The PSB & SOCOM Recap

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Courtesy of Cindy “Abigale” Bowens

  • QA Testing Continues – Another cool thing about the 1.5 Patch? Being able to choose which weapon will be your Quick Swap.

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  • another busy week for the psblog.. thanks jeff & chris

    only 17 days until launch, when will those sucker punch devs have a live chat with us?

    and have you seen trine? it looks awesome for a psn download.

    • Actually, Jeff and I were just talking about Trine! Have to get in on some of that action.

  • Fix SOCOM: Confrontation. There’s a beautifully created post here including animated pictures of what needs to be addressed:

    Fix the sound issue. Fix the freezing. We want to play the game.

    Finally: DLC!! Where are the new maps and weapons? If I recall correctly, Seth Luisi was mentioning DLC by the month! It’s 7 months after the release of the game, and it still doesn’t have the things listed on the box! E.G. clan ladders, invite from in game, etc. These things will hopefully be added in patch 1.5, but we still need more than 7 maps…

  • Yea this week was great!!

    #1 I agree Trine looks amazing!! I can not wait for it to come out, along with Fat Princess…

  • InFAMOUS!!! I can not wait a second for this game, I don’t think I’ll survive till it comes out….I’m gonna get Sacred 2 though so hopefully that will hold me over good enough!

  • possible uncharted 2 beta in qore, can’t wait to play it (if i can). and as much as i haven’t really looked into it, i really wanna play infamous

  • Zen pinball looks great and coming next Thursday for only $10…I think a great bargain.

    Qore was another good thing that happened this past week and all the subscribers get into Uncharted 2 Beta (just got my email for the Beta a couple days ago)….another bonus.

    So many good games that are coming will make this a very good year for the PS3 I think.

  • Another great week for Playstation. Thanks you guys

  • so much happened this week. and something historical. 3 PSone classics came out on thursday, i sure hope it will continue like so. next week better be as good! :D

  • Hey Chris I need your help, I got my uncharted 2 beta key in my email from qore but it doesn’t work when I try to redeem it, so do I have to wait for a specific date to redeem or does my code not work?

  • @8 Uncharted 2 beta doesn’t go live till June the 3rd I think it is. Not till June I’m sure of

  • As always, great week. You guys keep doing better and better each week.

    By the way Chris, when could we expect to get Resistance 2 and LittleBigPlanet Demos on the PlayStation Store?

    I have both games, but there are lots of people who *probably* don’t have any of this games yet.

  • Great week!

    Hey Chris, I finally remember where I saw you from, GT Bonus round right? Any chance of you going back for another episode of the Bonus Round?

    Or what about you Jeff for the Bonus round? It will be really cool to see you guys in a more laid back environment again.

    • Yes, I was on Bonus Round! Harass Keighley to bring me back. I\’d love to go on with Pachter again. Nice guy.

  • Chris do you know how i can get my hands inFamous Comic Book.

  • great week but wasnt there supposed to be info on motorstorm arctic edge ??? im not complaining by the way , and Chris tell Jeff we are going to be champions of europe once again lol

    • I will relay the message, but yeah, there\’s still MotorStorm interview coming…sit tight.

  • yea looks like a real busy week

  • I dont wanna sound like a jerk… but Konami should not post on this site anymore. The beauty of this site is that the players leave comments and the developers/publishers will respond to some of the qiestions.

    Konami, in their MGO update posts, never replies to any comments. Ever.

  • I have to agree with # 15 we need someone from Konami who will speak to us :(. I want MGS4 trophies, no no I NEED MGS4 trophies it will give me a reason to try out the multiplayer, I never liked the whole Konami ID thing so I never bothered.

  • @ Chris
    Remember before i asked you if u could delete trophy games of your profile for games you have no trophies in. also for games that you have trophies in in case you can’t get any more trophies in the game and you want it of your profile and you said you would take it into consideration.

    xbox 360 has that feature (just throwing it out there) lol.
    i would greatly apreciate a reply.
    thanks alot.

  • Why is there still a SOCOM recap? The game was (and IS) terrible and should not even be mentioned here.

  • nice week

  • Can anyone suggest to me what PSN game I should buy? Im really torn apart between the choices here. :(

  • Chris or Jeff,

    Will there be another pre E3 PSBlog meetup?? I know I am going for sure!

  • another brilliant week for the Psblog.(love the game chats BTW,)

  • whats goin on with the PS blog podcast? i know your working on one

  • No Bioshock 2 this week

    but Overall sweet week

  • thanks Chris , hey Chris do you know if Motorstorm Pacific Rift will get DLC??? evo said there was gonna be support for the game almost every week , six months later we are still waiting for DLC , im not complaining just asking if you know something lol, by the way inFAMOUS demo is amazing !!!!! , 17 days until launch!!!!!!


    we have quick swap in socom, the addion of keeping it like that for all rounds is nice, van you at least hint at what type of dlc is forthcoming. also my self and my roommate have n isp issue and get booted from our network alot. we both were in a ranked room at 3:10 am Newfoundland DST, our ranks went down to 3 from 4, can someone fix that for us.

  • Good week.
    Just waiting for InFamous then E3. :D

    Pure or Motorstorm 2? Hm….

    PS: Thanks for the PS1 classics, keep em coming! It was a pleasant surprise and I hope you keep a schedule like this.

  • Where are the Disgaea 3 trophies?

  • @16, the Internetz say that MGS4 will be announced multiplatform at E3 so expect to see trophies soon! Maybe the PS blog staff can contact Konami for confirmation.

  • i just wanted to say thaks for replying to my earlier post (17).

    It means a lot, and i’m very excited, hopfully this will happen.

  • Motorstorm Pacific Rift “looking good” competition…. when will the winners be announced – its been over 1 MONTH! there isnt that many pictures to sort through!

  • @Chris: Could you tell me if D3P is planing on fixing the trophy sync problem with PuzzleQuest Galactrix? I unlocked a few but they won’t show up in my PSN Profile?! If I try to sync my trophies manually i get the 80022D68 error. It seems it is a well known problem since the is a thread about it on the forum.

    Greetings from Germany.

  • Jeff or Chris can you ask the guys at Sony to make a Playstation Network App for the iphone and iPod touch?

    You can add an information board, friends list and trophies
    Tab and I maybe asking too much but also the ability to send messages?
    This would be awesome and I won’t mind paying a small fee for the app download.

  • I second #32’s post and in addition to that there are more problems with Puzzle Quest Galactrix…

    I got about two hours into the single player mode, and when I went through a leapgate the game just crashed back to the XMB. Now every time I try to load my saved game it just crashes to the XMB. UGH!!!

    Can you please pass the problems along to the proper channels so that they can be fixed? $20 was already too much money for that game, but I bought it cause I love the PQ series. But to pay that much and not have the trophies work or to even be able to play the game at this point is just infuriating. Thank you.

  • need to get more trophies out there

  • Any Motorstorm PR DLC. At E3?

  • Motorstorm PR was supposed to have updates every week to ensure we keep playing the game… What happened to the evolution guys, haven’t heard from them for 6 months +

  • cannot wait till inFamous! i d/l’ed the demo and love it! thanks sucker punch… oh and def looking forward to what pixeljunk 1-4 is going to be called.


  • This is ridiculous, instead of putting these crappy PSOne games on PSN, why don’t you put Chrono Cross, and FF-VII?? People have been asking for some RPGs to play since PS3 came out and Sony has done nothing.

    While your at it, add trophies to Valkyria Chronicles, fix the PS3 Web Browser so it actually doesn’t lock up the whole system on youtube, and add cross game VOICE chat.

    I know I’m talking to myself here, but it gets frustrating seeing all this crap no one cares about.

  • @37

    I think it’s kinda sad that Evolution haven’t supported their game. Look at Burnout Paradise, those guys love what they’re doing and have done a great job supporting their game.

    @36 Any DLC for Motorstorm PR is too late now mate, that train has left. We’re waiting for Motorstorm 3 or a WRC game from Evo now.

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