Ratchet & Clank Future Weapons Contest: Our Fave Fives #1

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Hey everyone,

As you know, voting ended a couple of weeks ago on our Captain Qwark’s My Blaster Runs Hot Ratchet & Clank Future Weapons Contest sponsored by Gadgetron (whew). But as we had over a thousand entries, it was sort of a shame that we could only show our top five favorites. Over the next couple of months as we head towards the reveal of the winning weapon at International Comic-Con this July in San Diego, some members of the Insomniac team are going to reveal their personal five favorites. I’m going to start it off this week with my personal top five that weren’t finalists – and in case you were wondering, I cast my personal vote for the Plasma Sprinkler:

Shockwave Inducer

Shockwave Inducer

This was one of our overall top 10 weapons, and was really strongly considered due to the fact that it’s different than many other weapons we’ve done in the past. We’ve never really had an Area of Effect weapon that was centered on Ratchet – and this one would be especially effective against swarmer enemies. The art was also really cool and we thought it had great potential.

The Pixelator

The Pixelator

This is a really cool idea that I believe has been tossed around Insomniac in the past. The challenge is you have to create a whole system for what happens to enemies when they become pixilated, which would have been an art and programming nightmare. We thought this was cool, especially in a day and age when Retro gaming is as popular as ever.

Fruit of the Doom

Fruit of the Doom

We had a lot of submissions that really focused on the comedy aspect, and this is one of them. We’ve had A LOT of people suggest underwear guns, and this was the one that made me laugh the most due to the clever title and imagery. Unfortunately, the amount of work to give every enemy underwear and animations is a bit much, plus it sort of breaks the game and maybe our ESRB rating too.

Peter Rottentail

Peter Rottentail

Zombies are obviously in with COD:WAW, Left 4 Dead and even the grims in Resistance 2. So what’s better than bringing Zombie bunnies to Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time? This was a completely awesome idea, and was up there in our rankings but would’ve required a full new character and animation set – thus it wasn’t something that was accomplishable. Still hilarious.



This had a very strong argument as our favorite weapon amongst some of us, while others rolled their eyes. To me, the idea of this is so amazingly badass, especially if you could animate the user spinning and whipping the guns around. That said, this weapon doesn’t really fit the Ratchet universe, and would require a ton of hero animation. Thus it didn’t make the finalists group. Still, a very, very strong competitor.

Anyways, that’s all from me. We’ll be back with more of our favorite submissions over the next few weeks. And stay tuned for the return of our podcast, The Full Moon Show, on May 21st.

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5 Author Replies

  • I vote for the Pixelator or the Shotgunchuck

  • The ShotGunChuck gets my vote.

  • Wow! Nice choices you guys selected, what got my interest is the Pixelator & the Shotgunchuck! both of their ideas are epic! You guys should consider to add these 2 to the final game. Great work guys. ;)

    • James Stevenson

      Yeah, these are awesome. Not in our top five finalists, but still so cool we had to share.

  • Shotgunchuck… omg need one nao.

  • The pixelator is awesome…

  • I like the Pixelator and the Shockwave Inducer!

  • Oh plz giv me dat Peter Rottentail. How kewl r zombie bunnies..?! Yeah that’s wat I thawt

  • lol “The Shotgunchuck” has my vote

  • So… You haven’t actually picked one yet? The ShotgunChuck is a pretty creative idea, though they all have their merits.

    The TRULY important part of this post was actually in the final line: THE FULL MOON SHOW IS BACK, BABY! :D

    PS- The first couple comments might as well have had “First!” plastered at the end of them, though I appreciate that they at least made some attempt to mask it.

  • Still no “Clock Blocker”.I was promised one on 1up…Do it Insomniac.DO IT.
    Anyaway Froot Of the Doom is nice.Pixelator is meh actually and shotgun chuck reminds me sword-chucks so its not THAT original.

  • The Pixelator would have been amazing to say the least. But I will have to go with Peter Rottentail because bunny zombies is just too much.

  • I like the Fruit of the Doom! :D

  • StalkingSilence

    Fruit of the doom. Also clock blocker.


  • Shotgunchuck or shockwave for me!!

  • Wow I consider all of these five to be more interesting than the actual five we had to vote on, no offense to the creator of those but these had way more style and class to them.

    • James Stevenson

      For sure, and I was picky my favorite wacky entries. Of course, keep in mind they have to fit with the arsenal we already developed, and be something we can implement in our development timeframe.

  • I had a great idea for weapon, that I am sure would have made the top five if I had bothered to actually submit my idea when you had the contest. Fiddlesticks! Oh well, hopefully You guys do another contest like this for the next game. These 5 are a good selection though. I vote for fruit of the doom!

  • Lame.

    The Ratchet & Clank games have been going downhill recently. It also seems to be catering to a much younger crowd than before too.

  • I’m having a hard time deciding the Pixelator or Shotgunchuck. Kind of leaning towards the Shotgunchuck though.

  • The pixelator

  • The fruit of the doom is awesome and hilarious, I really wish you guys could have put that in. The shotgunchuck looks like it should belong in some wacky/comedic western game. Maybe an idea for insomniac hmmmm? Get on it Jstevenson. BTW, Crack in time will have trophies right? -_-

  • Pixelator. Though the Shotgunchuck is a close 2nd.

  • I’m going to have to go with Fruit of the Doom on this one. A close second would be the Pixelator. I don’t see what everyone sees in the Shotgunchuck. It doesn’t look very…Ratchety.

  • If have 5 weapons better than this, that is pretty impressive. I love the pixelator, Fruit of Doom (would love to see the enemies making fun of each other), and the shotgunchuck.

  • Pixelator…

  • The Peter Rottontail is incredible. :P

    I vote for it.

  • yeah I say both Pixelator and ShotGun Chucks!

  • Peter Rottentail

    xD!!!! super lol!!!! I want that!!!

  • pixelator FTW…

  • Pixlator! Do it!

  • oops periods are not interchangeable with exclaimation points

    … = !!!

  • Why do all the comments left by insomniac give me the impression that the can’t be bothered to create new animations for the new game?

    I really hope ‘crack in time’ is fresh guys, please don’t dissapoint!

    • James Stevenson

      There are TONS of new animations in Crack in Time. But adding a new weapon late in the process that requires brand new animations for every enemy is very challenging, time-consuming, and costly in terms of development costs and memory.

  • All of these ideas are great and I think that instead of just putting one new gun in the game Insomniac should drop all their weapons in favor for these awesome gun ideas. A whole game based off of user generated ideas would be great. Oh wait there is already PAIN, all well I guess the finalists gun will have to do.

  • Pixelator and Fruit of the Doom are more Ratchet and clank style weapons. So those get my vote.

  • please insomniac tell me are you developing resistance3???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • The Pixelator!!!

  • i think the shockwave inducer is more suitable for the game i vote for it

  • Fruit of the Doom is awesome!

  • Oh man… shotgunchuck had me laughing my ass off (the results are spectacular LOL).

    Loving the pixelator, Fruit of Doom and shotgunchuck.

    I would REALLY like to see the pixelator in action. Its a fantastic chance for Insomniac to really innovate their weapons inventory in the ratchet series.

    Theres been far too many repeations already.

  • Fruit of the Doom is very Ratchet & Clank-ish. (I know you guys might want to keep it E or E10+, but c’mon, the older games were rated T for violence anyway.) I really like the Shockwave Inducer though, that would be at the top of my list, with Fruit of the Doom as second.

    @33, I agree, there should be more user-created content in games. It would be awesome. Insomniac, don’t you think you could put in 2 or 3 user-created weapons instead of just one?

    Oh yeah, I know this is off-topic, but what about the older Ratchet & Clank games? I have a PS3(duh), but I would like to play the older games but there’s some backwards compatability problems like hanging and slow speed. Would you mind straightening these out sometime with SCEA?

    • James Stevenson

      The old games were T when we didn\’t have E10+. But there are some really good opportunities for E10+ titles on the market and so we like to try and hit that mark.

      User-generated content is awesome. And we like putting a lot in — we budgeted enough art, programming and design time for one-fan weapon, but you never know what we might do in the future. This contest was obviously a huge success!

      Not sure what will happen with the Backwards Compat on PS3. That\’s more of an SCEA hardware question – though we\’d love to eventually see the four PS2 titles become back compat.

  • For the pixelator, you could have simply used an overlaid pixel shader to make it appear blocky in screenspace (similar to one of the common effects in Darwinia), and then bitcrushed the character’s sound (downsampled to 8-bit and 8KHz or so with no interpolation or filtering). Effective and easy!

  • Those were super cool! Can’t wait to see what others were sent in!

  • Shotgunchuck + secret appearance of Ash from Evil dead?

    Second option would be Shockwave Inducer just because it fits well and has a good upgrade idea.

  • add the shotgunchuck to the next Resistance! it would be awesome. make it the Chimera shotgun, because they could actually make that kind of weapon.

  • I hear Nefarious is back as the villain…will there be any comedy gold moments of soap opera playback? and is Lawrence the butler in it. Please let it be,Insoms

  • If your teams are so opposed to creating new animation sets because of time constraints, is it safe to assume that your dev. cycle on this title is nearing completion?

    I can’t wait for another R&C game–I sure hope the campaign is longer than Tools of Destruction, ’cause time flies when you’re having a blast!

  • Icarus_Immortal

    I don’t really have anything constructive to say about this post, so I’ll go a bit off topic.

    Have you guys at Insomniac abandoned Resistance 2 DLC by now to work on R&C: ACiT?
    I would really like some more cooperative maps for R2 since you have done competitive DLC already.

    Anyways, love your work on the R&C games (and Resistance games) so I have no doubt in my mind that ACiT will be amazing (still playing ToD now and then).

  • LOL fruit of doom! hahaha That one is too funny. I really like the Shockwave Inducer. It seems like something that would be in the game to begin with. Great work to all of the people who are up there. Great and funny ideas.

  • How well was the InvectoPie Launcher recieved? Just out of curiosity.

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