Uncharted 2: More Multiplayer Details

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After yesterday’s big Uncharted 2 announcement, I’m sure you’ve got lots of questions. Once the co-op and competitive modes were revealed to the media last week, I know I did. Fortunately, I was able to grab quite a few minutes with Justin Richmond, game designer with Naughty Dog. We chatted about Uncharted 2‘s modes, how melee translates into multiplayer, and the presence of Elena and Sully.

Now, we didn’t forget about *your* questions for Naughty Dog. Chris‘ll have that video for you soon.

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  • Nice interview!

  • will england get the beta codes aswell bundled with infamous

    • Yesterday, ND\’s Evan Wells stated: \”yes, we’re working on getting the beta set up in Europe too (we’ll let you know as soon as we do).\”

  • Game of the year.

  • I’m getting this game :)

  • awesome, i said it before and ill say it now, i cant wait for the game :D

    and im also getting infamous

  • Hey jeff have the fat princess beta codes been sent I got my conformation emailed the info still received nothing please respond thanks.

  • GOOD interview


  • Awesome! The doubters should go away. Naughty Dog is one of the best developers out there and have never let us down. If they wanna make a good single and multiplayer game, they can.

  • Cant wait for this game, gunna be awesome…..hopefully :)

  • Crap. I forgot to ask this in my last post. Will the game be rated T or M? Thanks.

  • Awesome. So, it seems like it’ll be comparable to MGO, except with much more fluid motion.

    Other than melee, what other mechanics needed to be removed / adjusted for multiplayer?

    Are enemies in co-op going to be the bullet sponges they are in the first game?

  • awesome can’t wait
    my question:

    is only 5v5? is it possible to getting more players in the future or final release?
    something lik e8v8 or 10v10


  • Looks really great. I dont know if this has been asked before but is there going to be split screen co-op? It’s always a lot of fun to play co-op in the same room with friends or family.

  • Another great interview! Thanks Jeff!

    I’m looking forward to Chris’ videos as well. Tell him to get a move on. :-)

  • I really hope you guys are doing same system co op. Me and my buddy would have a blast playing this, playing online wouldn’t be the same experience.

    Are you guys doing same system co op?

  • please Please PLEASE add in maps/settings from the first game for competitive mode.

    Please. I wanna play competitive modes in the beautiful jungle landscapes from the first game. It shouldn’t be difficult,,, you already did all the hard work making them in the first place.

    I am already buying this game day one. But its my birthday in a couple weeks, so this could be your gift to me.


  • will it custom sound tracks
    will it have anything to do with home

  • Please give us big maps, tired of little mazes.

  • Nice, but we need more details on the beta for the EUROPEAN region. Will the ‘Buy Infamous and get Uncharted2 beta voucher’ be applicable in European terrritories as well, or will the beta be invite-only?

  • Thanks Jeff!

  • Yes, GOTY.

  • I was incredibly skeptical/angry to the idea of multiplayer in Uncharted 2 when it was first announced but now I’m starting to warm up to it. Can’t wait to play the beta.

  • WorldWide Servers?????

  • When he mentioned the store at the end, did he mean real life money or ingame gold with which you can buy those upgrades jeff?

  • Yeah.. but.. Can I have it now?

  • I guess there is no doubt I’ll be playing Uncharted 2 multiplayer. Hope we can get some leaderboards and a stat based website.I love some stats(swoons at Killzone 2)

  • can i buy infamous from anywhere and still get access to uncharted 2 beta?

  • As long as singleplayer is equal or better than Drake’s fortune I am unconcerned with multiplayer, but it is a bonus.

    If including multiplayer means I get a jilted singleplayer experience I will be a very unhappy.

  • can i buy infamous from any store and still get acess to the beta or is the beta a perk for a specific store? If so what store?

  • So Jeff how did the Multiplayer and co op “FEEL”? I know you had a chance to play it well at least I hope you did.

    Pre-ordered inFamous and now I gotta def pre-order this.

  • Amazing interview ! BTW, the inFamous countdown link on the right brings you to the Killzone 2 page.

  • This game will be as awesome as Jeremy Maclin

    and big Like Jason Peters

  • Nice work Jeff.. Although I felt like he really didn’t understand your 1st questions cause I kept waiting for him to answer like about some brand new game mode but he just kept talking about how they kept the feel of offline over to online.. Lmao

    Either way this game is going to be sick. I really think that when it comes out its going to break 1st days,week and month sales for a PS3 game.. The reaction that I see all over the internet for this game is tremendous. Even the other guys are jealous. Lol

  • Thx for the answer jeff :), day 1 buy for me.

  • Hey Jeff, the inFAMOUS countdown banner is linked to killzone2. As a thank you i wouldnt mind an Uncharted2 MP Beta key :D

  • Can two people play on 1 machine or is coop over PSN only?

  • Very polite of the PSblog to let other sites get their articles up, and get hits before the blog. :D

    Anyway, I love these interviews, and this interview had a better rapport than usual, this guy was not such a difficult interviewee.

  • I love PS Exclusive games (Wish 8 Days and The Getaway were still on though since I’m not into multiplayer)…they’re like butta.

    After KZ2, Uncharted, GT5P and WipEout…I’ve fully justified my console’s price and anything moving forward is gravy.

    MMMMM….butta and gravy…I need some scones.

    Jeff…re: Kyle’s email…it is in the public domain since he puts it in his press releases so didn’t think it was a prob to post here. Shan’t do it again.


  • I love my PS3 more and more everyday.

  • @35…

    Nice catch.

    Me too me too!

  • Sweet can’t wait to help them perfect the online in June.

  • That was an excellent interview jeff, PS blog has really improved over the past months.

    Looking forward to uncharted 2!

  • Good job on the intervie Jeff.
    I wonder if anyone has the answer to these questions:

    Is co-op online only or can you do co-op offline(ie two-or-3 controllers)?

    Also, can you play the competitive multipler split-screen?

  • Most wanted game this year.

  • aw hale yes.

  • I was quite wary of Uncharted 2 getting multiplayer, mostly because I was worried they’d forsake the single player (some of my favourite games this gen have been entirely single player affairs, Uncharted included)…

    And then they made the co-op stand alone. :D

  • Lol @ Ben Dutka comment. Yeah, he’s pretty dead-set on this one being the best console game ever under Metal Gear Solid 4 :p

  • the ingame store sounds awesome.
    so you get in game money from single player and multi player right jeff

  • Speechless.:)

  • Can somebody please upload poster of Uncharted 2 to the flickr?

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