Pata-Post Friday: Demo Day and New Evolution System

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Great news peoples of the blog! The long-awaited much-anticipated PlayStation Network Patapon 2 Demo has been released for mass consumption (i.e. everyone!), so set your PSPs to download and get ready for the war-tastic ethereal musical bliss known as Patapon 2.

Patapon2 PSP game demo icon

What you get, get, get with this fantastic free download is five levels of pure greatness full of Hero Patapon, Patagate, Mater the Tree of Life and all the evolution you can shake a Darwin-sized stick at.

Patapolis in Patapon 2

So let’s rewind a bit: back in the glorious days of Patapon 1, this majestic perennial (above) was the birthing (and reviving) spot of all Patapon warriors. If you had a couple of rare items and coffers full of ka-ching, you could grow yourself some Rarepons…but it was a bit of a gamble.

Enter Patapon 2, and introducing Mater 2.0, now with Evolution System! It’s Patapon creation and reanimation minus the guess work! With the new Evolution System you can clearly see your Patapon’s potential and work towards getting him there.

The Evolution System can be simplified into two separate portions: transformation and brawn. The transformation portion is fairly straightforward and linear.

Patapon 2 Evolution Map Screenshot 3

As you progress through the game, you’ll find basic materials and ka-ching that you can bring back to Mater to transmogrify each Patapon to a much deadlier Rarepon. Each evolution has a neat little tag that will tell you exactly what you need. So if you are one Kuneri Fang short of a Pyopyo…you know what to do (hint: kill some more enemies!)

Evolution_Map_01 copy

Now that you’ve transmogrified your cute little Patapon into a menacing Pyopyo, you have two options: continue the transmogrification (into another Rarepon) or you can put your Pyopyo through bootcamp and make him stronger. This is the brawn portion of the Evolution System, where you’ll be able to unlock each Rarepon’s special power.

Patapon 2 Evolution Map screenshot 2

So what are the benefits of leveling up vs. transmogrifying? Well for starters, you can only unlock some of the new Patapon troops. For example, a Robopon can only be unlocked if you’ve fully transmogrified a Tatepon (unlocked all his forms). Each Rarepon also has special abilities such as resistance to fire, ice or sleep attacks while some Rarepons can attack faster or take more damage. It’s important to have a diversified army of various types of Rarepons. This will ensure supreme victory over the Karmen.

In contrast, leveling up does not unlock new Rarepons, but instead it makes your Rarepon’s abilities much stronger.

Patapon 2 Rarepon Level 1 Patapon 2 Rarepon Level 5 Patapon 2 Rarepon Level 10

Level 1(Buff)————————–Level 5 (Semi-Buff) ——————–Level 10 (Ultra Buff)

The difference between a baseline Pyopyo (who is somewhat strong against ice attacks) and his ultra-buff version Pyokora (which can never be frozen and is lighting quick) can sometimes mean victory or defeat, especially when you are battling a level 5 Manboth (yikes!).

Patapon 2 Combo screenshot

Right about now is when I’ll stop yapping about the great new Evolution System and let you get started on the downloading the demo and experience it yourself. Greg Miller over at IGN gives a pretty cool breakdown of Patapon 2, which might help you on some of your missions as well. Just try to ignore the awesome 9.5 rating we got…no really…don’t even look at it (pssst! We got a 9.5!).

With all this talk about the new Evolution System and the awesome reviews Patapon 2 is getting, I almost forgot to let you know that your PSP or PS3 can also be transmogrified into a much better PSP or PS3 by downloading the free new Patapon 2 Battleground theme available now on the PSN!

Patapon 2 Battlefield PS3 theme

That’s it for today, and next week we’ll celebrate the Cinco de Pata-yo!

Chris HM

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