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Yes, our boy Kratos is back, and he’s guaranteed to be raining carnage and devastation upon the Gods and the entire Ancient Greek world. With so much death and destruction already on his plate, Kratos needs YOU in putting together the Ultimate God of War III Collector’s Edition!

To help you summon the wrath of your comments, we’ve crafted together a fairly short survey to ask for your opinions on what will make the Ultimate God of War III Collector’s Edition. Don’t worry; there are no right or wrong answers to this survey. It’s easier than taking your SATs or Driver’s License Test. We just want to give our God of War fans a chance to give us their ‘Kratos’ insights. So don’t hold back. This is your opportunity to rate and compare your own ultimate collector’s wish list. Just make sure you’re logged in to your PSN account =)

Now don’t think we expect you guys to complete this survey without a little reward. We know Kratos wouldn’t =) Conquer this short survey and you will be prized with an exclusive HD wallpaper of Kratos lifting some ‘Grunt’ weights!

You guys know what to do. Click on the image below and take the Ultimate God of War III Collector’s Edition Survey and prove your answers are TRULY WORTHY OF THE GODS!!!

God of War III - Kratos Eyes Base

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  • GOW I & II HD please! And… full size replica Blades of Chaos!

    God of war 1&2 on a blu-ray :O I would like to vote 10000000000000 on that one :P

  • I think the soundtrack is a must, no matter what else you put in there. You will feel the wrath of the gods if you do not spread the orchestral love.

    I would also like my Kratos figurine to be imbued in cursed gold, which was stolen from the Aztecs by the Spanish inquisition. I also require that you sacrifice at least one goat and bathe the said figurine in its blood in the name of Kratos!
    Making the blades of Athena out of actual metal and using real cloth for Kratos’ tarp would make me feel great about spending an extra $20-$30 on a game.

    I think an art book and a behind the scenes feature would make it even more phenomenal. Those have a very small manufacturing cost a I presume so it shouldn’t be to ohard to get those in. Right?

    Look at the quality of the Resistance 2 Limited Edition. I want something along the lines of that but with a far better quality figurine and a sound track.

    If anything, just show us fans some love and don’t try to make extra revenue on the LE content if it means losing quality while keeping it under $20-$30 on top of a $60 game.

  • at 31 im sorry i rated the access to exclusive downloadable content and the god of war 1 and 2 blu ray disc “1” ( because i think god of war and god of war2 should come to the playstation store instead of a blu ray disc option

  • For the developer commentary part, can you guys get Jaffe and Barlog to join in on the fun?

    If GoW III is the end of Kratos’ story, then I think it would be more than appropriate to get the directors of the first two games involved. Think of their contributions, along with Stig’s, as a GoW “retrospective”. Additionally, a developer commentary should be part of the game regardless of whether it’s a standard edition or collector’s edition (see The Orange Box as an example).

    And, to add my 2¢: GoW I and II on Bluray is a great special feature for a CE package, for sure.

  • Just took the survey and got the wallpaper, very nice, Thanks!

    Even though I have GoW 1 & 2, I think adding them on an extra Blu-Ray disc is a fantastic idea. That way, people that are new to the series doesn’t have to worry about buying the previous games, and will help the people with no BC PS3’s even more.

    Although, for me, I would love a Kratos figure!

    Anyways, thanks for allowing us to take the survey. Can’t wait to play the game!

  • I’m very excited for a collector’s edition! A true fan would wear a GoW shirt. I have an awesome idea for more collector’s editions.

    1. God of War III Playstation 3 (Red Blood) + God of War III (CE) $399???

    2. Playstation 3 + God of War III $299???

  • took it. mayb if u put in gow 1 then 2 u unlock items.

  • The survey idea is sweet, I’ve taken it and thanks for the wallpaper!

    GoW and GoWII on BD is a must have.

  • What I don’t want you to do however, is putting in things that affect gameplay within a Limited Edition or pre-order.

    By that I mean no Zues-a-wat Blades with a pre-order at Gamestop. I thought that Infamous pre-order was a very stupid idea. I’m fine with different costumes, weapons skins etc. though.

  • you guys gotta make a gow 3 bundle

  • DUDES….really, really want the GOW 1/2 on blu ray, come on how sweet would a triology be for a collectors edition…seriously…plus i got rid of the ps2 and i sony has not released the emulator software =[….so perfect chance for everyone to own the whole series…BAM!!

  • Stuff that used to be included with the PS2 God of War games is now going to be used to make a collector’s edition.

    Sucks, but I guess Sony’s gotta make money somewhere, and where else by selling overpriced junk to their fans.

  • To be able to go back and play GOW 1 & 2 in full 1080p HD would blow any other game collector’s edition out the water..

    That would be too good to be true..

    Nope, forget about it, aint gonna happen.

  • Can I have all options for the low low price of $59.99?

    In all honesty I am glad your asking the fans what we want. Thanks for the cool wallpaper as well it’s already in use!

  • Art Book would be cool if it was a regular sized hard book that you could proudly set on your coffee table. Graphic Novel, same thing, most times games come with art books and comics of some sort and they just look cheap, give us a full fledged Graphic Novel! Finally, the Action Figure should be at least 7-8 inches tall with great detail and articulation, if you could somehow manage to get Todd Mcfarlane to make it, youre golden! I own the Neca Kratos and it looks cheesy and well, like a toy and we all know he deserves much Glory! If Bungie could get Mcfarlane Toys on board with Halo then Sony should be able to pull it off too!

  • Calendaros, you must not understand the concept of the survey or being a true fan to any series, come on man…you could count ALL collectors edition overpriced junk, but if you’re die hard-which you are obviously not, you’d know…

  • I want
    A graphic novel
    GoW 1+2 on blu-ray
    action figure
    in-game unlockable such as a skin or something
    a poster of Kratos unleashing pain on Zeus
    Some avatars for our PSN ID
    Some cool HOME items such as a Kratos figure, and clothing
    Pandora Box as the Collector Edition case. You know since Pandora Box was in God of War 1.

  • Hmm, I did the survey, but now the only true question remaining is will GoWIII be TRULY WORTHY OF THE GODS!!!


    Don’t let us down! (College students don’t have much money to spare when they live off scholarships :/ )

    With that said, heres to hoping! ^_^

  • #48 ist right, a question about the price range should be included.
    I don’t want any of it if it will cost something like 100$

    10-30$ above normal version depending on the content should be the maximum (yes, some fans will buy it for more, but only the ones who can afford it :/ )

    or do more than one CE, for example an expensive one with the GoW1&2 Games included to the rest of the “normal” CE.

  • My ultimate collectors edition would be, a kratos bust, sountrack, artbook, GOW 1+2 on the bluray all incased in a bad@$$ tin.

  • Oh I got a great idea! If you were to make a key chain I want it to resemble the Blades of Athena and be able to send a small dose of battery-powered electricity through them and shock people.

    A good example would of those “joke flashlights” that you can buy at some gas stations. If you were to press the obvious on/off button on one of those it gives you a little jolt.

  • Doing the survey, awesome to see you guys caring that much about what we think. Instead of just hiding away making your own CE!

    Now as long as this comes to the UK, I’ll keep caring back :P

  • I don’t want an emulator. I would rather they re-release the games on blu-ray or over the psn. Hopefully with updated graphics. I don’t want to have to go on ebay to find games I want to play.

  • The most interesting are the Full game soundtrack, exclusive packaging, God of War and God of War II on Blu-ray disc, God of War and God of War II cinematic movie compilation,
    Art book, Collectible items and the access to exclusive downloadable content.
    I really hope you put this things on Collector’s Edition as it is the last game of the trilogy

  • I usually don’t buy collector’s editions because they are garbage, but if it comes with the original games I will not hesitate.

  • Took the survey. I really hope this hones down the information of what gamers really want. I for one will celebrate the day that pre-order demos or pre-order dlc becomes a distant memory. Hopefully sony can learn what we want and market their games in a way where everyone is happy. As long as it isn’t obscenely priced and it has the right collectibles and bonuses, the GOW III collector’s edition will be a no brainer for me.

  • Voted 10 on GoW1 and 2 to come in a BD. No seriously, in this age of non-B/C PS3s, this would be the greatest gift you could give to us fans. Plus all those who met GoW through the PSP. I would pay any price for this. I would sell my organs to have this and a Kratos bust. About the bust… genius idea btw, it was an ancient Greece that the ‘important people’ busts started being sculpted – looks very appropriate for someone as important as Kratos.

    Sorry if I didn’t make much sense, I’m just excited. the wallpaper is wonderful, the survey is great and takes in consideration several great ideas. Me and my friends had a hard time filling this out.

  • Have blu-ray versions of god of war and god of war II. That would be amazing! I would pay up to $100 for a set that has all three blu-ray discs. I have 40GB PS3 and really want to play God of War II (I’ve played GOW). I had to sell my PS2 when I got PS3 because I could not afford it.
    Make it happen :D

  • God of War and God of War II on Blu Ray would be amazing. They wouldn’t have to include anything else and it would still be the best Collector’s Edition ever. Added throphies to the orginal games would be great.

    I’m going to make that wallpaper my PS3 background.

  • Took it. A free wallpaper? What the crap is that?

    Also, I hope we get early demo access buy pre-ordering the game along with exclusive Kratos skin that will both be available for free anyway. -.-

  • This has got to be the best survey I’ve ever seen. I’ve never really been into collector’s editions, but if they exclusive dlc, and the other two games would make it a done deal.

  • Im loving this concept of asking the fans what they want in the collectors edition.

    Hey Jeff you think you guys can do this more often?

  • I would love to see some awesome (Making of / behind the scenes) on a blu-ray disc.

    GOW 1/2 on a seperate disc ( even if it is impossible, it would be cool to know you tried)
    AND a Poster!!!!

  • This is an awesome idea! Thanks for letting us be apart of this. And keep up the good work, The God of War series is amazing, and 3 is going to seriously kick some tail :)

  • Nice Survery and wicked wallpaper!

  • I would pay 120 for a GOW 1 & 2 HD plus GOW 3.

    Cool wallpaper by the way.

  • Took survey, loved the wallpaper and once this game gets a release date it’s a first day purchase.

  • and SOME
    HOME ITEMS: clothes, items for house

  • Omg omg omg the two previous games, exclusive dlc and full game soundtrack would be awesome and well worth $100-$120. I don’t even have any money :(

  • One of the (many) exceptional things about God of War I and II was the extras. So much art work, interviews with the directors, Linda Hunt and Terrence Carson talking about their characters and the Charlie Wen stuff. Beyond the triple-A experience of the games themselves, value content like this – included with the STANDARD version of the game – really make me feel like the developer is going above and beyond to provide a package that few others would attempt.

    I really appreciate this kind of thing, and I hope that all who purchase GoWIII will get to enjoy the same quality of added content I’ve come to expect from the God of War series.

    …that said? I’m sure it’ll be awesome, and I’m sure if you put a soundtrack CD or a nice Omega keychain in a collector’s edition I’ll pay an extra fifteen bucks for it.

    While I’ve got your attention : backwards compatibility through emulation. We all want it. Give it to us.

  • I finished the survey now.

    If you could add trophies to God of War 1 and 2, that would be great!

  • I would love to see God of War 1 and 2 graphically enhanced with and option to play all the cinematics.

  • Could make two types of CE, like Fallout 3. One that came with the GoW1/2 in a BD (possibly in HD, like Tekken 5 DR Online? :~) and a Kratos Bust, more expensive. And another that came with other minor stuff and the Kratos Bust, but cheaper.

  • Well, the one thing for me as the other guy said, would be to have Chains of Olympus on it.

    I don’t have a PSP and having that on the disc would just make me love you guys even more then I already do.

  • Oh, and sorry to post again, but I **LOVE** the idea of the game being in Pandora’s Box!

  • All of the God of War games with the God of War 3? Sign me up. I don’t own a PS2 so that would be really great if I could play the first two games!

  • Will take it right now, however one note upfront


    do NOT make it exclusive to one retailer or another–make it universally available–I like to support smaller retailers and hate being boxed into buying at the bigger ones.

  • Oh man, those are some sweet options. I’d totally love to see GoW 1 & 2 as a bonus. Maybe with upgraded graphics? :D

    And I’ll second the wish to see more of these. Awesome idea!

  • Ok first, there was a thread about this on NeoGAF and I said I wanted the God of War I & II storyline cinematic. Is that where that idea came from? :p As awesome as that would be, it should include CoO too and should NOT be limited to a collector’s edition.

    Second, God of War I and II with Trophies = $100 purchase from me (I promise).

    Third, now you’ve got me really, REALLY wanting developer commentary.

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