Noby Noby Boy Multiplayer Update

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Last time I talked about the multiplayer update for Noby Noby Boy. Here, let me show you a bit more footage for the update.

I’d like to share a little bit more about Multiplayer. In Single player, the game allows BOY to eat another BOY as well as people and animals, etc. In Multiplayer though, eating everything has some funny consequences. For example, if the head of a 1P BOY eats the rear of a 2P BOY, the two players end up with a combined BOY.

Head: Player 1
Rear: Player 2

This could be very confusing because one BOY is controlled by two players. Moreover, the fact that the game is compatible for up to four players could bring even more chaotic situations. Doesn’t that sound fun?

We are almost there. Please be a little more patient.

But now that GDC is over, I’d like to thank everyone who came to see my panel. I was so relieved to see all of you because I had been so anxious thinking no one would want to hear my stories about the game. As I said in the last post, I didn’t have the time to put together what I’d say just as I was leaving Japan. Why do I need to know and prepare notes beforehand? Well, because I can’t speak English. In order to deliver my own message, it’s very important to have a prep meeting with the interpreter. As it’s sometimes difficult to convey myself to even Japanese native speakers, it shouldn’t be hard to imagine the difficulty for the interpreter of doing it in English.

After I spent sometime preparing for my speech during the flight, I thought I’d better take advantage of at least one free movie, so I watched a Japanese film called “Yureru.” Well, the movie was good but it made me feel depressed afterward and I wasn’t unable to sleep at all during the flight. Our plane arrived at the San Francisco airport around noon. I got on BART for the first time, got off at the Powell Station, and managed to get to my hotel. As you can imagine, the notes for my speech weren’t ready at the time, but I thought it’d be OK since my panel would be the following day.

After checking in, I headed out to the GDC venue to check my e-mails even though I wanted to take a breather. When I was there I found an e-mail asking me to share my speech draft with the interpreter, hopefully, by 5:00 pm. Well, it was already 5:00 pm. I said to myself, “Oh no! Sorry. I can’t do it. I’m too sleepy. I’m so sorry…” and headed back to the hotel and went to bed immediately.

Surprisingly, I woke up around 1:00 am. Isn’t this what they call “Jet Lag”? But I took it as my conscience telling me to stay up and complete a draft of my speech. So I did. In the morning, I met the interpreter at GDC, made some revisions, and finally we were ready. When I felt we were on the same page, I wanted to go back to bed, but I forced myself to get a decent meal.

With regard to my panel, all the articles say it all. I was happy that people seemed to understand and enjoy it. In fact, Noby Noby Boy for the iPhone was revealed for the first time there, and the only people who knew about it were our project staff. I heard that my supervisor was stunned. Isn’t that funny?

This is Takahashi.

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