Pata-Post Friday: Demo Day and New Evolution System

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Great news peoples of the blog! The long-awaited much-anticipated PlayStation Network Patapon 2 Demo has been released for mass consumption (i.e. everyone!), so set your PSPs to download and get ready for the war-tastic ethereal musical bliss known as Patapon 2.

Patapon2 PSP game demo icon

What you get, get, get with this fantastic free download is five levels of pure greatness full of Hero Patapon, Patagate, Mater the Tree of Life and all the evolution you can shake a Darwin-sized stick at.

Patapolis in Patapon 2

So let’s rewind a bit: back in the glorious days of Patapon 1, this majestic perennial (above) was the birthing (and reviving) spot of all Patapon warriors. If you had a couple of rare items and coffers full of ka-ching, you could grow yourself some Rarepons…but it was a bit of a gamble.

Enter Patapon 2, and introducing Mater 2.0, now with Evolution System! It’s Patapon creation and reanimation minus the guess work! With the new Evolution System you can clearly see your Patapon’s potential and work towards getting him there.

The Evolution System can be simplified into two separate portions: transformation and brawn. The transformation portion is fairly straightforward and linear.

Patapon 2 Evolution Map Screenshot 3

As you progress through the game, you’ll find basic materials and ka-ching that you can bring back to Mater to transmogrify each Patapon to a much deadlier Rarepon. Each evolution has a neat little tag that will tell you exactly what you need. So if you are one Kuneri Fang short of a Pyopyo…you know what to do (hint: kill some more enemies!)

Evolution_Map_01 copy

Now that you’ve transmogrified your cute little Patapon into a menacing Pyopyo, you have two options: continue the transmogrification (into another Rarepon) or you can put your Pyopyo through bootcamp and make him stronger. This is the brawn portion of the Evolution System, where you’ll be able to unlock each Rarepon’s special power.

Patapon 2 Evolution Map screenshot 2

So what are the benefits of leveling up vs. transmogrifying? Well for starters, you can only unlock some of the new Patapon troops. For example, a Robopon can only be unlocked if you’ve fully transmogrified a Tatepon (unlocked all his forms). Each Rarepon also has special abilities such as resistance to fire, ice or sleep attacks while some Rarepons can attack faster or take more damage. It’s important to have a diversified army of various types of Rarepons. This will ensure supreme victory over the Karmen.

In contrast, leveling up does not unlock new Rarepons, but instead it makes your Rarepon’s abilities much stronger.

Patapon 2 Rarepon Level 1 Patapon 2 Rarepon Level 5 Patapon 2 Rarepon Level 10

Level 1(Buff)————————–Level 5 (Semi-Buff) ——————–Level 10 (Ultra Buff)

The difference between a baseline Pyopyo (who is somewhat strong against ice attacks) and his ultra-buff version Pyokora (which can never be frozen and is lighting quick) can sometimes mean victory or defeat, especially when you are battling a level 5 Manboth (yikes!).

Patapon 2 Combo screenshot

Right about now is when I’ll stop yapping about the great new Evolution System and let you get started on the downloading the demo and experience it yourself. Greg Miller over at IGN gives a pretty cool breakdown of Patapon 2, which might help you on some of your missions as well. Just try to ignore the awesome 9.5 rating we got…no really…don’t even look at it (pssst! We got a 9.5!).

With all this talk about the new Evolution System and the awesome reviews Patapon 2 is getting, I almost forgot to let you know that your PSP or PS3 can also be transmogrified into a much better PSP or PS3 by downloading the free new Patapon 2 Battleground theme available now on the PSN!

Patapon 2 Battlefield PS3 theme

That’s it for today, and next week we’ll celebrate the Cinco de Pata-yo!

Chris HM

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  • Pata-pata-pata-pon!

  • See I never played the first one but I downloaded the demo and I have to say this game is addicting. So I might have to buy the first one and this one now.

  • What’s the size? I don’t even see the size of it mentioned on the store! I don’t have enough memory on my 4 gb stick…

    I hope you release the PSP Go! or whatever you’re releasing with internal memory.

  • Stinkinmushroom

    best game of 2009 so far. Already finished it twice :)

    Can’t wait for Patapon 3!

  • I miss the days of Chris’s witty comment responses :( He was all about it for his HSG / Patapon 1 posts! And I remember this well, simply because I really enjoy his posts > all other authors.

    Thanks for the pata-demo, btw; already have it downloaded on the PSP, plan on playing it tonight. As a fan of the first Patapon, I’m looking forward to this next entry in the series..

  • @3

    I believe Kotaku said somewhere between 350 and 400MB, can’t remember the exact amount.

  • The next PSP better have dual analogue sticks and an HD screen. If not then no sale! If not both then the dual analogue.

  • The Patapon 2 demo clocks in at 100MB.

  • I’m not buying a PSP game unless it’s on UMD. If you wanted this to be download only then it should’ve just been a PSN game that you could download for the PS3 (at least then you could include trophies).

  • I agree, PSP DL game should have the option to be played via your Dual Shock on your PS3.

  • Hello Chuck, many, many people on this blog have requested Patapon 1 to be released on PSN for PS3 but it seems these comments are more often than not ignored. So are these comments at least being considered, is there a chance it may happen, it’s not financially viable? The whole complete lack of information thing is getting a bit tiresome.

    • Hi Kenshin, wish there was some information to share! We communitcate these requests with the team in Japan and I personally agree that Patapon on PS3 would be awesome, but I do understand that converting a PSP game into a PS3 game may not be as easy as a process as one might think. As much as the team would like to invest their resources with a project like this, I think they want to focus on bringing new Patapon experiences to the fans. With that said, know we\’ll keep on reminding them about a PS3 version! :)

  • No disk no sale, and if a DD PSP is coming like all the rumors say, well thanks for the big F U Sony, countless UMD’s that are soon to be worthless.

  • Pata-Pata–OnlineOnlyPurchase–….aww damn it.

    Sorry guys no disc no buy, I’ll support a dual system of Disc and Download, but not one or the other. Give me Discs or give my PSP death.

    Also I really wouldn’t toss Mr. Millers name around like it has some sort of meaning. He’s the sort that gives our sort a bad name (gamers), honestly after his review of Lair I still find it hard to take anything he says at face value.

  • @Stinkinmushroom

    holy molly that was fast.

  • @3
    According to the rumor mill the PSP GO! will feature a 16 and 8 gig configurations to replace the UMD drive on the unit.

    Honestly if I were you, I’d avoid this model and go for the PSP2000 or PSP3000. You can actually get a 16 GIG stick configuration off Amazon now for under 100 dollars. Check the forums they’ll walk you through what you need. So you can still buy games off the PSN, but you’ll also be able to at least get access to hte various PSP titles already available on UMD. Another bonus is if you don’t enjoy the game or have grown tired of it you can at least refer back to the used games market to get it out of your hands and a new game into your hands.

    Worst part about it is Sony won’t hand the savings down to us and we’ll still be paying between 30 to 40 for these games. If you want to add insult to injury congress is working (AGAIN) on finding a way to tax online purchases, it looks like nasty business and I don’t want to be tied to that mess either.

    PSP GO! is just a bum deal avoid it like the plague. Downloads are ok, but they should never be the exclusive means of getting games no matter what your position is on download or disc.

  • @15

    Since we are relying on rumors, its quite convenient to leave out the rumors that there would be kiosks to transfer existing UMD’s to the PSP Go!, or that Sony is planning on offering over 100 games for download in the PSN upon launch.
    Who knows what the PSP Go! is going to allow or what functions will be added or removed. Its probably best not to pre-judge the PSP Go! until we actually know what’s different about it.

    It is true that, typically speaking, you can’t resell digital downloads, though. This is true with Live, WiiWare, the PSN, Steam, etc. And once (or if) the PSP goes all digital, has it even been stated as a fact that $30 to $40 will remain the price point? This very well could be true, but at this point in time its certainly not a fact. I know that current PSN titles are usually priced the same as the disc copies, but there are probably several reasons for this: for example, Sony (or any other company) may not want to undercut retailers by offering the same title at a lower price.

  • I’m spending way to much time at the bathroom at work playing this game, love it!

    But, can you please release a soundtrack for the game. I love the music.

  • @KazeEternal

    Who are you to speak ill of Mr Miller?What makes your opinion of digital downloads any more important than Greg’s opinion on Lair.If you didn’t agree with the review of the game that doesn’t make his review less valid.

    No details have even been confirmed on a new PSP so stop spreading your misinformation .

    Patapon is a day one digital buy from me thanks for all the great gaming goodness




  • According to, the file size is 610MB

  • @16
    I didn’t hear those rumors about the kiosks, so I wouldn’t say that I neglected to add anything to my post about the rumor. After all it is a rumor and not commonly known to everyone.

    However I have spoken to individuals within best buy, gamestop, and target and they seem to be unwilling to sacrifice floor space for a kiosk that essentially makes them no money. Honestly the kiosk idea kind of sucks, especially faced with the possibility of dealing with release day lines. (this was back before the idea of a PSP GO was announced as I was concerned this is where Sony might go).

    Also I’m basing this off the fact that none of the games on the PS Store have fallen below their release day prices and stayed there. Tekken 5 DRO a game that should rightfully be 15 dollars by now is still 30 dollars. Why is this? Haven’t seen Socom, Warhawk, or Gran Turismo drop in price either and these games are priced about what they would have been on disc.

    It stands to reason sony will keep the pricing structure and shaft us with 30 to 40 dollar titles and never drop the prices on the PS Store with time.

  • @18
    Who am I? I’m a gamer that really gave Lair a good go and took the time to really understand the games mechanics. Millers Reviews are childish and somewhat lacking in any real quality. While at times I agree with him, there are moments where it’s like “Really Greg? that’s what you’re going with here? An opinion instead of a suggestion?” When someone asks you if a movie was good do you simply say “it sucks” and be done with it? No you think about it and try to see if the movie is something that person might enjoy before bashing it clear into next week. Which is what he did with lair.

    As far as the PSP Go! rumors are concerned, I have not once claimed they were fact on this blogs comment section. So it isn’t misinformation if we’re not saying it is the truth or an announcement. This rumor heavily effects are community as a whole if it is true and Patapon 2 being the test bed for such a device is the perfect place to discuss it.

  • Why hype a demo by pre-order for exclusivity if you guys keep pulling this?

  • Chuck Lacson replied on May 1, 2009 at 5:37 pm

    I really do appreciate you taking the time to comment on this. Usually things are ignored on the site as if there is some sort of X-File`esque cover up. See nothing, Hear nothing. Although there is an obvious outcry.

    Something as simple as what you’ve wrote is all us consumers want. Just keep us in the loop you know?

    Thanks Again.

  • RurouniSaiya-jin

    Wow. This new Evolution system sounds like its going to add quite a lot of depth to the game. Add that depth to the depth we’ll get from having three more units to choose from and that’s…

    *does some experiments in a chem lab, zero G simulator before returning and punching in some numbers into a calculator*

    …A lot of depth! Can’t wait for this game ^,^

  • Poopookakabumbum

    Are the people who are upset about this game being UMD-less ever going to be addressed? Or are you going to continue to ignore them Chuck?

    The way things stand now, you might as well be spitting in their faces with the way you’ve acted.

  • I want to play this game, but all I have is a 32kb/s dial-up connection, and it’s the best thing I can get where I live.

    I won’t be able to play this now, since getting a stable connection going is a rare feat, and accessing the PSN is simply out of the question.

    I can’t play it if it’s not on UMD. Why isn’t it being released on UMD like it was everywhere else? Why am I being abandoned? ;_;

  • To the pro-digital crowd — WE GET IT — and I’m glad Sony’s digital distribution plan fulfills your needs. But that doesn’t make alternate pro-UMD choices or statements any less valid, nor is there any valid excuse for the continued hostily some have shown to those whose opinions differ from your own.

    What type of world would we have if people simply accepted everything that corporations or governments presented to them “as is” — where nobody cared enough to give their opinions or protest controversial decisions or policies? Maybe communist USSR or China… or worse. Rosa Parks’ defiance helped begin the Civil Rights Movement; groups of upset fans successfully petitioned to get STAR TREK and FAMILY GUY renewed; Coca-Cola received nearly 500,000 angry calls and letters when they announced New Coke.

    These people believed in something so much that they took time out of their lives to do something about it… be it with rallys and protests, letter writing campaigns, phone calls, or posting in blogs. They did not back down and accept things as they were because “it’s just easier” or because “that’s just the way it is.”

    Were all these people “throwing childish fits” (as one blogger puts it)?

    [cont. on #29]

  • [cont. from #28]

    Obviously civil rights, New Coke and UMDs are vastly different matters. As these examples show, people find importance in different areas; what is important to one person is not necessarily important to another. But while the medium might be different, the message is exactly the same: “If you don’t stand up for what you believe in, who will?” (For added emphasis, imagine Howard Beale-inspired shouts of “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!” echoing from the rooftops…)

    Regarding the continued survival of UMDs, if gamers like myself don’t dispute this matter, then the battle is already lost — Sony likely assumes that no one cares about UMDs (and/or PATAPON 2), and what began as a “one-time test” becomes policy the following day. By providing our thoughts on this matter and holding our ground, we can help show Sony that simultaneous UMD and DD releases are the best solution at this time, since different gamers have such different needs.

    Or if UMDs are considered so problematic, then release games on your own Memory Stick PRO Duo format. (Nintendo has obviously had extreme success with their memory card format for the DS.)

    [cont. on post #30]

  • [cont. from #29]

    If you are against Sony’s digital distribution-only model for PATAPON 2 and other future titles, then SPEAK UP and let Sony know the reasons why you want a UMD (or Memory Stick PRO Duo) edition… and if you support simultaneous UMD/MSPD and DD releases, let them know as well. The better informed Sony is of our gaming needs, the better they can serve us, and the better their profits will be. For those who care only about digital distribution, we respect your choices… we only ask that you respect our opinions in return.

    Many folks have already addressed the meaning of “choice” for the consumer – and why gamers like ourselves essentially have NO “choice” when it comes to obtaining a physical copy of PATAPON 2.

    “Choice” is having the ability to purchase PATAPON 2 via:
    • UMD Disc, or
    • PSN Download

    When you remove the UMD from the equation, all “choice” is obliterated — it now becomes an “ultimatum”, a take-it-or-leave-it deal.

    And that simply is not acceptable.

    [cont. on #31]

  • [cont. from #30]

    Remember, PSP gamers are comprised of many different people of varied ages, with distinct needs and capabiliies. Not everyone has broadband service… or narrowband… or a computer. Or can afford a 16 GB card. Just because some of you gamers have access to these materials doesn’t mean everyone else does as well.

    Hopefully Sony will relent and eventually give PATAPON 2 the proper domestic UMD release it so richly deserves. (This should be a relatively easy proposition, considering cover art and a printed manual have already been created and/or printed).

    Of course, in the end, there is always the option of importing an English-language UMD of PATAPON 2 from the UK (£17.99/~US$26.73 or several other regions. Unfortunately, our U.S. PATAPON saves will not transfer over to any import editions of the game… so be it.

    Thankfully the option is there, and it has allowed me to import disc-based (UMD & BD) retail versions of several awesome PSP & PS3 games released only as PSN downloads in the U.S. And I will continue to make such import purchases so long as SCEA continutes to alienate the “physical media” crowd.

    [cont. on #32]

  • [cont. from #31]

    Oh, and for what it’s worth:

    I’m 45…
    My PSP holds a 16 GB Pro Duo Mk II card, and…
    I have one hell of a fast broadband line.

    And I refuse to spend my money on digital downloads of ANY type, prefering to own physical media (ORIGINALS — no copies!!!) under every circumstance. That includes:
    • 5000+ LDs
    • 8000+ DVDs
    • 110+ HDs/BDs
    • 2300+ games (complete w/original boxes/cases/manuals/inserts & in new/near mint condition)

    Oh — for the person who asked in a previous blog entry — yes, I own CDs of EVERYTHING I care to listen to.

    If I’m paying full prices for merchandise, I expect to get something tangible in return.

    (Believe it or not, but I’ve never purchased digital music, movie or game downloads… nor have I ever rented a movie — VHS/LD/DVD or PPV — or a game.)

    So there.

    And my sincerest apologies for the length…

  • i love the idea of digital distribution. it’s so much more convinient in so many ways

  • I played the Demo to the first one and thought it was fun but I never bought it, that’s about to change, consider both 1 and 2 SOLD, great job guys!!!:D

  • And there we have it folks – only old geezers who fear change stubbornly refuse to embrace digital distribution. Well, old geezers and paranoid conspiracy theorists pondering the fate of servers run by companies even as large as Sony.

    I’m sure they’re still holding their breath for the Blu-ray release of independent games like Flower and PixelJunk Eden… good luck with that.

  • Digital Downloads are nice for those that can afford the connection fees and the broadband hardware. But there is nothing as good as having a physical copy if you have to remove the game for some reason and don’t have the broadband needed to download again…

    Plus physical media can’t be corrupted while downloading because of Sunspots degrading the electrical grid causing the server farm to loose power in the middle of the download thus corrupting the downloaded file…

    That is something to think about, SONY…

  • This guy wrote a whole letter HAHA

  • i want to play patapon on PS3 is such a great game i would love to played it on my big tv…hope u can do something

  • Chuck, thanks for your reply. I appreciate it and I’m sure many others who read the blog do too.

  • No UMD, no thanks.

  • and you can have UMD version RIGHT NOW :)

  • As soon as that new PSP gets out(which offcourse is coming this fall), I’ll that and this game! Love that it is digital download only…trying out new grounds = win!

  • I hear crickets in my empty UMD chamber when they should be war cries from the mighty Patapon army.

    no UMD no buy.

  • @41
    We Shouldn’t have to import a copy of the game to be happy with our purchase.

    That is like telling us that we can go on Ebay to get a backward compatible PS3.

    In either case you’re still kicking your fanbase in the balls.

    Last time a game company did something like this to me they were saying “Quality over Quantity” and released a cartridge based system when the technology was clearly moving to CD’s, and the industry adopting a friendly publishing policy. I ended up no longer buying that companies games or systems and ended up on PlayStation as more of the games I wanted were being brought over from Japan and more unorthodox titles were being given a chance.

  • @20

    I guess thats why doesn’t have a fourm or a blog


  • The lacking retail version was really a missed opportunity for SCEA in my opinion. The retail version could have been the pre-loaded game on a respectively sized Memory stick (1-4 Gig at the low end of the spectrum), would give someone a slight incentive to consider using it for another PSN download (even a coupon for a discount through the store in the package might have nudged some further.)

    Then again, I’m going to continue consider other games over the current Patapon 2 release (even though I’ve been waiting for it for a while.) I feel it was poor judgment on SCEA’s part to announce the lack of a UMD release so close to the release date.

  • If Sony wanted to run a DD test, then they should have picked a different game – Resistance, MLB 09 – something that doesn’t cater to only the niche crowd.

    I, like others, would like some kind of response, but given Sony’s history with replying, I’m not going to hold my breath. So with that, I will give you the same respect you have given to your fans – a big ‘ol middle finger.

  • @35 triple_lei

    Nice assumptions. Only ‘old geezers’, and crazy people want it on UMD.

    Oh yeah, and people who won’t be able to play it if it’s in DD-only form, and people who care about their end-user rights.

    But they’re not ‘real’ fans, so screw them right?

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