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After a slight hiatus, PlayStation.Blog live chats are back on with a vengeance. Joining us today: Zipper Interactive welcomes your questions about MAG.

This isn’t the first time Zipper has held a Q&A; click here to view the session from the pre-E3 MAG event.

We’ll get underway at 2pm Pacific/5pm Eastern, right here on this very page. See you soon!

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  • First day buy… :)

  • Definitely looks interesting…

  • I can’t wait to get some more info on this title. SOCOM 1 and 2 is what got me into online console gaming, so I can’t wait to see what new, refreshing game zipper has developed this time.

  • Im interested in this title, not sure about it though. But definitley one of the best features of the Blog is Live Chat, so thanks for setting it up.

  • OMG I thought I could come into this live chat happy. However The STUPID referee on Chelsea’s game couldn’t keep track of time. 2 minutes of extra time they said 2:21 Barca equalizes. Barca did not deserve that win, they really didn’t. Jeff you see the game?

    Anyway, yay for chat I guess…. :(

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      First half, but I\’m still gutted over Arsenal. Agreed that the calls against Chelsea were awful, but I\’ll never have sympathy for the blues. Ever.

  • Yayy!

    Mag is looking to be really good!

    Can’t wait to see how the battles are played out online.

  • ohhh boy!!!! I am sooo excited for this game!

    Zipper, you better not let me down! If you do I will be very, very sad… =(

  • One question I’d like to see answered: MAG appears to be FPS – will we have the option to toggle to TPS?

  • Big thanks to the Zipper team for taking time to chat today.

    I wonder if MAG utilizes the PSP in any way.

  • Dude even though its a FPS i’m totally stoked it’s Zipper and /6 has nothing to do with this game. I just need more information

  • i hope we have an option for 3rd person or i must pass it up i hate 1st person shooters get u dizzy and alot of other stuff and i would like to enjoy the character view like socom seeing the whole body

  • will MAG have DLC?

  • would be good if you could use the PSP as a screen to display say scores or the map(would be big) just like F1 was meant to use the PSP was a rear view mirror

  • Interested to see what crappy generic questions are asked.

    Man I am ungrateful xD


    I am just oping we get some new deatils.

  • Hopefully I get a question answered!

  • Although I have no personal care for a third person view, I bet it would be nice if there was an option for it.

    Also, how many different ranks will there be? (besides platoon leader/ squad leader/ CO)

  • Can’t wait to play this game! Will this be a PSN downloadable title?

  • I remember when MAG was first announced during E3 on G4. And i remember thinking how MAG had to be a working title, well now its grown on us all and i anticipate MAG being one of the best team games i will play for some time.

  • – female avatars?
    – can you have avatars/characters that fight for different factions so you can play with different friends? If so, how does this affect overall rank?
    – party system so friends can play together?… and does rank have any impact on friends grouping up in the same squad? (all high ranks/all low ranks/mixed ranks)
    – what role will clans play? It seems that with this scale, clan tournaments or ladders would be difficult…

  • i want this game

  • major question is

    if there is a TPS option!!

  • I would love the option to have TPS but I understand there mentality behind it. Its a massive world and their just trying to make sure you see it all!

  • I’d think that if they gave the user the ability to toggle between their preference – FPS or TPS – they could appeal to a larger audience. The toggle would be a new MAG – Massive Audience Getter :)

  • Can’t wait!

    Agree with hobojose, when I first heard the announcement I thought it was a temp name. Now all I know is I can’t freakin wait for MAG. Every little bit of info that comes out just makes it look cooler, bigger and more bada$$.

    Zipper has a potentialy HUGE game on their hands. Hope it turns out great and sits as top dog of the FPS genre.

  • lol Immediately I saw Female avatars I looked up and saw Elsa’s name. Expectingly, I like your determination keep fighting.

    Also who are we asking the questions to Andy Beaudoin, Rade Stojsalvejic, or who?

  • You guys at Zipper keep talking about how the “Raven” faction will have better guns. What incentive is there to join other fractions if Raven has an obvious advantage?

  • i’ll be attending E3 so hopefully I’ll get some hands-on with this if they have a playble there.

  • Anybody else not able to type?

  • I asked these in the other thread but it’s 5 pm EST over there so I might as well ask here again:

    1. How are experience and battle achievements earned/tracked? Do you get them immediately or do you have to play all the way until the end of the match before you can earn them?

    2. Will there be any sort of CQC melee skills/abilities that the player can use? I mean, there’s a limit to what you can do with your rifle butt to the enemy but it’d definitely be nice to be able to ninja an unsuspecting sniper so that the rest of the squad can pass through relatively unmolested.

    3. Again, about melee combat (assuming there is melee combat of sorts), will there be a dogtag system like what Battlefield 2142 uses? The system they have involves being able to knife-kill an opponent and in doing so, you earn his dogtags and therefore the ability to track his stats.

    4. I realize that certain factions may prove to be more popular than others (I’m already leaning towards the Ravens as it is) so my question relates to how MAG intends to balance the matches when one faction has more players signing up for it. Put it this way: how would you balance a game if there are 5 more Terrorists than Counter-Terrorists?

  • Here’s part 2 of my questions that got cut off:

    5. What happens when people drop out of matches due to connection problems or some other issue? Will they be able to rejoin the match?

    6. Will people be able to join a match that is currently in progress? If so, will a squad of people be able to join a match that is currently in progress?

    7. Will additional map packs and expansions be free or will people need to pay for it? If the expansions have to be paid for, will people who haven’t purchased the expansion be able to play against people who have purchased the expansion? How will the game be balanced in such a scenario?

    That’s about it.

  • Black_Seraphiel

    Will we be able to change factions? Do you get bonuses for staying in one for some time?

  • @5 yeah, I watched it, and the best footballing team won! Yeah, the ref was bad, but Abidal shouldnt have been sent off either.

    At the end of the day, for the neutral football fan, we have the best possible final.

  • My questions won’t show up :(

    Question: Will MAG come with the Official ps3 mic?

  • my questions wont post?

    How maany maps will there be?

  • I can tell my question wont go through, must be some requirement to have your question already been answered in a previous interview for it to be posted.

    Ill try here i guess, Will there be any kind of taunts for your character to do? SOCOM had dancing and the like, do you guys plan on bringing any of that back? I really love when your character has a personality like in Uncharted, gears, where they say things like “thats gotta hurt” when you get headshots, i hope you guys implement this in some way.

  • my questions won’t show either, this is torture

  • They keep ignoring my comment…wanting to know if there will be push to talk on the mics or always active.

  • Crap, forgot to mention this:

    The Whitest Kids You Know recently did a video about Call of Duty. In the video, they presented the problems that players have had to deal with such as players who do irrational/irritating things with their mics, team-killing, etc. Is there a system that players can use in order to boot out such players?

  • sony please release psn cards in holland . there are no such things as prepaid visa’s here and you are loosing alot of business because of it

  • What type of gear can you carry in MAG? besides Primary and secondary weapons?

  • I hope you guys market this game well, it could be the biggest game since Halo

  • What PSN functions are you guys looking into supporting? Planning on anything else other than the usual trophies + custom soundtracks?

  • Holy crud, 60% of the PS3 userbase is not capable of online, so WHY is there never any splitscreen option in PS3 exclusives?

    It’s honestly ridiculous!!



    I am going crazy.

  • i cant/couldnt figure out if it should repeatedly type in my question because of the massive amount being submitted or if that was considered spamming (sorry if it was)
    either way my questions weren’t ever submitted in :(

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      For the record, putting in your question, say, once a minute makes it more likely it\’ll get noticed, but not be considered spamming. We had nearly 5000 comments/questions come through in an hour – that\’s more than 1 per second. It\’s nearly impossible to keep up, so if your question doesn\’t get through, it doesn\’t necessarily mean it\’s a bad question.

  • Wow, 99% of these questions are already answered in pretty much any of the previews/interviews already. Seems like such a waste.

  • It’s quite terrible that most of the questions that get posted are ones that tell us nothing about the game. :/

    I don’t want to read about how long the game has been in development, I want to know whether or not an important online feature will be included or not. These are the kinds of questions that makes people interested in a game.

  • What is the maximum amount of people we can expect to see on the screen at a single point in time?

  • great they arent answering my questions XD

  • Actually No_PuDDing, few of them do. Warhawk, Motorstorm and LittleBigPlanet come to mind.

  • My questions wont show up either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I keep asking them if MAG is gonna have better graphics that socom…I just hope it runs in full 1080p

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