inFAMOUS Goes Gold!

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inFamous Pack Front final

3+ years, 60+ people, insane amounts of caffeinated beverages, and 70,000+ individual checkins of code, art, and media, and what do you get? A gold disc for inFAMOUS! We got the news late yesterday (just in time for the team to run off and tip a few back!) and I’m not sure it’s really sank in for me yet. But it’s official, and somewhere I hope they’re stamping out your copy of inFAMOUS right as you read this!

It’s a tradition here to bust out old builds and videos of the game and laugh at ourselves for how *crappy* the game was 2 years ago. It’s a strange combination of humiliation at how we ever showed those builds to people, appreciation to Sony for believing in us even when the game was so provably terrible, and sense of accomplishment at how far we were able to come, especially in the last 6-12 months. Plus it’s just plain hilarious to see some of our really BAD ideas on-screen.

But that’s the journey of making video games. We’re proud of what we accomplished getting to here, but the point of it all was to make something for you guys to enjoy — and we’re hopeful that you will drop us a note and let us know what you think after you’ve beaten the game! Enjoy the ride and thanks so much for all your support!

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you want to know what the last few weeks were like for Brian and the Sucker Punch team, look out for the Road To Gold dev diary releasing in May.

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  • Congrats! Can’t wait for the game <3

  • 1st day buy!

  • day 1 guy for me. I cannot wait for this game. It is my most wanted game this year.

    Hay Jeff
    where is the Fat Princess beta forums? I need a link to it. I am in the beta.

  • heck yes! can’t wait guys! thanks so much sucker punch and im looking forward to that dev diary next month.


  • Push up the release date again:) and give us a special edition!!!

  • Give it to me now! So excited for this game guys. I’m going to reserve my copy this weekend.
    And I would love to see some videos of those old builds of the game so I can see the evolution.

  • Congrats. I’ll definitely be checking the game out come May.

  • this game looks awesome

  • Will be a day-one buy for me as well! :D
    Very excited for this one!

  • How do you guys compare inFamous with Prototype? Help me decide which to buy!

  • Great news, will the release date of the game be the same in Europe and Australia as in the US?

  • Is the Gigawatt Blade power only available for pre-orders or is it unlockable by playing the game?

  • “It’s a tradition here to bust out old builds and videos of the game and laugh at ourselves for how *crappy* the game was 2 years ago”.

    You should post them on the blog for everyone to see!!

  • Congrats Sucker Punch!

  • Hells yeah. Pre ordered and Paid In Full, just waiting on this bad boy to ship.

  • Awesome! I’ve been wanting to play this game since I saw the E3 videos of it. I’m excited for this game. This has been a great year for the PS3 and it’s just gonna continue to get better.

  • Congratulation on the accomplishment! inFamous looks absolutely great and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

    Which reminds me, time to go pre-order so I can get my crazy Gigawatt blades.

  • SOLD!!!!

  • Wait, if there’s only 60+ people, how come the credits last for like 15 minutes?

  • The game looks incredible, I can’t wait. Congrats to the team, it might be too late but a lenticular 3D cover would probably be so appealing and make the game stand out on the shelf.

  • good luck with this game guys, I have to skip it…. still have games from last fall I’m trying to finish.

  • Awesome, can’t wait.

  • Congrats Team!!!!!

  • Hellz Yeah!!

    Can’t wait. Too bad it comes out a day after my birthday so my fiance won’t buy it for me. :P Tempted to order up another copy for a friend who’s birthday is later that week. ;)

    although I’m still pissed how all these pre-orders are being handled with get this here, get that there, and get something else there…

    going to be long month waiting. Have to go back and play Dead Space, R2, KZ2, or some others to hold me over. ;)

  • Gonna be awesome!

    Could you clear up though, is it:

  • OMG awesome! I can’t wait to play this game!

  • Great news. I hope it will be good, by the look of it, it could be either a boring/repetitive game or a really fun one. Will see this with a little demo :p

  • Any Hope we can get it even sooner than may 26th then? ^-^

  • ok the constant fact that the team keeps showing how hard they worked is telling me how hard they worked is tipping me over the BUY IT NOW edge. im starting to feel that i need to buy this just because they DID work so hard. i do want i though……
    online preordered!!!

  • Congrats Sucker Punch! I’m looking forward to playing the game you’ve put all your hard work into the past few years.

  • O.M.G. does this mean we get it even earlier? But who cares!! InFamamous is ready for shipment!!!!!!

  • i wanna see a trailer of the old crappy builds in the store so we can all laugh along with you guys

  • This is awesome, Sucker Punch is great, Im definitely getting this game

  • Just want to say Congrats to a job well done, its looking better everyday! Can’t wait for inFAMOUS which I have preordered.

  • soooooo does this mean you guys can ship too us within the next 2-3 weeks?

  • this game looks pretty cool, ive been following it since it was announced, can’t wait to play it :D

  • Can a brotha get a Demo. I haven’t been been on the inFamous tip, I gots to find out what y’all are hyping.

  • I am very interested in getting this game, but will wait for reviews and a demo before making up my mind. I have bought a lot of games recently…I have never played a Sucker Punch game before, but they have a good reputation and I’m willing to give them any benefit of the doubt. Congratulations and thank you for another great PlayStation 3 exclusive.

  • i have to play this games so badly

  • BestBuy Canada has this game down for 69.99 thats 10 more than usual what gives??

  • Congrats guys. I hope you guys get some good marketing. It sad that good games like inFamous will not do so well in North America.
    (Killzone 2 March NPD numbers :( )

  • can you send my fresh off the mint copy to me FEDex please? hehe :D

  • Congrats guys , its a day 1 buy for me , in fact im gonna pre order it at best buy , you guys should really post those videos from the old builds of the game , think about it please

  • it would be a good idea to post old videos with new ones

  • Awesome!! I can not wait for this game i have wallpapers of it on all my devices lol my computer, ps3, and phone haha! I have been with this game since I first saw it under the list of games on the ps3 website…which was definately over a year ago. I’m so excited!

  • Another Exclusive to be subjected to Sony’s abysmal marketing?

  • game looks sweet! cant wait!!! thanks sucker punch

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