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Greetings, Home-people. Locust_Star here dropping in to give you the straight truth on what new goodies to expect in PlayStation Home this week. Simply put, this is one of the biggest content updates in the history of Home – and we think you’re going to dig what we have in store for you.

Siren: Blood Curse Wallpaper 2

By popular demand, we have brought the Siren: Blood Curse space over from Japan (this space will appear in the European region at a later date). The basic overview is this: The Siren Home space is broken up into three basic zones. When you first enter the Siren space, you’re outside the Ward of Despair, in what looks like an old, rundown carnival space. The entrance to the Ward is just a few steps away. Upon entering it, you’ll find yourself in the mini-game’s lobby. Inside you’ll see video screens on the walls and places to sit and mingle with other players waiting their turn to enter the Ward of Despair mini game. When you’re ready to play, simply approach the receptionist and she’ll send you into the Ward (assuming that the background downloading is complete, which begins upon entry to the lobby scene and can take a few moments).

The Ward of Despair is the Saiga Hospital stage from this PSN downloadable game, recreated as a mini-game for Home, and playable with up to 5 players. Everyone is tasked with objectives that must be completed within the 5 minute time limit. If a Shibito, or zombie, catches you, it’s game over. Also, if you can’t complete the game before the time limit runs out, it’s game over for everyone. Successful completion of all objectives presents the player(s) with reward items in the form of some super creepy costumes.

Take time over the weekend to visit this space and earn these reward items, as we’ll be throwing a special event for those of you that manage to successfully complete the Ward of Despair mini-game. See, on Tuesday, May 12th, between the hours of 4:00pm and 7:00pm PT (6:00pm and 9:00am EST), we’ll be throwing the Siren: HorrorBowl bowling tournament. Users that show up for this bowling tournament outfitted with the Siren reward items will qualify for a random giveaway of the first Siren: Blood Curse bundle (episodes 1-4), which we’ll be passing out via PSN vouchers throughout the event.

In coordination with this space launch and event, the PlayStation Store will be offering a special sale on the full game and the episode bundles. The full game is now only $29.99, and each of the 3 episode bundles is only $10.99. So now’s the time to head over to the store and pick up the game if you haven’t already, or to snatch up those last remaining episodes to complete your collection. There’s even a demo available on the PS Store, so you can try it out before you buy it.

By now, you’re probably well aware of the Patapon 2 event/t-shirt launch also going on in Home on Thursday, May 7th. But I’m here to tell you that we have even more in terms of exclusive vids playing in-world for you this weekend. The fine folk behind the hilarious upcoming PSN multiplayer game Fat Princess have given us an exclusive “behind-the-scenes” developer diary video, delving into the inspiration behind this comic medieval battle royale, to air for one week in the Theater. This video will only be up for a limited time—one week only—before it makes its way to the PS Store later this month. So make sure you log in to Home and head over to the Theater to check it out before anyone else.

Moving away from this week’s events and into the realm of apartments, we are pleased to announce two new premium areas coming your way this Thursday. These two apartments are a new “Log Cabin”-themed area and the Living Room Stage Set.

The Living Room Stage Set will go on sale in the PlayStation Home Mall and will be loaded with interactive lights, cameras, backdrops and movie-related equipment to simulate a real-life studio production environment. The versatile lighting and camera systems allow for a wide range of desired angles, movements, transitions, cuts and lens set-ups that allow you to take control of the technical and artistic aspects. Combined with 12 props that come with the space to decorate the set, you’ll have access to the tools necessary to create your own film. Priced at $4.99, the Living Room Stage Set will be available at the Estates store in PlayStation Home Mall for your directorial debut.

On top of all this, we have a metric boatload of virtual items coming down the pike including Tekken costumes and figurines and 14 Killzone 2 shirts (plus a bunch of other gear in the Threads store). We also think you’ll pleased to find that the inFAMOUS pre-order and reward outfits will begin unlocking right on time.

There’s more stuff to do in Home than ever before, so come on in and give it all a spin. We’ll be looking for you.

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  • How cool!

  • This is a great addition!

  • Sounds good. Hope to see more of these kinds of updates across all territories, maintaining parity. Will E3 be braodcast live from Home?

    • SCEA Home will produce events that coincide with E3. Please stay tuned to the blog for specifics regarding these events.

  • The Siren mini-game sounds like fun!

  • What about our SingStar trophy items in Home? Will they ever make it across the pond to us or are they an SCEE exclusive?

  • Where is our SOCOM space?

  • I like seeing Home evolve, and these are some interesting features. The film option is cool, though I struggle to see how it’s important… Wicked news on Fat Princess. One question about the theatre, when will it be the kind of theatre that I can walk through from one screening to another? It’s pretty limited and annoying to simply have 1 screen.

    So, where’s the Killzone space, and the LBP space? Those are so key. Well, looks like you’re on it, considering these relatively frequent updates.

    Locust, can we expect to see anything Home related at E3? If so, along what line? Is Sony still dedicated on pushing the Home platform to developers? What can we see in the future?

    • SCEA will be launching a revamped Theater with more screens in the not-so-distant future. For this weekend, however, the Fat Princess/Patapon 2 vids will be given the old school double feature treatment.

  • That’s cool, but I’m really still waiting for the things that were talked about way back when: our own pads displaying our own music, photos, videos and– trophies. Y’know, the supposed reason these trophies were set apart from the competition…? Bah. I appreciate the efforts anyway.

  • Excellent.

    Now just bring over the Hot Shots Golf area and Namco space, and we’re golden.

    Hopefully the addition of the Tekken items are a sign the Namco space is a-coming.

  • Video not available…

  • Resistance 2 Game launching please… pretty please?

  • TheInfectedBy590

    I loved Siren! :) I wish they would give it a Trophy patch to make it more replay value though.

  • great update. now if only EVERY update could be just like this!

    keep up the good work guys. oh and Locust.. you better still be working on getting us STAR TREK :P

  • Is that it? The ‘enormous’ update? WOW.
    Frankly, none of the above convinces me to get back to Home after being away from it since january. By ‘ENORMOUS’ , i would have expected:

    *Client 1.20
    *Clothes preview functino
    *Announcement of KZ2 space including GameLaunching
    *Ingame (in-playstationhome) image capture

    Where are all the promised features demonstrated by Phil months ago? Are they even real or were they simply fiction? Home is such a disappointment.

  • Can’t wait Looks like Home wil be a busy place on Thursday, Something for everyone.
    Btw what is the price on the “Log Cabin” you mentioned?

  • Cool update folks, but one of the things that prevents me from going on for more than 10 mins, is the lack of custom music. Is there anyway that this feature is going to be heading our way soon? Cause something as simply as that could really boost the amount of people.

    Just a thought

  • that’s really cool :) Can’t wait to check it out… but how about a trophy patch to go with it :) PLEASE!!!!!!!

  • Great Update!!!! I might but the Stage set just for curiosity xD

  • @14 i kind of agree, but you cant help but like the support that is continuing to go into Home. Stop complaining. They know you want those features, and i’m sure they’re on it. I like the support for home though…
    All we really need is voice chat brought back, and the good old “Watch a video/listen to music off your HDD with friend’s in your HOME space”. Once those 2 things are there, home could be a system seller.

    But still… im not complaining. This comment is getting repetitive. Im just gonna stop talking. >.>

  • Thank You !!!

  • no video

  • Awesome! Been waiting for the Siren space to find its way over to the US for a while, and have been crossing my fingers on a price drop! :)

  • Siren Space is superb. I was afraid it would never arrive.

    Log-cabin will be my first Home purchase.

  • This is some what great news..but wat WE all on HOME want to see is the “STUFF STORE” with some new USABLE items!! THAT IS WAT WE ARE ALL WAITING FOR!!! SERIOUSLY!!!so thanks for all the other stuff.. but GIVE US THE REAL STUFF!!

  • Singstar Home rewards…where are they? :(

  • Looking forward to this one, Home is more then gaming, its a second life ;-)

  • Please bring over that Disgaea homespace that was released last month in Japan.

  • Wow!!! Home is really turning out to be more then expected. I knew the potential was limitless but I never thought things like this would happen.

    I’m sure to check it out this week.

    Keep up the great support.

  • How’s that universal Game Launching coming?

    • Well, considering that one of the hottest titles to be released this year – Street Fighter IV – was recently patched to support game launching in Home, I\’d say things are coming along nicely ;)

  • Well someone has to ask it but is the Siren contest open to Canadian residents?

    But awesome update though :D I was hoping the stage lot would feature an in-game video capture device but since it mentions that we have to use our own equipment, that’s a bit of a letdown because not everyone wants to invest in the necessary gear to do this. Any idea if we can ever expect a built-in Youtube feature like some PSN titles offer?

  • Kick Ass!

    (Am I allowed to say that?)

    I don’t care, this is BEAUTIFUL! lol

    Thanks for all the amazing new content, and thanks for announcing if for us all!

    Definately loving Home!

  • I’m still waiting for the 3D trophy room. Its the only thing that interests me about Home.

  • That’s a huge update. I can’t wait to check out the new spaces!

  • From the makers of “LOADING…..” and “Standing around” now bring you, something Japan has had all along. EXCITING!

  • Great update.

    Any news on Singstar HOME trophies?

  • awesome

  • Where’s killzone’s home support? TV’s and Stereos in personal spaces? Game Launching for more than 3 titles?

  • Ward of Despair is great! See you on the bowling lanes tue.

  • Please tell me that this contest is open to Canadians! I want siren too~

  • i wish launching was like it was in the original beta. we could launch ANY game. what happened to those days?

  • Home doesn’t exist. Seriously though, to each their own… I just feel like I’m wasting my life more than usual when I launch Home, so I haven’t been on there again since the BETA.

    Hopefully more people look into SIREN now, great game… ordered a Blu-ray version last year from Play-Asia. :)

  • “when hooked up to a video capture system”
    what does this mean exactly?

  • I would like to see dedicated spaces in Home for the following games:
    a) M.A.G.
    b) Killzone 2
    c) Resistance 2
    d) Red Faction Guerilla
    e) Dark Void
    f) DC Universe Online
    g) X-Men Origins: Wolverine

  • @41…makes a lot of sense complaining about the non-existence of something you haven’t used since… “beta”. :|

    To LocustStar. Do you want to confirm that recording feature in StageSet. My purchase of it depends on it being there :(

  • no video what gives comeon guys


    Socom and Warhawk vouchers please, been waiting since February 14th…. Keep your word otherwise it means NOTHING!!!!

  • Video not available

  • @37: Those are excellent questions and I hope that Locust_Star will answer them.

  • You have to pay for StageSet? Without even being able to try it first? Sorry, pass for me then.

  • @42 It means you need extra hardware hooked up on your PS3 video output to capture the video… which is a big disappointment… the update is real nice but without video capture available on the PS3, that studioset is probably really useless for 98% of Home users…

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