Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom Booster Pack Hits PSN Today

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You asked for it and we heard you! For those of you who are looking for even more Mahjong, TikGames and Creat Studios are excited to tell you that today we are releasing new downloadable content for Mahjong Tales.

We have created an awesome pack of downloadable content. This new pack contains 25 never-before-seen layouts that will literally give you hours more Mahjong fun. We took an animal approach on this first expansion pack. All layouts have been cleverly designed to resemble different animals, fish, insects and the like. Bugs, cats, and even an elephant await their Mahjong Master. I hope you enjoy playing these new levels as much as we did designing them!

And, I’ve saved the best for last. For the ultimate in Mahjong-joy, we are also including a Level Editor. Now you can create amazing levels of your own. You can even share them with your friends, or work as a team to iterate on an existing level to make it awesome. And of course we didn’t forget Trophies! All-new Trophies are available in the Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom Booster Pack.

And how much will all of this Mahjong goodness cost, you might ask? Well, you get all this for the low, low price of just $4.99! Enjoy!

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  • Welcome everyone. We’re here on line this morning, celebrating the release of our Booster Pack for Mahjong Tales. Feel free to ask any questions.

  • Sorry for be a little offtopic.
    But next week is Cuboid booster pack?
    My dad and i love Cuboid :)

    • We can\’t give a date yet for Cuboid booster pack…but it\’s coming very soon. Glad he loves it!

  • Is there any chance of bundling the game & pack?

  • @3 BahaFS
    Good tought.
    That would be so nice. :)

  • dang i feel so bad i totally forgot to buy this game :( perhaps ill check it out and the booster pack later today when i get off work. thanks for reminding me Howard.


  • We are considering this, but if it happens, it probably won’t happen for a while.

  • I would buy it but it seems confusing…how are the tutorials for the game?

  • The help is relatively light (which is a good thing here). You’ll get what you need, but nothing more. Mahjong is essentially matching two tiles…that’s it.

    The level editor is super easy, with all of the controls mapped onto the screen. It’s literally just painting tiles onto a Mahjong Board, then doing it again on each level.

  • Hey guys! I have a question:

    Is the mouse support added in with this new content, or will that be available via a patch?

    Thanks for your continued support! I love ALL of the games you guys create! Keep up the GREAT work! I’m definately going to purchase this pack! (Mahjong is addicting!)

  • Sorry, no mouse support yet.

  • It might be my poop tv but I have trouble with the size of the tiles and the thite lettering, becuase of that I didn’t play all that much of it.

  • Thanks Howard for the reply! It’s all good. (I’m fine with the conrols now, just wonderin’)

    Could you give us a “sample” of the new trophies? :)

    (Or am I pushin’ it?)

  • Im going to get this game with the booster pack next month

  • Any word on when the Pinball game will be released?

  • OOH! I think that Tik Games and Creat Studios should have a HUGE pack that contains all three of their games (Mahjong, Magic Ball, and Cuboid) for a GREAT discounted price!

    (Sorry for the multiple posts, I just keep getting all excited! I luvs me some great PSN games!)


  • looks good gotta get this game great job on vid looks very kool

  • Love this game, to bad the mouse support isn’t added yet, that would have been great. But oh well. Good stuff, I’ll be buying it for sure!

    (btw loved the mirror ball booster)

  • Re: Trophies –

    There are Trophies for completing all layouts in the new packs, trophies for using the level editor and sharing levels and trophies for playing other people’s levels.

  • OK, I was wrong about mouse support.

    I have some very good news.

    Mouse support will be available in an upcoming FREE patch for the game. That patch should be available hopefully later today!

  • If anyone is interested in a full list of trophies, you can find them here:

  • Yay thanks for that quick update. I’ll be sure to plug in my mouse then!

  • So Cuboid next week? *keeping fingers crossed* Ooooh boy.

  • Glad to hear that mouse support is still coming, might pick this up today if not next week.

  • As soon as mouse support hits I’ll definitely be purchasing this expansion pack. I love the game and look forward to the new layouts, but it’s just brutal playing without the mouse.
    Thanks for the great news!!

  • For those asking about Cuboid, the Booster packs are all done and waiting to be deployed. They are in Sony’s release cue, but ultimately Sony has full control over when this happens (they are doing a fantastic job working with us on this!). Last I heard, it’s not next week…but shortly after. This is of course subject to change.

  • Thanks for the updates! I forgot I wanted this game and will have to download it including the booster packs. But I have the same question as someone asked earlier– is there a combo pack, ie game + booster?

  • YAY!
    Mouse Support will help a GREAT deal!
    The support is INCREDIBLE for such a rather inexpensive game!
    I get many hours of fun playing Magicball, Cuboid and Mahjong! I actually just beat the new Magicball booster pack last night online with a friend!
    I couldn’t be happier with the support, prices and overall fun of all of your releases!
    Thanks again!

  • @26
    I love posts like that!
    I would love for the Blog to do a documentary, so to speak, about the whole process of game development. From concept through development and production to publishing and everything in between. I find it fascinating how it works.
    I had no idea Sony had a “release cue” I would be interested in how releases are prioritized and organized.

  • with all due respect… why is that 90% of games these days never come shipped (or in this case ‘digitally shipped) with full content.

    I bought, and enjoy Mahjong Tales… but I’m just kind of tired of buying games and then seeing some kind of booster/add on pack released shortly soon after.

  • Woot Woot!! Thanks for the support of one of my favorite mini games!! Looking forward to the mouse support, people playing it again, and all the extras. :)

  • I’m with you 31, looking forward to people playing Mahjong again online

  • Hidden Objects game please!

  • See this is what I love about you guys. You are here for almost the whole day to answer us about anything for your games. Thanks alot. Still not sure about this game but I do have Cuboid and Magic Ball + the new DLC for Magic Ball. Great games. Cant wait until the Cuboid release. I will be buying that for sure.

  • Thanks for the update Howard, I’ll be purchasing this one.

    Got Magicball add on last week and waiting for Cuboid now.

  • Looks like the update is live, but when i get the prompt to update, it hangs for a second then restarts my ps3 (3 beeps).

  • Thank you Howard for the Mouse support news. That was one thing that kept my wife and I away from the game. (we have it though)

  • A few of you asked about a mega bundle with everything. At this point we’re not ready to do that, we’d rather have smaller “bites” of fun and let those that want more grab more. That way the game can go out the door at a lower price. We hope you’ll like it so you’ll buy more stuff for it, but if you don’t, you’re out less $.

  • when is the demo for ufc undisputed going to be on the PSN

  • Loved your team’s guest blog on PlayStation LifeStyle last week! And LOVE mahjong!

  • The v1.01 patch won’t download for me. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Love the game by the way!

  • Nevermind. Got it to work!

  • The patch is erroneous.

    Restarts PS3 instead of beginning download.

    At Magic Ball DLC we experienced a delayed, missing patch, now this one isright in time but corrupt.

    Cone on!

  • I mean come on.

    I checked it a minute ago, still wrong patch process, which made Mahjong absolutely unplayable.

    It is time to repair and recompile it, TikGames!

  • I got mine to patch. This is what I did:

    Start the game, when prompted for the patch DO NOTHING, just let it sit for a minute or so, THEN hit ‘ok’. This worked for me, hopefully it works for you guys also.

  • @46

    Thanks for the patch advice! I got it to work. Everyone make sure you DO NOT hit OK until the Mahjong music starts playing. It probably has to load the game the whole before it works.

  • patch wont work for me and i bought the game this morn and played just fine now i went and bought the update booster pack too and it wont update the 1.01 patch keeps rebooting ps3 tried 5 times what gives please help what did u do to get it to work for you guys help pls

  • ok heres what i did it didnt work so i canceled and let the game load and the patch came up then hit ok dl ing now thanks all

  • wow, thank you for adding mouse support, for the first time my girlfriend played on the ps3, and she managed to unlock a few trophies for me :) i would like to see more mouse supported games for ps3 as it is the prefered controller for women, point and click, real simple. magic ball would also be awesome with mouse support, can you guys make that happen? thanks again for your great games!

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