The PSB, SOCOM & Killzone Recap

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Courtesy of Victor Zuylen – Editor, Killzone Community

Courtesy of Cindy “Abigale” Bowens

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  • It’s been a great week overall. Can’t wait for E3, where we’ll get to see more of White Knight Chronicles.

  • Yes a very nice Playstation week. Next week should be really great it’s too bad the Uncharted/Infamous thing has leaked (which I won’t spoil just in case anybody hasn’t seen it), but I hope we see lots of new gameplay videos of both those titles.

  • I think we will get some info about WKC before E3. :-)

  • Great week indeed!
    What I´d really like though is to get a sound when we get messages and the option to disable it whenever we want as well as a little icon showing the amount of new messages and the amount of friends online. Some more theme options and some new windows colours would be great too

  • Great week !!!
    i think next week will be better , when we get to see all the info you guys have from this past week , hey Chris do you know if Sucker Punch has been sharing technology with other first or second party studios?? , next week should be great too

  • Good week, but hurry it up with those PS1 games :) .

  • I thought the PSP update was 99% useless like most others. The only thing that might get use by me is the sub folder addition.

    I would love nothing more than to be able to take screen shots of anything on the PSP screen at any point in time. I know it can be done because those who wish to go the “evil” way can do it and the Iphone can as well. It’s the only feature I want and I know i’m only one person but I am sure it would be widely receieved more so than an information ticker.


  • man, can’t wait for the video interviews next week..

  • Hey Jeff, when are you gonna announce Uncharted 2’s crappy tacked on multiplayer and how we can get it if we get InFamous?
    I’m not very happy about the decision to force online to Uncharted. Weak.

    A pure single player game was wanted, no one asked for online. I love ND but I don’t even think they can pull this off.

  • great week and when are u guys posting the MAg,infamous, and Bioshock 2 answers?

    • Stay tuned soon for the former, but we won\’t be interviewing the BioShock 2 team for another week at least.

  • Can we have a Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time Collector’s Edition? And if we can, can we have a survey for it, like with God of War 3?

  • Great week. You need to add more PS1 games, but other then that, awesome!

  • @10, naughty dog are very talanted developers. Any addition of multiplayer would be welcomed, and I am sure that it would not harm the Single Player portion of the game. I think that we all need to accept that in the modern videogame industry, multiplayer is the norm and that simply appears to be the road that we are going down.

  • I think you should stop covering Socom all together. I think its absolutely mind wrecking that Slant 6 is even bothering putting stuff on the website about their new PSP title. Sony your out of your minds if you think I’ll ever bother purchasing a title from Slant 6 after the cluster that was Socom Confrontation. I even defended that game for awhile.

    Shame on you.

  • im so stoked for inFamous! cant wait for more stuff on MAG too!

  • hey Chris i’ve been to 3 best buy stores here in New York City none of them have the inFAMOUS pre order bonus( early access to the demo) in fact none of them know anything about it , you know whats going on??? i mean i wanna get early access to the demo ( even though i dont like the idea of having to pre order a game but i really wanna try it )

  • hey, what’s up chris. thanks for the recap. maybe you’ll go a different route than jeff but, we’ll see… Look, we just want a “yes we hear you and we are working on it” and maybe even a “looks like end of summer or fall” for the date. I’m obviously talking about in-game/x-game voice chat/messaging and invites. I know there is more but primarily that. Please don’t shrug us off. an honest answer and acknowledgement that we are being heard and answered is all we want. thanks for the info. none the less…

  • Yeah, really not enthusiastic about Uncharted 2 multiplayer. I blame reviewers who maybe docked points on the first game for replayability. Maybe next time ND can ask the fans if they want it or not.

  • Nex week just see people ps blog gonna murder the 360

  • More Info on Socom update 1.5 would be nice, you know a “We’re about 6-8 weeks away” or something like that. Otherwise the tournies will be nice. How about info on any Maps that are forthcoming?…

  • Can’t say I’m excited about the beta…. Some games just don’t need an MP! Now if its co-op, then I can see it, but as far as competitive PM goes, I’d rather play games that were built for it from the ground up.

    Anyways, now I have to buy Infamous. Damn you Sony!


    – Universal Game Invites and Join Session Button(XMB)

    – Voice Mail and Private Voice Chat in-game

    – Add OPTIONAL sound for notifications(sign on, new messages,etc.)

    – symbols and numbers that show friends online and new messages on the XMB and beside message box

    – Auto Sync Trophies

    – More developed profiles + mentioned options on profiles(refer to image below)

    – Report feature to report issues and stuff

    – Faster loading in-game XMB and profiles

    – When you receive a message you should be able to push the PS button
    for it to automatically pop up as long as the notification is still

    – More Avatars

    – XMB for movies, browser and PS2

  • Chris, if so, can u please implement the feature to delete games off ‘my trophies’ for games that you have no trophies (0%) in.

    and maybe delete games that u have trophies in case you are a trophy completionist and you can’t get all of the trophies.

    For example, when my friend came over we played a game for like 15 minutes and we didnt get any trophies, now i have it on ‘my trophies’ and i can’t get trophies for it.
    Please Chris, you don’t know how much i would apreciate it.

    • I wish I had specifics for you, but rest assured that we take all your feedback in to consideration. So this is good stuff to know.

  • oh yeah and chris can you please reply to to 24, just so i know what the answer is.

  • I dont mean to sound like an ideot, but when is E3?

    And has takahshi said anything about when the multiboy update is going to be released?

  • E3 is from June 2-4.

    And IDK I don’t really pay attention to Noby Noby…

  • I’d like to second what #24 said. Deleting games (as well as reseting trophies for it) would be a welcomed feature.

  • When is SCEA going to start implimenting a proper Digital distrubution stratagy for the PSP in North America?

    BTW proper is Every retail release offered as a UMD in store AND a Download on PSN(simutaniously, not one or the other, not one six months after the other, both at the same time), and a constant flow of $10ish download only games like the PS3 gets.

    Oh and more PSone games.

    The DSi has only been out for 3 weeks and it already has 9 DSiware games. The PSP in 4 years only has 11 download only games.

    When are you going to wake up and stop dragging your heels SCEA?

    Patapon 2 going download only as a “test” is a horrible plan that will likely backfire.

  • So for my very first comment on the playstation blog, i’m going to ask…when’s the next firmware update?

  • God, im so excited for looks like such a masterpiece…I love you SONY and your exclusives!!=D

  • Well my ps3 is downloading patches a lot faster now, so if someone fixed that, thanks :)

  • I know this is way off topic :D + nothing to do with the USA but in the UK there is a very big Shop that sells Games consoles (+other things) and they had a 2 page spread (in their Mini Magazine) of games consoles and they left out the PS3! :-/ They had the Wii+xBox360+DSi+PS2 but nothing on the PS3(they do sell the PS3 to) That made me VERY SAD :-/ I think it is because the Price of the PS3 is still £299.99 in the UK. I got 1 anyway, but that still p*ssed me off that they didn’t give the PS3 any space :-(

    Oh well keep up the good work guys ;)

  • Dont listen to the haters im sure that with the addition of multiplayer to Uncharted 2 *HOPES FOR CO OP PLEASE!!!!* that it will just expand the experience and enjoyment of the best adventure story on ps3 to date.

  • Chris: I just wanted to say thank you for replying to 24.

    It means alot, im really happy to know that you might actually do this. thanks alot, like i said i really apreciate this.

  • Check out this Seattle Times article on some upcoming Sony titles mentioning InFamous, MAG and more =>


  • Will it ever be possible to hop online and play without your friends seeing your online?

    Basically will we get a feature to block our online status so we don’t get flooded with messages the second we jump online.

  • Hey Chris Morell,
    Would you take my feedback Into consideration aswel :)

    – Universal Game Invites and Join Session Button(XMB)

    ^Is the main feature I want on ps3.

  • Next week should be great!

    I ahve exams each week, so will there be good updated for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday?

    I’d love to have a reward for a hard days graft.

  • lol I liked Chris’ reply to #26

  • I also agree to what #24 (Nick-30) said. I have two games that I only played for like 15 minutes, and now both of them are listed under my trophy list as (0%). Being able to delete them would be really useful since they just get in the way.

  • i would love to see a trophy deleting feature!

  • PS3 needs cross game VOICE chat.

    Release *good* PSN games like Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy VII. Do this because Sony turned their back on RPGs this generation!

    Valkryia Chronicles needs trophies.
    Metal Gear Solid 4 needs trophies.

  • Notice how my comment (#10) was ignored…

  • Why can’t you focus time on offline competitive comabt? You’re neglecting a huge gaming population by focusing only on online.

  • hey can u guys please add ingame xmb for ps1/ps2? because when im playing either of the games i cant check my messages this is in ps3 games so why not put it in ps1/ps2 games also are we going to get ingame voice chat anytime soon? i relly hope thats not a feature your going to leave to the developers because sonic sez: Thats no good!

  • Have you guys been reading the negative comments regarding Patapon 2’s digital only status?

    Because there are some of us who have been waiting over a week for some kind of response.

    It would be nice if somebody actually responded, instead of ignoring dis-satisfied customers.

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