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It’s Rusty Buchert from SCEA Santa Monica again and I’m here to talk to you about another experiment from the demoscene that will be coming down the pipeline later this year. This one is called .detuned and is made by .theprodukkt, who has been involved in the demoscene for quite a while now. They have done some interesting pieces, which includes .kkrieger, an FPS that is all done with one 96k file.

.detuned is a bit of an odd beast that offers an abstract and surreal interactive experience like nothing else. It is not exactly a game or an art piece like Linger in Shadows. It allows you to create your own visual to accompany your favorite music tracks on the XMB, and using the SIXAXIS™ Wireless Controller, you will be able to manipulate the given scene by interacting with and modifying a man and his world. It even lets you tweak your music as you play with it.

Check out some of the photos below.

.deTuned .deTuned

.deTuned .deTuned

It’s all in your hands!

That’s all I can offer for now. Continue to check here for the latest updates!

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  • Whoa…….let’s see how this one goes.

  • One word:

    When ?

  • Awesome! I’m sold…

  • Looks interesting, keep up the unique content, I like it.

  • wait, i can use MY OWN music and make MY OWN visuals?! SOLD!!

  • I’m trying this when I’m completely intoxicated!

  • SO is it like Audiosurf? I don’t mean exactly like it but the music aspect of it? If its anything like it its gonna be great.

  • Free would be a good price tag. ;)

    Looks great though!

  • Great to see Sony’s continued support of indie software.

  • Looks and sounds totally interesting. Depending on the price, I might be sold.

  • cool looking forward to it. Good to hear from you again

  • That is some wild and wacky stuff… color me intrigued!

  • What will the price be for this? It sounds interesting.

  • Wow, looks and sounds awesome. I can’t wait.

  • Nice! The music playback feature on the PS3 could use some innovation!

    I’ve seen other theprodukkt works before and when I first read about Linger in Shadows and the demoscene on this blog I immediately thought about them.

  • hopefully you can record what you create!

  • Sounds interesting, but I hope it’s more interactive and creative than just moving things around…

    Maybe I’m still just disappointed with all the PS Eye downloads that don’t do enough…

  • almighty-slayer

    Sounds pretty awesome. Looking forward to seeing more of this.

  • Damn! This has possibly been the best week ever for this blog:

    -Uncharted beta with inFamous preorder
    -Uncharted multiplayer information and video
    -MAG gameplay trailor
    -Exclusive Marvel Vs Capcom 2 demo
    -Pixel Junk 1-4 Contest and gameplay video
    -PSN Battlefield game and Gordon Van Dykes’ 80+ replies (he better get that platinum Sony)
    -White Knight Chronicles information
    -This new interactive experience, .deTuned

    I hope this continues into next week and remains solid. Great job on all the EXCLUSIVE content Sony Blog!

    Keep. It. Up.

  • Is this going to have 16 incredibly easy trophies?

  • Its gonna be a game/application or a new music visualizer ?
    (Like the one with the 3D earth)

    • This is actually a seperate application. A ong and convoluted story as to why, but it is an app.



  • Haha yes! I saw the concept art for this on the free QORE episode. :)

  • I heard about this the other day and was so curiously excited! I don’t understand it, but I want it!

  • Lol, looks totally weird in a eerie kind of way.

  • Show us a video demonstration!

  • Loved LiS so I can’t wait for this. Woot!

  • Video please

  • I do hope you’ll be able to have a woman instead of a man as well :S

  • So this is what those screenshots I saw in the most recent Qore were.

  • StalkingSilence

    Can’t wait to hear more about this at E3. Interested in the licensing/legalities when uploading music to your servers. This looks pretty rad. Love the experimental stuff (well except Noby Noby Boy).

  • This is exactly why I love the Playstation 3. You deliever new and different experiences than Xbox Live!. Sure, they have just a shear amount of games, but you guys kill them in new and innovative variety that really let you play games a different way. I loved how Linger In Shadows was so cheap, hopefully this one is under 3 or 4 dollars at most.

    I love the exclusives, keep them coming for the PS3, and the Playstation Portable. If fun and priced well, I will keep buying!

  • Count me in day one.

  • TheInfectedBy590

    Seems pretty interesting.

  • This is interesting.

    More, please, yes.

  • @20: We still got tomorrow, maybe this week could get even better.

  • Wow, I’m intrigued. This is perfect to allow for more unique visual experiences from the XMB while playing music.

  • This is awesome!

    I have one question tho.. Why my music files are not working anymore on my ps3, some work some dont and it says that it is not compatible, they used to work before the last update and i dont feel like putting all my cds again in my ps3, is there anything i can do to make them work again?


    • Hi THere,

      Just wondering are they MP3\’s or WMAs? If they are WMA\’s double check the setting in the settings portion of the XMB, maybe it got switched off? Otherwise I don\’t know. Hrmmm.


  • Like number 2 said : When? And How much?

  • TRIPPY!!!

  • When? How much?

    if not more expensive than linger in shadows then i’ll just give it a try, i like arty things

  • This is gonna be COOL!

    This is why I own a PS3!


  • Awesome, glad to see more demoscene stuff coming to the PSN!

  • I just KNOW I’m gonna love this!

  • @20 it’d be better if we got a Demon Souls’ release date in NA since there’s no translation needed to be done by SCEA

  • Wicked

  • pssh im not wasting money on this like i did on linger in shadows

  • Looks good. Might grab it because I’m a visualization fanatic. If this thing can do music alterations with a pretty broad range of effects, I’m definitely sold.

  • Sounds fantastic, Rusty. I loved Linger in Shadows. This will be an instant purchase (as long as we’re under $5). I’m not even going to bug you about trophy support, as my mind is boggled as to what kind of trophies you’d have for something like this. Which raises the question– if it’s not a game, or even interactive art (a la LIS), then can Sony mandate trophies for it? heh ;)

    • For projects like this I go with what I feel you guys want/expect. I figure it is the best way to go. As it is projects like this are always a challenge to get people to wrap their head around.



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