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Yes, our boy Kratos is back, and he’s guaranteed to be raining carnage and devastation upon the Gods and the entire Ancient Greek world. With so much death and destruction already on his plate, Kratos needs YOU in putting together the Ultimate God of War III Collector’s Edition!

To help you summon the wrath of your comments, we’ve crafted together a fairly short survey to ask for your opinions on what will make the Ultimate God of War III Collector’s Edition. Don’t worry; there are no right or wrong answers to this survey. It’s easier than taking your SATs or Driver’s License Test. We just want to give our God of War fans a chance to give us their ‘Kratos’ insights. So don’t hold back. This is your opportunity to rate and compare your own ultimate collector’s wish list. Just make sure you’re logged in to your PSN account =)

Now don’t think we expect you guys to complete this survey without a little reward. We know Kratos wouldn’t =) Conquer this short survey and you will be prized with an exclusive HD wallpaper of Kratos lifting some ‘Grunt’ weights!

You guys know what to do. Click on the image below and take the Ultimate God of War III Collector’s Edition Survey and prove your answers are TRULY WORTHY OF THE GODS!!!

God of War III - Kratos Eyes Base

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  • alright first comment lets take the survey

  • Just look at that scary look in his eyes

    FiRST Btw

  • SWEET IMAGE, I’m excited about this game!!

  • i must have impeccable timing, because i’ve already taken this survey! i was a little wary about the exclusive dlc option. exclusivity in that right just doesn’t seem… right to me.

  • just finished up the survey that i got in my email. I’m most intrigued about the part that says GoW1 and 2 being offered on blu ray disc. seems kind of strange to me… all shall reveal itself in the next year i guess. can’t wait for GoWIII


  • Everybody vote this option up: God of War and God of War II on Blu-ray disc

  • Took the survey. Thanks for the wallpaper. I love the GoW series.

  • Please no T-shirts… gimme something I might actually find interesting. Who the hell is going to wear a GOW 3 Tshirt and walk around town? O_o

    God of war 1 and 2 on blu ray… OR Dev commentary + making of plz

  • Took it the minute I got the email.

    Seems like everyone wants God of War 1 & 2 on the same disk, make it happen Sony.

  • yeah i see 5 commented on the gow 1and2 on bluray from the survey… that alone would make me buy the collectors that would be freakin sweet i hope they do that i dont care how much it costs ill buy it!

  • just saw this in my email. this is a great way for fans to get what they want

  • what?????? God of Warrrrrrr 3 collectors edition??? man where is it ????? where ????? i’d pay big $ for it lol , im going to take the survey now and Jeff i hope Naughty Dog do the same with Uncharted 2

  • i did my survey =) The one i want the most is it comes with the first & second on blu-ray and the exclusive downlaodes and some others =) Can’t wait please tell me when it comes out!!

  • I just hope the bloody CE doesn’t cost like $100. Anything over 80 and I’ll pass on the CE.

  • Took It and Exited on the Content in the Collectors Edition


    This is ridiculous a bluray with both God of War 1 & 2. Just finish the emulator instead of screwing around with this double dipping nonsense.

    Personally I’ll take the disc simply to box my copies even though I own a 60 gig PS3.

  • put god of war, and gow2 on there and i will be the happiest man on the planet, 10 for that

  • Naughty Dog should take note from SCEA and do the same with an Uncharted 2 survey. Asking for what people wanted on Twitter wasn’t a good way to see what people want.

  • I want GOW1 and 2 plus a T-shirt
    Thats all……….

  • Who says that GOW1/2 won’t be an updated port built for the PS3?

    It doesn’t have to emulation…

  • I checked that GOW 1 and 2 on BRD would be very important…as it were, i don’t own a psp. so it would be great to play 1 and 2 on ps3. I also checked that the soundtrack would be good to have. I appreciate SCEA’s use of consumer input to please people :)

  • please no collectable item and no exclusive DLC bs. I will boycott (probably won’t mean much but I will).

  • Yeah i agree, everyone start shouting “emulator for BC please” instead of putting old games on BluRay.

  • God of War and God of War II on Blu-ray disc is the most important to me

  • I voted 10 for GoW 1&2 on Bluray, artbook, figure, and exclusive packaging.

  • at Kdlep, yeap i rated 1 those 2 options , i dont wanna see that on a God of War 3 collectors edition, this one should be for and by the fans , dont mess this thing up sony please

  • at everyone voting for 1&2 on BRD, we should all be asking for emulation for ALL PS2 games instead of giving sony an opportunity to charge us for old games remastered on blu-ray. Who’s with me?

  • Did this minutes ago….would so like gow1 and 2 on bd, saw lot of things i liked…wouldn’t mind rockin a gow shirt

  • nice idea @18 Naughty Dog is apart of SCEA like Santa Monica Studio. Its up to SCEA if they want to do the same.

  • free gow 1 and 2

  • @22 & 26

    What’s wrong with a collectable item? Almost all collector’s editions of games have them (RE5, SF4, Fallout 3)

  • Cool!! I’m glad that this survey is finally coming to the light. I’ve heard rumors the G.A.P got dibs on it first (true?). I hope to see that God of War III figurine! :)

  • EVERYBODY GIVE GOD OF WAR AND GOD OF WAR 2 included a 10, that would be amazing, wow.

  • DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT…. put any exclusive DLC on this. You are alienating fans who would love to have it but can’t afford the collector’s edition. Put it on the PS Store instead.

  • I need ps2 games on blu ray or at least the psn store. I have 40gb PS3 and can’t play old ps2 games. (I don’t have a PS2). I really want to play Persona 4 and the God of War games. So please Sony, release the PS2 games on Blu Ray or the PSN store!

  • I don’t care about anything other than a Kratos figure. That would be fantastic. I love collecting those (as long as they are better quality than the Resistance 2 one).

  • If you put God of War 1 and 2 on it, make it worthwhile for people who already own both, like me!

  • being the huge GOW3 fan i am, i’ll be willing to pay $100+ for an ultimate limited edition version containing all of the following.(pretty much everything on the survey)

    -a badass figurine/action figure of kratos with moving parts
    -behind the scenes in HD, on separate bluray disc with lots of content.
    -hard cover art book with lots of pages(circa 50) and lots of background information to read
    -t-shirt(where i can chose the size)
    -very nice graphics on the packaging and disc
    -make the package design very creative(not just a box) something similar in quality to the safe from GTA4’s CE or fallout 3’s CE.
    -and a big poster, or several small posters
    -key chain
    -GOW1 and GOW2 on a bluray disc running in FULL HD resolution(1080p).
    -please don’t release a special GOW3 ps3, like the gun metal grey MGS4 ps3, or else i’ll go bankrupt. :P


  • OOOO…would love to own GOW1/2 on Blu-Ray! Specially if it’s been enhanced for widescreen displays!

  • Ken Chan? Holy Shi-!! Are you related to Bleach’s Captain Zaraki Kenpachi (aka Ken-chan)?

  • It’d be great if they made the standard edition a collector’s edition, kind of like what they did with God of War II. Now, the first two games on Blu Ray would be perfect. I sold my PS2 and all my PS2 games a while back to afford the PS3, and I really miss those God of War games.

  • Let’s hope that the Kratos figurine makes it to the Collector’s Edition.

    People…please select the Kratos figure as the most important rather than a T-shirt or whatever..I want it so much.

  • I agree the others. GOW 1&2 on a Blu-ray disk would be great.

  • There were some interesting options there….one i didnt see that i’d like in a collector’s edition is CoO….i dont have a psp and dont plan on buying one anytime soon, but i’d like to play this game…..and i think that would be a great addition…..especially if gow 1 & 2 are being considered…..

  • I got the email earlier and have already taken the survey! Thanks.

  • Thanks a lot for allowing us to give you an idea of what we want. Even if what I pick isn’t what gets included, I appreciate you listening to my feedback. Thanks for the awesome wallpaper as well!

    • We want the true fans to tell us what they want for a Collector\’s Edition. If it\’s not listed in the survey, feel free to add your suggestions within the PS blog. We\’re keeping a close eye on it =)

      And you\’re most welcomed for the wallpaper!

  • GOW 1 & 2 HD would be nice not just the regular PS2 games, I still have them. I assume that’s what they mean right?

  • I care about the price more than anything. Just look at the Batman Collector’s Edition it is 99.99 Anything over 69.99 I won’t buy.

  • Glad to see that our thoughts count!
    Thanks for listening, hope something Great comes out of this~

  • I know GoW1&2 would be cool as a bonus, but as I own both (CE) and have a launch PS3, I don’t care for it (maybe if it was upgraded).
    Also I think such an CE would be really expensive so I don’t want it in the GoW3 CE.

    oh and…
    DO THIS (CEs&Surveys for them) FOR ALL GAMES PlEASE

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