Monster Hunter Coming to PSP

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It’s a rare treat to be able to tell people that I’m working on the best selling game in Japan last year. To those who are unaware, they immediately think of PS3 games like Metal Gear Solid 4. Nope, my game outsold that and every other console game on the market.

The game? Monster Hunter for the PSP.

The latest version (Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G) was the top selling game in Japan last year and no amount of giant robots can change that. With over 3 million copies sold to date in Japan, about one in four Japanese PSP owners have the game. To be able to work on bringing a game of that caliber to the US is both a pleasure and an honor. It’s also the best game you’ll ever play on the PSP.

Yup, I’m a little biased…but, it’s hard not to be.

The upcoming release of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is exciting to everyone involved in the title. For those who don’t know, Monster Hunter puts you on the hunt for a variety of majestic beasts that you have to defeat in order to become the ultimate hunter. With thousands of different types of weapons and armor, as well as over 500 hours of gameplay, this is the most engrossing action/RPG title for the PSP ever created.

What really makes the game shine, however, is the excellent multiplayer that makes use of the PSP’s built-in Ad-hoc multiplayer. Join with three of your friends to hunt monsters that you simply couldn’t defeat on your own. Playing the game with friends is truly the best way to play it, and with the PSP’s network abilities, everyone has their own screen to play on.

Though we’ve had an awesome group of core fans in the US, our goal is to let everyone experience the adventure with Monster Hunter this time around. To introduce you all to the world of Monster Hunter, we’ve put together this “newscast” with our intrepid reporter covering the imminent onslaught of monsters into the west and the phenomenon they caused in Japan. Ever go on a weekend getaway in order to learn new strategies and play new games with friends? Well, 5000 Japanese gamers did that very thing with Monster Hunter.

This initial video is just the tip of the Narugakuruga’s tail when it comes to what we have in store for you with Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. In upcoming weeks, we’ll have numerous videos to teach you about some of the weapons, monsters, and strategies you’ll need when Monster Hunter Freedom Unite ships. We’ve also planned a surprise for all PSP gamers in June to let as many of you experience the game as possible.

In the meantime, sharpen your swords, join your friends and equip yourself to hunt down some of the most majestic monsters you’ve ever seen. I’ll be hopping on the PlayStation boards from time to time to fill you guys in on the latest and try and answer all the questions you might have.

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  • First!! Can’t wait for this game to come out!

  • Please show us some PSN love, themes, backgrounds, etc…

    nice 1080p backgrounds for use in… Ad-hoc party (SCEA please tell me this is part of your PSP push in 09′)


  • Wow, that box art is really great!

  • Sounds like another great title for the PSP. Thanks for stopping by the Blog and introducing yourself. Will you be part of a live chat sometime soon?

  • No online for PSP owners…
    Wii getting sequel with online play…

    Why should we care about a souped up PS2 port?

  • Please, for the love of all things Monster Hunter, tell me Ad Hoc Party is coming to North America.

  • I love MH.. Bring on Monster Hunter Unite! Can’t wait to lose countless hours to this game, lol.

  • @6

    Download AdHoc Party from Japan PSN (or SCEA may launch here?).

    Wii players will be paying a monthly fee for access afaik…unlike the PSP version.
    Quote: After a 14 day free trial, players will have the option to purchase play time in increments of 30 days (800 Wii Points/$8), 60 days (1500 Wii Points/$15), or 90 days (2000 Wii Points/$20). This marks the first time that Wii owners have had to pay monthly fees to play a game online. But given the massive popularity of the Monster Hunter franchise in Japan, this could be one of the few games where players will pay for the privilege to play online.

    But yes Capcom…I have yet to own any of your games and was (last year) hoping my first would be MH for the PS3. Sorry to hear that you felt the development costs would be too high. Perhaps you could have averaged it over the PS family since you are making gobs of coin with the PSP.

  • MH was already on the PSP, how about a PS3 version?

  • I’ve never played this game before, but I am glad there is an IP out there like this.

    Good Job guys…this isn’t my type of game at all, and I won’t be playing this, but I am love hearing about its success! Nothing modest about being proud Colin.

  • will this feature online play?

  • lets forget the new games and focus on the issue with ps3 2.70 messing up peoples system, as who is gonna buy games if their system doesn’t work, if my ps3 doesn’t work my remote play for psp is usesless and so is this game!

  • oh and another point to add:

    I thought that video was hilarious!

  • Seems like a big part of this is local co-op play. What if I don’t have any friends with PSPs?

  • Please bring out Ad Hoc Party here. I really want to play this game, but I don’t know many people in my area to actually play with.

  • I played the first MH on PSP and liked it a lot. When the second came out, I felt like I still had enough left to do in the first that it would be a waste of money. I’m still not done with Freedom yet, but I may pick up Unite if there’s some cool new content… and I’m sure there is. I’ll be watching this one, for sure…

  • Nice. More bowguns to play with. What would be really cool is a custom bundle with the same (or similar) items to the Japanese MHF bundle. (But, of course have the guts to the included PSP be a 3000 model…)

    This would make me finally upgrade my 1000 series Phat.

  • I’d rather have Monster Hunter PS3. It seems like Capcom doesn’t mind developing exclusives for the 360. Dead Rising, Lost Planet, and yet DMC4 went multiplatform. I’ve yet to see a single Capcom PS3 exclusive this gen. Sometimes I love Capcom but then there are other times when I can’t help but feel like they only care about Microsoft’s money hats now.

  • This is at least the 3rd Monster Hunter for psp here in the statess. Until we get infrastructure online capability for it or ad-hoc party here in the US, then this will be just as useless as the others that came before it.

    My recent posts have been very negative lately. This is due to my frustration at fantastic content coming from Sony and its partners that get crippled to the point of uselessness by some small feature that is actually vital to the success of the product. Please stop making these mistakes.

  • Fantastic news. I’m a bit of a late-comer to the series (though I do have the original PS2 release and Freedom) but after spending GOBS of time on Demon’s Souls for the PS3, I’m ready to take that experience into a superior multiplayer forum…on the go no less.

    Fantastic to finally hear this CONFIRMED. We all knew it was simply a matter of time, but this is great news indeed. Now please, PLEASE, tell the suits back at Capcom the fans want this on the PS3. I simply cannot support the Wii anymore. No matter how great the game is the system ultimately gets shelved for the MONTHS in-between good releases. To me, my money is better spent on PSP/PS3…and even the occasional PS2 release from ATLUS!!

    NEED Monster Hunter on PS3!!!

    Oh, and thanks for stopping in with this news Mr.Ferris.

  • Great video. So funny!

  • Monster Hunter 3 for the PS3 like it was suppose to or no thanks. I shan’t reward you for taking away MH3 for the PS3 by buying the PSP version no matter how good

  • I bought my PS3 for Monster Hunter PS3 that was promised to me by crapcom… only to find out 2 yrs after I bought my console it’s not coming. I have since boycotted every game that crapcom has released…

    And since there is no US adhoc party yet looks like more of the same

  • Monster Hunter would be cool for the PS3, but I’ll likely be picking this up.

  • I’m really interested in this game, but disappointed that it’s ad-hoc play only. Wondering if it’s still worthwhile even if I don’t have ‘local’ friends to play it with. Anyone have input on that?

  • lol, that video was hilarious.

  • Monster Hunter on PS3 or bust :P

    You (Capcom) think the franchise is only successful on the handhelds, but for one there was no advertising for MH1 on PSP at all in US/europe -> = death for any new jrpg-style franchise on a platform with many games and not many people who can play online (network adapter). Plus, in Japan it had monthly fees, not really an attraction.

    Wii-Version might be the right step back to home consoles, but it is hard to believe it will be more than a MH2.5 let alone the online capabilities.

    The PSP games are good, but they lack the home-theater-atmosphere, the controller and most of all the mmorpg-like Online-System (plus a PS3-Version would probably don’t have the little-area-system any more and it would look stunning, great animated Wyverns etc.)

    so: sad little panda :(

  • Not very interested in this game.

    Bring in some LITTLEBIGPLANET!!! :)

  • I wish it was on the PS3… as well.

    Anyhow, I would buy this game, only if the psp was cheaper though.. I cant get one at its current price.

  • never heard of this game but it looks way rad. i’ll be looking forward to it!

  • What about Ad-Hoc Party?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    I don’t know anyone with a PSP around here and I want to play MHFU online!

  • Cool news, cant wait for this…is the weird japaniza Ad-Hoc thingy with the little people coming to the US also?

  • Please tell me this is coming out on disc.


  • Unless the broken camera system from the original is fixed, I’m going to pass. Having to constantly switch between the d-pad and the analog nub is too frustrating when you’re trying to take on two or three monsters three times your size.

  • we want MH for PS3!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not a year old game for our PSPs!!

  • THE Video does not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Looking good!

  • the proof that japanese people are ABSOLUTELY MAD… about monster hunter. :)

  • talk about being conceided, your first sentence was really unnecessary….how dare you state that your better than hideo kojima…kojima makes art, you make psp games

  • The cover looks EPIC!

  • Take your garbage and go away CRAPCOM.

    Not getting a single dime ever again you sleazebags.

    Dumping old PS2 game on the PSP?
    Gimped multiplatform garbage or old Xbox 360 ports?

    Go F yourself losers.

  • that was the worst trailer ever!!!

  • Im putting my money for Dissidia after seeing this.

  • Haven’t played a MH game but now seems to be a good time to start. Was going to make that MH3 but since you’ll canned it for the PS3, that scrapped those plans. Any news on the PS3 getting it’s own MH title in the future…again?

  • @42

    But…you could go spend $5 to dress up as your fav Capcom character in HOME. (Personally I spent MY $5 on AstroTripper).

  • @1 Great now you are officially a real geek!!!!

    Any way the game look really good, and like many here I hope to see it coming out for PS3..

  • Won’t buy until I can play online. I liked the first one on PSP, but always felt like I didn’t get the full experience without playing multi. I don’t feel like buying the setup you need to play it over the internet…it should just be included in the game. It’s a shame as I know I would like it, but until you provide the service, I am out.

  • Awesome video!

    I’ll definitely check this out.

    Sony how about a PS3 version?! You would definitely keep the success going in Japan!

  • HOLY CRAP!! I can’t wait for this game to come out. I’ve put in over 1,300 hours between the PS2 and PSP versions of this series and it is, by far, my favorite franchise yet. Unite is based on MH 2nd G (which I have a copy of) and that game is AMAZING!! I cannot wait for this to hit shelves in June.

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