Booster Packs Coming for Magic Ball, Cuboid and Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom

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You’ve heard the rumors. You’ve been dreaming about the possibilities. The anticipation has been palpable. You can hardly contain yourself. Well, my PSN brethren, your time has come.

I’m both honored and thrilled to announce the release of Booster Packs for the Creat Studios/TikGames titles Magic Ball, Cuboid, and Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom. Here are the details:

  • Magic Ball, a fresh spin on classic brick-breaking gameplay in which players bust apart 3D environments, offers gamers new action with the release of the Magic Ball Booster Pack, featuring a whole new world to destroy. Players will be able to smash their way through 25 all-new magical, witch-themed levels, earning a series of new trophies along the way. Custom music support will also be made available via a free patch download.
  • Magic Ball Booster screenshot 1

  • Cuboid, a mind-bending 3D puzzle game, will offer gamers three different options for add-on content. The Cuboid Booster Pack contains 33 new levels that will test even the best players’ skills, rewarding gamers with new trophies. The Cuboid Level Editor allows players to become level designers and challenge others with their own custom levels. Players can either create a brand new level from scratch, or improve upon any existing level, created by other players or taken from the original campaigns. User-created levels can be uploaded to the PSN where they will be made available to other players (who have downloaded the free patch). Players can also earn trophies for creating their own levels, and for rating the levels created by others. The Cuboid Bundle Pack includes both the Booster Pack (33 new levels) and the Level Editor. Custom music support for Cuboid is also on its way via a free patch download.
  • The Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom Booster Pack features 25 all new layouts to beat in Infinity mode, as well as a level editor that allows players to create their own layouts from scratch and share their creations with other gamers by hosting an online multiplayer game on their custom-created level. Players can then save any new customized level that they have created or played via online multiplayer invitation to their HDD. Also included is a series of new trophies, obtainable by only the most dedicated Mahjong players. Highly-requested mouse support will also be made available via a free patch download.

First up will be the Magic Ball Booster Pack, scheduled for release this Thursday, April 16. The Cuboid and Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom Booster Packs will be released in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for those exciting and highly anticipated releases as well.

Magic Ball Booster screenshot 4

Magic Ball Booster screenshot 2 iMagic Ball Booster screenshot 3

On behalf of Creat Studios and TikGames, thanks so much for your unwavering support of Magic Ball, Cuboid and Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom. We listened carefully to your feedback as to what you were looking for in add-on DLC for these titles, and I think we have managed to deliver on almost everything that was requested. How’s that for customer service? Cheers!

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  • SWEET! looks awesome

  • that’s great, any word on how much the magic ball DLC is gonna cost?

  • Always nice to see continuing support for games. The custom music tracks are really nice to see too.

  • WOO HOO!! I agree…custom soundtracks will help for sure! I love Magic Ball and have no problem extending this game a little.

  • Sweet! More Magic Ball to play with the wife. Thanks Michael.

  • I guess I over read the whole…adding mouse support to Mahjong! Thats pretty sweet. I don’t own that game, but would think about it with being able to use a mouse!

  • Love Magic Ball. Will buy. Continue the good work guys!

  • Great News!

    Keep up the good work!

  • Wow, My friend has cuboid, and I was going to buy Magic Ball on Sunday, and now with DLC, I will buy for sure.
    There will be any bundle with the game and the DLC? Let´s see Magic Ball 9.99, DLC ?.??. Bundle for a great price. What do you think?

  • I own all 3, Ive been excited for the magicball dlc since i noticed the new trophies in the compare list. And mouse support for mahjong is an awesome suprise.

  • Ow, I forgot to ask, Michael any news about Smash Cars?

  • Those pictures indicate that this pack will have an even greater sense of humor. I do want this, it just depends on the price.

    • For such quality additional humor, the price is just a low, low $2.99. How can you say no to that? It\’s humor-tastic!

  • Is it possible to implement remote play for the PSP for any of these titles? We have such a limited selection of titles that allow it, but yet it is a very useful feature that gives PSP users more chances to play the games.

  • Great!! I love these three games ;o) I was looking for new content

  • I’m LOVING this news! Thank you so much! I think you guys have earned the title of “My Personal Favorite Playstation Network Developers” I know you guys don’t have the most crazy PSN games, but they’re fun and your support is flawless! Custom Soundtracks for mgaic ball and cuboid is a beautiful new addition, and mouse support for Mahjong will likely increase my addiction with that game! Thank you so much, and keep the fun casual distractions coming!

  • Price on Magic Ball?

    $2 or $3 I hope. ;)

  • (Oh, and no offense meant for the “distraction” bit… I like having casual games like these to fall back on after an intense session of hardcore goodness! So, I call casual games casual distractions… ) :)

  • Can’t wait for the Cuboid DLC, although I hope the price is reasonable, but I find Cuboid to be the best brain-training puzzle game on the PSN so far, plus its exclusive! Any chance the soundtrack(s) will hit the PSN? Probably get Magical Ball some time as soon as the DLC will be bundled. The game here cost 9,99 Euro plus DLC, um no.

  • Mouse Support? Amazingness. I own all three games so I will buy all the booster packs you throw at me. :)

  • AWESOME. I’m all over Magicball.


  • Hmm they look good but I won’t be buying any PSN games that I can’t try first with a demo, I already got ripped once with the ultra [DELETED] PoP classic.

  • I’m getting that Magic Ball pack. That game is crazy fun.

  • Hmm they look good but I won’t be buying any PSN games that I can’t try first with a demo, I already got ripped once with the awful PoP classic.

  • Awesome news, Michael. Thanks! I love Magic Ball, and have been awaiting this booster since the trophy tease these last several weeks (months?!). I’m really pleased that the custom soundtrack will be part of a free game update. Not so much because I really must have custom soundtrack support, but because a previous blog post suggested that this feature would be part of paid DLC. I’m pleased that you guys reconsidered, as paying for custom soundtracks seems to run contrary to how most developers are providing this feature.

    How much will this DLC be? $5 seems appropriate, based on the original pricing scheme: $10 (full game w/ 2 themes) divided by 2 = $5! Anything more is exhorbinant; Anythings less is a deal. We’ll see!

  • Any chance we can get a Magic Ball and/or Cuboid Demo? I won’t buy anything without taking it for a spin first. Demos got me to buy Age of Booty, Echochrome, The Last Guy, and Super Rub A Dub. Magic Ball looks great, but no demo, no buy.

  • I own 2 of the 3 titles , cant wait for the booster packs…. Do we have a price on the booster packs??

    Micheal, are you’s gona do a mini-golf or mini-putt games? I think that would be an awesome idea if you do ($$$$)

    • I\’ll send your mini-golf game idea to our producers, thanks!

      I\’ll do a seperate response in a few minutes with full DLC pricing info.

  • love magic ball had great fun playing this game cant wait for this dlc and now i can play my music in it yes

  • Nice Custom Soundtrack. I love Magic Ball but the music can get old.

  • I still need a few more trophies on Mahjong, though I haven’t been the most dedicated as of late….

  • Got an idea for Magic Ball… Difficulty levels. A patch to make the game faster, or more challenging in some way would be great. Its good fun and all, but once you’ve mastered your strategy for picking up power ups and avoiding negative status drops, the game is too easy. Added speed alone would make things interesting. And I don’t mean more crazy ball drops, I hate those things! haha.

    Anyway, really looking forward to the new levels. They better be pretty cheap though, because 25 levels may sound like a lot, but my wife and I will chew through those in an hour or so…

    You reminded me I still gotta get Cuboid, looks like good fun.

    • Interesting idea about a patch to speed up the game. Will send that idea to our producers, and thanks for your interest and support!

  • Are these packs free?
    I would definitely buy Cuboid now that it’s actually going to have some reply value.
    I love playing Mahjong on my laptop, but I’ll definitely consider purchasing it on PSN.

  • This is very cool news..

    I’ve got like 35 more puzzles on The Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom Infinite.. Man I just found out that it already had custom music support lol.. I sure could have used it in the first 65 lol

    Thanks for that support!! You’ll get it back..

  • YES!!!!! YOU guys took to long, but I forget you, this is awesome =^-^=

  • OMG,OMG booster pack for Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom!! And its getting mouse support! Woot woot Its my favorite mini game of all time. It would be so cool if people started playing it again so I can get the rest of the trophys. Iam the only person that I know that plays it though, so if you play the game(and like it) fill free to add me. :)

  • yes.. yes.. YES.

    Who cares about the price. You know your going to buy it.

  • this makes my week ty guys our whole family loves magic ball tytytyty

    • Hey, you just made my week, knowing we made your week! You will love the new levels in Magic Ball, enjoy!

  • i don’t get on CUBOID, the ability to create levels it’s paid but the avility to play others users generated levels it’s free, or all of this it’s free…sounds cool, i have just reached %100 trophies on cuboid so if it’s a reasonable price i’m getting it

  • Schweet!

  • Quick question….what happened to ‘The Last Guy’ guys? You just gonna let that one die or what?

  • sweet wife and i love this game

  • cant wait we own all 3 of these.but magic ball is our fave. sorry for the double post. but you guys make some awesome games!!

    • I was a bit disappointed in your double post as I was hoping for a triple post, but nonetheless, I\’m thrilled that you and your wife enjoy our games, thanks!

  • I’m glad to see custom soundtrack support for Magic Ball and Cuboid since it was weird that only one of the three games supported it out of the gate.

  • I look forward to the dlc for magic ball. My girlfriend and I had a great time playing magic ball

  • Awesome that you are adding mouse support, thuoght developers forgot about that option.

  • This is awesome news for sure. I have yet to jump on the games, but now its more likely I’ll jump on them sooner than later.

  • All these positive Magic Ball comments have me wondering what I am missing. I’ll pick up this game with the DLC. Thanx!

  • Thanks for the heads up Michael.

    I have all 3 games, enjoy them a lot and booster packs will only make these games better.

  • AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!! Mouse support for Mahjong will definitely make me play it again… And WOW!!! Level editors for Magic Ball and Cuboid?!?!?!
    Creat and Tik you are awesome!!!
    Hopefully you have more awesome games on the way only on PSN…
    When shall we hear more on Smash cars?!?!?! =D

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