PlayStation Network Video Content Update

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Hi Everyone – Here are this week’s new releases and top downloads for the Video Store.

This week we’ve added the following new HD movies:

HD Movies

  • Bolt
  • Friday the 13th
  • Bonneville
  • Casanova
  • Doubt
  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Theatrical Trailer

And these HD TV shows:

HD TV Shows

  • Dollhouse | Season 1
  • Lipstick Jungle | Season 2
  • Prison Break | Season 4
  • American Dad | Season 4
  • Breaking Bad | Season 2
  • The Unit | Season 4
  • The Unusuals | Season 1
  • 24 | Season 7
  • How I Met Your Mother | Season 4
  • Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire | Season 1
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit | Season 10
  • Rules of Engagement | Season 3
  • 30 Rock | Season 3
  • Parks & Recreation | Season 1
  • The Office | Season 5

And the following feature films:


  • Bolt
  • Friday the 13th
  • National Lampoon’s Stoned Age
  • National Lampoon’s Stoned Age Unrated Edition
  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
  • The Stepford Wives (2004)
  • Bonneville
  • Brokedown Palace
  • Courage Under Fire
  • Revenge Of The Nerds II: Nerds In Paradise
  • A Plumm Summer
  • Casanova
  • I’ll Be Home for Christmas
  • The Adventures of Huck Finn
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
  • Toby Tyler
  • Flirting with Forty
  • Living Proof
  • Doubt
  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Theatrical Trailer

And new video content from the following television series:


  • Dollhouse | Season 1
  • Comedy Central Presents: Stand-Up | Season 1
  • Lipstick Jungle | Season 2
  • Who Wants To Be A Superhero? | Season 2
  • Prison Break | Season 4
  • American Dad | Season 4
  • Breaking Bad | Season 2
  • College Life | Season 1
  • Deadliest Warrior | Season 1
  • Family Guy | Season 7
  • Gossip Girl | Season 2
  • GT Bonus Round | Season 3
  • Iron Man: Armored Adventures | Season 1
  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent | Season 8
  • MoCap, LLC: Uncensored | Season 1
  • One Tree Hill | Season 6
  • Sit Down, Shut Up | Season 1
  • Sport Science | Season 2
  • The Simpsons | Season 20
  • The Unit | Season 4
  • Tough Love | Season 1
  • Real World Road Rules Challenge | Season 17
  • The Unusuals | Season 1
  • 24 | Season 7
  • How I Met Your Mother | Season 4
  • Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire | Season 1
  • The Hills | Season 5
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit | Season 10
  • Rules of Engagement | Season 3
  • Rockville, CA | Season 1
  • The Ren & Stimpy Show | Season Best of Vol. 1
  • Pros vs. Joes | Season 4
  • Fringe | Season 1
  • MonsterQuest | Season 3
  • One Tree Hill | Season 5
  • The Adventures of Superman | Season 3
  • The Jetsons | Season 1
  • The Jetsons | Season 2
  • Real World Road Rules Challenge | Season 17
  • RENO 911! | Season 6
  • 30 Rock | Season 3
  • Parks & Recreation | Season 1
  • The Office | Season 5
  • Smallville | Season 8
  • Supernatural | Season 4
  • The Cougar | Season 1

And finally, here are our top downloads for the week:

Top Movies

    1. Bride Wars
    2. Yes Man
    3. The Wrestler
    4. Quantum of Solace
    5. Role Models (Unrated)
    6. Marley & Me
    7. Bedtime Stories
    8. Slumdog Millionaire
    9. Zack and Miri Make a Porno
    10. Notorious (Unrated)

Top HD Movies

    1. Bride Wars
    2. Quantum of Solace
    3. The Wrestler
    4. Yes Man
    5. Slumdog Millionaire
    6. Bedtime Stories
    7. Marley & Me
    8. Role Models (Unrated)
    9. Twilight
    10. Bolt

Top TV Episodes

    1. Family Guy | Season 7 “Stew-Roids”
    2. Smallville | Season 8 “Beast”
    3. Family Guy | Season 7 “420”
    4. Family Guy | Season 7 “We Love You Conrad”
    5. Deadliest Warrior | Season 1 “Trailer”
    6. South Park: Uncensored | “Season 13 Fatbeard”
    7. Deadliest Warrior | Season 1 “Pirate vs. Knight”
    8. Supernatural | Season 4 “The Rapture”
    9. Heroes | Season 3 “An Invisible Thread”
    10. The Office | Season 5 “Casual Friday”

Top HD TV Episodes

    1. South Park: Uncensored | Season 13 “Fatbeard”
    2. Heroes | Season 3 “An Invisible Thread”
    3. South Park: Uncensored | Season 13 “Fishsticks”
    4. Kings | Season 1 “Kings – Exclusive Season Preview”
    5. 24 | Season 7 “Day 7: 3:00AM – 4:00AM”
    6. The Office | Season 5 “Casual Friday”
    7. Dollhouse | Season 1 “Briar Rose”
    8. 24 | Season 7 “Day 7: 4:00AM – 5:00AM”
    9. Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire | Season 1 “Succubi: The Dawn’s Early Light”
    10. South Park: Uncensored | Season 13 “The Ring”

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  • Nice – can’t wait!

  • Can’t wait for G4 programming in the video store! I’ll be stuffing my 500GB hard drive full of AOTS and Olivia Munn goodness. It can’t come fast enough! I was hoping to see it show up in this update, but G4 tells me it’ll be up by the end of the month, so I’ll try to be patient…

    Thanks for making it happen. :)

  • Here we go again…..I will start the whining.
    Canada!!! Europe!!!

  • Nice update.

    When will subtitles be added?

  • Good list, but we need more documentary’s.

  • Friday the 13th YAY!

    Will Rent When I get home and watch in sorruond sound

  • Canada?

  • nice video update! cant wait for the music video update! although we can already use the internet off the ps3 to watch them on youtube for FREE. but im sure the video quality on the video update will look alot better! thanks SONY keep up the great work..soon all will relize the PS3 is the ONLY u need! SONY FANMAN-cuz im no boy-since the first

  • @ nYcFrEeWiLL82

    The “VidZone” music video service will probably only show up in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. I’d LOVE to see a North American version, though. Sounds like an awesome service… :(

  • @9… on the browser works find right now and is available everywhere (just no downloading)

    Grace…any news on tying content to our PSN so that I KNOW I can dl additional times if necessary or move content from my PS3 in the living room to the one in the den?

  • could we have my name is earl?

  • Is there any chance we can get ‘The Shield’ added to the FX section? We already have their other top shows, but not the best one.

  • Can anyone please reply or something from sony saying if the store is going to Canada as well?

  • @6 – Last I heard, none of the videos are offered in surround sound, just stereo. :(

  • Sony: blah blah blah (read: we enjoy ignoring Canada)
    US: Gobble Gobble (read: what Canada? I’m happy)
    Canada: F**k you Sony.
    Sony: blah blah blah (read: we will continue to ignore the issue)
    US: OMG NO WAI (read: stop complaining)
    Canada: *downloads uTorrent*

  • You know I had a dream that you guys released CODE GEASS and DRAGON BALL Z on the psn store, I bought everything..

    CODE GEASS needs to be there, Id buy alot of episodes


  • Hey Grace,
    Looks like change is coming to the Store, great work! Only one thing, the price for single television episodes are way overpriced especially those that only run 12 minutes for less. Its just not worth it when its way cheaper on DVD. And any hope on getting some more ANIME on there like perhaps GHOST IN THE SHELL and HE-MAN?

  • StalkingSilence

    (Re: Wolverine trailer) So are trailers going to come to the video store now or still to the game store? Seems like you need a better place for them. I download a lot of 1080p trailers as they make a great showcase on 52″XBR4.

  • StalkingSilence

    Also, Bride Wars? Really?


    Maybe, but I believe the comment I replied to was referring to the service being added directly to the XMB with its own, dedicated icon.

  • any news on the motorstorm – looking good competition yet Jeff?

  • bring the video store to canada please!!!!

  • I am not sure where to put this comment, So I am putting it in this forum. recently I tried to watch PBS video on my TV using PS3 browser, and my PS3 hung up on me, it was not responding to my any key stoke on the controller other that PS button, I had to switch on and button on PS3 to get out of this situation, I do have PS3 latest firmware and mine is 60GB PS3. I Am assuming that there is a bug in PS3 browser. Is there any comment on this from PS3 team?


  • How can you guys release Prison Break Season 4? We’re on Season 4 right now, and the series finale hasn’t even aired yet?

  • @ Atomika14

    That’s not the entire season. Think of it as them saying “we’ve added content from season 4,” usually meaning the latest episode. Notice it’s the same for all the TV shows, week after week. I’d prefer a specific episode announcement, such as “30 Rock: Season 3 Episode 10” but this is the way it is right now.

  • Can anyone other than the U.S. get treated like real/important customers???

    Canada is actually in North America…you do realize this right?

    And Europe is filled with Sony product consumers.

    …and I don’t know if Asia has the video store, but they should as well. This “One Nation” priority B.S. needs to STOP!

    Start finding a way to include everyone at the same time prior to releasing these features…We don’t like to be left behind all the time, it makes us feel as though we are less important.


  • Well at least Europe is getting Vidzone this summer.

    So the US has the PSN Video Store, Europe is getting Vidzone but what about Canada?

  • @ stri

    “Can anyone other than the U.S. get treated like real/important customers???”

    Well, Japan has a ton of stuff that we’ll never see- but yeah, I see your point. Why not just merge SCEAmerica and SCECanada and make it SCENA (North America)? We speak the same language… more or less. Maybe the expected outcry from the French-Canadian population is keeping them back.

    You Canadians are rad, all my favorite music comes from up north…

  • Great update! Now, just makes the prices more reasonable. Thanks!

  • When is the next PS Blog meetup?

  • Hey guys, I have a request that’s related to the downloadable movies from the store:

    When watching a video downloaded to your hard drive on the PS3, the Time feature doesn’t work (tried through the onscreen menu and the Time button on the BD remote). It would be nice to be able to use that feature, just like we can when watching BD/DVD discs, to be able to see how far into the video we are and how much time is left. Could this be implemented?

  • @29
    “Why not just merge SCEAmerica and SCECanada and make it SCENA (North America)?”

    Oh God. Another citizen of the United States that thinks America means his country… sign. Well, its not like I’d expect any more from them really…

    New flash, the America in SCEA stands for USA >AND< Canada. Go to the SCEA website and read their missions statement. There is no such thing as SCECanada as Canada is included in SCEA. For f**k’s sake, its so annoying listening to some citizens of the USA feel they have some extra entitlement to the word America and to North America itself.

    The issue of Canada not having the Video Store is one of a company who clearly cannot follow their own simple mission statement.


  • #33, I think that’s a pretty easy mistake to make given that when used, America does ofter stand for the USA. It’s not like he was even saying anything bad about Canada anyway.

  • Code geass

  • @33….

    How long for LIVE to get the Video store after it launched in the US?

    How long for iTunes to launch Video store in Canada after it launched in the US?

    Zune Market place is STILL not in Canada.

    It has been less than one year since this serviced launched in the US. RELAX. When it does launch it’ll be filled with NFB and CBC shows anyway :)

  • @ gtabmx

    Well, excuse the hell outta me. Here I figured the America part stood for the US, as in “United States of America,” not “North America.” Also, considering Canada seems to have completely different and, apparently, totally lacking content, I assumed they were run by another group of Sony Computer Entertainment. If what you say is true, that is extra weak of SCEA- but you sure didn’t need to be such an ass about it.

  • You guys have a great, always growing collection in the vid store. I have d/l some shows, but I will not d/l (rent or purchase) any movies until surround sound is incorporated. I would love to watch some HD movies from the store, but without surround? No way. Come on guys, surround is just as, if not more, important than HD.

  • Hey Grace! Are you ever going to at least acknowledge all the complaints from CA and EU folks about the Vid Store? SONY is upsetting a lot of good customers, I think they at least deserve a yay or nay! Are you guys even *trying* to bring the Video Store to CA and EU or should we all just give up hope? Seriously, at least to shut everyone up about it. This is BS that we never get any responses here. 1/5 >(

  • Do you think that you could ever get your hands on ReBoot? All four seasons of it? If you could that would be absolutely positively awesome!!

  • @ 37, Letters2Kay regarding:
    “Here I figured the America part stood for the US, as in “United States of America”

    Did you seriously just say that??? LMFAO!
    Well, you figured wrong!

    Here, I’ll clarify for you…

    Yes U.S.A. does stand for the “United States of America”, however; your country is simply just the “United States”.
    The “America” does in fact stand for “North America”…and the nation you reside in is the “United States” portion.

    Just like I reside in the “Canadian” portion.

    Got it now?

    No offense is intended, but I really wish you would obtain the proper knowledge required prior to comment disclosure.
    In the future, you may wish to consider that.

    Have a nice day!

  • @ stri

    Wow… okay. Here in the US, we often refer to our country as “America”- as in “American citizenship,” “American Idol,” etc. Do you call yourselves “Americans” in Canada? No, you’re “Canadians.” Anywhere in the world, if you told anyone you were American, they’d think you were from the US. That’s just the way it is.

    Because of this huge disconnect that Canadians are always commenting on around here, I figured that you had a seperate SCE territory. I was wrong. My bad. That’s all I was saying- I thought the “A” in SCEA stood specifically for the US… A- not because I don’t realize that this entire effing continent is America, but only because it seems that there’s entirely different things going on with Playstation in Canada. I thought I already explained that in my last comment, but I guess if you’re looking for things to pick at, there you go.

    I know you’re angry that SCEA isn’t giving you the same content we are getting here in the US, but don’t take it out on me. All I was trying to do was agree that you deserved it, too. Just trying to offer my support. I’ll just ignore it like everyone else does from now on…

    Have a nice day, indeed.

  • When r we geeting new KINGS

  • @ Letters2Kay:

    Sorry, wasn’t picking on you…your comment just seemed a little sarcastic.
    Just tired of “Americans” as you put it, acting like they deserve more than the rest of us.

    So, clearly it’s not just Sony I’m frustrated with.

    If your comment was an attempt to back up our perspectives, then I apologize.

    For the record though; the first portion of your comment was argumentative, even if it was unintentional.
    Read it again and you’ll see what I mean…

    [Well, excuse the hell outta me. Here I figured the America part stood for the US, as in “United States of America,” not “North America.”]

  • I’m still waiting for the subtitles to be available before I download any movies since I’m Deaf
    I would pay extra for a special subtitled version of movies. how about an separate download file for that?

  • Waiting for Coraline… =]

  • Ummm, CANADA!!! ………

  • When will Notorious be available for rental?
    Great updates..Keep up the great work!!

  • TimeToKickAss93

    when are we getting batman begins in there it would be great to have well as other great movies like saving private ryan, and the die hard trilogy as well as the bourne trilogy as well,instead of all this bolt and high school musical crap

  • 2 out of 3 of the Bourne movies are already on the Store. Only one missing is the trilogy finale, Ultimatum.

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