Sack it to Me – The “Picks, Crowns and Fry’s” Edition

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Greetings and Happy Friday LBP’ers! Today’s edition has some cool levels MM has taken notice of, the return of some old friends, and has LittleBigPlanet going to Seattle for some fresh air and some film. Enjoy!

Want to know what levels are worth playing in the eyes of Media Molecule?

Check out some of their latest picks below and see more on their site!

Sackhouette- Forest King’s Request by Luckett_X Adventure in a land of shadows!

Gun&Ran by Ciao_PSN
Helicopters, Trains, and Paintanator Action…Oh my.

Cause and Effect 3 by Triple Tremlo
Makes you want to see Cause and Effect 1 and 2!!!

LBP at NFFTY (National Film Festival for Talented Youth)

NFFTY Logo 09

This weekend, Sackboy will be hitting the red carpet at the National Film Festival for Talented Youth at the Experience Music Project in Seattle, WA.

Attendees will get hands on with LittleBigPlanet in the Planet Illogica lounge and learn more about the how the game has transformed into a new storytelling medium for creative minds all over during “The Art of Storytelling in the 21st Century” workshop session this Sunday. If you are around, come by and visit us! For more information visit-


Sackboy Toys From Mezco

We know they are coming…. but when!?!?! Another reason to love spring ladies and gentlemen! Check out their site for more images of great playthings to come!

If you were a fan of the lovely voice-over work in LBP, then you can rejoice. British Comedian and Actor Stephen Fry confirmed that he will be returning to LittleBigPlanet for the new PSP version. Don’t believe us?

Just check out his Twitter.

Media Molecule has recognized some great contributors to the community and has crowned them royally. Check out who got hooked up and the reasons why…careful…don’t get Sackrolled!


The Creator Pack is on the store now ready to fuel the creative juices….sorry no invisible bike included. (at least this time around!)

LBP Creator pack 1

Sheee’s baaaaack! For all of you who missed out on the pre-order offer when we launched, the day has finally come to get your Nariko on! Not to forget Kai and sweet HS stickers too.

Heavenly Sword mini pack Heavenly Sword mini pack 2

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  • Nice job guys! Keep up the good work. One request, could you guys think about adding some new templates for those who want to create their own levels. Another idea was maybe to have a wallpaper option, just to help people put together a suitable background.

    Thanks for putting together such an amazing game!

  • Creator Pack definitely opens up tons of possibilities. Can’t wait to try them out.

  • Sackhouette is an awesome level, I remember playing it around launch (it’s pretty old) but theirs also a great sequel which is pretty challenging

  • Wow that moving train level looks impressive, will give it a try. Hey MM, i’m hoping you’re going to announce some of your own levels and a new element of the game. As fun as it is to sort through the community levels, sometimes it’s nice to experience something that’s been extremely well polished, by professional developers, na mean?

    Oh, and what i’d really like to see is the main hub/menu evolve. Before the games release (a while before), you released a video of a wicked menu that kinda never came to fruition, but it seemed to have an awesome UI. I’d like to see weekly Top 10s, more levels picked by you guys. The News/Announcements section is unbelievably dead. Just some suggestions.

  • Those toys look awesome, I’ll be getting a ton of those. I can’t wait!

  • lol no invisible bike?

  • Just watched the Cause & effect 3 video. Cool!

  • I checked out the creator pack last night. Neat new toys – thanks MM

  • These are awesome levels. It really makes me sad I cant even create a playable level :(.

  • “She’s Back” – she really should be back though, for Heavenly Sword 2. Let me know when you’ve made the game, k? :)

  • played all the Picks and they were really great !! already have Nariko from a friend
    I’m really glad Stephen Fry is Coming back, how about if he also does some of the voice work in some new tutorials for LBP?

    I’m getting most if not all the LBP toys when they come out..

    Thanks for this week’s “Sack it to Me”

  • NIce! Really need some level packs from you guys..PLEASE!!!!

  • LBP is awesome. One of the best side scrolling games ever made.

    That been said, it sure would be one of the games made much better with Cross game VOICE chat Sony.

  • It would be nice to see a “young kid mode” option added to LBP proper, where checkpoints are all set to be infinite lives. My six year old would get a lot more out of the game. Of course, a kid mode wouldn’t issue trophies and high scores I guess.

  • MM is coming to my city for SIFF? Nice! Any chance Sony/MM will be having a get-together for an event? I’d be happy to stop by and check it out and give my regards to MM/Sony for a great job!

  • Please tell me you guys will continue the Heavenly Sword franchise! Nariko is such a great character!

    Any idea yet what will change from the PS3 to the PSP for LBP? I mean, will it essentally be the same or will it be 2D or what?

  • @ Zookey,

    I’m right there with you bro, bring on another Heavenly Sword game.

  • I can’t wait! Just received LBP and downloading updates right now :)

  • man the invisible bike was the only thing i was looking forward too, you people just keep disapointing………. Im kidding of course i love LBP and cant wait to have SackBoy permently inked onto my body!

  • lawl @ invisible bike

  • awesome, keep the good work!!, cannot wait to play levels made with this new creator packs (i suck creating) the best for me was the golabal light change (or somethin like that) cool stories could get with that

  • Those user-created levels are incredible. I haven’t been on LBP for weeks – this must be rectified!

  • wow gun&ran is probably the most impressive level ive seen so far. that was amazing. but hey mm,great support for the game so far. thanks alot. any word on new dlc like the mgs one? any new gameplay mechanics? hopefully a level pack for when GOWIII is released.

  • Can’t Wait!!!…to try out the pack!!! :P

  • LOVE THE Creator Pack

    Keep The Good Work


  • Mm can you help my problem? Everytime I load up my LBP game it says “Save data is corrupt” and it says if I want to retry or try game data, When I hit ‘try game data’ everything was fine! It saves and loads just fine (like it normally would),This happens EVERY time..But it is becoming a bother,.. This happened after I downloaded the Cornish Yarg update (1.12)..Please help! Thank you!

  • Why do those who already have the Nariko costume have to “repay” for the Nariko costume if they want the rest of the heavenly sword pack content?

  • I noticed in the video Sackboy is standing on the Mm logo wearing the infamous black Week 1 Shirt…

    Is this a sign of something or are you just teasing us? Because I’ve been here since week 1 and I’m still waiting for my shirt…

  • Man I really wanted my invisible bike. :(

    Great updates so far. Would like to see more level packs.

  • Awesome job MM!!! Now if we could only get some more level packs from you guys :)

  • Cool stuff dudes. My question is… When can we get some LBP avatars for our PSN IDs?

  • When are u adding more levels and trophies!!!

  • Why do I have to pay $3 for the Kai costume, when I pre-ordered the game for the Nariko one? Unbelievable.

  • Can I just throw out that whoever had the idea to get Stephen Fry to do the narration was a genius?

  • you guys should post gameplay more , its actually fun to see your gameplay.

  • Should we expect additional creator packs? I’d love to see some sack wings or a superhero cape that makes sackboy fly without the smoke and sound of the jetpack.

  • You know what would have been really great?

    If the game, and user created levels hadn’t been censored for stupid arbitrary reasons.

  • Can’t wait to see all the Day-Night logic gates out there. That could make a level real nice looking.

    My current level has one, and you can only do certain parts at certain times. (One day is 30 seconds, so no long waiting.)

  • Dear Media Molecule:


    That is all.

  • Oh my god I love the cause and effect 3 level. Not so subtle Mouse Trap board game reference ending.

  • =============
    ATTN: Mark Valledor

    There have been MANY questions posted on this blog in recent weeks regarding the “Heavenly Sword Mini-Pack”, yet no one has had the courtesy to provide a response.

    Like many other folks here, I pre-ordered LBP and received the Nariko costume.

    As such, why must we now repurchase the Nariko costume (at full price) in order to receive the new Kai costume + stickers?

    It seems that most of us assumed we’d only need to re-download our Nariko pre-order costume in order to obtain the complete mini-pack (i.e. at no charge)… but that in obviously not the case.

    Kindly allow us to re-download our Narikos to obtain this complete mini-pack, or at least provide us with a discounted upgrade path.

    On a related note, when examining the LBP Store’s “My Content” world, I noticed it no longer lists my Nariko costume (pre-order) — this is the only item “missing”; all my other costume packs are still appearing on the globe. FYI, the Nariko costume parts ARE still available in-game.

    Thanks in advance for any help/answers you can provide.

  • Trying to play LittleBigPlanet with the 1.12 patch ,what the HELL did you people do to the controls? It’s freakin ruined, that Silluette level is TERRIBLE i can’t jump on everything and keep dying, this game is ruined or my controller is spontaneously broken

  • MM, YOUR GAME IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!. Please make another 1.LBP is like youtube and myspace combined. Also I have one suggestion going with the invisible bike. Why don’t you make SuperSack that has cape that can fly without using the jetpack.

  • As soon as my PS3 gets back from being repaired, I’m going straight to my Sackboy. That sounded bad but Whatever.

  • I wonder if it would be possible to put together downloadable packs on the PSN store consisting of user levels? For example a themed pack based on earth/water/fire or amusement park/horror/war or something with each pack containing 5 quality levels. Packs would be free but maybe chosen users could get store vouchers or something. The Sony acidplanet site had something similar where users tracks were bundled into a downloadable podcast, it was pretty popular and rewarding.

  • I concur with BaronBrain and his question.

    For the Heavenly Sword costume/sticker packs, why do we have to pay for them if we pre-ordered and picked Nariko for our bonus?

  • Any chance of seeing a “choose photo from your HDD” option? That would be amazing MM. Thanks for the Creator Pack 1.

  • Awesome levels!
    I’ll have to go heart them all right now. Now, I may be completely ignorant, but will there ever be plush sackboys? I remember a post about some a while ago…….

  • God I to get thing game I want it so bad, i was looking for it at best buy. But they didn’t have at all.

  • So can we expect to see the Mezco/LBP toys here in the UK, or do we have to import?

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