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As this post hits, Chris and I will be on the way down to LA, where SCEA will be allowing some media outlets a sneak peek at some of the games we’ll be showing at E3, including:

So, as we’re prone to do, we’d like to turn over our coverage plans to you, the reader. What questions should we ask the developers and producers of these games? Please jot them down in the comments area below, and we’ll report back like we did with God of War III recently.

The best questions will focus on gameplay, graphics, and other game-related topics, as opposed to logistics (like release date) which you’re going to find out anyway. Please, get creative with your questions!

In the meantime, here are the stories that caught our eye this week, please feel free to share your own.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of April 13, 2009)

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  • heavy rain link doesn’t work, cant wait for the new info!

  • could you please ask activision why my paid for and downloaded quantum of solace maps dont work.

  • That’s a lot of reading. Great list.


  • White Knight Chronicles !! Can’t wait to get more info on that game.

  • Heavy Rain!! can’t wait! it’s been so long since last time we heard news about it. i’m looking forward for an oficial release date

  • White Knight Chronicles and Demon Souls please reply if they are going to go to america y really want to play Demon Souls.

  • That Trine game looks so fun. Pretty excited for it, but not as excited as I am about inFamous! I think it’s great it kind of stayed off the radar for a while, so it didn’t get hyped beyond reason. Now everyone who previews it is in love.

  • I think some news from /6 on their upcoming DLC schedule(b/c we all know the first “schedule” from Seth was a lie) for Socom would be great.

    But knowing Sony doesnt care much about Socom, I guess ill go with Heavy Rain

  • My questions Concerns Fireteam Bravo three.

    What new features do you have planned that will keep the userbase interested in playing it over a long period of time.

    Also, do the devs have any plans to use the PSP PS store for addition content that they couldnt do with FTB2 or FTB1?

    Thank you.

  • Do coverage of Uncharted 2, and Fat Princess

  • – Will we see Sully and Elena in Uncharted 2: Among Theives?

    – When is White Knight Chronicles coming to North America?
    – When White Knight Chronicles will it have voice chat?

    – Is it true that everything story-wise that is shown to the media for Heavy Rain, will not actually be in the game, because they want to keep the story secret until it comes out?

    Will you guys be posting stuff about those games next week?

    • I\’ve got to wonder if Naughty Dog will want to spoil plot points… but what the heck. I\’ll ask!

      We\’ll be posting these interviews starting mid-next week.

  • Will MotorStorm Arctic Edge come to PS3?

  • Wow! can’t wait for E3, i’ve been waitin for White Knight Chronicles for a long time, & i can’t wait for some news & info on Heavy Rain, Jak & Daxter & Uncharted 2….what i like to see about these games are their box arts right now….most of the time i just sit & imagine what it will be like :)

  • White Knight Chronicles at E3? Awesome. You just saved me from being indifferent to the show, guys!

    I’ll definitely be hunting down that WKC info.

  • You should put the Killzone v 1.24 update on the list, 3 new ranks is awesome.

  • Will White Knight Chronicles have a Japanese Voice option?
    When White Knight Chronicles ships will it have any of the Japanese dlc on the disc or will that come at a later date?
    Will the PS2 version of Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier have any extra features not possible on the psp version?
    Is Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier being developed separately or is the PS2 version just going to be a port with upgraded graphics?
    Is Uncharted 2: Among Thieves going to be any longer than Drake’s fortune?
    Will Sully or Elena make an appearance in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves?

  • I hope more coverage on the 1st Jrpg in the works, since that it will the first to land in states well before square does, uncharted 2 will be great as well, hopefully some of these titles hit early fall/late summer for some of them, wonder why Ratchet&Clank isnt being previwed xD

  • Sony please bring Demon’s Souls to the US!

    About White Knight Chronicles: What kind of improvements or new content can we expect from the US version? Will voice chat be available for online play?

  • jeff, please ask level5 if they’ll add more content to NA version of WKC like what they did to rogue galaxy. also, please check with polyphony digital how GT5’s graphics have improved over prologue.. thanks

  • To all those developers making games on PSP; With regards to online (the jak game may be the exception here, will you guys be allowing for us to sign to our PSN ID like Resistance Retribution?

    Bigbig Studios, will you guys add some connectivity with Motorstorm Pacific Rift (vehicles, vehicle skins, or driver skins)?

    High Impact games, will the next jak game return to its roots (jak 1) or will it continue the sandbox style gameplay of the others?

    Naughty dog, will Nate’s hair get wet this time? If not, please tell me what hair wax he’s using!

    • Ha, I shall ask for you.

      Actually, a ton of great questions coming in, so if I don\’t respond with \’good questions\’ from here on, it doesn\’t mean they weren\’t read/won\’t be asked. Just don\’t want to be redundant.

      thanks everyone!!

  • Can we get some more info on that Exclusive Rockstar project? Also is the rumor about FF13 using 100% of PS3’s power false? I mean if its using all of PS3’s power hows it on Xbox? And lastly can we get a Uncharted 2 demo?

  • Please ask the guys and gals at Slant Six why they felt it was ok to kill the Socom name. Then please ask them where is the other half of the game I bought back in October. You can finish the questions off by letting them know that I and most of the Socom community will never buy another game from them. Thanks!

  • There’s so many things I’d like to ask about Heavy Rain.

    Firstly, will the graphics be thesame, or close too, the ones in the first trailer (with the audition of the girl that cried)?

    Secondly, what kind of gameplay can we expect.

  • For the Quantic Dream:
    From what we’ve seen so far all of the “battles” in Heavy Rain seem to be quick time events, is that really the case through the whole game?

  • couple quick questions.
    1. when did slant six begin work on FTB3?
    2. Is there a dedicated team on FTB3 separate from confrontation team within /6?

  • Only three of those are PS3…. Does that bother anyone else? Almost like sony is falling back on the PS2 and putting less effort on the PS3?

  • Jeff, how are you liking the Valkyria Chronicles DLC?

    Selvaria’s pack is by far the best, but Hard EX is providing more than enough of a challenge right now.

  • How is Heavy Rain going to compete against hardcore games? What is the concept behind Heavy Rain that will attract gamers to play this game?

  • In Uncharted 2, will there be any just stealth oriented levels as well as the good ol’ regular Uncharted exploring levels?

  • Questions for Quantic Dream (Heavy Rain team):

    – Many player actions from Indigo Prophecy were unintuitive in that you pushed the right stick in the direction the character would, but not the way the player sees it; i.e. pulling open a door in front of you. Have you taken this into account when programming the player actions in HR?

    – Are there going to be any stealth sections in HR?

    – Can you confirm or deny the existence of superhuman abilities in this game?

  • Another great week. Can’t wait to hear more about Heavy rain! That is one that I’m looking forward to quite a lot.

  • Does Sony actually look at these comments?

    If so, sony can u please implement the feature to delete games off ‘my trophies’ for games that you have no trophies (0%) in.

    and maybe delete games that u have trophies in case you are a trophy completionist and you can’t get all of the trophies.

    For example, when my friend came over we played a game for like 15 minutes and we didnt get any trophies, now i have it on ‘my trophies’ and i can’t get trophies for it.
    Please SONY, you don’t know how much i would apreciate it.

  • White Knight Chronicles. The game was released in Japan December 25, 2008. What have you [devs] done to improve the game for the US Release?

  • EDIT (I went through the comments and noticed JEFF answers questions ,so here goes):

    If so, can u please implement the feature to delete games off ‘my trophies’ for games that you have no trophies (0%) in.

    and maybe delete games that u have trophies in case you are a trophy completionist and you can’t get all of the trophies.

    For example, when my friend came over we played a game for like 15 minutes and we didnt get any trophies, now i have it on ‘my trophies’ and i can’t get trophies for it.
    Please JEFF, you don’t know how much i would apreciate it.

  • Jeff can you ask them if theres gonna be any Home game spaces for those games.

    Thanks and cant wait for E3!!!

  • What kind of enviroments will be featured in Uncharted2. Will there still be lush jungle enviroments or will it ” only” be urban and snowy enviroments? if possible can we get a % of what kind of enviroments that will be featured? :D

    Because i really liked the jungle setting that was all the way trough uncharted1….sorry if asked/ answered before

  • what are heavy rains graphics compared to say killzone 2 or uncharted 2 (said to be using 100% of the known PS3 power)

    Is heavy rain going to be solely single player?

  • Question for High Impact games on Jak And Daxter. Which previous Jak game is the gameplay most like?

  • Wow, that looks like an awesome week! I’m starting to love this Blog more and more!

    A question for Uncharted 2:

    Are there gonna be any lame jet-sky elements like in the first Uncharted? I really hated those…..

  • Also in Uncharted 2, will the story tie into Uncharted 1? i really hate it when a sequel is made and then it just seems as if the previous adventure never happened.

  • For White Knight Chronicles, I’d like to know if there will be any improvements to the NA version, like maybe having voicechat online (which the Japanese version lacked).

  • Here are some questions:

    Uncharted 2:

    Are you going to have a partner with you throughout the game? If this is the case, co-op online will be supported?

    Heavy Rain:

    Your decisions affect the whole story or just some segment(s) of it?

    White Knight Chronicles:

    The US version of the game will have any additional content?

    MotorStorm: Artic Edge:

    The game is going to be released on the PlayStation Store for download?

    The following question has nothing to do with those games but, are there ANY PSN games coming out this week?

  • Will the US/EU releases of White Knight Chronicles receive any gameplay improvements over the japanese release?

  • Thanks Jeff for doing this.

    Anyway, the questions…

    For Naughty Dog –

    What sorts of unlockable bonus content are we going to find in Uncharted 2? I’m hoping for something new and unique.

    I got bored with Uncharted after beating it over and over again on various difficulty levels. Will Uncharted 2 offer any new gameplay modes or other things to do that offer extensive replay value?

    Are we going to get to play as any other characters besides Nate?

    Are the puzzles in Uncharted 2 going to be more challenging then the ones in Uncharted 1?

    Are we getting a collector’s edition? If not, why not?

    Are we getting any special pre-order packages?

    Is there any DLC planned for Uncharted 2?

    For Level 5 (White Knight Chronicles)

    Since all PlayStation games are now being required to contain trophies, what types of trophies are we going to see in WKC? Examples please!

    Are there going to be any major differences in the Japanese and US versions of the game?

  • Any chance of bringing Demon’s Soul to the U.S., whether from Sony or a third party localizer (Ubisoft, XSeed, NISA, Atlus USA)?

    Will White Knight Chronicles still have the Japanese dialog? Also curious about voice chat.

  • White Knight Chronicles YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

  • Can we get Final Fantasy 7 PS1 game on the playstation store soon? Everybody has been going at it and demanding for it in western countries since it came out in Japan.

  • Nice. Jeff, what happened in that Street Fighter 4 match against the Hip Hop Gamer ? I wanted you to win. I just think that Ehonda is better than Chun-Li, thats why you lost. Chun-Li is no match to Ehonda’s fast hands. I’d choose Blanka against Ehonda. You still got skills. That Chun-Li special move has awesome.

  • Awesome news jeff!!! =D
    First of all, that an awesome game list for E3 =D
    For Heavy Rain, how is the PS3 being utilized for the multi-variant decision based system for the game?
    Uncharted 2, are there new game mechanics yet unheard of? Will Elena and Sully make a comeback (PLEASE YES!)? And will the rumoured coop offline/online factor be present between Nathan and Chloe?
    White Knight Chronicles… How is the western localization going along, that is if it is happening? If it is coming to the US, is the game going to release with some refurbished style or revised gameplay mechanics to the JAP release? PLEASE BRING IT TO US!!!
    Other than that, im really really excited to see the E3 this year with all the hopeful MEGATON announcements!
    Thanks again Jeff!

  • ugh white knight is taken its sweet time to get here… need a good RPG ASAP

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