Celebrate Earth Day with New Trash Panic Screens and Details!

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Happy Earth Day 2009! I’m Josh Miller, the US Producer of the upcoming PS3 PSN downloadable exclusive, Trash Panic.

In celebration of Earth Day 2009, I wanted to talk to you about Trash Panic and give you the low-down on what to be excited about this Spring. As I’m sure you heard, we are giving new meaning to waste management with a brand new puzzle game that combines strategy and action with well…garbage. Here, players are tasked with having to compact as much garbage into a trash can before it overflows AND in the most eco-friendly way as much as possible!

Trash Panic definitely provides a new take on gaming while making players more aware of environmentally friendly ways to dispose of waste. Check it out:

Trash Panic screenshot 1

Trash Panic screenshot 4

Throughout each stage, random trash items will be delivered to players who will need to manipulate the speed and direction they fall using the DualShock 3 controller. The trash can will quickly reach full capacity unless the trash is broken down or dealt with by strategically using various elements given throughout each stage. Items will continue to be dropped until the player successfully compacts a certain number of items or ends up with an overflowing trash can. At the end of each stage, each player will be rated by how “eco-friendly” or “ego-friendly” each stage was completed. The more “eco-friendly,” the higher the rating.

Trash Panic screenshot 2 Trash Panic screenshot 3

And, with with a recording option embedded in the game, and the capability to send your video directly to YouTube via your PS3, Trash Panic also allows players to show off their gaming session and strategies with the rest of the world through one of the biggest social networking sites!

Don’t want to play solo? No problem. Trash Panic supports one to two players locally using a split screen to help solve the “Who’s got better game?” question. Online learderboards and trophies? Of course!

Continue to check back here for updates on Trash Panic! Happy Earth Day!

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