How do you play PixelJunk 1-4?

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You’ve seen the screenshots, you’ve read the stories, you’ve even helped name the game – but what do you *really* know about the next PixelJunk game? Producer Matt Morton walks us through the gameplay in the temporarily-dubbed PixelJunk 1-4. And if you don’t care what we’re saying, you can just watch someone playing in the background.

No surprise, given Q-Games‘ pedigree, but this game is going to be a fun one!

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  • Alex_Assassin_08

    interesting :)

    …first :P

  • I’m really looking forward to this one!

    Can’t wait!

  • So when’s the name get announced?

  • Ok when are you announcing the name?
    When are you releasing the game?

  • Looking forward to it Jeff; you can call it Pixel junk magma, since a lot of lava is involved…^__^

  • Or Pixel junk Core…^__^

  • magma grotto

  • cool

  • I play them with a DS3 controller…

  • That’s sweet — Can’t wait to get my hands on it

    Do we know a date or ballpark for one?

  • this looks awesome. can you guys please make all the pixeljunks for the PS3 and the PSP? i really want to play them when i can’t play my PS3.

  • Nice shirt Jeff.

    “Live in your world. Play in ours” -Playstation

  • StalkingSilence

    “And if you don’t care what we’re saying, you can just watch someone playing in the background” haha now you’re learning!

  • I really enjoy the work Dylan and his team does, I can’t wait for this.

  • Looks fantastic!

  • I know we are just learning about the game and such, but what about any mulitiplayer!? or level editor? Regardless this is a day one purchase for me!!

  • Looks interesting. Q-Games rocks :)

  • I love a challenging game and all but sometimes I still feel Monsters is too difficult on Casual mode.
    I hope this one doesn’t get too crazy because I really want to enjoy it. :)

  • hey jeff or dylan if i win please give the prizes to someone else because i wouldnt use them and i know atleast afew people picked the same name as me (PJ:element) so yeah i just kind of suggested it and i do not want my name to be announced someone else can have it ( if the one i suggested is picked that is)… btw game looks awesome

  • Great interview.

    The game looks like a lot of fun.

  • Stinkinmushroom

    this = awesome!

  • im buying it because its a pixel junk game

  • When is the naming contest over and when will the winner be announced?

  • Looks like another great PSN title. Loved Monsters and Eden.

  • Awesome! Can’t wait. Love supporting you guys. Keep up the great work!

  • Insanely beautiful, and another masterpiece from Q-Games.

  • In regards to PixelJunk Eden. I have to disagree that taking away the timer doesn’t drive the player. The game itself drives the player. That’s still one of my biggest gripes w/ Eden and a reason I rarely, if ever sit down and play it. I’d like to take my jolly ole time strolling through the garden getting the Spectra w/o having to worry about my time constraints…;)

    PixelJunk 1-4. Amazing. I definitely can’t wait to pick this one up.

  • PixelJunk Grotto is my new fav PSN game.

  • Thanks for the Interview =D

  • My wife and I love the Pixeljunk games for their co-op. Is there any 2p co-op planned for 1-4?

  • I am so exciticated!!

  • @Keithmoon316 The PixelJunk Series will always have Co-Op mode =) 100% confirmed.

  • Just another great production from Q, and another unique title for PSN. I hope the relationship between you guys and Sony is a lasting one.

  • I just wanna know when are they gonna announce the name and the winner!!!!

    BTW: It looks really good, I just hope this game lives up to the hype ;)

  • Day one purchase, but I’ll double if I can have it now!

    Can I have it now?

  • Loves me some PixelJunk – how about adding trophies to PixelJunk Racers…

    Has a price point been announced for 1-4? I’m in regardless…

  • Really like what i see.

  • In relation to the naming of the game wouldn’t it be nice if we had an option after we purchased it to name it our selves. We buy it in the store titled pixel junk 1-4 and when we run the game for the first time we get a little menu option asking us to name it and from then on it’s named what ever we like.

    It would be the first nameless game, but not really. It would be the game with a million names, the myth the legend pixel junk ______

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      Ha, that\’s actually a cool idea. I don\’t know that it\’d happen for this, but I\’ll let the team know anyway.

  • Its looking good, the lava looks great.

    Jeff, do you have any info about The Punisher game?

  • @Vengeful-Chaos

    I LIKE IT!!!!! *Barney Gumble*

  • I don’t like PixelJunk Eden Encore, but i just love PixelKunk Eden. I think that this is a good one, what do you think of a PSP release of the game?

  • Sweet looks fun!

  • would be epic to get custom soundtracks.. i remember eden didn’t have em till u beat it.

  • Looks pretty sweet. Gonna have to get this one. Will be my second Pixel Junk game since I only bought Eden. I know, I know, I need to get Monsters but I might just pick up the PSP version, even thought the PS3 version has Remote Play support, since I’d appreciate a portable tower defense game more.

  • @ Jeff, Thanks I know there’s about 0.00001% chance of it happening but at least you’ll pass on the idea, which is why I love this blog.

    Us simpletons get heard!

  • PSN looks to have a better lineup than any other platform in the near future (if you can call it a platform).

  • Haha. Jeff I dig the reference to team Zissou. Now that you mention it, if PJ 1-4 can approximate the creative scope of that movie, it could be very neat! Looks like it has potential to become that creative and funnyfunky experience i’m looking for.

    I’m not yet sold on the concept, but the dynamic fluid system seems interesting. I believe I can count on Q-games to deliver a unique experience so i’ll be following this closely, trying to grasp exactly what they’re aiming for.

    Oh, and that above suggestion (#38) to have us all name our own game is great. Doubt it’ll happen, but if Jeff mentions it to Q, i’m sure they’ll share a chuckle over it – followed by a serious mull.

  • Matt is really cool and funny. Jeff you looked pretty interested in the game, I know I am too.

  • It’s becoming quickly obvious that this is going to be my favorite of the Pixeljunk series. I can’t wait to play it!

  • Dig Dug, Blaster Master, and Choplifter…
    Awesome! I remember when those games came out…

    Dylan and Q games are amazing. Can’t wait for this title.

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