The PSB, SOCOM & Killzone Recap

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Courtesy of Cindy “Abigale” Bowens

  • Patch 1.5 Target Time Frame – Abigale’s got an update on Patch 1.5 for us, so click through and read up.
  • Clan Ladders – Curious to see how Clan Ladders work? Here’s all the info you need to get caught up.


Courtesy of Victor Zuylen – Editor, Killzone Community

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3 Author Replies

  • was a fairly busy week on the blog, some pretty interesting stuff happening

  • I agree, quite a busy week indeed.

    Keep up the great work.

  • So, any incoming info on that MAG Beta?

  • I have one question .. Why my music files are not working anymore on my ps3, some work some dont and it says that it is not compatible, they used to work before the last update and i dont feel like putting all my cds again in my ps3, is there anything i can do to make them work again?


  • Stinkinmushroom

    Awesome week, hope you still reserved some for E3

  • Chris, when is Heavy Rain news incoming?

  • keep the uncharted 2 info coming! i cannot wait for that game. naughty dogs are the man.


  • Wouldn’t it be amazing if we had a weekly podcast added to the post? ;)

  • I missed a lot this week. Will there be an Uncharted beta for those of us who aren’t interested in infamousand are not willing to pay 60 dollars for it?

  • I second the podcast idea, that would be neat.

  • FilliamHMuffman

    Any updates on Puzzle Quest Galactrix or Bomberman Ultra coming?

  • Can we have a Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time Collector’s Edition?

  • Ratchet Collectors Edition please

  • Lots of good stuff. I was very busy this week so it took a while to catch up.

    While the Pixeljunk games have always looked great, I’ve never really looked forward to them. This new one actually has me excited! :D

    Gonna pick up Infamous within it’s first month! I promise! Hopefully my extreme Uncharted 2 multiplayer skepticism will go away.

  • Oh, wow.
    thats like the only thing i can say for this week. wow. there is just so much happening all of the time. I love seeing pixeljunk stuff, I like seeing PS3 exclusives, interviews, EVERYTHING! i reall y hope 2009 is worth the wait.

    and btw, are we ever going to hear anything about Bamberman Ultra, Peggle and some PSone Classics?

  • RurouniSaiya-jin

    Wow. When you look at the recap for the week, you really see how awesome this week was for the Playstation Blog. Definitely one of the best so far this year. Keep up the good work, guys!

  • Chris I only have one thing to say.
    Keep up the good work Chris and Jeff!

    By the way Jeff, is the flood over? :[

  • Great week on the blog. It was like a mini E3 with all the coverage and a couple of new interesting PSN games.


    Socom update in June? I guess, thankfully for inFamous I won’t be bored. Also can someone see about getting 1042 fixed. There is no way to continue if you die in the game. Which can be frustrating at times or for that matter a better online multiplayer setup. Everything else is great. Nice wek on the Blog for sure.

  • Any news on when were going to get another Eye of Judgment update?

  • great week , lots of info on games that im highly anticipating , inFAMOUS, White Knight Chronicles, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves , but i wanted to ask you Chris are we gonna see new info on Heavy Rain, M.A.G. and Motorstorm Arctic Edge anytime soon??? hey Chris one thing that i have noticed is that you guys dont promote the blog on the official playstation magazine , could be a good idea you know? , a whole page saying your official playstation news on the web , with first and second party video interview from all exclusive playstation games, third party interviews and a lot more lol

  • Hey Chris is it true that PSN Cards are getting replaced? Gamestop stated that soon we will not have to choose between the 20$ / 50$ PSN cards, but we will be able to select any amount we wish too..more like a ‘gift card’..

  • @ 22 really that is going to be so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if it is like that can u post a link of where u found that out

  • Chris, remember i posted to you last week about deleting trophies we have 0% in, and maybe deleting trophy games that we can`t get 100%.
    You said that you would take it into consideration.
    So have you got any news or info about that (like if it will happen or it won`t happen).

    A reply would be awesome, i would preciate it so much.
    Thanks alot.

  • Pretty nice week. I’m patiently waiting for next month. I hope to see some nice things during E3.

  • Can’t wait for Infamous.

    Why won’t Squeenix bring ANY games to PS3? I mean, the exclusive FF13 spin off is cool and all, but WTF?

    We need more PSN games. Where is:

    -Puzzle Quest Galactrix?
    -(insert other game that is on other system right now)

    Any chance that at E3, when you guys put those 100 older PSP titles on the store for download to the new PSP Go! (rumor…if it’s true, that is) that we can get them to play on the PS3? I think you’d make a crapload of money.

    Howabout some older PS2 titles on the store while you’re at it?

    MAG looks fantastic. Nice work!

    Lastly, need more Heavy Rain info!


  • I also have noticed since firmware 2.7 it doesnt support some of my music. any comment?

  • Manny Pacquiao!!!!!

  • northen_cail_209

    sickniss dude

  • Chris speaking of Killzone 2 in Japan.

    Have a look:

    Killzone 2 came out in Japan and became the #3 top selling game in Japan on the top 10. OMG, KZ2 also had a good review in Japan, a 32/40 from one Japanese game review. I never Killzone would get a lot of love in Japan.


    I heard/read BOOTH BABES are back, is this true for E3?

  • If there are then I wonder if they will be a part of the Home Space like TGS???

  • peggle?

  • You guys are very busy! The very reason we ♡ Playstation®!

    Now, I have two [somewhat controversial] questions:

    a. would SCE [consider any collaboration with NBGI to] update Noby Noby Boy™? namely for Folding@Home, or Google search/news; this would increase use exponentially. — and,

    b. will the new PSP have touch-screen? [heard the rumor lol]

  • Please tell someone at SCEA that we really want Demon’s Souls released here. If they have no confidence in the title, it’s already localized so just do a limited release or something! Come on, I’m begging you!

  • Could someone at SCEA fix the RSS feed, as it has been broken for about 3 days now.


  • Good week.
    For E3 i would like –
    A price drop for the PS3 to $299/£199
    FULL PS2 playback back on the PS3
    (maybe a $349/£249 PS3 with FULL PS2 playback+Mem.Card readers+4 USB ports back)
    That is it ;D
    Well + all the Games that are coming. That is all i want :)

  • Indeed an AWESOME week, hope next week is equally as busy.

    The work and effort the PSBlog Team put in was worth it for the audience, many thanks.

  • jeff is there any plans to make the blog part of the xmb.

  • Chris and Jeff, we need more information about KOF XII!
    My most wanted game this year (Yeah even more than Ratchet or Uncharted 2)
    It would be kickass if you guys can have an interiew with the fine folks and gals of SNKP

  • hey guys! Patapon 2 comes out thin week!
    check out this link:

  • @ 38

    That’s an excellent idea. I’d love to have that on my XMB

    Yo Chris, or Jeff, will there be a blog meetup around E3? I will gladly go

  • Could we get keyboard chat in Killzone 2? It wouldn’t be that hard to add, would it?

    I feel like the difference between console FPS’ers and PC FPS’ers is that there’s no community or communication in-game. No LOL or WTF moments. I feel like I would be much more immersed in this game with a simple keyboard communication.

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