SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3’s First Video

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Yesteday we announced the upcoming release of SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3 for the PSP. We’ll have a lot of SOCOM Fireteam Bravo updates for you in the weeks ahead, but in the meantime, we wanted to share with you our first teaser trailer. Enjoy!

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  • wow. There is a few things to touch up on here.

    1. Sorry Jeff and Wilester but its all about Manchster! Although I really cant stand Cristiano Ronaldo.

    2. Socom looks really really great. Im actually kinda surprised! (I own the first one on PSP)

    3. I have to agree with Jimpg, unfortunately, Sony is asleep at the wheel when it comes to advertising. This is more so because they actually cant afford it but yea, sucks to see great games like KZ2 and LBP and R2 all get lackluster sales, but see Kung Fu Panda outsell them on the 360.

  • “I’m not totally defending Sony but lets face it the KZ ip is no where NEAR as big as Halo. Hell you could put halo on a molding sandwhich and people still would “eat it up”.”

    LOL! I wonder why the “KZ ip is no where NEAR as big”…could it have something to do with…I don’t know…MARKETING???

    The depths of Sony’s marketing incompetence this gen is simply staggering.

    They put their biggest AAA title out on the store shelves on the last day of the month making sure that NPD sales for the game would be terrible and picked up by the gaming media and declared a flop.

    The incompetence of Sony’s marketing this gen isn’t just that it is proving to be almost a complete failure in the US but even the most hardcore PS3 owners are losing faith.

    inFamous is the next AAA PS3 title to be completely screwed up by the idiots running Sony’s marketing.

    The most powerful console in the world gets the biggest idiots running its marketing.

  • Pretty cool video. Glad to see a third installment coming of this game.

  • wow this game looks great, the animations and stuff are really phenomenal for a psp game, good work!

  • I’ll never buy anything from this developer again. I don’t care if it turns out fantastic. I’ll go as far as saying I think they made me hate the whole country of Canada now. They can’t make games, whine about a video service, cry about sweepstakes, and say “eh” after everything. Only good thing about Canada is(Niagara Falls) going over to look back at America.

  • Bloody wicked! I can’t wait!

  • I can’t say I entirely agree with starting work on a new title when the current title is technically broken and lacking in DLC and features.

    Even if I did have a PSP… I wouldn’t buy this game. I don’t plan on ever buying another Slant Six product.

    If there is a SOCOM 4, let’s hope Zipper gets their hands on it.

  • Very nice, I hope to see a new SOCOM for PS3

  • I hope to see a new socom for the ps3 well I hope slant 6 doesnt make it if there even is.

  • Jeff, I need you to gather all your awesoneness you have and get Ready At Dawn back in action making awesome PSP games. I need anoter DAX only game from them as well as GOW.

    The vid looks nice but how will it play is what really worries me. I haven’t had a very good experience thus far with Slant 6 and I am sure Sony is to blame as well for releasing a game that wasn’t finished. Truth be told when you release a game that isn’t finished take months to release a patch to fix it and get the things that were promised by then it’s way too late. I am sure others like me have moved onto other games and have felt like the 60 hard earned dollars that was spent on Confrontation was a complete and utter waste. But I did get an awesome mic out of it though so I am not as mad as I should be.

  • Really wish all the people who are whining about Confrontation go back to the boards and whine about it there.

    This looks promising. I own FTB2, and the only problem I had with it was control scheme. Did they streamline it this time so it’s easier to control with the PSP’s controls?

  • So, SOCOM is no longer a true 3rd person shooter? It’s become an over the shoulder?

    New devs always feel their new changes make for a better experience (see Red Faction 3 now 3rd person). Are they trying to gain new audiences or keep the existing when they do something like this?

    Original formula worked, stop changing it.

  • omg..i guess i wont be playing this game good luck to all my friends who played with me in FTB2 and FTB1..i am retired due to the marines..awsome game Sony please let no hakers hack this game it ruins the fun..

  • To the guy who posted number 61 you may love FTB2 But that was made by ZIPPER. Get your facts right stupid /6 made Tactical Strike by far worst socom psp game. Enjoy this piece of garbage. Also I can say what I want as long as it’s not profain and respectful just like you can.

  • hey Jeff this is off topic but you know something about the weapon contest for Ratchet and Clank a crack in time ? have Insomniac decided who are the final 5 contestants?

  • Looks really awesome. Year of PSP and PS3, ha.

  • Looks good! Is that a black PSP-3000 I see?

  • i noticed the same type of music is used on confrontation , nice =]

  • Cool! A SOCOM Game with a targeting system! Yes! I’m buying this one for sure! IE my main gripe with the last ones were the poor FPS rates, and the lack of targeting!

  • 1.5 patch?


  • You guys are doing a great job with PSP software this year, I can’t wait to see what else is in store! :D

  • Seems better than the PS3 version, that just sad imo

  • looks better than confrontation… that makes me sad.
    when is a new syphon filter comming to ps3?

  • lmao…I feel sory for you PSP owners who do not own a ps3 and have yet to see how the idiots from SCUMBAG 6 and Luisi have all but destroyed this once great franchsie. It is almost 7 months since release, we still do not have the features advertsied on the box in strategy guides or bragged about in their online hype videos. They cant give us a date for patches, any info on dlc which they admitted they were working on in April of 2008 (5 months before the release) yet Killzone 2 and numerous other games have patches they can give release dates on, dlc, and actually a working FINISHED game.


    LUISI/ABI/Slant all need reassigned to the arctic circle.
    “more info will be released soon” pfffffttt…

  • What’s with all these shooters for PSP Sony? Please be more creative and give us more titles like Patapon and LocoRoco…please?


    WOW This game looks absolutely amazing

    They are really understanding that people liked all the earlier socoms the best!


    Question PLEASE answer: Is this made by zipper or slantsix? Either one is great I have regained confidence in /six now!

  • I would like to beat you number 76 /6 regained my respect. Lame

  • I don’t know what’s with you people cursing Slant 6 here. Their SOCOM: Tactical Strike game is absolutely fantastic! It’s like Full Spectrum Warrior, only better. It’s not a shooter alright, but not all SOCOM games have to be. I’m looking forward to this game though. Fireteam Bravo 3 looks to be good. It will be the fourth Socom game I’ll buy for the PSP.

  • hell yes i been waitng for this!! got confrontation and love it after the patch 1.30 and 1.50 is gonna be good! just make sure to not let hackers ruin it!!

  • SCEA makes me sick.

    Ruined a great freckin series. The only ONLY reason i bought the ps3 was for confrontation.

  • LOOK awesome try not to screw up the game for us FTB fans. when is this game going to be released?

  • #78:

    People are cursing Slant Six because they flat out lied to their customers. They falsely advertised features that still don’t exist in the game. Chripes, they even printed the features on the box and in the manual — and they still aren’t available in the game.

    Not to mention that the game didn’t even work at launch. And needed a patch just to function at a basic level.

    They screwed us up the rear.

    And now they’re asking us to bend over once more.

  • …but the worst part is that they’ve hidden like pathetic cowards behind a wall of complete silence.

    Get the idea that I’m frustrated?

    Damn right.

    I feel like they stole from my pocket. And I’ll post my opinions about their slimey company until the day I die.

  • Okay, I can understand you’re angry at them. However, this upcoming FTB … being a PSP game, it’s probably by the same team that made Tactical Strike. Or maybe yet another team. The Confrontation Crew should(!) busy themselfes doing their best to keep promises made in the past.
    I’m sure FTB3 is going to be fine. They have the old engine from FTB2. So they can spend all their time on making new content.

  • i played socom fire team bravo 2 and i still play it even though its 3 years old
    but i wish they would make a patch

  • FINALLY FIRETEAM BRAVO 3!!! The graphics are way better that ftb1 and 2

  • Wherefor are’t thou PS1 games?

  • Very good! I like it.

  • Ok can the PSP get it’s own Blog area now? We are getting over run with PS3 owners smashing the PSP for getting more games, and they come here whineing about DLC/Patches and crap!

    “BTW: Thanks for the new SOCOM game!” This one I will buy day one for sure! I have needed a modern Warfare game on my PSP for a while now. This looks, and sounds like a good fit for me! As long as it has more action then the last one: FTB:2 while fun was mostly stealthy and had little to no vehicle/Mounted Weapon combat. This one looks like it will fix that!

  • Not another made up country!!!! Oh well…looks decent.

  • Right Analog stick please!

  • I CAN”T WAIT…..hahahahaha!!!

    too bad I don’t have Wi-Fi to keep my hype up…yah know?

  • hell yea i love the 2nd one i know ima love this one

  • You people keep saying this game looks great, but didn’t Confrontation look great as well? I don’t think you should care more about how great it looks and care more on how well it plays. Just remember, this is the same company that ripped people off with Confrontation (me not being one of them) and still have yet to fix it. I’m a HUGE Socom fan and wanted to get Confrontation but I did my research first and am now glad that I did. Maybe you people should do the same before you go wasting your money on something that’s probably not even going to work right.

  • WOW so much better than the last piece of crap “Socom: US Navy Seals Tatical strike”!

  • Ill buy a psp jut for this game
    Any news on a psp price drop?

  • Im going to get a psp and buy all socom titles for it. good luck on the patch

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