SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 3 – Your Questions Answered

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Another day, another video packed full of your burning questions. This time it’s all about SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3, the third game in the Fireteam Bravo series. What’s that you say? You’re new to the SOCOM series? Well, you’re in luck because Producer Michael Kerr from developer Slant Six Games tells us why FTB3 will appeal to fans of action-shooters, and describes some of the cool stuff you can do with your Fireteam and the impressive PSP game engine. That and the rest of the answers to your questions in the vid…

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  • Might have to get this game. PSP is getting a lot of support now.

  • Awesome, simply awesome!

  • Grrr, why do they make the library so appealing right around the announcement of PSP Go?

  • this looks good. i do like how the blog people do interview the developers with questions from the community. kudos to you.

  • Great Interview Chris. It’s about time you start getting more face time around here.

    I’ll be adding FTB 3 to my collection.

  • i would wait a year after release because of what slant six did with confrontation that game is still broken

  • looks really good, I will wait for the PSP go, before I make the plunge.

  • I wish there were vehicles! Are there any PSP shooters out there that you can just hop in a vehicle?

    I still want this game though! I tried the demo for FTB2 and it was awesome. I wonder if there will be another Syphon Filter….

  • Definitely not a reserve game. Not with Slant Six’s past.


    I have some fairly Big questions.
    Can you tell me why Slant 6 decided to go ahead and make a PSP Socom game at the same time as you were Building the PS3’s version? I wonder if the resources used for the PSP version could have been put towards making Confrontation a much better game at release than it was? This is serious business for those of us that are the “True Fans” of the Series.
    So important that alot of the Confrontation and Socom Veteran players question the motivation behind that move.

    I do realize that there are “Timed” releases with Socom (Main console & Portable)but did it or could it have affected production value or game play mechanics in Confrontation?

    This game looks good but I will be saving my $$ for after Confrontation’s DLC is released and proven…

  • Excuse me, Slant Six, but you still have another certain game that needs to be worked on before you could have any more of my money…

  • What the heck do you mean “no companion game”!? Hello Slant Six Wake up!? SOCOM:Confrontation duh!

  • Hey my question got asked, cool beans.

  • make a limited edition umd bundle
    make socom 1,2 and 3 a bundle.
    i would buy it

  • Dang I’m behind. I still only have Fireteam Bravo 1!!!

  • Is the game even online?

  • I need a PSP for this game! I had one but it broke :( FTB1 rocked

  • All of you guys are being too hard on slant six. They did a great job creating portable socom games and I’m proud to say I owned them.

    I’m extremely excited for this one and can’t wait to pick it up on launch. In some cases the combat system worked better then the console side of things because it forced players to work together and put themselves in strategic locations.

    Other then that I was hoping that some sort of co operative play would be announced via combined assault, but it’s alright. I’m sure the multiplayer will be great.

  • S_Y_N_1_S_T_3_R

    @18 No way are we being hard on Slant 6, they sold us an incomplete game (Confrontation) and advertised features that are to this day still not in the game. People like you who praise game companies like Slant 6 for sub-par games make others who want a complete game suffer. Sorry to say all the bad press and reviews were earned by Slant 6. They are just playing “catch up” but in my book it’s too little, too late.

  • looks like Fusion didn’t had to pay $40 for a broken game that even warhawk looked better…will never buy a SOCOM game thanks to Slant 6…

  • @12. Confrontation wouldn’t be a companion game because there’s no story line for it to be a companion with.

    Specifically in Combined Assault and FTB2, the stories were intertwined a little bit, and it let you unlock extra content. Since Confrontation offers no story, there would be nothing to offer as bonus content.

    I am very pumped for this game. Being a hardcore FTB fan since it very first released, I’m wanting winter to come sooner than ever before. Keep the previews coming. =]

  • Hmm, if we’re still in the answering questions mood- I have one for the team.

    If given the opportunity to develop downloadable content for FTB3 for release over the PlayStation Store, would this be something that /6 plans on looking into?

  • StalkingSilence

    My question not answered: will this be the first of many PSP titles to feature a popular PSN feature that the PS3 current has and that people try to “achieve” so-to-speak?

  • I don’t leave many comments, but I am on this.

    Sony, /6 and any other developer, game creator, etc. who decides to release another product or half of a product which was the case with Socom Confrontation can count on me not purchasing another one of their games.

    I’ve got a PSP 3000 and I won’t be buying this game for it. Shame on you both Sony and /6 for the giant mistake that was Confrontation. You won’t fool me again.

  • lol this will be worse than confrontation!!!

    especially for ppl who played socom before!

    this game has health regen…….. i mean wat kind of socom is this? if u ever play socom dont buy this game! save your money!

    /6 rhyme on cant fix.

    if u dont believe me that there will be regenerate health check at the interview in

    and btw im a socom confrontation player and we still dont have 100% game completed…… like the tournament are not ingame but are on the manual! nice!

  • and as mention on this interview is barely tactical……..

    i mean Socom is meant to be tactical not arcadish game…..

    /6 failed again……. sony we want zipper to make socom!

    socom is dying cuz of /6!!!!

  • Cool…can’t wait for this! I loved Tactical Strike… One of my favorite psp games(well I have a lot of favorite psp anyway…Will be a day 1 purchase along with all the other cool games coming to ps3/psp…keep up the release trend…I am loving this. and it’s so nice to see us ps fans getting more and better games than the xbots…

    The extra squad members sounds like brothers in arms but in a socom type game, like real time tacticle strike? We will see!

  • I would hold off on buying this…I bought Socom Confrontation and it was one of the biggest mistakes I have made when purchasing games. /6 put out a game that wasnt even nearly finished and each time they try to fix it they make an even bigger mess of the game. Its actually pretty funny at this point.

  • I really didn’t like the control scheme in FTB2, so, will the resistance ret. controls be in FTB3? b/c if not, and the old annoying controls are in the game, I might not be getting it TBH.

    hope you answer!

  • I’m sorry for the double post, but weren’t you on
    I’m just curios…


    To date its 7 months since Confrontation came out and we still don’t have all the features that are on the box. We were also told to expect DLC every 3 months and that hasn’t happened yet either. Go check out and see for yourself. Just don’t try to leave a legitimate post or comment, they get deleted and/or the user gets banned from the site. Be warned people, don’t fall for another Slant Six scam.

  • As far as Socom goes on the PS3, I was in the beta and it was SO unplayable that I never bought the game. From the sound of things, not much has changed in the retail version. So I am glad I never invested in it. Now the Socom series on the PSP is an entirely different story. I have owned all of the PSP titles and loved them. I am really looking forward to this one, fingers crossed that they didn’t drop the online multiplayer with headset support that was in the first 2.

  • I wouldn’t buy anything this company Slant Six makes because they NEVER even finished Socom Confrontation. It’s still a very sub par game and has some of the worst graphics and features on PS3. Not to mention the worst trophy list in achievement history.

  • Features missing from Socom: Confrontation since launch:

    In the top right corner of game case (back) it states: (parenthesis is time period)

    *leader boards (didn’t work for months)
    *lobbies/matchmaking (lobbies yes, match making got patched in)
    *Invite in game (still doesn’t work, can’t follow players)
    *Playstation Home (You can’t game launch from Home, why is feature mentioned?)
    *Trophies (patched in 4 1/2 months later)

    Instructional manual:
    Calender: page 7,19 still not in game.
    Community:Pg 7,19 feature is somewhat coming in next patch

    blood as camo: Can’t add to face as mentioned on pg 13.

    Quick Match: Got patched in 4 months later, pg 14

    Tournament/clann ladder: Page 18,21 coming soon months later.

    Community portal: In game web browser, never implemented pg 19.

    Awards: Page 20, didn’t get into the games until 4 months later.
    ***************************** *******

    Thats 8 missing features that were written in the instruction manual that was shipped with the game October 2008.

    Slant 6 I am very disappointed with your handling of Socom Confrontation and will no longer support any of your future products.

  • So this game looks better than Confrontation, which is sad for us PS3 owners but obviously a good thing for PSP players. Lucky punks!

  • First Um…… Can the PS3 whiners please leave? Secondly There was and has not been any official announcement for PSP Go and most likly never will be. Sony said the PSP system in it’s current forum will have a 10 year life span. Why in gods name would they come out with a new pice of hardware with no UMD/second stick, and last but not least a flip screen now of all times? Think people don’t buy into rumors and lies.

    On the topic:

    Cool! Sounds like a great game!

  • what is the release date for socom:fireteam bravo 3?

  • Here they go again ruining Socom every chance that they get. Health regeneration come on, that’s not Socom.

  • nice Chris! you are now 1 of my top favorite playstation blog posters! along with Jeff of course

  • heh… at the last question he said that they dont have a game on the ps3 to do features with…. eeeeee

    HALLO?!??! socom confrontation comes to mind?~?~?

  • This game looks sweet, but so did Confrontation untill I bought it and could’nt play it for the first few days because of server issues. Once I did play it I realized that it was a piece of crap. Wanna know how to ruin a franchise? Get Slant 6 to take it over. This game is going to suck the same way all of the other Slant 6 socom games do. I’m waiting for MAG now from a developer (Zipper)that I can trust with my hard earned money. Screw Slant 6, they should be called Slant sucks.

  • Hmmm . . . interesting . . . sounds wonderfully tempting to buy . . .

    Dear Slant 6,

    If you want millions of people to buy SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3, I highly suggest putting the following in ( if you want to ):

    – The ability to take cover by pressing buttons. ( Behind rocks, walls, vehicles, etc. )

    – ( If you change your mind amazingly ), put vehicle-riding in

    – A little more edited 1rst-person view

    – Ability to send all your teamates at once into the battlefield OR give orders to them all simultaniously

    – Higher graphics

    – Anything else you can think of

    P.S. : ( You don’t have to read this or agree with it if you want to or not. )

  • Movement not looking good, old fashion player movement and grenade throwing is a must and crucial for a sucessful and enjoyable multiplayer/campaign. 8 missions as opposed to 15 as previous games held is not good at all and not fair to devoted Socom series fan’s like myself that’ve logged in 3000+ hours of my life in all Zipper games combined.

  • wow this blog answered allot of my questions except one, When is the demo coming lol i know allot of people want to know that.

  • @ cleversignin


  • How long before this one gets ruined by hackers? Will slant six have better firewalls than zipper for preventing hackers? Just wondering because they truly have ruined FT2.

  • FTB2 is my favorite game. I bet this will be even better!

  • looks cool… i heard there would be 4 player online co-op but i dont know if thats true. im gonna get this game right when it comes out though =)

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