Sack it to Me – The April DLC Preview Edition

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Welcome back to another episode of “Sack it to me.” We have a quickie today, but a good one…

LittleBigPlanet Content For April
It’s that time again! Here’s the scheduled release dates for additional LittleBigPlanet content for the rest of this month and the start of May.

Those of you who keep an eye on these updates will notice that the Heavenly Sword mini-pack has moved back by two weeks, but in its place is the extremely cool Rag Doll Kung Fu costume pack, which now launches on the same day that the game comes to the PlayStation Store.

The big news for April however is that the 1.12 “Cornish Yarg” update is being released, which provides some new features along with some fixes to problems reported by the community. Also included in this update is Creator Pack 1 that contains some very cool new devices, gizmos and tools to help you build your levels. Should the date for the release of the Cornish Yarg update change, we’ll inform you ahead of time, but right now it’s looking good to go for April 16th!

April 9th : Rag Doll Kung Fu Costumes : $5.99

LBP Rag Doll Kung Fu Costume

To coincide with the release of Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic on the PlayStation Store, we’ve put together some great costumes and themed stickers. Contains:

  • Hero costume: Hero hair, jacket, trousers, skin
  • Master Hip costume: Master Hip trousers, shirt, hair, skin
  • Master Sin costume: Master Sin hat, jacket, nails, trousers
  • Master Tang costume: Master Tang hat, moustache, jacket, fish, trousers, skin
  • Sung Ling costume: Sung Ling hair, top, trousers, skin
  • 36 Rag Doll Kung Fu theme stickers

April 9th: Patapon Costume (Europe) : $1.99

LBP Character Patapon

Patapon 2 has hit the streets so it’s high time that Sackboy took up the challenge with this costume including a selection of weapon options. Contains:

  • Patapon costume: Patapon skin and head-dress, Patapon Axe, Patapon Bow, Patapon Sword

April 16th: Monkey King Costume: FREE

LBP Character Monkey

The costume competition winning design from Asia – the Monkey King. Contains:

  • Monkey King costume: Monkey King Crown, clothes, tail, staff, skin

April 16th (provisional): 1.12 “Cornish Yarg” update: FREE
This update addresses several outstanding issues with the game:

  • There is a new music player which lets players choose their own music from the XMB to play during create mode and in their Pod
  • Improved decoration mode makes it easier to customise your Sackboy
  • Option to delete all (unhearted) community objects and photos
  • Option to select whether to automatically collect community prizes and photos
  • A number of improvements have been made to make profiles more robust and to recover from certain errors
  • We now support Japanese and Korean IME for text chat.
  • Emitter prediction has been improved (this should help fast-moving projectiles e.g. in MGS levels)
  • The player proximity switch now has a ‘require all’ option in it
  • An option has been added to cycle between various level information when viewing community levels on the earth
  • Various LittleBigStore improvements

April 23rd (provisional): Creator Pack 1: FREE

LBP CreatorPack1

A collection of new tools and functions to help aspiring creators:

  • Infinite lives checkpoint
  • Visibility tweak option on certain joint objects (to hide these in Play mode)
  • Global settings object (to trigger lighting changes)
  • Tetherless jetpack
  • Angle range proximity switch (additional functionality on proximity and magnetic key switches)

April 23rd : Heavenly Sword Mini-Pack: $2.99

LBP Heavenly Sword Theme


  • Nariko costume : Nariko sword, wig, dress
  • Kai costume : Kai hat and hair, dress, gloves, boots, skin
  • 27 Heavenly Sword theme stickers

April 30th : Egyptian Mythology Mini-Pack: $1.99 $2.99

LBP Egyptian Costume

Inspired by Egyptian mythology this pack has costumes for Anubis and Sekhmet along with 10 theme stickers to help you add some Egyptian flavour to your levels. Contains:

  • Anubis costume: Anubis mask, Anubis robes
  • Sekhmet costume: Sekhmet mask, Sekhmet robes
  • 10 Egyptian theme stickers

May 7th : Norse Mythology Mini-Pack: $1.99 $2.99

LBP Norse Costume

Continuing our mythological theme this pack contains Thor and Valkyrie costumes and Norse themed stickers.

  • Thor costume: Thor’s helmet, beard, belt and wristguards, legs, Thor’s Hammer
  • Valkyrie costume: Valkyrie helmet and braids, Valkyrie jerkin and cape, Valkyrie boots
  • 10 Norse theme stickers

For those of you that love more info, check out for details in detail, of the detailed detail…

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  • So much DLC for LBP. I hope we get a new set of levels (like the MGS ones) next month.

  • Norse and Egyptian packs?, awesome.

  • love the support for this game

  • This is a lot of cool stuff but still not what I really wanted….which was a new level pack with new trophies….

    Why does the European store already have the God of War level pack? I want that so bad! Bring it to the USA please!! I am not so intrigued to play LBP again just for some costumes or minor changes.. You have to offer a challenge to the people who already got all of the LBP trophies!!


  • nice~ thanks 4 constant updates.

  • Great Job, can we please have a grand turismo level pack, I’m trying to make a GT level and it’s been failing miserably..

    Just noticing that all posts have been made by SCEA people this week. Good side note..

  • Holy moly batman, a whole bunch of new NEW cool stuff coming to LBP. YAAAAY!!

  • I can honestly say, I cannot wait to get my hands on “ALL” of these addons! I love the Rag Doll Kung Fu Costumes the most though. Also I would like to see more level packs. MM is are wonderful and creating inspiring levels.

  • finally bringing the global settings tool to LBP, when my friends found those in the MGS levels he had a hunch that was what they were about.

  • Sweet updates coming up!! Still looking for Sephiroth….something is telling me that this may come in a pack similar to the MSG. Anyway Good Job Mm!!

  • Thank you! Add as many disclaimers as you need to in case things change, but providing previews of content with DATES and PRICES makes this the best feature on the blog. :)

  • I welcome anything free, but I am not interested in anything like this. Where are the level packs?

  • Valkyria Chronicles sackboys. We require them. Now!

    Anyway, great looking content coming for LBP. Can’t wait.

  • Sweetness! I am really digging the teatherless jetpack and infinite checkpoints!

  • @4 I think the US Store does have the GoW pack.

  • This game’s DLC is one of very few worth breaking my wallet on DLC for. I love the continued support of the game. Hopefully we’ll get another Full-Featured Level Pack like the MGS one soon.

  • I wish Mm would show us how “well” these costume packs are selling. I’d really like to see how many nuts are paying $2 to dress up in an online game.

  • What I really want and need, is to Media Molecule fix the network to fix network errors, the game lags horribly in some ocassions, to the point that I’m signed out of PSN. Aside from that, great support!!

  • is lil big planet a good game? everyone i talk to thinks it looks weird and little kidish but they’ve never played it and neither have i

  • what happened to all the free costumes?
    It seems silly to me to download 15+ dollars for just costumes.

  • LOL the Viking costume. Heck yeah that’s tight!

  • @17 – If you like, I can send you a couple of empty pop bottles so you can purchase a few costume packs for yourself.

    Thanx for the update; looking forward to the DLC!

  • Glad to know about the Heavenly Sword DLC. Heavenly Sword needs to come back. It is a great IP with a rich backstory.

  • Thanks Mm !

    LittleBigPlanet gets better and better XP

  • Sweet, but when will we have the Sephiroth and Final Fantasy IIV Pack come? I NEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cant complain with charging with dlc cause theyre givin great free dlc too. cant believe the great support for this game. i need to make a second level soon.

  • Sweet… can’t wait for that creator pack!

  • +1 for the creator pack, however, not only is it very bare, but seriously, this whole costume thing is getting old now. Where is some actual game changing content? You guys said this game was lead by the community, yet all you do is sell costumes for profit. I suppose thats what was meant by the disc is only the beginning, your true profit is from the costumes. Profit, your one and only true intentions.

  • are we gunna get info on fat princess anytime soon? im gunna die of anxiety waiting for that game to come out

  • This is awesome!! I’m gonna be spending a lot of money on PSN this month!

  • I’m loving the free stuff! And the heavenly sword stickers make me smile!

    Honestly, Heavenly Sword is a BEAUTIFUL game! The motion-capture and voice acting is immaculate and VERY memorable! Andy Serkis’ preformance is my favorite video game character preformance I’ve EVER SEEN! Period.

  • You guys are the best! I can’t wait for the mythology packs!

  • what more dlc! hope Infamous and God of War get s a lot of extras too.

  • Nice! Hopefully we’ll get more level packs a la Metal Gear.

  • Maybe we’ll actually care about Heavenly Sword when we get a trophy patch.

  • nice to see mythology paks comming to lbp

  • Those packs look awesome, i cant wait for the mythology ones :D will there be Greek or Roman ones?

  • how come you guys dont reply to us anymore? we all love to hear what you guys have to say and its one of the main reasons all of us comment on these blogs

  • Wow, I love the Norse pack! Just imagine Sackboy running around with a little hammer! :P

    BTW, if anyone is interested, I just made a new level! Search WoAH (short for “World of Ancient Heroes”)and try it out as I sadly have gotten very few plays. :(


  • Ugh. I paid like, 2.99 for the Killzone costume pack. Now, I may buy another costume pack some time in the future (I can’t say anything for certain, especially if I have a measly 3$ in my PSN “wallet), but I was really underwhelmed. I don’t know what the hell I expected it to feel like, obviously I was a bit delusional – but costume packs are a damn waste. Especially for the price they sell them at, and for too few costumes. Yuk…

    In any case… Media Molecule, please release a new levels-pack. Ya’ll made some bomb-ass levels.

  • Woot Woot yes the wether change tool

    what i always needed now to crack my finger and complete my level

  • Can’t wait for the 1.12 update!


  • yay for rad doll costumes! to bad not many will buy the real game because of no online gameplay :(

  • Oh man in for the Norse pack.

  • Hey! What if we had costumes for Infamous?! Who’s with me? Costumes from infamous for LBP, with a whole bunch of levels and the ability to shoot lightning from your sackboy’s fingers!! That’d be awesome!! And Cornish yarg is out soon!!! Yippe Kai yay mother F’er!! sorry for the language. that creator pack is awesome also. LBP FTW!!

  • The blog should be changed to the playstation [DELETED]. That is all people do in the comments. but seriously if you are going to complain at least keep it on topic.

    On topic I think MM have taken the crown from critereon with best developer support. Keep up the good work, guys. [DELETED].

  • For those of us who already have the Nariko costume, will there be a way for us to just get the Kai costume + stickers? Otherwise it would seem like we are paying for content we already have. . .

  • I would love to get my hands on the one in all black with the black hair, Pretty sweet new costumes!

  • Where is Final Fantasy VII?!!

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