Sack it to Me – The Jammin’ with Switches Edition

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Happy Wednesday LBP’ers! Today we got a few cool news nuggets from the world of LittleBigPlanet including tips from MM, in-depth GDC interviews, and some relaxing musical numbers. Have a great week!

Danny and Mark present the second episode of Media Molecule‘s official Tips and Tricks series. This time – switches! The video includes one shot switch mechanisms, counting mechanisms, delay mechanisms, multi-task switches and simple logic test mechanisms.

GDC INTERVIEW- Lessons Learned from Creating LittleBigPlanet
Guardian Games Blog did a cool interview with Alex and Mark at GDC a few weeks ago. For anyone who is interested in what goes in to creating a game like LBP, it’s a great piece to watch.



Music has always been a big component to LBP, and is one of the reasons that not only fans love the game, but musicians too. Check out Dominic Cerquetti who got on his keyboard and did his own little interpretation to a LBP classic! Any other LBP musicians out there, drop us your links to your LBP-inspired tunes.

Per our update last week, the next LBP content patch is hitting your consoles tomorrow with a new music player, improved decoration mode, and tons of upgrades and options. We can’t forget the winner of the Asian LBP Costume Competition – THE MONKEY KING hits the PS Store tomorrow as well!

LittleBigPlanet Add- On Monkey King Costume banner

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  • Cant wait for some cheese!

  • I decided to fire up LBP yesterday.

    Saw like 20 object levels and at least 5 Mario levels and quickly turned the game off.

  • @2 you should check my level then, it’s called ‘The Heist’ I’m sure you’ll love it, dont worry i’m not a H4H troll I already got my platinum ages ago.

  • Yar there be a Yarg matey…….AHOY!!

  • Can’t wait to try out some new stuff!

  • I welcome the Monkey King.

    Keep the tips coming, they really help in design.

  • id like to see a weekly home update on PS blog.

    i remember somewhere that they have so many spaces in the works that they are coming out with 3 spaces a month.
    it dose not just have to be spaces, some more info on upcoming events in home, and some of the ever so popular Xi stuff.

  • Thanks Mm!

  • Hey everyone do the level Race of Death by me and heart it and me. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I hope this update fixes my busted level. I died that day I received the “failed to load” message. So sad.

  • Credit to you guys at Media Molecule, you really have done an outstanding job on LittleBigPlanet. I saw the Eurogamer documentary via Playstation Home on you guys a while back and I couldn’t believe how small your offices actually were! To put together such an amazing and addictive game with the resources that you guys had is simply stunning. I logged on today for the first time in a few weeks and was stunned at the quality of levels avaliable, if you dig deep you will find some real stunning levels in there. I have made some myself, but they are nothing special; although I love the idea of being able to choose different lighting options in different areas of the level; bring on the patch!

    Keep up the good work guys!

  • That is absolutely awesome!!! That’s really helpful when level designing.

  • Any chance of a LBP Home Space?

    I would really like to see that. ^ ^

    I can’t wait for tomorrow.LBP FTW!!

  • Hell yeah, sack it to me! I love LBP. Mm rules!

  • Great job! Can’t wait for the patch, I need help with the ‘Can’t Save Profile’ crap even though I have deleted almost all my levels, objects and costumes (plus ALL my custom stickers–hurt really bad!)—I CANNOT wait for a reprieve from that!

  • Just to correct myself the Lighting changes come in the free creators pack which will be released in a few weeks time, not the patch, but the patch still has a lot of awesome fixes and additions. Can’t wait.

  • sweet, i seriously have to finish my first level
    (and the SP mode) hehe…

    but darn it, i always buy the new outfit packs each week :P

  • SWEET I CANT WAIT 4 THE UPDATE and that monkey looks cool lol LBP FTW !!!! :D

  • i hope the LBP home space will come out soon.

  • I wnat my Lara Croft’s Sackgirl!

  • Please tell me Dominic Cerquetti got Crowned. That was amazing.

    As a side note, I greatly value the musical side of games. Regarding LBP, Volver a Comenzar is still stuck in my head.

  • the monkey!!!

  • I’m really excited about the update and the changes it will bring to the creation mode.

    I lost interest in the game after my attempt at creating a functional 8-bit ALU failed due to performance constraints (my RAM implementation caused the thermometer to spike in no time at all), and this update is just the kind of wake-me-up I needed to get back into the swing of things.

  • Also, *LOVE* the monkey king costume. Great idea!

  • CORNISH YARG! about time im been waiting patiently for this…… i dunno if i can wait……maybe ill freeze myself……

  • Can’t wait, great news!

  • I have a suggestion regarding game-brand LBP-costumes:
    Why don’t you bundle them as gifts for buyers of the corresponding game?

    For example:
    Everyone who buys the PSN-game Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fist of Plastic in the first week of its release gets the Rag Doll Kung Fu LBP-costumes pack for free.

  • Yeah exactly good idea soldiusdave anyway nice little up date MM! thanks

  • Man I love this game hopefully i can get back into it because, last week i got my platinum for it then i said now what. Hopefully i can get interested back in such an amazing game

  • wow thanks for all of the videos and the update about the update for LBP :P

    good stuff and keep it coming :D

  • oh yea i forgot

    any date for the sackboy avatars for the psn?
    the acorn is cool and all but eh much rather have my sackboy

  • In-game music FTW!

  • Please. PLEASE. Subtitle the tips, Media Molecule/Sony/whoever is in charge. Go to Hulu, strike a deal if you have to. I love LittleBigPlanet, but I can’t hear and I can’t understand the tips if I can’t know what’s going on other than the video.

    PLEASE BRING THIS UP at Media Molecule since the last one wasn’t subtitled as well.

    If you’re not going to subtitle them, then why have Steven Fry’s lines subtitled in the game/tutorials that are right on the Blu-ray?

  • This is great stuff. I didn’t know there were tutorials levels. I’ll check them out.

    kudos to all the players who figured all this logic stuff on their own. I’m eager to build my first level on the game. I bought on launch day but sadly law school doesn’t let me play around and create levels as much I would like…but soon I’ll create something :)

  • I just started playing big little planet, Im on level 1 i cant get my pal to the screen, i drag him but i cant move him there,help

  • pretty sweet video

  • Still no level packs? *sigh*, guess MGS4 was the only one then.

  • such a good game i hope they keep supporting us and dont just leave to make the second one….or psp one…

  • More level packs and new gameplay mechanics please!

    I haven’t played this in months due to it being a bit dull now to be honest.

  • Can’t wait for Cornish Yarg! Yarr!

  • Monkey Magic for the Win. I always wanted Tripitaka to be female.

  • Hey, check it out at 5:01 in, what is that in the special section?

  • You should put these Tips & Tricks videos up on the PlayStation Store!

  • keep the DLC coming…I have added LBP DLC as a line item to my monthly budget now :)

  • Sweet, I love the DLC you guys are pushing, keep it up, the level packs like MGS4 I will continue to buy, materials are like gold in this game.

    On that note, you probably get asked this allot but check out my level: Digital Dreams;
    you will not be disappointed.

    Thank you for making a masterpiece that will stand the test of time due to its model.

    – nickert0n, Canada

  • My costume saves have all gone? I can’t see their photos, when i press on the blank costume a small ‘!’ comes up? Hope you can fix this. Apart from that keep up the good work ‘MM’ ;)

  • Can people please heart me. I just need to be hearted 30 times as an author then i get platinum, please on LBP. P.S. Cant wait for new free costume and infamous!

  • It’s true that MM has provided amazing building blocks for level/game/unrelated content creation. Amazingly talented users have taken those blocks, atoms if you will, and made unbelievable molecules. Those molecules exist inside huge, organic levels.

    I look at this stuff and I can understand exactly how it works, but for whatever reason, the engineering required in accomplishing it myself is beyond me. Naturally being able to condense these things is also beyond me, but I hope MM can introduce these things in a more LBP-esque fashion than merely showing libraries of workshops on

    But, like lego and mechano and similar things; Sometimes the fun is not the product, it’s the development. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to construct a simple elevator in LBP and failed utterly. But the failures have resulted in things much more interesting than an elevator ever could be.

  • @jelly14

    earn your hearts we all had too

  • CORNISH YARG IS LIVE! i wish this blog was updated more cause there are lots of features in this update…percentage of goodies left in levels and on story mode is shown…# of players online is shown….how much new content is on the LittleBigPlanet is shown… player works very nice i love it! keep up the good work at MM!

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