Metal Gear Online – Race Mission and “Patriot” Details Unveiled

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Hello all! The SCENE Expansion pack was recently released for Metal Gear Online, which came with a ton of exciting new features, maps, and of course two new playable characters, Vamp and Raiden. But there’s even more content coming soon! Starting on May 12th 2009, all players, not just those who have purchased SCENE, will be able to play an entirely new game mode, Race Mission! This mode pits two teams against each other, with the Blue Team searching for and protecting the KEROTAN target, and the Red Team searching for and protecting the GA-KO target. Each time a team passes a check point with its target in hand, a new checkpoint will be generated. If a team drops its target and the target is not retrieved within a set period of time, the target’s position will be reset and the checkpoint will change.

Metal Gear Online – Race Mission 1 Metal Gear Online – Race Mission 2

Metal Gear Online – Race Mission 3

There will also be an exciting new “Patriot” feature available to all players, starting on May 26th. This feature will select a few lucky players every week starting from the 26th, and give them exclusive access to a 5.56mm Hand Rifle with infinite ammunition and no reload. Players will have access to these unique “Patriot” features until the next ranking update. You’d better watch out when a “Patriot” joins your game!

Metal Gear Online - Patriot of the Week! Metal Gear Online – Patriot

These new features are open to all players, but there’s even more content available in the three MGO Expansion Packs: SCENE, MEME, and GENE. All three are available via Metal Gear Online’s in-game shop and Konami’s shop. Along with all regular methods of payment, you are now able to use the PlayStation Network Wallet payment system.

Stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks, as the one-year anniversary of the launch of Metal Gear Solid 4 approaches, we’ll be revealing even more awesome stuff to celebrate!

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  • Wow, still no Trophy support.

  • I have to start playing this game again….cool stuff

  • Brucewayngretzky

    Please add trophies!!!!!

  • I need to check these, out, I wonder what the 1 year anniversary is going to bring? I hope its trophy support.

  • I heard about the new mode and was excited to get back into MGO. Then I heard about this “Patriot” feature and that made me NOT want to get back into MGO.

    Can you set your room so that a “Patriot” CAN’T join the game? I think the whole “Patriot” feature is stupid and if I played a game with someone like that then I would instantly just quit the game and find some other place to play.

  • I loved the online mode when I was first released, then the updates started to come. And my love for the online mode, left. I think I might check this out!

  • Can you guys please just do everyone a favour and at least comment on the possibility of a future trophy patch?

    Every time you guys make an announcement about a new MGO feature… all of the discussion is about trophies and not what is actually being intended.

    So, please, either tell us if a trophy patch is coming, is in the works or if it is never going to happen. Just give us something. Please.

  • Also, is that a new MGO map… and does it come with the free mode? Haven’t played MGO since launch. Looks cool though

  • Until you announce trophy support, I have no interest in what you have to say. Sorry, I know that sounds harsh, but for a flagship PlayStation franchise game not to have trophies almost a year after launch is inexcuseable.

  • Man MGS4 was so kick ass! I just got a ps2 last month as my ps3 has no bc….and I know 9 years late (what do you want I was a pc gamer after the ps1) And I am now going through MGS2… Kojima is a freakin Genius! I can’t believe I missed out on MGS2 and 3, because of the no ps2 thing….

    Thank you Konami for bringing this to PS3 and taking advantage of the blue-ray…You better not port this game or a lot of gamers will be mad and pissed! Just keep it where it is, it’s a Sony franchise and needs to stay that way! I liked MGO too when I played it but too many other releases were out for mp on PS3 (I am looking at you r2 and kz2)…anyway PLEASE put some trophies into this…and I will make my third playthrough after I get finished mgs3 :)

  • Also, if I can’t choose to lock “Patriot” players out of my room then I will just vote to kick them (as I am sure everyone else will want to kick them too). If they also can’t be kicked then I will be done with MGO altogether.

  • It’s pretty obvious that the fans want trophies and for the PSN id to be used and not Konami’s crappy system.

    Stop dancing around them, please. I understand not being able to do the whole PSN id thing, but give us the trophies.

  • All MGS4 fans want Trophy support!!!!! so give us what we want.

  • Sounds good but what about trophies who do I have to pay to get me some trophies in MGS4/MGO?

  • The “Patriot” mode then “kills” the whole ability for people to play without killing.

    In my opinion this is not cool.

    I don’t play because the BETA totally turned me off and this mode will keep me away.

    This game is about stealth not killing.

    I am sure as “Patriot” you don’t “have” to use this weapon, but we all know that it will be abused by more than those who will choose not to use it at all.

  • Trophy support = more players online

    more players online = more dlc sold

    more dlc sold = $$$$$$

    Trophie`s = $$$$$$

  • Cool i’ll be playing.

  • hahahaha you patetic fools, hahahaha, trhopies are useless, besides konami doesnt need to add trophies the mgs4 and MGO have their own tropyes,

    like getting al titles, and that stuff

    the real fans of metal gear dont give a !”#!”#! about trophyes only the ex boxers fans want that kind of thing

  • VehicleDestroyr

    We need MGS4 trophies now. Its like the only flaw in a great game.

  • Moosehole | May 5th, 2009 at 6:11 pm
    Until you announce trophy support, I have no interest in what you have to say. Sorry, I know that sounds harsh, but for a flagship PlayStation franchise game not to have trophies almost a year after launch is inexcuseable.

    Yeah, because Heavenly Sword/Lair/Haze/… “flagship Sony titles” (aka: Exclusives) REQUIRED trophies a year after they launched as well, amirite?

    trophies/achievements are the cancer killing game sales.

  • sweet so you can now purchase the packs using the psn wallet?!

    that’s been the only reason holding me back from buying it… well along with my hatred of having to create another account and that crap

    but it’s a little too late. i’ve moved onto other games. i’m still excited though!

  • i agree with post #20 that trophy thing just ruin the gameplay of all the games,

    the trophys are cool in games like racing games, puzzle games and that stuff but not in war games, cuz the trophys in those games always are like ” kill 50 enemies whit aka 47″

  • When will Konami and Sony announce they are abolishing the clumsy, despised Konami ID system? What a sweet one year anniversary gift that would be.

  • The game has improved a bit with the few updates and expansions it has. Only problem is I typically have more fun playing in beginner rooms but all the people who have expansion packs and enable use of the special characters(Raiden,Vamp,Ocelot,etc.) are at levels double what I am currently and don’t allow lower level players in the room for fear of losing their level. Hopefully more people will purchase the expansions w/ psn wallet and MGO a more prosperous online game. I acquired the patriot gun in MGS4 and wasn’t impressed much it’ll probably go to anyone who has foxhound rank(through cheating) and is going to be useless since the M4 Custom is king of all weapons in MGO! SEE YOU THERE…

    MGO: ShadowHound

  • Hmmm…might be time to revisit MGO…trophy support would be a nice bonus….

    I loved MGO on the PS2 and was sadly disappointed when the servers were taken down – the PS3 iteration just didn’t captivate me in the same way…

  • Trophy Support Please!

    Been waiting to replay the game for some time now and Trophies would make it worth the trip!

  • I beat MGS4 3 times.
    I’m willing to beat it a fourth if it includes trophies. =]

  • if mgo or mgs4 get trophys i hope that the tropys where like

    ” get big boss rank in 3 hours” or get fox hound in in the mgo with only 5000 deaths ”

    you know somethings imposible to do hahahaha
    it would be cool cuz the trophy hunters would need to play all his life metal gear to get all the trophys ahahaha

  • Fix MGO’s sign in so we only need our PSN id’s–then we can celebrate.

  • poisonedsodapop

    Nice, looking forward to the new mode.

  • Trophies Please :)

  • Trophies and PSN sign in please!!!!!!

    MGS4 NEEDS trophies more so than any other game.

  • How about celebrating MGS4/MGO by removing the Konami ID crap and adding trophies in the process?

  • Trophies

  • youuu trolsss you only want trophis cuz you suck and you dont get all the animal titles in story mode and mgo

  • I think trophies will be added sooner or later. I’m guessing around the 1 year anniversary mark.

    I’m hoping anyway.

    Re-release MGS4 special edition! :D

  • Nice!!
    It would be also cool if you release a patch that adds trophies to MGS4 :D

  • still no support from me until you integrate with the PSN

  • Dont get me wrong, I love MGO. Play it almost everyday since release (STILL not a tsuchinoko). But a RACE mode? When did sneaking involve beating someone to the checkpoint before the other person in mgs? Never. :|

    Plus, still no trophies? Do they need a year to release a patch to build up hype? If trophies dont come out before or on the anniversary, the new expansion better be worth it.


    Now get on those trophies, Konami.

  • I haven’t played MGO since last summer…

  • @38

    Is it really that hard for you to type in the two user names and two passwords?

  • PSN integration, please.

    Everytime I see one of these posts, I think, “Cool, but I don’t remember my Konami ID, so I guess I’ll pass.”

    And I actually like the game. What about the people who are on the fence? Much lower tolerance for jumping through hoops probably.


  • Another request:

    Could someone from Konami online please respond? I don’t think we ever feel more ignored on this blog than with MGO posts.

  • Looks like everyone is wanting the same thing as me… trophies. Think smart guys, add trophies into MGS4- single player AND multiplayer trophies. Trust me, many more people will come back to it if there are trophies involved, including me.

  • Konami can go screw until they join PSN and add trophies. Until then, good luck with your outrageously frustrating lackluster product.

  • Can you give us more info on the new 360 metal gear game called Metal Gear Rising where you play as Raiden ? ;) traders!

  • I tried getting into MGO and just quit short of it. Every single update has interested me less and less, so Patriot isn’t helping.

  • Where’s the fippin’ trophy support?

  • Also I would like to thank KONAMI and KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS for this GODLY MASTERPIECE, and for making it a PS3 exclusive :D

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