The PSB & SOCOM Recap

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A week’s worth of PlayStation news in 1 post…

Courtesy of David “Point Man” Brothers

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  • A decent week of playstation goodness! lets hope next week turns out good too!

  • Pumped for more FTB3 information!

  • Hi Jeff! I’d love to see a Live Chat with Zipper Interactive regarding MAG. What are the chances of that happening very soon?

  • Can we have a Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time collector’s editon? And if we can, I’d also appreciate if we could have a survey, like with God of War 3. Thanks.

  • Hey Jeff, Any chance of seeing PixelJunk Eden being bundled with PixelJunk Eden Encore for those that haven’t purchased the game yet?

    Oh and I was glad to see the official Killzone 2 DLC info here, because the pack was considered to be free by many as some unknown site confirmed that. -_-

    • There are no current plans on the schedule for that, but if it\’s going to happen, we\’ll give you a bit of advance warning on the Blog.

  • “The 4th SOCOM appearance on the PSP, but it’s more like the 2nd one than the last one. Does that make sense? It did in my head…”

    Wouldn’t it be the third? FTB1, FTB2, and now FTB3. I don’t know your sentenced confused me.

  • @6

    your forgetting tactical strike

  • BTW I think were due for an Eye of Judgment update, I love that game and I cannot wait for set 4 (if there is one)

  • Hay Jeff
    Where is the link to the Fat Princess Beta forums?
    I got into the beta and I don’t know where the forums is so I can post some issues and glitches that I experience while playing it.

  • have any extra fat princess beta codes? i could use one.

    nice job PSB team.

  • @9

    * you have to sign in and use your beta code

  • Jeff,

    Have to agree with you on the Sticky Hand…sound like it could be alot of fun.

    My biggest SONY news for the week? Finally looked at my SONY ADR for the first time in a month…up 26% baby!


    I’m giving my one Fat Princess code away (hope that is ok) with a little contest: *

  • It’s a little hard getting your fingers going with the codes on Syphon Filter Logans Shadow like the one in the engineering below decks

  • I demand a UMD version of the blog.

  • @Jeff

    Did you get in on the Fat Princess beta?

  • Im not buying any more games till something is done about the game patch download speeds.
    Sometimes i have to leave it going overnight just for 300mb, and hours for a 15mb one!
    I have no problem hitting close to 1mb/sec downloading HD trailers and demos from the PSN store, just game updates. Puts me off playing them. My mate also has the same problem on his.

  • Hours for 15 MB? I update my games all the time, The killzone 2 patch that added bots only took me 3 – 6 minutes to download (I believe it was 20 something MB)

  • great week for the Blog. I hope to see more Game chats next week.

  • in game skype for ps3!!!

  • @16…can’t say I’ve ever experienced that problem.

  • Jeff, I got the facebook message from Chris confirming that i made it into the Fat Princess beta, but I have yet to receive my code….

  • I agree with 3 a live chat with Zipper is essential.

    Also for all you EPL fans CHELSEA beat arsenal in FA cup wooooooooo. lol.



  • @7

    Tactical Strike wasn’t part of the Fire Team Bravo series, It was just “Socom: Tactical Strike”

  • Hey Jeff, I have two questions for you this week.

    Now that the announcement for the psp ftb3 (everyone forgot about TS)is out of the way and I would surmise that the games in fairly near completion, will the PS3 Socom dlc be coming out soon?

    And Do you think there is a chance the inFamous Demo will be moved up a week or two seeing as how the game’s release date was moved up a week or two??

    • Haven\’t heard any updates about the demo, but frequently, the demo development process is a separate affair (it requires additional coding, etc). I\’m meeting with Sucker Punch this week and can ask them. We\’ll chat again next Saturday, ok?

  • @25…

    They are still working on the Demo.

    From Twitter:

    SuckerPunchProd; Keep finding emergency “legal” fixes in the soon-to-arrive PSN demo. Today’s drama? Dolby logos and deleting the word “America”. (about 18 hours ago from web)

  • Theres any service like this one:

    For PS3?

  • Can someone explain to me why the accounts have awesome network ID cards and why we here in North America have the lame plain ones still?

  • Hay Jeff, do you think maybe you might want to put a little more thought into your next facebook contest?

    Seems like tons of people get screwed out of Fat Princess beta codes due to their facebook privacy settings.

    Winning a Playstation contest shouldn’t require you to leave yourself open to internet stalkers and crazy ex wives.

  • @27….

    You can sign up for and use the EU ones if you’d like btw.

  • Guess I should also repeat myself:


    You should be offering all PSP games as both a retail UMD and a PSN download At the same time. Just like SCEE and SCEJ are doing now.

    Your actual motive for going download only for Patapon 2 couldn’t be more transparent:


    You’re intentionally denying people who want to buy the game but who dont have access to PSN or a large enough memory stick the ability to play the game so you can justify that rediculious plan John Koller told about taking 3-5 years to start offering downloadable and UMD day and date with eachother.

  • Where’s this week’s list of demands?

  • There needs to be blog integration right on the xmb of the ps3

  • @29

    I know I could make an EU account but too bad all my trophies (which is the only big difference between the two) wouldn’t be logged on that account.

  • You can sign up on the EU site with your US PSN account and get a trophy card. You’ll just have a UK flag on it.

    The other stupid thing about the cards if you have to manually refresh them. They dont update themselves, EVER.

  • Hey Jeff, Can you guys make an option to make PSn trophy/game cards from the blog? Sites like playfire are annoying and people can lie about the trophies they have.

    • It\’s a more complicated process than you might think (to make them update live, etc). We\’ll update you about future plans as news becomes available.

  • The blog has really become a POS over the last year. We use to get questions anwsered by the people who were directly involved. Now we have 2 internet news writers that hands-on might entail getting a tip from a guy who knew a guy that gave him info 1 to 7 days before we get informed. Depending on the wind, we might get a live chat that could be answered by a simple follow up to the original blog post. They announce a game (Socom 3 PSP) and announce the first video a day latter. If that’s not the biggest BS of someones time I don’t know what is. Can’t wait for the First announcement of the second video of Socom3 PSP. It comes down to using tech to simplify and expand the market. Instead of being a company that makes tech/teaches tech. You have become a barrier between tech.

  • #36:

    The annoying part is that nobody from Sony ever answers RELEVANT questions on the blog. But if you make some completely off-topic comment (about soccer or something), then Lip-Service Jeff (LSJ) will sometimes comment. Otherwise, complete silence.

    Sony is so petrified of making any kind of promise or commitment that they’ve decided to substitute customer service with hide-in-the-closet cowardice.

    LSJ and the team at Sony are just using the blog to push out an agenda…not to interact with the community.

  • Do you think that we will be hearing more from Dylan Cuthbert anytime soon? and how about Keita Takahshi (i think i spelled it wrong)? I’d love to hear from those people~

    Hope next week has some nice news about PSN games

    • Yes on Takahashi, Dylan likely in the E3 time frame. Don\’t forget, PixelJunk Eden Encore just came out this week!

  • @36 & 37

    Because it’s a blog that’s why…as connected as Jeff is, I’m sure he doesn’t know everything that is going on at SCE 24/7.

    If you want answers to questions then contact the relevant Sony Press Office.

    Anyway, how do you feel the European PS Blog that’s coming Jeff? Are you looking forward to the competition of who’ll be making the best blog…?

  • @37:

    Welcome to a competitive market.
    Anyway you can gain and keep fans is fair play.

    Having an open company that answers to every query won’t make sense….I don’t know why it won’t make sense but since no company ever works like that, I guess it doesn’t lol.

    Just enjoy the updates the blog provides, I know I am :)

    Another good week for PS….But we need some GREAT weeks!
    Also, fix SOCOM Confrontation please…Laziest devs ever…Insulting really.

  • any chance of getting Bizarre Games on the blog to talk about their upcoming james bond racing game. And on the subject of that, i paid £4 for some QoS maps and they dont even work…

  • Does Sony actually look at these comments?

    If so, sony can u please implement the feature to delete games off ‘my trophies’ for games that you have no trophies (0%) in.

    and maybe delete games that u have trophies in case you are a trophy completionist and you can’t get all of the trophies.

    For example, when my friend came over we played a game for like 15 minutes and we didnt get any trophies, now i have it on ‘my trophies’ and i can’t get trophies for it.
    Please SONY, you don’t know how much i would apreciate it.

  • EDIT (I went through the comments and noticed JEFF answers questions ,so here goes):

    If so, can u please implement the feature to delete games off ‘my trophies’ for games that you have no trophies (0%) in.

    and maybe delete games that u have trophies in case you are a trophy completionist and you can’t get all of the trophies.

    For example, when my friend came over we played a game for like 15 minutes and we didnt get any trophies, now i have it on ‘my trophies’ and i can’t get trophies for it.
    Please JEFF, you don’t know how much i would apreciate it.

  • fix the game you got out before you make new games. /6

  • @23 WOW best idea i read on the blog yet

    Lip-Service Jeff

    Just Kidding <3

    Jeff, i can’t imagine home square pilled up and people cheering, it would feel like NYC @ newyears

  • Great week!

    Random Fact: “The word “nerd” was first coined by Dr. Seuss in “If I Ran the Zoo.”

  • socom is one of my fav titles

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