Qore Episode 12 – Featuring Batman: Arkham Asylum, DiRT 2, Ghostbusters and Euphoria

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If you’re interested in busting the Joker, busting a tire, busting ghosts or busting a tackle, we’ve got you covered this month! We’re also excited to announce that Qore annual subscribers are invited to the upcoming UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves multiplayer Beta (see details below).

Enter the Asylum
Arkham Asylum. It’s the place where Batman’s most psychotic foes are kept under lock and key…at least, until the Joker takes control. Developer Rocksteady Games brings us inside the Gotham City landmark—the location of their upcoming game.

Who You Gonna Call?
It may have been twenty years since the Ghostbusters last strapped on their proton packs, but the films have not been forgotten. Audrey Cleo catches up with Dan Aykroyd about his contributions as writer and voice actor in the new game that’s revitalized the beloved franchise.

Take a Spin
Veronica Belmont also visits Codemasters in the UK for an early look at the next iteration in its DiRT rally racing series evolving the gameplay with improved handling and new stadium events.

Natural Co-Motion
Euphoria, developed to create extremely realistic character AI and animation in upcoming games such as Backbreaker, will change the way you play– foregoing canned animation for real-time interaction. We take a close look at this new technology.

Everyone who downloads Qore this month will receive an exclusive inFAMOUS PS3 “Good Karma” theme that, like the game’s main character, evolves over time. New Qore subscribers will also receive High Velocity Bowling as our way of saying thanks.

Great News for Subscribers!
All existing Qore subscribers will also receive a special voucher via e-mail allowing them to join the UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves multiplayer Beta on June 3. Everyone who becomes a new Qore subscriber on or before May 15 will also receive the Beta invitation.

This Beta is just one of the many benefits offered to Qore subscribers during this inaugural year. And, as a reminder for our June 2008 subscribers, you still have one more episode coming your way after May’s Episode 12 to complete your 13-episode subscription.

Look for Qore Episode 12 available tomorrow, Thursday May 7.

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11 Author Replies

  • “All existing Qore subscribers will also receive a special voucher via e-mail allowing them to join the Uncharted 2: Among Thieves multiplayer Beta on June 3. Everyone who becomes a new Qore subscriber on or before May 15 will also receive the Beta invitation.”

    awesome deal.

  • Good news, Any chance of SCEE releasing beta codes for Uncharted 2 in EU?

  • Too awesome

    OMG YES!!!!! ^^
    Thanks!!!!! =D

  • yay! Infamous theme and ghostbusters, and batman, and uncharted, and yay!!

  • For the first time I am really happy I am a Qore subscriber. I have been dying to check out Uncharted’s multiplayer. But inFAMOUS just does not look like a game I want to purchase. Thank you guys so much for giving us annual subscribers this offer :)

  • This is great!!! I can’t wait to play!!

  • Am I the only one who isnt happy at all about Uncharted MP? I really liked the first one … BUT I like Singleplayer Games more than MP Games … well who cares have fun with the beta and stuff

  • And there’s my Uncharted 2 beta key!

    Good stuff, can’t wait. :)

  • oh crad!!!!Beta on my Qore!!! tnx SCEA!!! but i preordered inFamous too..lol..so i guess ill give my extra code ;)

  • Cool. Any word on when DC Universe Online will release on the PS3?

  • So to sum up:

    New Qore subscribers = High Velocity Bowling for FREE + Uncharted2 BETA voucher?

    I’m subscribing tonight.

  • Wish Qore released in Europe. I’d definitely subscribe.

  • @8

    The game is not multiplayer only. You will still have your single player story to go through. Naughty Dog said that the single player has not been sacrificed, and is actually more robust than Uncharted 1.

    The multiplayer is just an added benefit. I love it and think it will give the game much more of a replay value.

  • Arkham Asylum was delayed, that really annoys me as it sounds like yet again there will be tons of games I want coming out in November and I won’t have time to play them all.

  • if I wasnt already buying Infamous that MAY be a good reason to get Qore….oh well…

  • inFAMOUS theme that evolves huh? Sounds interesting.

  • Question! (raises hand)

    I have been a Qore subscriber since the day it was released on the Playstation Store. I believe there is one more episode after this, then my subscription will expire (right?). How do I go about renewing my annual subscription? Will there be new “Qore annual subscription for 2009-2010” available in the Playstation Store?

    And also will annual subscribers of the new Qore episodes get the same ‘V.I.P.’ treatment (you know… Beta’s and stuff…) as they did with the first Qore? Thanks!

    • Yes, a Qore renewal item should become available for all of you loyal and initial June subscribers right after your 13th episode arrives on June 4. Remember to look for it under the Media section of the Store (since you\’ve probably been accessing your episodes from your Download List.)

      You should also be receiving an email reminder as the date approaches.

      Thanks so much for supporting the show in this first year.

  • Wow, best Qore episode ever.

  • Sweet Uncharted Beta FTW.

  • … nothing on MAG?? I see all these videos and hands on previews on other sites…but nothing for Qore??

  • come on,guys, you should know that the best way to ge the Uncharted 2 beta key is by buying infamous.. infamous is gonna be awesome

  • nice hopefully we get a new DL’able game. instead of getting Calling All Cars, Episode after Episode.

  • Ok, here is my question about Qore. When will we ever get the 1-2 hours of content that we were promised?

    This was reply #11 when Qore was announced:

    @Stinkin Mushroom
    Qore is a monthly program, it ranges from 1-2 hours total length, but you control what you watch and when.


    Honestly I don’t think the video content has ever exceeded 30 minutes…

    Was the 1-2 hours just extremely inaccurate information? Or have you guys just cut down the intended content for no reason? Qore has such potential to be awesome. But with the content not going in depth, and it being very short it has failed to reach its potential.

    I’ll be honest with you guys. With my subscription coming to an end, I’m not sure if I will renew.

  • Is there going to be an uncharted beta that you don’t have to pay for?

  • Good now I don’t have to buy Infamous.

  • An evolving theme?! That sounds awesome. I was hoping for early access to the demo though :(

  • you guys just killed inFAMOUS’s sales. well done Sony!!!


    I get paid on the 16th, guess I won’t be makin the Beta for U-2 that way…

  • @28: except in EU and JP where we don’t have Qore… oh wait

  • COOOOOOL I want that game!! Love the joker.

  • Euphoria, I remember watching Lucas Arts demo this engine 3 or 4 years ago at a conference for the Force Unleashed. It worked really well in GTA IV.

  • @BallisticsZone:

    Haven’t you noticed that Calling All Cars hasn’t been the subscriber free game for the past several months now? Since February, I think, Qore has offered High velocity Bowling in place of Calling All Cars. And I’m sure they’ll change HVB out for something else eventually.

    A lot of people may have bought Crackdown only for the free Halo 3 demo, but I don’t think that will be the case for inFAMOUS. I think people will buy it because it is a good game on its own…the Uncharted 2 beta is just a bonus (for a limited number of people). If you were going to buy inFAMOUS anyway, save the beta code for a friend!

  • @13 just create a US network account.

  • Sounds great, but I’ve gotten burned on two other Qore “special offers” before, so I’m reluctant to jump in on this one. Thanks anyway.

  • Greetings Kevin,

    What do you mean by ‘evolving’? Also, whats the deal with PSone Classics, inquiring minds want to know?!

  • I’m getting inFamous; I’m already going to be in the beta.

  • Could one of the PSblog guys explain to me why the US is getting it in every copy of inFamous plus QORE and here in the UK we only get it if we order inFamous with play.com??

    I have had a pre-order for inFamous for months from another website and now may have to cancel it due the beta of my favourite game’s sequel.

    Will we have any other way of getting the beta in the UK??

  • I have a question:

    “Article says: “New Qore subscribers will also receive High Velocity Bowling as our way of saying thanks.”

    When i go to Qore in the PS store, it says -April 2009 (Annual Subscription)

    Do i have to wait for it to say May?
    Or can i press confirm right now on this purchase to get all this awesome stuff?


    • HVB and the UNCHARTED 2 beta invite is for Annual Subscribers only. This is not for single April or May episode purchases.

      You just need to Subscribe by May 15th

  • THAT’S EFFIN AWESOME!!!!!!! I’m already in the multiplayer beta but that’s great news. I’m more stoked for the Ghostbusters content to be honest. I love dan ankroyd, one of my fav actors of all time and the guys brilliant.

  • Awesome!!!… hopefully i actaully recieve the voucher code this time…

  • why not the inFamous demo???

  • yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!i luck that i bought the annual subscription the day it came out

  • i just got one more question,will qore be getting more betas this year?

  • I gladly pay for my annual Qore subscription and will continue to do so when it comes time to renew.

    Great news about the Uncharted 2 Beta.

  • The freebies are the reason I subscribe to Qore. :) Otherwise, I am disappointed to say that I can pass on mostly all other features of it.

  • i think u have to subscribe

    to get the beta, u dont get the beta i think for just buying one episode since thats not subcribing


  • WOW, smart move guys!

  • Awesome! I was planning on buying inFAMOUS for the U2 beta, but this subscription will be cheaper, and I’ve boughten so many single episodes that it’s about time I get a subscription.

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