Pata-post Tuesday Presents: The Story Thus Far

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Their journey began long ago, in a mystical land full of evil monsters, treacherous landscapes and menacing armies. Their goal was simple but noble — to find their beloved Earthend and look upon the legendary “IT.”

However, simplicity is not always without dire consequences, a lesson the Patapons quickly learned as they battled bravely against insurmountable odds and sacrificed themselves for their beloved Earthend…every fallen warrior honored as brick on the road to their ultimate glory.

Patapon 2 is the continuation of this epic tale, and here we find that the mighty warriors have sailed into the unknown in search of Earthend.

Patapon 2 ship

Their time at sea has taken its toll on their sanity, and as they stare into the abysmal eye of madness their ship is attacked by a gigantic sea creature, killing almost all. Now shipwrecked on a strange unknown land, a lone Patapon struggles to keep the secret of the drum alive…and only with your help, the Mighty One, will they succeed in finding their glory.

This new strange land is the home the Karmens, a strange masked warrior tribe who are not too keen on having the Patapons in their territory. They quickly take an offensive stance to these Patapon intruders.

Patapon 2 karmens

Patapon 2 karmens 2

Soon the Patapons learn that this unknown land is not so unknown after all. They quickly make camp in an old abandoned Patapon village where they begin to strategize their next move.

Patapon 2 wide

They must battle through ice storms and sand blizzards as well as bigger and evil-er monsters.

Patapon 2 fever Patapon 2 fever2

Indeed, it’s a daunting task that is set before the brave Patapons and their new Mighty Leader (that would be you). But that’s just the story…so what about gameplay?

First off, we added an easy mode for the rhythm impaired. In this mode, the game is extra forgiving for those that can’t simultaneously tap their feet and clap their hands so they too will be able to have fun and not throw their PSPs at the wall in frustration. For the rhythm prodigies out there, we’ve added a mode for you to challenge your inner metronome. And finally, for those that can keep a good beat but still fall one drumstick short of a drumline, there is a mode for us as well. Now there really is no excuse.

Second, we added new attacks and miracles (Juju). These will help you increase your attack strength and defense strategy. We’ll be diving into those in upcoming posts.

Third, we added a cool Patapon theme that you can download from the PlayStation Store. OK, that might not really help with your game skills, but it will be cool to have, and any Mighty One, such as yourself, would be foolish to do without…we’ll be releasing it this coming Thursday, April 9th.

Patapon 2 PSP theme

It doesn’t end here my Pata-friends…more details to come.

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  • Looks great!

  • Good to see an easy mode… I hate losing my fevers in the mids of a colossal battle….

    Anyways, I better go back and finish the first game, so I’m ready for the second ^^

  • Still making my way through the demo. May can’t come fast enough!

  • sounds like it’d be a better movie than a game, but i’ve never played it so idk….is there a demo?

  • or a little kid book

  • Since I gave up on PSP long ago, is there any chance of this game coming to PSN?

    10 or 15 bucks for this gem on PSN, playable with trophies….instant buy. As it stands, my PSP is for GoW:CoO only.

  • 7th? probably not. I have the same question as #6. I hope you bring the game to PSN

  • Yeah I’ve heard a lot about Pata-pon but haven’t had the chance to try it since my PSP was stolen several years ago. A PSN release would be cool.

    Although a PSN release of this is about as likely as an actual LocoRoco release with Loco tilting gameplay.

    Also, since these comments haven’t been tainted yet I’ll post this:
    HEY! If you guys want a massive amount of XMB features then go pay subscription fees for XBL!! Sony only has a budget of what you buy so if you want better features support the PSN store.

  • AdamMadman: “Since I gave up on PSP long ago, is there any chance of this game coming to PSN?”

    Sucks to be you retard.

  • If you have to play Patapon on easy you are not experiencing the magic of the rhythm at all.

  • Looking forward to getting this.

    THANK YOU for releasing it on disc.

  • Looks interesting!

  • “for the rhythm impaired”

    thanks, I was getting tired of sounding like two shoes in a dryer :)

  • Has Anyone played the Patpon level on LBP, if you haven’t you’re really missing out. It’s perfectly designed.

    This post just reminded me of it. lol.

  • Really looking forward to this game.

    Off topic: When are we going to get SCEA trophy cards?

  • You guys are awesome. I’d love to see a PS3 iteration too- and for super extreme bonus awesomeness points you should make it support using the RB drum kit as an alternate control scheme…. just imagine how cool that would be.

  • Love the first one, also love the idea of the difficulties, me being on a drumline made it somewhat easy so hopefully the other challenge will be a little more fun. Also a quick question in the first patapon the most annoying thing was to get armor and weapons. I really wished their was a way to make weapons like the anvil and hammer minigame from the first, but you can make all weapons and armor.

  • I really liked Patapon, and definitely want Patapon 2. I will buy it and other PSP games when they are downloadable (but not before).

  • @#9: you’re calling people retarded on the internet? Not cool. There are people who are actually retarded, and you’re just being a jerk. Same thing for those people who call stuff “gay,” there are gay people out there, and that’s just them.
    I’m not saying that I belong to either of those groups, though.

  • Pata-pata-pata-pon!

  • Please stop selling demo exclusivity to GameStop, it doesn’t sell games it sales pre-orders for GameStops pocket and well they have neough money.

    With that said please hook us up with demos months in advance not a day before or week beofre the game is set to come out.

  • I can’t wait for this game, I just wish we were able to get a toy or a small stuffed patapon on the pre-order

  • SCEA’s stupid Preorder to get the demo policy needs to end.

  • Patapon looks amazing. I’ll probably never have a chance to play since I don’t have any justifiable need for a PSP.

  • Why did my PSP have to break?!?

    Anyone know how much it is to replace the LCD screen underneath?

  • Nice theme! I have a feeling that I’m gonna be getting this game…

  • I loved the first one, although I have to admit there were times where it was a little frustrating. I’m still hoping there will be a patch to enable an easy mode for it.

    I’ll definitely pick up the sequel.

    Keep the great games coming!

  • RurouniSaiya-jin

    Awesome post. I’m looking forward to battling through blizzards.

    Can’t wait for the future post detailing new attacks and miracles.

  • I feel sorry for people who can’t simultaneously clap their feet and tap their hands,….um…scratch that,reverse that…

    Well I didn’t think drumming was that hard. The miracles sometimes messed up the beat but other than that how hard can PATA-PATA-PATA-PON be? Lol, oh well, accessibility is a good thing. I can’t wait for the new story.

    And I keep hinting for a Patapon prequel, I loved the intro in the first game about their ancient history.

  • Not bringing the original Patapon to PSN for PS3 is a lost opportunity. What possible reason could there be for it not to happen?

  • “SCEA’s stupid Preorder to get the demo policy needs to end.”

    I absolutely agree.

  • We don’t need no Text Chat. We need ingame/cross-game voice chat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Having to pre-order to get a demo is offensively stupid. I’m assuming you guys didn’t make that decision though- it stinks of SCEA’s executives. Luckily, anyone can make a UK account and download it without the stink of SCEA on it.

    On the other hand, let me restate:

    Patapon + PS3 + support for RB drums… Could you imagine how awesome that would be?

  • Will the theme be available for the PS3 too? I sure hope so. I also hope it comes with Patasounds to match.

  • COOL I LOVE PATAPON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am so happy there is an easy mode. I was always bad at fevers and miracles.

  • Awsome i mean i remeber that i checked through like 7 stores for the first patapon finally i was able to get it from kinda like a mexican ebay but it was worth it can’t wait for the second.

  • and by the way it always helps if you are a drummer

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