Metal Gear Online – Race Mission and “Patriot” Details Unveiled

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Hello all! The SCENE Expansion pack was recently released for Metal Gear Online, which came with a ton of exciting new features, maps, and of course two new playable characters, Vamp and Raiden. But there’s even more content coming soon! Starting on May 12th 2009, all players, not just those who have purchased SCENE, will be able to play an entirely new game mode, Race Mission! This mode pits two teams against each other, with the Blue Team searching for and protecting the KEROTAN target, and the Red Team searching for and protecting the GA-KO target. Each time a team passes a check point with its target in hand, a new checkpoint will be generated. If a team drops its target and the target is not retrieved within a set period of time, the target’s position will be reset and the checkpoint will change.

Metal Gear Online – Race Mission 1 Metal Gear Online – Race Mission 2

Metal Gear Online – Race Mission 3

There will also be an exciting new “Patriot” feature available to all players, starting on May 26th. This feature will select a few lucky players every week starting from the 26th, and give them exclusive access to a 5.56mm Hand Rifle with infinite ammunition and no reload. Players will have access to these unique “Patriot” features until the next ranking update. You’d better watch out when a “Patriot” joins your game!

Metal Gear Online - Patriot of the Week! Metal Gear Online – Patriot

These new features are open to all players, but there’s even more content available in the three MGO Expansion Packs: SCENE, MEME, and GENE. All three are available via Metal Gear Online’s in-game shop and Konami’s shop. Along with all regular methods of payment, you are now able to use the PlayStation Network Wallet payment system.

Stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks, as the one-year anniversary of the launch of Metal Gear Solid 4 approaches, we’ll be revealing even more awesome stuff to celebrate!

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  • Trophy support stupid KONAMI!

  • ADD Trophies!

  • *flippin

  • 1 year anniversary better bring TROPHIES!

  • To everyone complaing up no trophy support please send your requests for this feature as well as other game fixes here:

    Straight to Kojima productions themselves and by passing the terrible Konami customer support that doesnt even reply to emails at all.

    If everybody does their part they will be forced to act or at least comment.

  • I’ll request trophies again, just in case you (Konami) have missed the hundreds of commenters who’ve been requesting it for months.

  • I’m sure the Patriot gun will be blockable with weapon restrictions.

  • trust me if you add trophies you will sell more DLC..lots more

  • Solid-Snake-Eyes

    This is pretty cool. I bought the expansion 3-pack about 2 weeks ago. Wish I could have gotten the bonus reward points for it, but apparently I just missed the deadline.

  • I almost forgot to thank you for supporting this game for this long. THX ^ ^

    keep it up

  • Invisibleman306


  • Konami stop being so stingy and add the trophys, PSN integration, and get rid of region locking. You have made almost 3 Billion dollars from MGS4 alone and much more from the DLC from MGO.

    Seriously its beyond a joke now. I havent bought SCENE cause the community is slowing dying on the Euro MGO.

  • where is the trophy support?
    and when are we going to get those PSN cards in Canada?


    Like what everyone said, I want trophies too! I really wonder what konami is thinking right now.

    But something I would really want, is OFFICIAL DEDICATED SERVERS like Warhawk. Anyobdy agree with me?!! I would really like to have servers that are only Sneaking etc.

  • @61 Almost 30 Billion dollars i mean.

  • @47…Metal Gear games have been on systems other than SONY (heck they started on MSX2)…how does a new game on a different system (if it exists) make Kojima a ‘traitor’?

  • I really hope the 1 year anniversary announcement is trophy support… Please Brandon / Konami / Kojima Productions! Make it happen!

  • More Metal Gear is always a good thing, cheers Konami!

  • @61/@64

    4 million sales X 50 USD = 200 MILLION in GROSS SALES

    This does not equal 30 BILLION dollars ‘made’.

    You can review their results here:

    Konami’s NET income for the last 9 months of 2009 was 17,826 Million YEN = 181 Million Dollars and this includes ALL Konami properties. The Digital Entertainment division (which includes MGS4) contributed approx HALF of this NET income.

    Google is AWESOME.

  • People wanted to patch Trophies… Please look at me!! Hideo Kojima!! We are begging you. If you refused, we will not download this pack. When you decide to patch the trophies we will download this pack!! Make mind!!! OK! BYE!

  • Konami/Kojima. Thanks for a great game. Not much of a multiplayer/online guy so I’m skipping MGO.

    Would be great if you could add trophies to enhance re playability for those in my boat. Hope you keep PS3 users in mind for your next game.


  • omg can u hear us konami…plz plz…add in trophies for MGS ..we wait for like nver happend…
    ps..add me if u want play…


  • @68

    I apologize for [DELETED] maths skills. Its prob almost 300million i ment to say.

    I was doing it this way

    60 X 4500000 = 270000000

  • I wonder if we want trophies… hhhmmmmm.

    Seriously though, this is a great update. I may have to give KZ2 a break for a week. Honestly though there needs to be a heroes only game mode: “Old Snake vs Liquid Ocelot vs Mai Ling vs Johnny vs Meryl vs Raiden vs Vamp”. That would be epic. I would also like to see some more weapons and maybe a free map to mark the anniversary. Also MGS AVATARS FOR THE PSN! Please!

  • My god, you people are annoying.

    PSN intergration: It is NOT hard to tick the box that says “Remember username and password” on the login screen. I play MGO 3 times a week at least and I have only entered my ID’s once in the entire time of me playing that game.

    Trophies: MGS4 and MGO are great games. Trophies do NOT make games. Trophies are a bonus. I’m level 13 with 12 platinums. And yet I’ve completed MGS4 21 times and got all the emblems. Play a game for the game! Not for trophies! I wouldn’t mind them bringing trophies, but it’s not going to stop me loving the game because it doesn’t have them!

    Well done Konami for continuing to support and improve your brilliant online game.

  • LOL!!!! At the comments. Just simply funny. I am willing to bet you that less than half of the people who posted here actually play MGO. The rest of yall don’t have a clue whats going on.

    If trophies and the konami id is the only thing holding u back to play mgo then u really don’t want to play the game in the first place.

  • I’ll rent it if you guys put trophies
    I sold it

    Online ain’t that good and Yea theres nothing more I can say
    Please Make a trophy patch i’ll re buy it if you do but i would never go back online MGO is just for nerds

  • @76 I used to play MGO Enterprise. The servers are almost dead. I play on the Euro severs, cause i’m Australian. There are 300people on. Seriously 300. PSN interation and Region Locking needs to be removed ASAP.

    You think people complain for fun? The game is almost dead in Europe cause Komani wants to save its save money. Normally I don’t have a problem with that, but they are killing the game.

  • excuse my spelling mistake on my above comments.

  • daym nice that u guys still supporting this game

  • GAFRadioHeadAche

    Will we see the Silent Hill “Robbie” mask sometime soon?

  • konami, i hope you understand we need mgs4 trophies, it would be great if capcom make the same with devil may cry 4 too

  • hahahah you lierrr

    Sphatis you are a lier hahahahah you are so lamee hahaha

  • This makes me wanna actually play the online portion of the game. Gosh, it had such an amazing single player campaign. I guess i never played the online cause it seemed like a hurdle to play. I think i might start though. Anyway, can’t wait for the one year anniversary…HOPE it BRINGS TROPHIES!!!!

  • This is how badly I want trophy’s, If you add them I will buy ALL the expansions in MGO even thou a rarely play online, that would change if you added trophies however…

    PLEASE ADD TROPHIES! I love this game to death and I would enjoy it alot more if you added some trophies, even Unreal got trophy support…

  • Trophies.

  • Put this on PSN instead of having to use Konami services and login IDs. I got tired of this games lack of integration to PSN like EVERY OTHER GAME. It is sad that as one of the flagship PS3 titles this game shuns the basic ease of use PSN provides. Move it to PSN and I will start buying the DLC until then my wallet is sealed to this game.

  • Half of these crybabies in this thread wouldn’t even be able to play MGO long enough to get any trophies. Single player is different, but the tears here lead me to believe that most of these guys don’t have patience or skill to get any online trophies. So don’t expect a platinum from MGS4 anytime anyhow, you wet diaper having CHILDREN.

    New updates sound awesome. I can’t wait to log on one day and find out I’ve been Patriot-chosen. I’m going straight to a TDM and start racking up kills.

  • LegendaryWolfeh

    I hope trophy support never comes :) I hate how trophies become the only reason people buy a game. This game is great without trophies and will always be great without trophies. If Kojima believed in needed them, he’d have had them ready before the game launched.

  • @74 and @75

    Yup, so true. Trophies or this game, although welcome, are not important in the slightest. The Konami and Game ID stuff, although stupid the first time, is a non-issue after the first and only time you have to enter it.

    The only thing I would like is PSN integration, in the sense that you actually download the DLC off the PS Store, instead of every single user, even those without expansion packs, having to download a whole new 500 MB plus update that only lets you use the content you unlock. Second, there should be a way to launch right into MGO from the XMB rather than into MGS4 and then into MGO. Socom was able to have two virtual discs on one (one for play, the other instal), so there is no reason that MGS4 can’t ask the user whether they want to boot MGS4 or MGO.


  • @87

    You’re cool.


  • I am sensing trophy support coming up? Please release some sort for DLC for the SP game.

  • You kids, and your little achievements.

    If Kojima wanted trophies, I highly doubt that, he would have forgotten about them during development. Unless he somehow, y’know ended up forgetting.

    Use your imagination. I know the ps3 doesn’t necessarily promote the use of the imagination, that those lacking would easily believe that they’re battling a B&B corp member on top of a clocktower in a fog-enshrouded europe, but still, there is nothing more important than using your imagination to boost your gameplay experience.
    Try some tba or for those of you who havent been around the block enough yet, Text Based Adventures. The Zork series is a good start, fun as heck. It kinda sucks that the gaming industry undermines the use of imagination.
    But I do love myself some good lookin’ graphics.

  • If Kojima wanted trophies, I highly doubt that he would have forgotten about them during development. Unless he somehow, y’know ended up forgetting.

    Sorry for this extra post but I am a perfectionist, I almost shat myself when I did a read through of my post. That one comma placement totally changed the meaning of that statement.

  • please get rid of the knomai id n let us use your psn ids

  • Where the hell is my trophy support? Screw these updates, give us some trophy support already >_<

  • Where’s MGS4 trophies jeez

  • Konami ID = No Play or Purchase for me. We have PSN ID’s for a reason

  • Wow that patriot system sounds really stupid. Why reward players randomly based on nothing? Playing good and climbing in ranks should give you rewards.

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