Tekken 6. Also pressure them on the English Tales of Vesperia release haha.

    Square-Enix, there are several questions to make them. Where’s that “new MMORPG” they said was in the making 3 years ago?

  • Why would Atlus move on to ps3? They are making a killing on ps2. No sense on making ps3 games until ps4 is born. ;)

  • At 16… I think you like fighters.

    As for which 3rd parties to visit:

    – Activison – Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2
    – Rockstar – Red Dead Redemption
    – Ubisoft – AC2 and Beyond Good & Evil 2!!!

  • Atlus?!? if they announce the new SMT or Persona 5 i’m very very happy.

    P5 is my personal KA…

  • Any plans to stream the News Conference Live in Home??? Or other parts of Sony presentations, since the event is closed to the public again this year. When will they get their heads out of the brown material pipe and wake up to fanbase’s interest in what is going on in the gaming world. They could at least follow the Tokyo model.

  • I wanna hear something about the new Twisted Metal… :O

  • StalkingSilence

    Visit RockStar and I’d like to find out a little about their upcoming PS3 titles. See if they take advantage of blu-ray, how much help they get from Sony, etc.

  • Grab some time with Insomniac and talk about R&CACIT :D

  • Who should you guys visit eh?….Konami, Namco Bandai or Koei please? :D

  • Hey Jeff, what happened with your meeting with NIS last week? You said we were going to ask them about the Disgaea update and revisit the topic on Sunday.

  • I’m not looking forward to E3 that much, if a DD only PSP is announced it would be very upsetting.

    I would say Rockstar and ask them if the PSP is going to get another game. ChinaWars would have sold tons better on the PSP I think.

  • Atlus – Since Persona is coming out for the PSP in the fall (at least here anyway)… see if they’re going to have it downloadable as well since Sony is getting rid of UMD. Also, interrogate them about releasing Persona 2: Eternal Punishment too.


    Konami – With the announcement of the new Vandal Hearts game, why not see if they’re going to try and get the first two games on PSN somehow… while you’re at it… Suikoden II would be a huge plus.

    Capcom – Since they’ve always been really into re-releasing everything, see if they have at least thought about porting the original Dead Rising to PS3. Seriously, that game is the only thing worth having a 360 for.

    It’s worth a shot.

  • Jeff, ask Sega if they’ll come on the PSB and talk about Bayonetta before it launches (or just giving you some new info about it would be cool). Also, ask them for an update on Aliens: Colonial Marines, I’m a big fan of Aliens.

  • WOOOT??!! Atlus coming? *oooooh boy!* *Prays even harder for Persona 5 on the PS3.. dear god….* ROTFL. Most likely about Persona on the PSP, which I can’t hardly wait for!

    Any chance Level 5 will announce Dark Cloud 3 for on the PS3 on this E3?? A Dark Cloud 2 / Dark Chronicle alike game, but then bigger… *drools*.

  • can we extect any news about PS3 firmware updates?.


  • !!!!!!!!
    Could anyone please acknowledge this!

    I would like to remind you that there was the motorstorm pacific rift “looking good” competition. There have not been any winners announced and no word that they have done anything yet. IT HAS BEEN OVER A MONTH! could you please get in contact with the motorstorm team because it [i]looks like[/i] they have been sitting on their asses (no offense)


  • ” LukeinDeidre | May 11th, 2009 at 6:42 am

    Why would Atlus move on to ps3? They are making a killing on ps2. No sense on making ps3 games until ps4 is born. ;)”

    Ehm because the PS2 is dying and its time to move on and people rather have games now on the PS3 in HD, like myself. Imagine, Persona 5 in HD… Persona 4 is already an amazing beauty on the PS2, not to imagine of how Persona 5 would look like on the PS3.

  • Would you kindly, give us more info on Batman:AA?

  • I’m going to LA to see VGL. I’ll see if I can fit the meet-up in my schedule ;p

  • hey jeff can you talk to rockstar about that secret ps3 exciusive game that sony announced a couple of years ago also can you find out if their going to make a twisted metal game for ps3 that would be awesome

  • I think all PS3 owners would like some word out of Square Enix on whether or not they plan to ever release a game on PS3 aside from FF13.

    Seriously. Talk to them.

  • Kojima Productions, Infinity Ward, Frozenbyte Queasy Games, Rockstar

  • Another awesome week to look forward to. Keep it up PSBlog.

    Jaffe interview would be awesome.

  • RurouniSaiya-jin

    Atlus is coming here? I can’t wait! They can expect a warm welcome from me. Since Persona 3 is one of my favorite RPGs and Persona 4 is my third favorite RPG of all time.

  • Bioshock 2 Q&A?

    sweet infamous

  • Google says the world’s largest rodent is the capybara… I’ve definitely never heard of Capybara Games…

  • Visit Capcom and get us all the information you can squeeze outta them. About anything at all…

  • Icarus_Immortal

    Wow, you’ll be revealing a PSN game from Josephoartigasia monesi Studios!? It’s the largest known rodent :P

    Also, talk to Insomniac about R&C:ACiT, Naughty Dog on U2, Infinity Ward on Modern Warfare 2, Zipper Interactive on MAG and Black Rock Studios on Split/Second.


  • Hmm…

    I think you should talk to ANY group of people who are developing for the PSP… There’s bound to be even more devs. that we haven’t heard of yet working on the PSP! I think it’d be cool to hear more about the PSP re-vamp, and who will be involved!


  • @ 18, “Why would Atlus move on to ps3? They are making a killing on ps2. No sense on making ps3 games until ps4 is born. ;)”

    They probably aren’t going to move on to the PS3 yet. I bet this is about Persona on PSP.

  • You should try to get as much info out of Team ICO as possible. We NEED to know! I can´t wait any longer.

  • Solid-Snake-Eyes

    Please ask Capcom why they’re locking every save file. The only way I can back up my progress is to do a full system backup, which takes 5 hours. Killzone 2 did the same thing, it’s driving me crazy. I also can’t bring my save file to my brother’s house and continue my game on his PS3. Please address this on the blog, thanks.

  • Non first party, but Team ICo, I hope with all my heart will be there.

    By the way, I totally want to plug this, pelase if you want the most expansive and up to date info on Team ICO, please join our community at Eurogamer.

    You can even be an idiot, but if you come along, we’ll chnage that. We have an awesome community.

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