Caprica, The Office, Heroes and More Available in HD

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Your favorite TV shows from NBC, Sci Fi and USA networks are now available on PlayStation Network in HD! Laugh louder and battle harder in HD with programs from NBC such as 30 Rock, Heroes, The Office and new series Parks and Recreation.

From USA Networks you can download shows in HD including Monk, Psych and In Plain Sight.

And from Sci Fi you will enjoy all of the past seasons of Battlestar Galactica, Eureka and the brand new Battlestar Galactica prequel, Caprica.

Set over 50 years before the events of Battlestar Galactica, Caprica is a world at the peak of its power, grappling with new science and technologies and the issues they create. The feature-length prequel is available now for download as a limited-edition uncut and unrated version before the series’ broadcast premiere on the SCI FI Channel in 2010.

Check out the clip below!

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  • I live in Canada so not much good to me.

  • any movies?

  • holy [DELETED], that show looks awesome. when are you going to release a video store in australia? this is the kind of stuff i would buy/rent too. to hard to get on teh bittorrent

  • Maybe someone from Sony can help me. Yesterday I tried to activate my refurbished PS3 that i got it October when my PS3 got YLOD. I was able to get it activated for games, but I never bothered for videos until yesterday.

    So I give the support line all my info(PSN id, email, name, etc.) and at first he tells me he doesn’t know what I’m talking about and it can’t be done(activate my PS3 and deactivate my old one). I tell him he can since I did it in October for games and he put me on hold. Two times.

    Eventually it seems that someone told him it can be done and we went forward. Now here’s the problem. I GOT NO RECEIPT FOR MY REFURBISHED PS3. He said without a receipt nothing can be done, and if I find it to call back. Well that’s not possible, now is it!?

    tl;dr: No receipt, no video store activation. Anyway around this?

  • Canada? Starting to lose my patience :)

  • Wonder if Europe will ever get a video store…..

  • all this is good, i’m all for HD but please get spike in HD, I want TNA in HD

  • Sounds fantastic! Does anyone know if this is available in Canada?


  • Yes, I will laugh louder simply because it’s in HD. Wut.

  • Canada please.

  • Are you guys negotiating a deal with Canadian broadcasting?

  • XxBigP123xX

    googles name.

    Golly! Who would have guessed??? A F-ing Xbot trying to spread that garbage.

    Get the F off this forum loser. Go back to your POS RRoD box and its 50 dollar a year laggy P2P online and crappy graphics.

  • Oh God, the Canadians are out in force again…can SCE PLEASE set up a PlayStation Canada blog so they can go and whinge there….they’re as bad the firmware trolls.

  • I’m very excited about the Heroes and Psych, and now that we can download our vids to an external hard drive for safe keeping is exceptional!

  • Can we get The Mentalist please?

  • Canada….GIM ME!

  • I know Sony has got to have the rights to some amazing Anime and Kung Fu movies, can you get them to release those films for us

  • Any infos on Canada video store?

  • BG:Razor HD for sale?

  • Since I’m hard of hearing, downloads without captions do me no good.

    Will they ever be added?


    Hurry and get G4 programming in the store! I want to watch AOTS and will buy episodes on a regular basis. I can’t justify tripling the cost of my cable bill just for one network. Paid episodic downloads would be MUCH cheaper…

  • @13 Icmnick

    just shut up dude, im sure you would be the first to say something if it was available somewhere else and not in USA..
    Does it really bother you that much that people want a service that you already have? i mean why complain if other people want it too?

  • What about House on Fox?
    I see you have other Fox shows and just wondering when this one might be coming. Thanks! :)

  • Hey guys where is House?
    will it ever be up for download?

  • Still need 5.1 support.

  • I would love if “CODE GEASS” could be on the PSN

  • When will the SackBoy Plushes come out Sony?

  • Would be even better if there was no DRM. Just sayin…

  • Who downloads stuff and watches in on their ps3? I think that is a waste of time, bandwidth, and resources. You can just watch cable DVR… Right?

  • Just need it in Canada now. ;)

  • @29

    Lots of people do. We all know most shows are available in some form on the net, but sometimes its worth the $1.99 to just download it from the PSN and be done with it. Not to mention most DVR systems only have two tuners and sometimes I need more than that.

    Plus for some reason, my DVR will sometimes completely jack up a recording for no reason and I’m forced to watch it somewhere else. In any case, some of us use the PS3 for much more than gaming.

  • Caaanaaaddaaaa!!!!!

  • So SCEA, How long till you finally stop being lazy and put forth the effort required to get over the licensing and CRTC hurdles you should have overcome already?

  • @TheOffice on PSP,

  • @lcmnick: For the Love of God no Canadian Blog.

    SCRA does does a disgracefully bad job of updating at it is. We dont need a Canada Specific blog.

    If its anything like 99% of the content will be identical to what’s on, and the Canada specific content and promotions will be so few and far between it would make the blogs existance much like the Pointless.

  • @29

    I do, why? Because its quality, and I can always play it on my PSP

  • @TerryVSL…

    XxBigP123xX is a level 12 player with 9 Platinums….seems he enjoys playing his PS3 too. Maybe you could have done THIS search to see he has commented hear 600+ times: *

    He has a legit query which I have been asking Grace to respond to for nearly 6mos…once a week.

    Video content is tied to the PS3 and not our PSN id. The backup function recently introduced does not help you if you have to send your PS3 in and get a different one nor does it help you if you own 2 PS3 and wish to watch the content on different TVs in the house. SONY’s TOS currently states that they are under no obligation to help you recover your lost purchased content.

    All I am asking is that Grace please acknowledge whether SONY is considering a change to this policy because as it stands now I cannot recommend to anyone that they EVER buy video content from the PSN. If they are not considering it just tell us so that those of us waiting can move on to other purchased content solutions. I WANT to give my money to SONY but am awaiting they’re answer to this simple question..week after week after week.

  • any and all content on the vid store is much appreciated especially when in HD! god i love my TV and my PS3 accents it perfectly, like a match made in heaven. thanks guys, hope you get a lot of sales for tomorrow.


  • Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada!

  • Sony’s gotta cut a deal with the CRTC so we can get the video store here as well.

  • Okay, I was REALLY excited to see the first episode of Caprica available and rushed to my PS3 to download it. Then I saw the price . . . $19.99??? For a single episode??? Unfortunately, I’m going to have to pass on this one . . .

  • @41…price approx same as DVD…but then again…if your DVD player breaks you’ll be able to play your DVD on a different machine…Digital Download not so much.

  • neat.

  • is there goint to be any anime coming soon?
    and is there only going to be FUNimation animes only?

  • What no Ghost Hunters ?

  • It’s real close service to that of Comcast is offering me. Only good thing about PSN over Comcast is that I receive an email of itemized purchases near instantly. Although CC allows a one time monthly billing. Plus this blog breakdown of content is still lacking information. Put faith in the service and post specs in blog post and PSN video service.

    Short is only sweet, when the definition of sweet is explained in short.

  • I see that the Universal TV networks are now on the Playstation Network. Which leads me to ask will we see any WWE programing on the Playstation Network soon. Sci-Fi now has ECW now and USA has Raw. Just want to know if any of those shows will on the PSN soon. WWE Rules.



  • Are we ever going to get more than one download. Backing it up isn’t enough what if that fails as well. What if I buy it on my PS3 delete it after putting it on my PSP and my PSP memory stick is accidentally deleted I am screwed.

    Please give us 2-3 extra downloads!!!

  • When the hell is this coming to Canada !!!
    does anybody at Sony even read our comments?

  • Wow, never heard of Caprica– gonna have to check it out after seeing this great trailer!

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