SingStar Global Patch Adds Voice Control, Trophies and More

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Good news for all you SingStar fans! Today we released a global patch featuring a number of new and enhanced gameplay and online features for SingStar PS3 users.

A new voice control menu will enable players to scroll through the song carousel and select the tracks they’d like to sing by simply speaking into the microphone. In addition to voice control, the new patch will include support for over 30 trophies including ‘Super Singer Gold’, ‘Keep it Cool’ and ‘All Eyes on You’, quick song purchase functionality and an enhanced redesign of the SingStore and MySingStarOnline. The new patch is free to users and will be compatible with all SingStar PS3 discs.

For all you Queen fans, late last week we announced the upcoming release of SingStar Queen for the PS3 and PS2. Available as a standalone disc on August 18, SingStar Queen features over 20 classic hits from the iconic pop-rock group including ‘We Are The Champions,’ ‘Another One Bites The Dust,’ ‘We Will Rock You,’ ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘Under Pressure’. For a sneak peak at SingStar Queen, check out the teaser trailer below:

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  • ehh
    singstars kinnda lame

  • woot Trophies!

  • cool
    but Rock Band FTW!

  • Guitar Hero and Rock Band are better.

  • Awesome.

    Please work on content now though…I want ABBA and Queen as DLC not discs.

  • are there wireless mics for singstar?

  • Oh…we need vids in HI DEF.

  • Awesome!! Any way we could get a patch that would allow songs from other discs to be temporarily loaded to the PS3 memory? Instead of switching discs so often, it would be nice to load all of the discs. Then if we’re having a SingStar party, we can just flip through our massive library of titles. That, or you could just add all of the existing songs on disc to the SingStore. Anyway either of these two things could happen?

  • @6

    Yes…but they went with a USB dongle instead of BT as originally announced.

    Not sure that they’ve been released in NA though.

  • Are we ever gonna get bluetooth mics? No, not the wireless mics.

  • No “Get Down, Make Love”?

  • In Europe we already got the Wireless Mics.

    Nice to see that there coming a trophie patch for singstar.

  • Awesome! Trophies for SingStar!

    Please say there will be trophies in SingStar Queen?

  • Awesome! Thanks for the udpate!

    Please give us better SingStore updates! I haven’t hear of 3/4 of the bands and singers on there! Too European-centric!

    Also, why not post updates to the SingStore on the PS Blog?

  • now get workin on delivering more songs to us:)

  • @9

    *sigh*. Singstar+party+tripping over wire = bad, happened on my ps2.

    Only thing i dont get about this title. its 2009, and no wireless mics. Makes 0 sense.

  • Thanks for the Trophies, now keep new songs coming!

  • I wish the mics were like the ps3 controller, like had a battery rechargable through usb and stuff. i hate dongles.

  • When is Vol. 3 and the wireless mics coming to US?


  • @14…

    Agreed…AFAIK Jeff said its ‘free’ for developers to post here so SingStar should take advantage of that.

  • I can think of a few people I know who are going to be happy about this. lol

  • Well I’m happy about the upgrades, I’m still annoyed that I need to purchase whole discs to get 3 songs i like. So I don’t buy them. Sony, you’d make more money off of me if you released the songs separately.

  • Darn, I just had 25 people over on Friday and we played this game, would have loved to get the update last week. Oh well, I’m sure we’ll play it again soon.

  • Please release wireless mics and update the SingStore.
    Is the patch live yet?

    @ 4

    None of the two games you named come close to SingStar singing. Take my words for it. SingStar is the best karaoke game.

  • I’m not going to call Sony support again. Get my 11 songs I bought to work with my ps3. I talked to Sylvia who apparently DID NOT do anything even after I sent her the receipt TWICE.

    The stupid Sing Star DRM is sooooo terrible. Seriously. Who’s idea was it to do that?!

  • Cool……have they released any new AMERICAN songs? Man the Brits have terrible music taste

    DJ Bobo…..really…..I mean REALLY?

  • can you guys get them to put the other singstar discs as DLC? it’d be nice not having to switch discs.

  • Something I noticed with this patch, that I’ve never seen before, it actually gave a detailed list of contents.

    Is this going to be normal from now on?

  • Will the trophies apply to the SingStar ABBA (Stand Alone) PS3 version as well?

  • How about some more rap songs so I have a BETTER chance of getting those trophies??


  • How about my rock song from this last decade? I mean I like some of the older ones but no Breaking Benjimans, Linkin Park, System of a down, Creed, Three Days Grace, Saliva, godsmack, Metallica.

  • We need new songs from the bands Breaking Benjimans, Linkin Park, System of a down, Creed, Three Days Grace, Saliva, godsmack, Metallica. just to name a few.

  • Any word on wireless mics?

  • I updated earlier and already have 5 trophies.

    When will the Home content be added?

  • Good for SingStar owners!

  • Really would love to have this game; however I pick-up radio feedback on my tv/stereo from the mics (tried two different copies of the game). Any information to help with this issue will be very much appreciated.

  • Where are the wireless microphones? London has then and Singstar Vol. 3! Will they be available for the U.S. soon?

  • I was waiting for you guys to make it official I already had it downloaded before you guys posted keep up the good work!!!

  • I bought Singstar last year and love the interface and was looking forward to growing my library on my HDD. But after waiting and waiting for songs that related to me (TOP 40) and other great songs I found myself sadden that Singstar let me down(way too much Euro music). Also the option of not being able to turn off vocals (properly) is not very good.

    I gave Singstar a year to get there act together and now im done with them. Like many people are saying here stop making us buy a whole disk because we like 3 songs on it. Also not being to load your PS2 songs and having to disc swap for a song or two is not good in a party setting.

    Im moving on to the other Karaoke game as they are releasing a new re-vamped version this fall.

    Sorry guys i tried but lack of current songs and access to them on disc was enough for me to stop using Singstar. I will miss the online portion but in the end its the singing that matters.

  • What are the home rewards? Has anyone gotten one?

  • Will SingStar Queen have wireless mics? Is there going to be an announcement about Vol. 3 and Pop Edition for NA?

    Anyway, I downloaded the patch and got 5 or 6 trophies. I’m loving it. :D

  • awesome awesome

  • Yayuh for trophies!

  • So SingStar Vol.1, SingStar Vol.2 and SingStar Aba Each now have their own trophies?

  • The patch is great news….but when will we see Depeche Mode in the US?

  • Heck yes! Now alls I need is more rap music and I’ll pick this stuff up ;)

  • YES! Just got my first Singstar trophies…

    Keep supporting Singstar, SCEA! The community here is very strong…maybe not as the european community, but strong nonetheless. :)


    Please listen to ALL of our comments!

    Remember that there is a community of Singstar supporters and we like to know you guys don’t forget about us!

    Please bring more current US tracks and wireless mics!

    New play modes would be great too!

    Please support your North American Community!

  • @39

    PS2 disc reading is already supported.

  • Well, on the upside, a stand-alone disc is required to have trophies :P

    And Queen is quite possibly the best band to have a lot of on SingStar so I commend thee for making such a title. As long as it doesn’t cost too much of course.

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